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THREAD: Emotions are still running high for many of us as we come to terms with the suspension of Bernie’s campaign. To process this moment with you, I'd like to share something personal. It’s the story of a special first-time voter, my little brother Mohammed. / 1
He’s the reason I've been working tirelessly the past year as a volunteer to mobilize Muslims as a unified bloc for the Senator. I like to think the baraka of his vote played a special role in helping us win California. /2
Mohammed is disabled w/ Cerebral Palsy. Unable to walk, talk, or do much else for himself at age 31, he represents one of the most vulnerable and overlooked populations in the country—and the world. It was in solidarity with his community that we voted in Cali on Super Tuesday./3
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I've supported @BernieSanders for pres since '15. He always seems to get what people want; honesty, fighting for workers & healthcare, consistency, & he keeps it policy based when debating Dems. He's a genuinely good person who actually cares.
But seeing how many in the establishment, the interviewers, politicians, and 'celebrities' who direct or influence public discourse through media, speaking out so harshly towards him makes me support him even more.
You see, I was bullied. I know personally what it's like to have the entire school and (some) teachers against you.
I know what it's like to have an incorrect narrative about me spread around and attempts to 'correct the record' are ignored.
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"The question & objection I keep hearing raised is this one: Why now? Why come in at the 11th hour when Joe Biden is on the verge of clinching the Democratic nomination?

The question of course is meant to undermine the claim and cast it as politically motivated...
...The more Red Scare conspiracy minded have taken that even one step further, going full Russian agent on Terra based on a Russia friendly blog post that she wrote as if her views on Russia remotely relate to Joe Biden's actions on that day in the 90s as if it's not far more...
...preposterous to imagine that Tara Reade is some Kremlin agent than that a powerful man committed an egregious Act.

But the story of "Why now?" is actually incredibly telling. It says everything about how our elite institutions routinely cover four powerful men...
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If you are experiencing loss of income, health insurance, housing, etc, due to COVID-19, the #Bernie2020 team invites you to send us a selfie video briefly describing what you're experiencing & how Bernie's plan will help! This may be used on Bernie's social media channels. 🧵
Please record a video with these guidelines:
• No more than 2 minutes long
• Recorded from cell phone or webcam.
• Start with your name & where you’re from
• Share how the economic downturn has negatively affected your life

Please speak to how 1 or more of these measures would help you out!
• A $2000 monthly check.
• Expanded unemployment insurance for non-traditional workers.
• A moratorium on evictions, foreclosures, and utility shut offs.
• Paid family and medical leave for all.

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@OCPSnews Why are you making #Teachers come into school next week to go digital when we have been told by @RonDeSantisFL to stay home and all schools are closed?? #MyTeacherWife is afraid of getting #COVID19 from one of her co-workers and then giving it to me and/or her 1/1
elderly parents who we are taking care of during the #CoronavirusPandemic by bringing them food and supplies so they do not have to leave their homes and get sick. You are endangering my wife, her parents, myself, her co-workers and their families!! You should be ashamed to 2/2
even think this is a good idea. If you truly cared about your #Teachers and their families you would not make them do this at all. If you want to go digital I heard there is this new digital tool called E-MAIL where people exchange information and communicate with each other 3/3
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Ok I need the trusted news sources I lean on to tell me how real this is:
A website that has up-to-date extensive data indicating Dem #electionfraud based on actual vote total differentials to exit polls in almost every state WAY outside accepted range
It indicates the potential for vote flipping, plus is always in Biden’s favor and shows a lower percentage for Bernie - almost across the board. There is no state in which it works in Bernie’s favor (ie Bernie outperformed the exit poll by the acceptable range.
MI - where Biden won, but not by nearly as big a margin. If you believe the Buzzfeed “glitch” was really a glitch.…
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Regretfully, Joe Biden's healthcare plan discriminates against those too poor to pay. It leaves 10 million Americans behind, & will result in 125k unnecessary deaths over 10 years.

Either healthcare is a human right, or it isn't.

It's great that everyone is coming together around this crisis. But people are in crisis everyday. 500 mil Americans go bankrupt from medical debt every year. 68 mil are un or underinsured. We've been in a state of emergency. We need a president who acts like it. #Bernie2020
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THREAD about risk, the #DemocraticPrimaries and the #CoronavirusPandemic

Perceptions of “risk” and “safety” are fluid and they change as circumstances change.

If you perceive Trump to be the country’s greatest risk/threat, then Biden may look to you like a “safe” choice.
However, many of those same people now see a very different risk/threat:

Trump + global pandemic + destroyed safety-net + for-profit health care + spiralling xenophobia + economic insecurity + disaster profiteering.
In this rapidly shifting circumstance, Biden’s conservatism can suddenly look not safe but risky.

