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When Bernie sits—they want him to stand

When Bernie stands—they want him to sit

When Bernie speaks—they tell him to shut up

When Bernie is quiet—they tell him to speak

When Bernie backs Democrats—they say he isn’t a Dem

When Bernie criticizes Dems—they cry unity
Don’t sit—they said

Bernie *sitting*
Don’t stand—they said

Bernie *standing*
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As Bernie Sanders gears up for a 2nd presidential run (yay #Bernie2020) Twitter is awash with folks who create a mess, point to mess, & say see, we can’t have messes.

We mean the troll army of horrible David Brock’s Shareblue Media.

Here’s a 19 thread tweet for #SOTU19 /1
Who’s David Brock?

Brock’s a self-described “witting cog in the Republican sleaze machine.”

He coined ‘Anita Hill is a little bit slutty, a little bit nutty.’

He wrote The Real Anita Hill, which he freely admits was not so much a book but a character assassination of lies. /2
Bernie Sanders accurately refers to David Brock as scum of the earth. /3

We ❤️ Bernie.…
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Happy Monday! Let’s kick it off w/a Bernie Sanders accomplished a bunch list!

We see folks parroting old smears spread by that nasty Super Pac, saying the Bern achieved nada bc he’s an uncompromising ideologue who doesn’t know how to get things done./1…
Bernie’s in the midst of a distinguished career as a social justice activist & elected official. He’s been a mayor, member of Congress, and a senator.

Bernie’s life has been honed by decades of hard work as a public servant on behalf of poor & middle class Americans. /2
Bernie ran for president-without taking Wall Street $, corporate $, or having a Super Pac for unlimited dinero.

He’s had the integrity to live his life according to progressive values. He’s never shilled for big banks & corporations. That’s quite an accomplishment in DC./3
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This is an interview with Michelle Alexander from April 2016. I re-watched it last week and I am surprised that more people don't know about it and that it still only has 59,000 views as of January 2019. In this interview, Michelle Alexander endorses the "political revolution."
It's a great interview and here's the clip if you want to watch the whole thing, but I will provide a transcript of the first three minutes to give you a sense of what she says to @chrislhayes. #BernieSanders #Bernie2020 #OurRevolution @OurRevolution
Michelle Alexander, by the way, is the author of The New Jim Crow, Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, and I highly recommend the book, too, as it provides a tremendous insight into the racial injustice inherent in the U.S. mass incarceration era. @thenewjimcrow
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I think it's time for the nation to realize that there is more footage of #BernieSanders hanging out with Russians then there is of him hanging out with POC.

#NeverBernie2020 #NeverBernie #Bernie2020
I mean... anyone have any back story on Valery Volovenko? Who was apparently hanging out with him when he was elected to congress in 1990?…
I mean WTF... "Israeli and American journalists made many attempts to find out where Bernie Sanders lived in 1964, but all the searches and surveys...have not yet yielded a clear result. What is the secret behind the Israeli period of the life of Sanders, one can only guess."
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In the linked thread, we explored networks of accounts amplifying the #Bernie2020 hashtag by looking solely at interactions between mutual retweeters (accounts that RT'd one another's tweets containing the hashtag). Let's apply this to a couple other hashtags.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
First up: #OpMayflower (dataset from October 2018, hashtag has been pushed a few times). This is a far more extreme case of the mutual retweeting seen in the #Bernie2020 set - every account that received retweets is also a major node in the network.
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Let's take a quick look at the propagation of the #Bernie2020 hashtag. We captured tweets yesterday (1/26) at roughly noon CST, resulting in 52395 tweets from 20572 accounts in the preceding 10 days. Traffic was light until the evening of 1/25.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
Retweet network for #Bernie2020 as of 1/26. The activity is divided into two main clusters: the group of accounts in the upper right are those pushing the hashtag, and those in the lower left (mostly liberal) are discussing it. The upper right right cluster is very dense. . .
The reason for this is that many of the major accounts pushing #Bernie2020 are retweeting each other. This diagram shows what the network looks like when just accounts with mutual retweet relationships are included (total of 81 accounts).
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If people are surprised by #Bernie2020 antipathy, they should not be. He ran against the Democratic Party in the Democratic Primaries. When the party rejected him, he stayed campaigning to attack the winner and try to overturn the will of the voters by flipping superdelegates.
And then after the primaries he disparaged the Democratic Party for having super delegates which could overturn the will of the voters, even though he is the only one to ever attempt to do so.
So it’s not about his policies, it kind of comes down to his character. He won’t take responsibility for anything that goes wrong, but says he still “in a way won” the primaries.
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THREAD: Since 2016, Bernie Sanders has repeatedly suggested "diverse" candidates often run tokenism, not policy. For example:

