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Gay Story Thread

Ex Classmate Kantoi Gay

Part 1

1. Acan, bukn nama sbnar. Around 6/7 yrs mcmtu, first met form 4 join my class. Budak baru dari N9 ( nama sek rahsia). Badan pun sedap lah, semua okay tapi muka dia penuh berjerawat teruk. I don't sense anything at first.
2. I'm the only malay guy in the class (1st science stream). The rest 4 malay girls and others Indian chi students. Macam biasa, first met aku analyse what type of him. Okey he's an art person. He loves poetic and dancing. He's my rival especially during BM class.. Ugh
3. Then finally, my bio teacher asked Acan duduk sebelah aku. Tak kisah sebab he not even my taste. Turn off dengan muka berjerawat ni. At the same time, aku ada nakal2 dgn lengchai cina Yong. Dia bijak nak mati, handsome and now dia student dental. Okey focus dkt Acan
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Let’s deep-dive into foreign agent Christopher Steele & the downsized intel office based in London. Yesterday, he dared to blather about US Government elected officials and this alone demands further scrutiny of his activities, current operations and public statements.✈️ #ORBIS
1. It’s obvious that disgraced foreign agent #STEELE(head of ORBIS intel office in London and author of the fabricated dossier on US elected government officials) has #done #immense #damage to relations between USA and UK. 🇺🇸💔🇬🇧
2. My country 🇺🇸 has been divided by an anonymous “field report”, full of bizarre statements that captivates the attention of the international media because it casts a doubt over the legitimacy of a US president @realDonaldTrump , First Family @FLOTUS and other US officials.
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A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Or drawing. Inktober Day 1: Ring #inktober2019 #LOTR #lineasketch
Inktober Day 2: Mindless #InkTober #LineaSketch
Just thought up an idea for today’s Inktober ‘Bait’. Heeee.
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Born & raised in #Fanar #Lebanon, a tiny country in the middle east with a lot to offer. I always had a positive outlook on life maybe because of the culture or values🤷‍♀️.
If you don't know #Lebanon or a #lebanese then you should start mingling 🤣
@IWS_Network #VoicesIWS
I grew up surrounded by a loving, joking & tough type of family that always support each other even amidst fighting. You can imaging being 4 kids in different age groups can cause a lot of fights growing up 😂 #siblingsfight #family #VoicesIWS
I have my issues🤷‍♀️! I always wanted to prove myself & make my family proud(2nd child). A pressure that was just in my head; they were always proud of us. I wanted to grow up to be a doctor or an army officer like my dad. Let's just say I changed my mind! #VoicesIWS @IWS_Network
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Twitter may not be the most effective place to solicit for this, but if you (or, more likely, your parents, grandparents, great grandparents) did forced labor during WW2 for ghettos under German control, please read this. #Thread
Back in 1997 there was a landmark case in Germany that determined that people who'd labored in the Lodz Ghetto would get credit toward German Social Security for that work.
In 2002, Germany codified it and said that forced laborers in any ghetto under German control were eligible. At the time (2000-2005), my full time job was as a case manager to Holocaust survivors and Nazi Victims. I did stuff like take them to the doctor, pluck their chin
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Demand that the Senate Rules Committee amend the Secure Elections Act to require states to: (1) give voters the option to HAND mark their ballots (like the #PAVEAct); & (2) conduct Risk Limiting Audits (like the #PAVEAct). Deliberations are TOMORROW! 1/…
2/ Here is a link to the phone numbers and emails of all Committee members. Pls contact them all, even if they are not your senators. Pls reply #Done if you do this. Thanks!…
3/ Note: These provisions are already in the #PAVEAct, which was just endorsed by @BrennanCenter and several additional senators. But it is the Secure Elections Act that is up for deliberations, which is why we must demand that it be amended to be more like the #PAVEAct. TY!
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The 3d Cir opinion on Chaka Fattah et al's corruption convictions is now online. Bottom line: while it overturns certain charges and reinstates others, the number of 10-year concurrent sentences he's still facing means no change in his jail time.… (1/)
All the convictions relating to the illegal excess campaign loan from Al Lord and the various schemes to repay him and Tom Lindenfeld stand, including RICO. Convictions relating to the phony Porsche sale, for which the trial court judge directed acquittal, are reinstated. (2/)
As to the bribery charges involving Fattah and Vederman, the Court tossed the convictions based on improper jury instructions pre-McDonnell, with remand for potential retrial on those counts. Here's how the Court sums up its ruling. (3/)
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A story written with no plan or script through nano-chapters using the prompts from #vss365 #AmWriting #SunScribbles #SunWIP #SciFi #Satsplat #BadWordSat
#Swim steady and firm”, 15 yr old David told the others. They had been prepared. Their go-bags had the clothes approved by Deplorables and they had a small list of safe-houses in the mainland. All the adults in the island died do make their escape possible. #vss365 #AmWriting
In the mainland, it was safer to marry the kids to each other. They would live with their assigned parents according to the fake identity genealogy. What used to be known as the #cycle of abuse had been normalized. They had to blend in and hide in plain sight. #vss365 #AmWriting
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A lot of people have been asking me over the last 12 hours why I'm pushing for #HopeHicks to be @realDonaldTrump's new CoS so let me explain:
1) Kelly is leaving... yes, I know what Trump said, I know what Kelly said... but take I know enough people in the WH to know, Kelly is leaving.
2) Personel is policy, the next CoS will be responsible for hiring and overseeing the hiring of many important positions. Under Kelly, MANY Never-Trumpers have been brought into the administration. Trump's base who cares about #MAGA cannot afford another year of this
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One of the most important offices in any state is that of Secretary of State, especially in swing states like Ohio where SOS’s have turned off voting machine audit functions, fought to keep machines paperless, & purged voter rolls. Pls support @KathleenClyde for Ohio SOS! 1/
2/ Ohio’s current SOS, Republican John Husted , went out of his way to make sure voting machine audit functions were turned OFF in 2016!
3/ In 2004, Republican SOS Ken Blackwell tried to have Ohio buy paperless voting machines!
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