And a transformational candidate like Sanders, offering bold solutions to these underlying crises, may suddenly look like the promise of real safety.
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Deflating morale after scoring a win is a tactic to win more in the future, and we must rise above that.

Coaches and generals know you can lose a battle, but win a war, be losing at halftime, but win the game.

And this happens in politics too. Clinton was winning early in 2008 but did Obama buy into losing or did he claim underdog momentum?

Trump (a sad example) was heavily down in polling to Clinton in 2016 but he quit or did he push forward?

So yes we’re down but it’s not over. Yes we’d prefer to be doing better at this point but frankly it’s amazing that Sanders is doing this well.

We decide where we go from here.

Individually we decide our own level of action.

This is a gut check for us.

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Biden has a stutter that is largely under control but is triggered by pressure. When triggered, he has to pause longer and regroup— this can cause him to loose a line of thought for a moment. It is NoT a cognitive issue and it is sheer bigotry to imply that it is. #BidenStammer
Hashtags like #BidenHasDementia are ableist bigotry and play into Republican strategy. It is reckless, not to mention immoral and even cruel to imply that A stammer is a mental disorder.
#Bernie2020 people should fight this Trump filth and not gleefully spread it. No one wins if our decency is lost in a competition. Let the candidates argue policy, not speculate on each other’s health. They’re both old, ffs.
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We need to talk about how deeply liberals, even "progressive" ones, hate the left. My grandfather was fired and blacklisted for union organizing. My parents had to leave this country because they opposed the Vietnam war. And yet even I underestimate the depths of the hatred.
Red scares, red smears, red baiting - of Black socialists, of Jewish trade unionists, and so much more. It's an old and deep part of this country's culture. It's an American tradition. And that's a big part of what we are up against. Seems obvious but thought I'd spell it out.
And yet still: We are going to win! It's why, when I speak at Bernie rallies and canvases, I always say that my ancestors are will me. Many of us say that and it makes me cry with joy. #Bernie2020
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#Biden supporter California Secretary of State, #AlexPadilla, wins “Vote Suppressor of The Year.” By sheer numbers of ballots disqualified—with young and LatinX voters suppressed—Padilla makes Katherine Harris and Brian Kemp look like Thomas Jefferson.…
Want to know how to steal an election? Watch The Best Democracy Money Can Buy!…
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I'm going to be really blunt here: our planet may not be able to take 4 more years of Trump and leave us with a chance at a habitable future. However, it also can't afford a return to the Obama era one-step-forward-two-steps back (banning coal, unleashing a fracking free for all)
Recall that Obama added Biden to the ticket because Biden is more conservative, more pro-corporate and this was meant to reassure the establishment. Which means that Biden at the top of the ticket is not a return to Obama era incrementalism, it's worse. *If* he won - a big if.
Our collective futures are going to be determined in the next few primary races. I get that people are hurt, confused and we all have real critiques. But #Bernie2020 needs you and needs you now. Now is when it counts. Let's work together and make history.
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OK peeps - buckle up for the TRUE story about #JoeBiden's notorious 2018 trip to my #michigan district MI-06). (Includes great #LizWarren cameo!) #michiganprimary

PLS RT @briebriejoy @DrDooleyMD @AbshirDSM also @sunrisemvmt @NaomiAKlein (for Fred Upton enviro tie-in)
The NYT "reported": "There is no evidence Mr. Biden was anything other than sincere admiration, stemming from Mr. Upton’s role in crafting the 21st Century Cures Act after the death of Mr. Biden’s elder son, Beau, from cancer in 2015."…
Here come the facts!

