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2月13日至2月19日,俄罗斯计划在黑海地区进行 “导弹和大炮演习”。当地记者担心俄罗斯正准备从海上封锁乌克兰港口。

自 2021 年 10 月以来俄罗斯一直在乌克兰边境附近增兵,现在在周围有大约 140,000 名士兵。

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3/ 局势:乌克兰内政部长和一群国际记者在顿巴斯遭到攻击。#Ukraine
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Some exs of Rag Tag Militants that created #Anarchist Wars miserably & failed to live up to the expectations of their followers->
1. Congo after removal of Mobutu
2. Iran after removal of Shah Reza
3. MENA Countries that embraced Arab Spring
4. Lebanon Civil War
5. Afghanistan
it's very easy to give a call to arms and declare war against the status quo.
We have seen many famous leaders who turned from being promising #revolutionaries into lunatic #populists, and later mutated further into #Anarchists.
Iconoclastic fervour always fails!
Where Iran stood before the ouster of Shah Reza and where it stands today is to be seen by all.
The Iranians were promised a complete social and economic revolution package based on a religious interpretation of problems and methodology by the Clergymen.
Iran turned into a Pariah
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State institutions are never neutral. They protect the supposed legitimacy of the state. THIS is what should become obvious when an Obama-appointed bureaucrat hid the historical record to protect “the presidency.” #Twitterstorians
The National Archives are not neutral arbiters of American history in the services of some ‘public good.’ They exist as a propaganda arm of the state to tell a romantic story about the greatness of America and its government. #twitterstorians
The fact that people have pressured the National Archives (from inside and outside) to include XYZ is not part of its normal operation. That’s the anomaly here not the archives hiding history (hello, classified files?).
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While I rarely comb through #DemocraticPrimary polling on a Friday night, when I do, my distain for #electoralism only grows stronger. #Bernie and #Biden are dead-even among people who consider reducing income inequality their highest priority!?…
He’s beating #Bernie among union households!? Among working class people!? Among college grads!? And 41% of all ‘high information’ Democratic Primary voters want a SMALLER federal government. I know they ain’t #anarchists so how politically confused is this electorate right now?
It’s one kind of naïveté/baseless optimism to put faith in electoral politics if there was a rational electorate with a basic political education and the inclination to reduce harm by voting for the lesser of two evils. But when they have no clue who the lesser of two evils is?
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