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This is one of @manifestive's hardest Hip-Hop track. One of those tracks he decided to go totally bonkers. At a point you say "fuck it, let's do this". On this track, which appears on the #NoWhereCool album together with #DamnYouRafiki, Mdot showed us his
lyrical dexterity, his mettle as the consummate rap artiste. It isn't just the bars he's spitting. It's what he's doing with these bars. He's drunk on them, and spitting & reasoning & rhyming & flowing & making his statement & staking his claim.
On this track, Mdot was the Negus Nagast, the Kublai Khan. He was the GodMC. No wonder #NoWhereCool has that much love among Hip-Hop heads. Not the Twitter kind, the likes who can't decode isht; the likes who pretend to understand street slangs of
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Damn You Rafiki
Damn You Rafiki follows the trajectory of #BEAR, #NoLongTalk, #KeepShining, & #GodMC. It's about a rapper making a bold statement about his rap artistry & skills set. It's an exhibition of lyrical prowess, dexterity & technical knowhow

Rafiki is Swahili for "friend"—Damn You Friend. "Damn You" is used to express anger, especially when used in a heated argument. However, if it's used in a non-incendiary banter, it could be interpreted as playful. ImageImage
In this instance, even though the use of "friend" sort of waters it down, its use is incendiary, as the rap is in full attack mode.


Monkey dey work baboon dey chop, you no dey see so
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Keep Shining
"Keep Shining" is a 2014 track by M.anifest, produced by Coptic. It could be what made me a M.anifest fan, or "Forget Dem." I've forgotten.
"Keep Shining" is a hard-hitting Hip-Hop track suffused with the usual dose of Hip-Hop braggadociosness. It's similar to some of the songs the rapper would later produce, such as #NoLongTalk and #BEAR.
[Intro: M.anifest]
Uh Huh, Coptic
Connect the dots (M dɔ dɔ dɔ ti dɔ)
M diggy di

This is the traditional use of intros. It simultaneously introduces the artists of the song while preparing to introduce the song itself.
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(1/8) A #bearrun occurs when supply exceeds demand & market performance falls short of recent highs.
This thread helps you delve deep into the realms of #cryptocurrency and determine the essentials required to spot a Bear Run.🧵

Read more:…
(2/8) A crypto bear run could be hard to foresee before it happens. It does, however, usually go along with extremely optimistic moments.
Although it has many of the same drawbacks as a bull run, a #bear run is more unpredictable having higher price #volatility.👀
(3/8) Investors need to have a keen eye for spotting a bear run in order to properly manage their #investment choices. These trends might seem very obvious, but identifying them beforehand is essential to cut down on investment. #risks. 🕵🏼‍♂️
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Mama Moose got the moose juice.
When your sibling fight goes too far.
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Today in the markets
An unexpected rally pushed #SPX 50 points higher today on increased volume

We can say it was a successful retest or bounce from the 100DMA

It closed at 20DMA and is now in the "pinch". Tomorrow we'll know which side #SPX is going to come out on

#SPX Image
Another rally on higher volume

Today closed above the 20DMA, somewhat bullish if it is able to hold that ground.

Big impulsive green candle, indicating further upside

$DJI #DIA #DIJ $DJIA #industrial $SPX #SPX
#DowJones Image
IWM rose on higher volume. It kissed the 100DMA today, which has offered resistance in recent days

It is still in the "extension" zone of its trend channel.
It needs to get back inside the main channel and break above the 100DMA

