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Excited for Biden’s Joint Address to Congress tonight!…
Seriously, the Constitution describes this: "He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient."
Presidents used to give this "information" in writing, where it would be read to Congress by someone else. Since Wilson presidents have delivered this as a speech, in person.
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Joe just pulled up to the Capitol Building for a 'PHOTO OP' 📸where he still refuses to give Congress a "State of the Union" #SOTU
To honor fallen Capitol Police Officer Billy Evans while his Constituents cry #DefundThePolice 🤦‍♀️
Our Country is a embarrassment because of these two dried up husks !
I can't 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
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#Memes 🤔 That's funny #RickGaetz because who was it that waged a multimillion dollar Memetic Warfare operation in the 2016 election?
#CPAQ #CPAQ2021 #GaetzIsArranged
Palmer Luckey: The Facebook Near-Billionaire Secretly Funding Trump’s Meme Machine
#GaetzIsArranged #CPAQ… /2
Fiancée of Matt Gaetz tells how she responded to the Republican congressman's Mar-a-Lago proposal after their whirlwind 10-month romance…
#GaetzIsArranged #CPAQ /3
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Do you know someone who has been incarcerated who has come back and done something great?

I know people who have raised money for amazing causes, run for office, started organizations that provide necessary services EVERY DAY

Share a story of hope and success
Way too often, all we here is stories of failure...

I know formerly incarcerated CEO's, visionaries, burgeoning real estate moguls, and employees

Share a story of hope and success
My friend @TarraSimmons5 is running for election in #Washington, my friend @Richard_Bronson is starting his second business @CommissaryClub, @ShakaSenghor is a best selling author and entrepreneur

Share a story of hope and success
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🧵 THREAD: Trump just released an updated #SCOTUS shortlist filled with anti-choice extremists. Why now? The timing of this release is *very* intentional. It's all part of Trump's tried and true strategy to attack reproductive freedom whenever he's feeling threatened.
Trump released another shortlist in September 2016, right before the Access Hollywood tapes revealed the true depths of his misogyny. While fellow Republicans called on him to drop out, he spread disinformation about abortion on the debate stage.
Fast forward to February 2019, when Trump tried to distract people from his plummeting approval ratings after the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. What did he do? Spread disinformation about abortion later in pregnancy during his #SOTU speech.
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@POTUS .@realDonaldTrump, .@JennaEllisEsq
.@DefenseIntel .@GenFlynn .@FLOTUS .@IvankaTrump and the .@TS_SCI_MAJIC12: July 31, 2020:

A Magic Box (w/References)

Excerpt (final 2 paragraphs, [1]):
“What (there is a failure) to appreciate is that finally Old Ways will prevail,

because past the date of December 21, 2020 (9:34 PM AEDT), new rules apply which means Old Way always conquers No Way.
“... those from all other off-world locations, know what is coming yet are unable to do much more than passively spectate and can offer nothing to assist, ..

except for one special previously agreed–to escape clause in the form of a Magic Box.

“They are all watching and hoping that we can turn on the switch, knowing it is all down to us. This is the event so often predicted, it is a time for all incarnated souls to make a final
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This whole Matt Gaetz outing of his so-called secret 'son' is so on brand for the repulsive #FloridaMan, trying to convince people that he is not a repugnant racist who took a Holocaust denier as his plus 1 to the #SOTU, and that, look here, I have a brown helper--er, son, see?!
But, since Matty has now thrown his big reveal party for the entire American public, there are a few questions to be answered beyond those involving pool cleaning. That's just none of our biz. What we do want to know is, who is Maisbel Mendez, why did the Gaetz family buy her a
Beemer, why does she have the same Fort Walton Beach, FL address as Matty (and a mug shot too), and why was she involved in a 2016 court case against Nelson SENIOR in which she petitioned for 'concurrent custody by extended family"? Also, who is Marbelina Matos, who lives
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If you're still blindly believing Trump's lie that he's been good for the economy...
you need to wake up from the brainwashing now.

You've been had.

He's had the market artificially propped up so he looks good.

And we're heading for a crash if you allow him to continue.
This is the type of Congressional oversight we need.
They need to know someone is watching.

@RepKatiePorter is doing job she was elected for:
acting in best interests of our country.

If only ALL elected officials did the same.
* Looking at you, GOP *

NY Fed plans to keep pumping cash (1/10/20)
They just added $83.1 billion in temporary liquidity to financial markets.
US central bank looks primed to keep pumping cash for at least next few months.

