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The economic Potential of a nation can only be realized once its #microenterprise and its management make the right decisions, take the right actions based on the right sets of information derived from observations.
This Planning mindset cripples the market's ability to tweak
Some countries still have Planning Commissions, Boards, and whatnot!
Fancy Soviet-style Archetypical Nomenclatures and institutions won't help in the digital age!
Macro-Resource Allocation should not be planned at all.
Price signals should direct the economic dialectic.
Hayek's criticism of economic planning still holds argumentative weight and political value
Thomas Sowell was right when he derided the role of bureaucracy in drafting policies on behalf of people, whose welfare does not affect the decision-makers themselves
State interference NO
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Can a Scriabin G-flat prelude (Op. 16 #3) be played with a non-striking D-flat? Our New York correspondent has the story.
Updated reporting on the 1923 Baldwin with a non-striking D-flat/C-sharp: it is of course easier to hide the problem in G major, which today’s piece is sort of “in”. Scriabin Prelude Op. 13 #3:
Today’s miniature: Scriabin Prelude Op. 11 #22
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Some exs of Rag Tag Militants that created #Anarchist Wars miserably & failed to live up to the expectations of their followers->
1. Congo after removal of Mobutu
2. Iran after removal of Shah Reza
3. MENA Countries that embraced Arab Spring
4. Lebanon Civil War
5. Afghanistan
it's very easy to give a call to arms and declare war against the status quo.
We have seen many famous leaders who turned from being promising #revolutionaries into lunatic #populists, and later mutated further into #Anarchists.
Iconoclastic fervour always fails!
Where Iran stood before the ouster of Shah Reza and where it stands today is to be seen by all.
The Iranians were promised a complete social and economic revolution package based on a religious interpretation of problems and methodology by the Clergymen.
Iran turned into a Pariah
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What are the commonalities among these three?
1. Marxist theory of surplus-value
2. Freudian theory of Libido, aka Id
3. Lévi-Strauss theory of Structural Anthropology
You must listen and try to decipher the CBC Massey Lectures delivered by #George #Steiner back in 1974 to answer the above tweet.
I have the greatest respect for this polyglot scholar par excellence.
So was Karl #Marx and his #Hegelian Materialistic #Dialectic that explained the economic history of social #evolution using scientific processes, a by-product of #Romanticism that had swept European Intellectual and Literary Circles?
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Mary Shelley creó el arquetipo perfecto del monstruo, pero también nos impulsó a reflexionar sobre los peligros de la arrogancia científica. ¿Quién era esta precoz escritora que revolucionó la literatura para siempre? Abro HILO
Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin nació el 30 de agosto de 1797 en Londres, en el seno de una familia de intelectuales adelantados a su tiempo. De haberlo hecho en 2000, y siempre según los dictados actuales, probablemente estaríamos hablando de una ‘friki’.
Y es que la palabra «freak», que en inglés significa «raro», es sinónimo asimismo de «extravagante» e incluso «fanático», tres adjetivos que se adaptan como un guante al perfil de nuestra protagonista.
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#Corbin was one of a group of young #Protestant intellectuals in #Paris who discovered the work of #KarlBarth (1886-1968) the Swiss reformed theologian whom he met in Bonn in 1931 1/
Barth was known for his dialectical theology starting with his Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans (#DerRömerbrief) published in 1919; in 1934 he openly opposed Nazi authority insisting upon the absolute sovereignty of the divine and returned to Switzerland 2/
‘Faith is awe in the presence of the divine incognito; it is the love of God that is aware of the qualitative difference between God and man and God and the world’ 3/
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