#IWM $RUT $RTY #RTY #RUT #options
#trading Image
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New peer-reviewed article by me, Timo Muhonen, @MinervaPiha, @jhrant & Jasse Tiilikkala about historical bear skull tree sites has been published in SKAS, the publication of the Society for Medieval Archaeology in Finland! It's in Finnish, so I will summarise it in this🧵1/16
The importance of #bear in Finnish folklore is highlighted in the bear-hunt ritual. It included a feast with the removal of flesh and cleansing of the skull, which was ceremoniously nailed on a pine tree. 19th-C visitor accounts and folk poems describe several of these trees. 2/
Some folklorists have linked the trees with bear rituals and ancient beliefs of Finno-Ugric peoples. However, there are several issues that we address in our article. We did a survey of 10 sites that can be linked to skull trees based on place names and historical records. 3/16
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1/17 En este hilo vamos a repasar la tesis de la #plata #silver y pensar porque podria ser unas #inversiones a tener en cuenta. Sobretodo porque puede ser una opción mas interesante que el #gold si pensamos en #preciousmetals 🧵
2/17 El #bear case esta soportado por un #dolar fuerte y unos #bonds yields altos gracias a las subidas de tipo de la #FED, ya que esta a dejado claro que va a subir tipos en noviembre y diciembre y mantenerlos en 2023 Image
3/17 Por otro lado, el #dolar hará peak pronto porque no puede si esta muy fuerte destruirá demanda ya que la mayoria de #commodities se compran en dolares Image
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Fakeouts - #Cryptocurrency Market/#Bitcoin analysis 8/29

So, what do we have? We have #short #squeezes on thin air. I had suspicion of #bear #traps, and well.....yeah. Can't exactly say I'm surprised.
At this time, weekly charts are by and large unchanged. - bearish, see ya later. So far. Obviously this #fakeout back and forth stuff when we're at a pivot leaves me at a little bit of indecision.
Daily charts also say LOL, because we're literally sitting on top of a horizontal support going way back, and yet...we already went under it once and for sure did not strongly bounce off it. Usually when this occurs, market goes down.
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Whilst it feels like everything is against us right now, I recently posted a thread that helps to identify the criteria needed for alt coins to survive a bear market, and provide a significant return on investment
Let’s pressure test $qrdo on some of the fundamental questions from the thread namely:
•Does it generate revenue?
•What’s in the Protocols Treasury?
•Token Utility & Use Case?
•The Team?
Will They Generate Revenue? Simple answer yes - @QredoNetwork will be revenue generating from 1 July 2022 with fees applicable to a whole host of protocol transactions from Power Swaps to Stable Coin Minting… From Wallet Connect to MMI (and many more).
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The current #BEAR market hits hard. I've listed out some strategies you can do to earn juicy APRs.

Disclaimer: Farming strategies can be on different chains. You may need to bridge your asset.

The strategies do not come without risks. Please DYOR!!!

Let's start. 🧵

Strategy 1 : Stablecoin Farming

Stablecoin pools like @CurveFinance normally offer low-risk stable income but earn little APY. However, @defi_sunio provides farmers with a whopping 30%+ APY on their stableswap pools.…

@CurveFinance @defi_sunio But there is a caveat.

There are rumors about @justinsuntron game on $USDD and $TRX. There is a chance $USDD will suffer the same fate as $LUNA/$UST. But in the short run, I think it is safe to assume it will not depeg.

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Pretty jazzed, took advantage of $Thor price slump and was able to accumulate enough $Thor to get another #Odin node this week. Best part, is I was able to use the rewards from all of my other projects and not a #penny extra was spent out of pocket. Here's what I did:
2/ If you follow me, I have pretty good exposure to each major blockchain (except #Ethereum because I hate it with a passion). I'm earning passive income on #FTM, #BNB, #AVAX, and #COSMOS. My goal is to eventually get to a point where I can dip into rewards and buy downtrends.
3/ Since starting this in February, this is the first time I was able to make a substantial dent in increasing my daily/$$ amount all from aggregating funds from the different chains onto one chain. In this case, the destination chain was #AVAX
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1. The bear that appeared in the clouds over Istanbul, Turkey last September (at the start of the Lord's 7th month, no less) was NOT Callisto as I thought. Instead, the clouds were a detailed sketch of the Russian bear. Bears have been the symbol of Russia for centuries. But why?
2. Before I ask the big question, here's the link to the original video first. The channel 'Genenguy HHN' captured the bear's face hanging over Istanbul. Thank God it's still up. Video> via YouTube #Istanbul #Turkey #Russia #Bear #clouds (Ok. On with it!)
3. So, how did I get it wrong last September? And why the heck is a Russian bear floating over Istanbul!? I'll explain. Let's thread. (Attached: my original tweet on September 20th)
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#NATO (#Rothschild wants WAR) countries pour weapons into #Ukraine, risking conflict with Russia
-formerly neutral countries like Sweden and Finland are sending weapons. And Germany, long allergic to sending weapons into conflict zones, is sending Stingers…
The Finnish Awakening Published January 5, 2022…
#Rothschild's #China asked Russia to #delay Ukraine war until after #Olympics, US officials | Mar 3
-The report indicates that senior Chinese officials had some level of knowledge about Russia’s war plans or intentions before the invasion started last week…
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Read "Liddle' Adam Schiff's coded message.