They say they’re following “very clear mandate.”
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live tweeting #trumprally from manchester NH

Don Jr speaking now. he is so good at this.



don jr says liz warren was trolled into taking a dna test


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Despite the #SOTU game show episode, Trump's budget shows why Washington Republicans love him: he talks like a populist but governs like Paul Ryan. A few highlights: Trump's budget cuts $2 TRILLION from Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other safety net programs:
The Trump cuts include $130 billion in "changes to Medicare prescription-drug pricing" (ie making seniors pay more) ;

Concerned about clean air and water? Climate change? Trump cuts the Environmental Protection Agency by 26%;

Housing concerns? HUD loses 15%
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention loses 9% (the admin claims they'll keep the $ for infectious diseases like coronavirus...)

And some do get more:

Military spending goes UP 0.3% to $740.5 billion;

And there's $2 billion for the wall Mexico was supposed to pay for.
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1- This is hilarious.

Excerpts follow.
2- "The developments have generated convulsions of angst among Democrats."

Not just "caused angst". Nope, Trump has "generated convulsions of angst". TDS in a nutshell.
3- " activists have been consumed with the question of electability..The result..has been a form of paralysis, with no presumptive favorite in the race and each leading contender struggling to overcome vulnerabilities and erase doubts."

I.e. Trump lives in all their heads
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The idea that Trump is bragging about “the best economy ever” is as ridiculous as when he told us Trump Steaks were the “world’s greatest steaks.”

U.S. Growth at Slowest Since 2016 #TrumpSteaksEconomy #SOTU…
The deficit is $1T.

The debt is $23T.

Farmers are going bankrupt.

Steel workers are being laid off.

Manufacturing is in a recession.

Trump promised his tax cuts would “skyrocket” the economy.

But all we got was job growth 15% slower than under Obama.

The “Trump Boom” is like every Trump con before it: The reality doesn’t live up to the hype.

Worse, Trump has been a disaster for the very #MAGA voters he promised to help most: farmers and factory workers, miners and steel workers:… #TrumpSteaksEconomy
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I’m old enough to remember when folks like @TheJusticeDept AG Barr, and @SenAlexander we’re described by various “pundits” “insiders” and “serious political analysts” as “institutionalists” and that @SDNYnews was “independent”.
The old norms NO LONGER APPLY. #FridayNightMassacre
ANY TIME you hear ANY TALKING HEAD on tv or radio describe anyone as an institutionalist, turn the tv channel. They are applying old criteria to the current band of fascists. The #FridayNightMassacre is every bit as alarming as “The Night of the Long Knives” or the Reichstag Fire
Think it can’t happen here? Read about the Weimar Republic. Ask yourself why Stephen Miller suggested transporting caged immigrants by boxcar. Review how complicit politicians of the day like @senatemajldr today allowed a madman to have unchecking power. Follow @AuschwitzMuseum .
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The Clouds Are Darkening for the Democratic Party…
“I am scared to death. Let’s get relevant here, people,” James Carville said. “Do we want to be an ideological cult, or do we want to have a majoritarian instinct to be a majority party?”
The former Clinton strategist also expressed alarm at Trump’s standing in the polls.

“Frankly, we got to snap back and get this thing going,” he said. “Think about what would happen if we had four more years of Trump? This is, so far, not so good.”
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Speaker Pelosi's press conference begins, fashionably late.

"I just got back from the Prayer Breakfast," she explains, before pivoting to the #SOTU "reality show," which she said bore no semblance to reality.
Pelosi slammed Trump for his claims on protecting pre-existing conditions, when his admin is fighting against ACA (aka, Obamacare) in court right now.

"That misrepresentation is appalling and so completely untrue."
Pelosi: "Appalling also was when he was trying to discredit" the achievements of the Obama economy.

