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Sanjeev Sanyal's #Revolutionaries traces origins of #Khalistan movement.

British sought to exploit these:
- After Maharaja Ranjit Singh's death, Punjabi elite fought among themselves.
- Sikhs were loyal to the British during 1857

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British engineered a Sikh identity distinct from Hindu identity.

First tried to convert them to Christianity.
Then wanted to take a softer approach of buying out the elite by offering them gov. positions.
(They seem to try these approaches even till this day)

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Meanwhile there was a rebellion launched by Namdhari Sikhs.

A point to note is when Gurdwara Act was passed by the British in 1925, they excluded Namdharis from definition of Sikhs.

British stooge SGPC and Khalistanis till date don't consider Namdharis as Sikhs. /3 Image
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The final object of both Reformists and Revolutionaries is the same. Both have many things in common but the fundamental point of agreement is that they both believe that the existing system is
Revolutionaries and Reformists compliment each other in many ways. However both do not get along quite often as they don't want to lose the credit.

Revolutionaries feel that Reforms are nothing but a bribe , a small concession given to their demands to break their movement.
It was Karl Marx who termed Reforms as bribe as labour reforms started happening in his time & many of the Revolutionaries became satisfied and left their final goal.
But infact Reforms never end. One reform calls for the demand of next reform and so on.
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#Netaji #SubhasChandraBose and his #INA launched their struggle against the #British with the help of #Japan in #WorldWarII. But did you know that Indian #nationalists & #revolutionaries had deep ties with #Japan even earlier?
#history #LokmanyaTilak #Maharashtra #IndoJapanties
Indian revolutionaries were eager to go to #Japan and #America to gain knowledge in manufacturing arms and bombs to be used against the British rulers.
#freedommovement #nationaliststruggle
The rise of #Japan as a military and industrial power and the crushing defeat inflicted by it on #Russia in the Russo-Japanese war (1904-5) inspired Indian nationalists. The country was also seen as a counter-weight to the European powers.
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Some exs of Rag Tag Militants that created #Anarchist Wars miserably & failed to live up to the expectations of their followers->
1. Congo after removal of Mobutu
2. Iran after removal of Shah Reza
3. MENA Countries that embraced Arab Spring
4. Lebanon Civil War
5. Afghanistan
it's very easy to give a call to arms and declare war against the status quo.
We have seen many famous leaders who turned from being promising #revolutionaries into lunatic #populists, and later mutated further into #Anarchists.
Iconoclastic fervour always fails!
Where Iran stood before the ouster of Shah Reza and where it stands today is to be seen by all.
The Iranians were promised a complete social and economic revolution package based on a religious interpretation of problems and methodology by the Clergymen.
Iran turned into a Pariah
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Bitcoin has a branding problem. While we might not care this is largely reducing Bitcoin's accessibility to the masses.

And while #Bitcoin is an amazing technology in itself, I believe the missing link lies in leveraging its culture, the #Hodlculture.

Thread + article👇🐔
The Hodl culture not only has a basic understanding of Bitcoin, but coded inside its DNA are philosophical beliefs of btc as hard money, self-sovereignty, safety & behavioural heuristics such as long-term investing & stick to bitcoin.
Most importantly, the Hodl culture has the memes! It's humorous in the midst of Bitcoin's tumultuous volatility.

Shine or Rain, Lambos or Rekt, Bitcoin hodlers are emotionally resilient because of the community, and surely the memes help.

Thanks 2 @BitcoinMemeHub
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