Looks like "WE the PEOPLE" have a lot of EXPOSING to do today!!!
Alice Liddell?
#StadardHotel #Bear?
#Haiti #Sacrifice
#PizzaRelated #FBIfile?
Define: Hank? ImageImageImageImage
What did [AS] COVER-UP?
What did the FBI Cove-up?
Confronting signs of spring in our Garden?
Paint the [R]ose [RED]?
Grandma's Flower Garden?
"SLAVE" Garden?
Hillary Clinton Foundation
James 8 Corney?
No leaks? ImageImageImageImage
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Ringkasan: Playtech telah melakukan pekerjaan yang sangat baik dengan subjek aneh ini, yang menggugah karakter kartun Yogi Bear, yang juga suka mencuri madu dan keranjang piknik. Palet warna yang penuh warna. #bear
Dan soundtrack yang segar memberi permainan suasana yang hidup dan energik. Gim ini mengompensasi estetika loyo dengan sejumlah fungsi yang mudah diaktifkan. Baik gim utama maupun gim mini bonus memiliki banyak potensi kemenangan.…
Slot berdasarkan Teori Big Bang: The Big Bang Theory adalah komedi situasi tercinta yang merayakan semua hal kutu buku dengan cara yang paling keterlaluan. Di acara ini, tidak ada unsur fiksi ilmiah, fantasi, buku komik.…
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1/ 🚨 MARKET UPDATE🚨 A thread... 👇

Below I will share my views of the market and my plan, are you in? Lets go...

#Bear markets are great opportunities to scoop coins at a significant discount. The right picks can change lives.

Don't fall into FUD! Start planning!

2/ This is my third bear market. Here is what I learned so far. Bitcoin first. 👇

#Bitcoin bottoms after 85% drop from ATH, #ETH at 95%. Will we see similar drops now? Possibly, but maybe not.

Below the #Bitcoin levels to watch as we drop. Image
3/ $30k for #BTC is almost certain. If that breaks (likely), then $20k is in play.

To me $20k is the most likely level where we will bottom after a 70% crash. Why?

Previous ATH and strong support levels. Moreover, institutions are here now, so a 85% drop is less likely. 👇
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I have read the 162-page #Messari 's 2022 #crypto prediction report, so you don't have to. I will try to finish the report in a few threads. Dive in and save yourself some #TIME, so that you can use this info to make better decisions in #cryptotrading -Part 1 of 10
/1 Very IMPORTANT one first - The get rich quick crowd will evaporate when the #bearmarket comes, but the next cycle’s unicorns will get built during this upcoming bear market as they will get themselves ready by buying full-on when the entire crypto market will be down 80%🔥
/2 Top 10 coins invested by Venture capital funds in 2021(by number of venture capitals invested in them) - #DOT #NEARProtocol #OasisNetwork #Terra #ARWEAVE #MAKER #NervosNetwork #Solana
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สรุป : แนวทางในการประเมินค่า #Bitcoin จากรายงานของ Ark Invest (30 Dec 2021)

1. ไม่ได้ชี้นำการลงทุน
2. ไม่ได้บอกราคา และไม่มีกาว
3. อาจจะมีข้อผิดพลาด สามารถบอกได้ และลองอ่าน replies เผื่อมีคนมาช่วยแก้ให้
4. ยาว

1) Ark Invest
จัดทำขึ้นมารายงานเพื่อให้ "นักลงทุนสถาบัน" หรือ คนที่สนใจได้ดูข้อมูลเป็นแนวทางเทียบกับสินทรัพย์แบบดั้งเดิม

