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The end.
My tether to life broke free with one last zing of pain.
Like lightning against the backdrop of blackness.
Relief replaced all the beating and breathing organic material required. Released from my human container, freedom remained.

#IAmArmageddon #satsplat
1/4 Wylie’s #Resurrection
The word echoed in the darkness.
I pushed away from the simplicity of freedom and reached for my physical shackles. Piecing together the details that imprisoned my boundless mind, I focused on the place I belonged: my body.
I saw my blood first,
my life force, the vessels that connected the rest of my body to my heart. I drew all four chambers with my mind, tempting them into action.
First the upper right. Then the lower. Lub. The left side took a turn. Dub.
Lub dub! The sound deafened me.
Lub dub! Lub dub! Lub dub!
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The first time we saw him, he seemed strange to us. We worried at his pallid lichen-green countenance, wrapped him in the softest blankets. Coaxed out that shy, strange tree-root twist of a smile. As he grew, we grew to love him. #satsplat #amwriting
Watched his eyes twinkle with starlight as he danced thru the ferns with butterflies, curled up next to the roly-pollies, whispered secrets to the roses. His delicately pointed ears looked like new leaves just unfurled, trembling as he picked out the notes of a melody on guitar.
His laugh grew from a tinkle of tiny, distant bells to a muted but resounding chuckle. And, always, that same little smile, like a sweet pea pod, curled just a little around the edges. We could see that he wasn’t the same as us. But he was our boy and we loved him.
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Years have fallen
Swept away
From her eyes

Creases #bear
Pain of tears
Never wailed

Tides of green
Have tsunami of
Stories veiled

Dreams stacked
As secrets in lashes
In a blink

Of life revealed
In ebb of her eyes
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I #linger dockside, watching laborers load ideas into the ship’s hold for their dangerous trip across the astral sea.

Waiting for my opportunity to stow away and sail into the starry night.

I crawl up the rope from the far pier to the ship’s deck and climb over the rail. Glance around quickly, then duck down the stairs to the hold.

My eyes adjust and I see dreams stored neatly for their trip across the sea of night. I’m seeking #haven from nightmares.

Hidden in the hold, I feel the ship move as the ropes let loose. The mystical tide pulls us out to sea. We rise into the night.

The ship begins to pitch and roll, as a #wild psychic storm passes over. The hatch slams shut above me.

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Beneath a pristine manor house sprawling #tunnels echo birth pains of Resistance. A nursemaid stands watch by the makeshift HQ station... now explosions rumble overhead. She knows little of their plans but this new blind servitude could pay higher dividends than the last. #vss365
Hank approaches Derringer Manor where #precious Betsy works. 1 more kiss before he ships out— she’ll see him in uniform.

Whistling screams overhead. Shattering impact. The house coughs fire, smoke, & people: cockroaches fleeing in all directions. But no Betsy.
#Satsplat #vss365
Lights flicker in the tunnel as the rumbling above is swallowed by a great crash. Officers scramble to collect documents & Betsy dives to the ground, gripping the silver locket swaying from her neck. An eternity of screams in the ceiling,then 1 voice nearby—her dear #boy.
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A story written with no plan or script through nano-chapters using the prompts from #vss365 #AmWriting #SunScribbles #SunWIP #SciFi #Satsplat #BadWordSat
#Swim steady and firm”, 15 yr old David told the others. They had been prepared. Their go-bags had the clothes approved by Deplorables and they had a small list of safe-houses in the mainland. All the adults in the island died do make their escape possible. #vss365 #AmWriting
In the mainland, it was safer to marry the kids to each other. They would live with their assigned parents according to the fake identity genealogy. What used to be known as the #cycle of abuse had been normalized. They had to blend in and hide in plain sight. #vss365 #AmWriting
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