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FREEDOM & JUSTICE served on A Silver Platter …

⭕️ of Life

The Military = Saviors Of #Mankind
#Mankind Played the Role of God in the WWE, Went up against The Undertaker in A Boiler Room Brawl—Summer #SLAM 1996.

With Peace being the Prize, Mankind got Most to work together.
Cactus Jack with ‘BARBEE’, his go too Barbed Wire Baseball BAT in WWE..

Every detail has DEEPER meaning on WHY someone/EVERYTHING was used ..

#RA-Y BARBEE’s Skate part in ‘BAN THIS’ Is LEGENDARY !

All (3) Faces of Foley are 3 Mirror images of one another, Mirroring
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Is humidity control just for warm-humid weather? Or can you grow mold in winter?

A little thread for the part of #energytwitter that hasn't seen the bigger picture of #buildingscience.

First, if you think you're immune to moisture & mold problems because your climate is dry in summer, let me invite you to take a look inside your fridge. What's inside that container in the back that you've forgotten for a couple of months.

Extreme example: Family in Kansas had a poorly insulated building enclosure. They kept the inside relative humidity at 50% while outdoor temperature was -5 °F.

Yes, that's ice on the walls & ceiling inside the house. Here are the details:

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Shane Owns WCW, Just remember …
He gives it all back to THE PEOPLE ..

Hulk ends up choosing to go back to his #ROOTS, #YELLOW & #RED ..
The Toaster
The Vacuum
The Light
The Radio 🎶
All Looking for their Master, I was once lost, being searched for, I have been found..

My #REAL FAMILY Means everything to me, all the hate in the world or drama, I have no time for. .
I choose to be the change, those who choose
Daily to be lost forever being apart of the problem, that’s their choice ..
Eventually it’s all going to be even more clear than it already is, those who chose the paths they have of hate/division will eventually have A choice to make, that choice comes once forgiveness of self
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The Blackouts That will be taking place ARE NOT because of the sun, they are but because of THE SON demand PEACE ..

The War Of All Wars is over.

R econcile N ot R evenge ! …

I choose life & I chose to forgive, I choose MERCY. .

I #CHOOSE to forgive ALL evil with my own FREE WILL because I #WANT too & NOT because of where I come from that I “Have Too “ ..

#BREAK free from the same ol’ Hell Loops humanity has been trapped within all because forgiveness was never an option. Vengeance
Was always more important, not caring how it was affecting the future for all..

The FUTURE, THE CHILDREN are the FUTURE & Forgiveness brings A BRIGHT future for ALL children all around the world for THOUSANDS of years !

1 Simple SELFLESS #ACT of Kindness, Can Save A world !
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I wonder whose bright idea it was that if a #vagina managed penetrative #sexual activity, it must be pliable to #insertion of the speculum 😒. Whoever that was definitely disregarded the physiology of sexual #arousal & vaginal changes in the moment that facilitate #penetration.
@vagina_museum shows that everyone's apparatus is different then how can #Gynecology stick to a one size fits all model? #publichealth should strive to develop minimally invasive self administered #screening tests & #gynaecologist must #research on making procedures comfortable.…
This shows that topical #anesthetic agents reduce #pain and #discomfort during speculum manipulation. Why can't the usage of topical #anesthesia be a #standard process in #Gynecology? Why such blatant disregard for #patient #comfort? 😠 #misogyny much?
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REAL #faith doesn't require "proof."
Proof serves EGO.
Faith serves a higher purpose and a Higher Power.
We have FAITH in that which we cannot see,
and PROOF is only needed in the absence of faith.

"There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed, nor hid that shall not be
known." -Luke 12:2

Faith is the understanding that God will reveal the TRUTH according to His timing.
When we release EGO and focus less on what we [want] and more on only what we [need], we will discover #comfort in patience.

We can find proof of God's work by how we choose to
view the World each day.
We can SEE change in the littlest of things while the rest of the World remains blind.
We know that lies will be uncovered, that the system will fall and that corruption will end.
PROOF is for the blind; faith is for those confident in what God has shown.
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The Concord project opted to go with Solar (PV) connected to an energy storage system (battery storage) in lieu of a backup generator.

This system has been designed to keep the critical loads for the home operational even if the utility power is knocked out.
This includes the backup heating and domestic hot water system (gas boiler with radiant floor heat + indirect hot water tank), the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, TV/WiFi, lighting and receptacles in strategic areas.
The Generac PwrCell provides 18 kWh of battery storage in a single cabinet, and up to 9 kW of continuous power output, enough to power the critical loads for extended periods of time. It can also be expanded to 36 kWh of battery storage in the future should it ever be needed.
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Do you guys/Gals want something to do? It may or may not blow your minds.
Go search up Christmas, YOU KNOW WHERE & when it is coming.
When Is Christmas coming this year?
How many Christmas Posts are there?
Who is the KEY STONE?
So many of you have seen the things I
I can do & all that I see before events happen. I share MANY events that happen before they happen, WHY? Even sports games final scores, I share the secrets of the world. WHY? To give ALL OF YOU #COMFORT?I Haven't changed,
I have been doing the same thing for everyone since DAY1.

"God Is on Our Side" ..
This should be FUN ..