โดยจะแบ่งการประเมินเป็น 3 ระดับ
1. Network : เหมาะสำหรับทุกคน
2. Behavior : เหมาะสำหรับคนถือยาว
3. Valuation : เหมาะสำหรับการดูสัญญาณระยะกลาง-สั้น
2) ทำไมต้อง #bitcoin

1. ระบบบัญชีที่เรียบง่าย ตรวจสอบได้ (UTXO)
2. Code โปร่งใส ตรวจสอบได้
3. Node ที่มีประสิทธิภาพ

อันนี้ขอสรุปเองสั้น ๆ ว่ามันเลยเอาข้อมูล on-chain ออกมาคิด คำนวณได้ แฟร์เกมส์ ไม่มี insider
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I don't think we are in #bear market.
Here is my daily take on the #btc #bitcoin chart
Thread below🧵👇

(adding @MMCrypto thumbnail as it seems to work well at grabbing attention 😅. Big love MM, big fan!)
#cryptocurrrency #crypto

Pls RT/share if useful

In the short term we will go a bit lower, as the the 50 day moving average continues to move away from the 200. No golden cross is forming (yet).
2/ THE 1HR CHART = 🐻

The 1HR looks pretty bearish too having failed to create a golden cross
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#BTC #bulls have a much stronger thesis than the #BTC #bears. Bulls have solid data driven analysis confirming trends in real time. Bears are using technical charts that ignore Onchain conditions with little to no acknowledgement of what’s happening on the network.

I would like to make it clear, I acknowledge the #BTC #bear case, and it’s possible, but the current #bullish trending Onchain data, fundamental strength, and improving technicals make the bear case weak and less likely to occur.
The bears calling for a bull trap have almost no data driven analysis to back up their claims. Long term holders and entities holding older coins (which is majority of supply) are not selling, but are accumulating and holding. Yes they can sell, but we aren’t seeing that.
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Wild #crypto #bull and #bear market idea thread:

There won’t be much bear market anymore like we saw back in 2010-2019; why?

1. Too many people know this #digital #asset now; with 1% high net worth will do anything in their power to buy the dip (ask their fin. advisor)
2. #Bitcoin become real reserve in many companies and few small countries now, ok, it can dip down even to 20-30k still in the future with bad news and regulations
3. With 2. if #BTC drawdown a lot from now (45-50k range), #altcoin will take hits too; of course, with bad #shitcoin they will likely drop 40-99%. pick your asset carefully! but the winner will retain value; 20-50% drop may happen; #HODL! if it's good #fundamental!
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Here u go:

Mainstream #crypto is in a #bear.

So mainstream pleps tend to have less $ value and less motivation to “invest” / sacrifice smthng rn.

This leaves us with less total $ value for the sacrifice phase, hence you get more % for your sacrifice, hence a bigger opportunity
However #HEXicans are in a 1000x permabull & they love and support their ecosystems.

So the most % of the total $ value for the sacrifice, will come from #HEXicanOGs & HEXicans in general.

HEXicans have proven to have #graphiteHands

HEXicans are the whales now & also in PULSE.
That basically means PULSE will start with one of, if not THE strongest hands #community out there. This will be a veeery strong fundament to build on top of.

Or do you think the PULSE #whales, which are mainly HEXican OGs will sell after a 2x … 10x … or 100x … not at all 🤣
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My piece in @MongabayIndia on relocation from #Wayanad #Wildlife Sanctuary based on my @MPhilCL @Cambridge_Uni research supervised by @EliaApos Ialso drew on my yrs of experience.Resettlement from #ProtectedAreas (PA) is contentious @csandbrook 1/22
& I discuss a largely ignored narrative:of people seeking support for relocation.Historically,resettlements have been poorly recorded; there have been evictions from PAs that have led to penury, isolation, further impoverishment, which I strongly condemn.There is NO room 2/22
for forced,induced,unjust resettlement. However,it is troubling that resettlement discourse has ignored the narrative of people voluntarily seeking to move out of PAs where they face immense hardship due to lack of access to education,healthcare, markets,roads,jobs,business
3/22 A camera trapped pic  from Kali #Tiger Reserve, sourced from
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