"It is not good say I'm a Latina, vote for me...I have to know whether that Latina is going to stand up for the working class..." #Bernie2020
In a GQ article 2 days ago, Bernie tied some diverse candidates and their backers to tokenism: “There are people who are very big into diversity but whose views end up being not particularly sympathetic to working people, whether they’re white or black or Latino." #Bernie2020
Weeks after the 2016 election, in the speech in the video above (h/t: @Only4RM), Bernie said: "It's not enough to say, I'm a woman: Vote for me"—implying that Hillary Clinton ran on her gender, rather than her policies. In the #NeverBernie trend, you see disdain at this comment.
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Democrats need to be as united for 2020 as possible. It's why I support every real candidate who's running for legitimate reasons (Harris, Warren, Biden, Brown, etc), and I oppose every stunt candidate who's trying to divide the party for their own gain (#Bernie2020, Gabbard).
I might or might not have my personal favorites for 2020, but my job isn't to push that on you. My job is to call out any and all bullshit that's going to harm us, before it's too late. That includes bullshit coming from disingenuous "Democratic" candidates.
When MSNBC and CNN were falsely claiming Bernie was ahead in the polls when Hillary was far ahead, I called them out. When they falsely claimed Hilary was only winning because of superdelegates, I called them out. It cost me a lot too. But I don't tolerate it when the media lies.
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I look forward to seeing what Bernie Sanders offers alongside other candidates.

I think it’s entirely appropriate to ask why he’s running for the Dem nomination as not-a-Dem.

It’s reasonable to challenge this, and I’m confused at the pushback against asking.

I would hope that anyone—and it’s certainly not everyone—who gets upset that people are challenging Bernie’s standing and record would recognize the irony: that’s what people who want a coronation do. They bristle at the mere suggestion their anointed candidate isn’t perfect.
Bernie Sanders, if he is the eventual nominee, will make a much stronger case in the general by answering these questions with patience, listening to folks when they express their concerns on his record, and bringing folks together into a coalition.

That’s what a leader does.
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1.#BernieSanders went to University of #Chicago, where he was a member of the Young People's Socialist League, in attached interview he gives his reasons for joining.

#Bernie2020 #NeverBernie #CrushBernie

2.#BernieSanders started his Political "Activism" in the Liberty Union Party in #Vermont

Liberty Union Party platform attached

#Bernie2020 #NeverBernie #CrushBernie
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Welcome to #SinglePayerSunday!
January 20, 2019
RT from this #Thread and take part in the National #MedicareForAll
Week of Action!
Compare Democrats’ many Medicare-for-All proposals with this chart…
#SinglePayer #MedicareForAll #SinglePayerSunday
Life, Death and Insulin…
As the cost of the lifesaving medication skyrockets, some desperate diabetics are rationing — and risking their lives. Was Alec Raeshawn Smith one of them?
Demand #MedicareForAll!
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@gregolear FYI - Putin fired Trump at Helsinki. Look at the body language.

Trump was the *One* of a One-Two Combination, Trump from the RIGHT, #Bernie from the LEFT.

Putin's no longer supporting Trump or the GOP, he's backing #Bernie2020 with AOC as his token-PoC/female as VP candidate.
@gregolear BTW, Putin wants Trump out ASAP. He's done as much damage as Putin could have hoped for, and is, like Assange, starting to stink up the place.

Putin wants Pence to destroy Christianity in America, and figures that should take a couple of years.

*THEN*, it's #Bernie/AOC's turn.
@gregolear And Putin figures that with AOC's charisma and eye-candy appeal, we stupid Amerikanskis will forget all about #Bernie's known associations with Putin's goons and his own unsavory aspects, and PoC/women will vote for the AOC part of the team.

And he'll f*k-up our economy.
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Folks, please listen: Donald Trump is a lot of things—arrogant, belligerent, narcissistic, dishonest, dumb—but do you know what he isn’t? He’s not the problem. He’s a symptom.

For some reason (I’m pretty sure I know the reason) many people seem to think if we oust Trump from office, everything can go back to being hunky-dory.
But the thing is, it wasn’t hunky-dory *before* him. It’s just that liberals didn’t care because things were going mostly fine for *them*.

The problem is that both parties abandoned regular people when Clinton won in 1992.
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We're going to have a conversation here my dude. Pay very close attention "professor" because I am going to make sure you get schooled, ok?

Your centrist talking about about how "Bernie is all talk & no action"? It's a lie & I am going to dunk on you for lying. 👇🏽
🔴H.R.4206 - Cancer Registries Amendment Act, enacted as S. 3312. Because of Bernie, America now has a cancer registry.…

#Bernie2020 #BernieRR
🔴 H.Amdt. 98 H.R. 665 (Victims of Justice Act) Because of Bernie, offenders who are convicted of fraud and other white collar crime to give appropriate notice to victims and other persons in cases where there are multiple victims eligible to receive restitution. #BernieRR
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🛑Establishment Dems are once again rolling out a debunked talking point against Bernie.