1. Biden collected a $200K check for that speech. (How sincere!) It also took place during a VERY close House race in one of the narrowest-red districts (R +1) in Michigan (MI-06).
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Good morning! We’ve got the incredible @CynthiaNixon firing up our Central Florida grassroots volunteers today! #FloridaForBernie #Bernie2020
Getting ready for the onslaught of volunteers coming who are ready to launch a canvass out of Miami Shores! #FloridaForBernie #Bernie2020
Miami for Bernie volunteer Nikola cast her ballot today for Bernie and brought her daughters to watch their mom vote for not just their future, but also the future of those who are less fortunate. #NotMeUs #IVoted #Bernie2020 #FloridaForBernie
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@mickstackle @FredTJoseph Joe Biden has a score of F- on climate while Bernie Sanders has a score of A. We are in #ClimateEmergency. We have 10 years to transform our ecological relationships & partner with the world in the same. Please think of our biosphere and vote for #Bernie2020. 1/
@mickstackle @FredTJoseph 2/ Add Big Polluters to the last one.
@mickstackle @FredTJoseph 3/ Please see the growing list of climate scientists supporting Bernie Sanders knowing all they do about the urgent high stakes.
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#CAPrimary2020: How many hundreds of thousands of #BernieSanders votes will be lost in the avalanche of "provisional" ballots?… #CAPrimary #CaliforniaPrimary #CaliforniaPrimary2020 #Bernie2020
In 2016, the state forced 1,307,190 voters to cast provisional ballots, 408,749 of those were rejected, a valid rejection rate equal to all other 49 states combined.… #CAPrimary #CaliforniaPrimary #CaliforniaPrimary2020
In '16, California vote chief Alex Padilla backed Hillary Clinton, now he's been campaigning for Joe Biden. The victims? LatinX and young voters. It's José Crow, Georgia with a bullet.… #CAPrimary #CaliforniaPrimary #CAPrimary2020 #SuperTuesday
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#CAPrimary: One of the disasters this year is caused by the fact that LA and other counties cut polling stations by 90%. #CaliforniaPrimary #CAPrimary2020 #CaliforniaPrimary2020 #BernieSanders #Bernie2020
They were replaced by so-called “voting centers “ which anyone would know were deeply insufficient and unprepared — especially as #Bernie got out the word that you had to bring in your NPP ballot to exchange it for a Crossover Democratic ballot. #CAPrimary #CAPrimary2020
There's zero question about who was hurt: Regular Democrats tend to mail in their ballots. But most NPP independent voters, who widely favor #Bernie, could not mail in their ballots because they had to do the exchange.… #CAPrimary #CAPrimary2020
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I am publicly endorsing Bernie Sanders for President of the United States. To help me explain why I think Sanders will be best for all Americans I want to point you to the differences between him and Biden. The most enlightening things appear between 1/?
@BernieSanders and @JoeBiden when you consider who each of them attracts and who each of them alienates.

Sanders attracts people who like his vision of a future America. He attracts people who want to take on the responsibility of enacting the kind of change that they 2/?
want to see in the world. He attracts people across all forms of oppression. Women, POC, LGBT like myself, immigrants, First Nations, and the entire working class. He attracts them because they feel like economic justice is the first step to true justice in our increasingly 3/?
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Those of you contemplating voting for Elizabeth Warren, please read this.

In 2015, I was living in Massachusetts & Warren was my senator. The military intervention began in Yemen, my country of birth, & was wreaking havoc on civilians. But this wasn't just Saudi's war.
President Obama had bypassed Congress – an unconstitutional act – to support the Saudis in their war against #Yemen. He was providing weapons, mid-air refueling, training, target support, and anything else the Saudi-UAE coalition needed to bomb and starve Yemen.
Within months, @PMaurerICRC noted, "Yemen after 5 months looks like Syria after 5 years." Yet, media outlets were barely covering the conflict, & when they did, they inaccurately presented it as a Saudi-Iran proxy war. The US' role was often ignored.…
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People who think that @BernieSanders gets us closer to @AndrewYang's vision for America don't actually understand Yang's vision for America: A Thread

#YangGang #EndorseUBI
#Bernie2020 #NotMeUs

First of all, #Yang wants a unified America. One where there isn't a huge political divide and so much hate and conflict. He doesn't alienate anyone.

#Bernie is incredibly divisive and angry and will only cause tensions to rise if given the nomination or the presidency.

The #FederalJobsGuarantee goes against Yang's vision because #Yang wants to redefine work in an age where jobs are being automated away and where work that has intrinsic human value isn't being recognized by the market.

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OK, let's do this. Here begins the "why I voted for Bernie & why I think you should, too" thread. It's gonna be long, it might be kinda rambly, because I have a lot of reasons! I'll try and start out by following this outline I made. #NotMeUs #Bernie2020 #MNForBernie 1/
Solidarity approach. I feel like I've been learning and reflecting a lot about the concept of solidarity over the past several months, in a variety of contexts. About what it means for people who have different experiences and needs to throw in together for their shared benefit.
I believe solidarity is hard, and messy, and essential for not just human flourishing, but ultimately human survival. 3/
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"...a single-payer system would reduce costs dramatically, saving $2 trillion over 10 years. And it would do this while covering every single American with more expansive coverage than what is provided under the best plans today." @joshua_gear writes. 2/…
"The health insurance industry takes away our choice by limiting physician networks, limiting medication formularies and changing these often. Unfortunately, no one can know what their future health needs will be." @bobdodge @LLPawson @jdonmd #M4A 3/…
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