(She passed along a fact-sheet on the subject, touting the halving of unemployment and 76 consecutive months of job growth.)
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Last night, Trump lied to the American people over & over about issue after issue. #SOTU

Trump & the GOP have waged all-out-war against health care for Americans, destroying the Affordable Care Act—which has expanded healthcare for millions, stripping pre-existing conditions from millions & weakening Medicaid & Medicare. #SOTU
.@HouseDemocrats passed critical legislation to bring down the price of prescription drugs so that Americans have access to these lifesaving drugs. Trump & Congressional GOP simply watch Americans suffer & do NOTHING to address the cruel rising costs of prescription drugs. #SOTU
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In his State of the Union, @POTUS shared the extraordinary successes of our @DeptofDefense & outlined a bold vision forward. The accomplishments include the creation of the @SpaceForceDoD, which postures us to defend our interests & maintain our superiority in space. Graphic of U.S. flag with t...
President Trump outlined record-breaking investments that have rebuilt our military, with our power unmatched anywhere in the world. He honored our brave Warfighters who serve around the globe protecting our Nation and Freedoms.
Every day I am thankful for our Members and their Families, and forever honor our Fallen Heroes and Gold Star Families. Thank you @POTUS for your commitment to our military and sharing your incredible support last night to the American people. #SOTU
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1- No, Trump would never make such a rookie mistake. Stelter is clueless re how Trump operates.

The persuasion goal is not to "divert" attention, it is to direct attention. In this case, #NancytheRipper directs attention, but to what:? Answer: The #SOTU speech. D'Oh..🤦🏼‍♀️
2- This plays into Trump's hands. People who didn't watch the #SOTU speech and/or aren't politically active will think: "I wonder what was so bad to trigger this reaction?"

They'll research it, and.. Oops. A war hero. A kid getting a scholarship. Record low unemplyment. Etc.
3- One of the funniest things in the Trump era is Media hacks like @brianstelter pretending they know how Trump thinks & operates.

In fact, their misinterpretion of him is just another dimension of him playing them all like fiddle.
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Trump giving Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom last night may be the crowning act of radical conservative cronyism. I do want to first of all affirm Limbaugh's humanity and state that none of us should take any joy in his late-stage lung cancer diagnosis.Pray 4 him.
It is pretty unfathomable to think that a man such as Limbaugh deserves such an honor. He has devoted his life to tearing people who aren't like him down. I could create a thread with all of his vitriol, but it would be 1000 tweets long. This is crazy.…
Folks who are applauding it are mostly gleeful at the way Trump "owned the libs" by doing this in front of them...So that is what our politics has come to? Using the Presidential Medal of Freedom to "own" those you don't agree with? So Presidential. #sotu.
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Yours truly, in front of the White House, delivering the response of the Fuck the Patriarchy Party to the #SOTU 🎥 @rerutled
Dr. Stella Nyanzi, a feminist scholar and activist in #Uganda, is a hero of mine. She is in prison for “offending” her country’s longtime dictator. I write about her in the chapter on Profanity in my latest book.

This is not the time for civility, decorum, or courtesy. Fuck That
“We don’t have guns or money. But I can still think and insult and abuse,” Dr. Stella Nyanzi
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1- “If the president gets those four more years Republicans cheered for, it will be because he is unusually deft at seizing control of that canvas and filling it up with vivid images and moments.”

Wapo unknowingly validates @ScottAdamsSays pt that Trump is a genius persuader..👇
2- Visual persuasion is extremely powerful. Consider images Trump created at #SOTU:

-cancer victim gets medal
-kid gets dream scholarship
-wife/kids reunited w/military husband
-100 year-old war hero w/idealistic great-grandson

D’s scoff at all is, especially #NancytheRipper
3- It’s a persuasion kill shot & the Wapo writer knows it. Furthermore, she is sounding the alarm to fellow Dems.

Dems are very worried.

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1/ Okay folks.

A quick-and-dirty thread on behaving badly in Congress.

<clears throat>

The outrage at the Ripping Episode at the end of the #SOTU last night is something to see.

Yes. It had power.
Yes. It sent a message that is sure to inflame some and delight others.
2/ But to claim that the Ripping Episode is THE WORST THING EVER TO HAPPEN IN CONGRESS?

Take a little walk with me.

(I just noticed that I'm wearing two pairs of glasses)
3/ Members of Congress have been smacking at each other since the dawn of the republic. For example, in 1798, two congressmen (Roger Griswold and Matthew Lyon) went at each other with a cane and fireplace tongs.

They were political opponents. The spat was partisan & political.
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“When I watched nancy pelosi tear up the’s appalling.” -GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy @GOPLeader @kget #nexstarDC Image
McCarthy says Democrats have wasted their majority on #impeachment #NexstarDC @KGETnews Image
“I don’t know that the President saw the Speaker’s hand.” -McCarthy on handshake snub at #SOTU #StateofUnion #NexstarDC Image
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