Let's have a look at this! & debunk it once again!😍

🍩CLAIM - "Kamala is ranked most progressive! Bernie is ranked #9!"

#BernieRR #Bernie2020
🔴HISTORY - This began appearing about 1.5 years ago. It was dunked on immediately. It is from a chart on the website "Progressive Punch"… ranking members of congress.

#BernieRR #Bernie2020
🔴THE FACTS - This "scoreboard" is based upon a lifestime vote score from members of congress which "Progressive Punch" dates back to 1991.…

Kamala has severed only 2 years in congress.
Bernie has served 28 years in congress.

#BernieRR #Bernie2020
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A fascinating thread ...dont think 4 a minute that the only propaganda / misinformation campaigns come from Russia ... there are plenty of domestic operations going on right now. In this case a Wall Street Hedge Fund manager posing as a #Bernie2020 acolyte
As @HoarseWisperer alertly posted, this Hedge Fund manager is running a disinfo / troll campaign against @ewarren and her supporters. If ur reasonably intelligent, I think you can figure out why a wallstreet Hedge Fund manager might be behind promoting #Bernie2020 #infosec
No idea right now how much of the "we want Bernie" tweets to @ewarren are from trolls, cyborgs and bots. Guessing like ourselves lots of other groups are scrambling to collect the data for analysis. #infosec #opsec #osint
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1/4 Going to address this before the spin gets out of control.

There were a handful of sexual misconduct accusations within the 2016 Sanders campaign.

None of these accusations were directed at @SenSanders.

#BernieRR #Bernie2020
2/4 When accusations were made, they campaign acted immediately & appropriately.

"…during 2016 there were a number of HR actions taken, & while it is not appropriate to discuss them individually, they ranged from employee counseling to immediate termination from the campaign."
During his 2018 Senate campaign, @SenSanders implemented much clearer & stricter guidelines for the handling of sexual misconduct cases.

Here's the article, I highly recommend reading it all.…

#BernieRR #Bernie2020
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This is going to be a big, ongoing thread of the #BernieHitParade! This is what we're up against. A massive, well funded & oiled machine. They'll say anything to tear Bernie, and us, down. We've got news for them: we're #NotGoingDown!

#BernieRR #Bernie2020 #NotMeUs
#BernieHitParade receipts:

@jmartNYT, who wrote the "Holding onto support may be difficult for Bernie" article, was outed by @Forbes is 16 as disguising political commentary as news. He called Bernie "pungent" when describing him at a debate. #BernieRR…
#BernieHitParade receipts:

@ed_kilgore, author of the "Bernie has lost his Mojo" piece is part of the DLC/Third Way machine fighting us.

Gotta 💟 the "Bernie's ideas are so popular, he shouldn't run!" line. 😂 #BernieRR…
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[Thread] Galaxy Brains of 2018
Ans: Adolf Eichmann
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It's almost 2019, & you know what that means, Fam. Get ready for a literal fight for our lives.

We must fight misinformation with truth. We must join together to win the narrative against the propaganda of the establishment. We must claw our way to progress.

Join us #Bernie20RR
This account will also be sharing accurate information about 2020 challengers. As soon as candidates start announcing, we're a go.

If the establishment swipes at Bernie inaccurately before then, we fight back. We absolutely must coalesce our messaging to have a bigger impact.
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Good piece on why @BernieSanders has a strong foundation for a 2020 POTUS run. I'll add some more fuel to this bern as someone who was one of Bernie's 2016 California delegates. #Bernie2020 thread ⬇️
Let's start with age issue.

Nancy Pelosi is 78 = 1-1/2 years older than Bernie. She's up for SOTH.

Dianne Feinstein is 85 = 8 years older than Bernie. She was re-elected and will be 91 when her term ends.

Their age related to being able to serve office has not been a factor.
Reality. Dem party is split into 2 sides because of ideological divide primarily around 💰 in politics + corporate influence on policy.

Which side can win over Independents (51% of electorate), rural voters, and those who feel marginalized?

Bernie won these voters in 2016.
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Great, another sneaky article I'm gonna have to drag. Excuse me while I get my laptop and make a thread of this mess.…
First, we have some of the opening paragraphs trying to push some kind of implication he's got some kind of "yuge" ego.

"And he still thinks he should be president. He doesn't say this out loud, exactly." Umwut?
Not to mention he "continues to get angry at Establishment liberals." Well, as he damn well should, but why is Establishment capitalized? Get ready for them to paint a bit of a contradictory image later.
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