This "Fraud" is just going to keep on doing what I do #BEST .. & That is keep on Smiling & enjoying every second of life KNOWING & Sharing what is to come. The ones who
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Sounds like He is trying to buy "Protection" of some sort ..
Sounds like he is trying to Weaponize the Police to fuel the corrupt MSM propaganda to keep trying to brainwash the masses with Fear ..
Some Tactics used over and over again just in different forms.
It's All A show ..
Everyone is being shown how it has all been done ALL THESE YEARS..
If the Public ever rose up against the corruption 20/30/50 years ago, this is Exactly what they would have done & kept doing. Manipulating everything & anything to maintain positions of power
to keep pushing Evil's bullshit New World Order Agendas.

EVERYONE is being SHOWN how EVIL got away with all of it, all those years ago up until present date.
You're all watching A scripted movie SHOWING all if it...

The ones who are not awake, panicking thinking
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I have A Good Friend Named Micah, He foes BMX shows with Harley Davidson..
Division BMX

Good Man.
Bought me my first passport, we were supposed to go to Tel Aviv but the TRIP got canceled due to Bombings that were taking place to close to the Nokia Arena we were supposed Image
To do live shows at ...

#HOME ..
I don't think the many of you are grasping what I/WE have been showing you this whole time.. This is my life & I let EVERYONE in ..
The Story Of My Life.
Everything is known. There is A specific reason the Military & Everyone else communicates Image
Has communicated with me directly for the last 5 years out in the open for all to see..
I'm not doing any of this to be glorified, I'm SHOWING everyone to give YOU #COMFORT in knowing.

"Ask & You shall receive" . . .
Ask Nicely not that you [NEED] someone to post but ask
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All these Bloodlines knew & THEY Mocked the trinity in everything they did/do ..
Time Travel Chess. One side was given technology & traveled to enslave everyone while the other side Has been trying to save everyone..
How many people on this timeline do you
Think are supporting/backing the very ones/things that are keeping them enslaved?
How many do you think are still asleep?
How many do you think are SOMEWHAT awake?
How many do you think see the BIGGER PICTURE #CrystalClear LY? ..
How many do you think KNOW THE WHOLE TRUTH &
Nothing but the TRUTH?
The BIGGER PICTURE is rare & I have seen so many not be able to swallow the 10% that I have shared with everyone ..
And the WHOLE truth & nothing but the truth is just supposed to be unleashed upon the world?
Yeah, no. I don't think so. Everyone
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#taekookau (to live)

// mentions dying
// nsfw

2 months into their fwb relationship and taehyung does not particularly care a lot about jungkook. they have a mutually casual relationship.

that is, until he finds out about his secret. ImageImageImageImage
- no mcd
- happy ending
- mentions death and dying
- nsfw ( minors dni with posts tagged as 🚫)
- brain tumour
- uni students taekook
- fwb to lovers
- again, NO MCD
- more tags to be added later
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M #ILLenium ..

Imagine living A life where you have to see everything & have to share what you see before it all happens with the world(Some in code because I Am not allowed to alter timelines) so the world/Humanity doesn't destroy themselves..

The 9 have spent A millenia d
Doing all they have done for me, it's only right that I do right by them/for them ..
I do all I do & see all I see before it happens & share with everyone to give ALL OF YOU #COMFORT in knowing YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I Am here, with you-Among you to help make sure evil doesn't
Hurt you any more than they already have ..
Everything I do & show all of you, they HATE IT. When I say they HATE it, I really do mean THEY HAAAAAAATE IT ..
It pisses every single last one of them off that they NEED technology to do what I do NATURALLY. I have lived with this
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Together ...

I'll never stop saying it, I love EVERYONE .
I Honor ALL OF #OUR "Saviors of Mankind" !
I Honor The Fallen!

Today has been Quite A Beautiful Day, Yes?
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1/ 🧵Wisdom in Medicine
What’s going on here? And why it’s key in #COVID19
It’s quite simple: we finally had the #wisdom to ask Mr. D the right question! He and his wife encouraged us to use this picture to teach what we learned.
#PalliativeCare #MedTwitter #NurseTwitter
2/ What we learned was to switch the preposition!
Mr. D was a pre-#COVID patient. On this day, he was taken off the vent after a MONTH. The incessant mantra had been, “What’s the matter WITH Mr. D?” He was surprised when we asked, “What matters TO you, Mr. D?”
3/ He has a tracheostomy, as you can see. We insert this airway through the neck to improve #comfort when someone is on a vent well beyond 10 days. He’s more comfortable because he no longer has a tube in his mouth. We used a program called the #A2Fbundle to reduce his #delirium.
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Confirmed Ee_version of the #wikipedia of #Ramseyer has been rewritten (3/2). It's unilateral again

Organization like #VANK, #Koreans ,are rewriting various Wikis about Japan. Most are not factual
Photo resulted of a Yahoo search updated within a week… Image
The controversy lie only with South Korea and Koreans. This is also a typical phenomenon at all times
The Wiki prohibits biased opinions during discussions

Such as Korean practice in diploma magazine.
On ‘Comfort Women’ and Academic Freedom @Diplomat_APAC…
The Wiki say
2021Feb. #Ramseyer appeared at the center of a controversy over a denialist article published in #IRLE that attempted to discredit the testimony of# comfort women drafted under Japanese imperial rule, drawn from a non-existent contract Image
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#FEELGOODFRIDAY: Although 2020 was 😩 I’m lucky to be working during the #pandemic, telling stories that matter, especially about people & pets with a big ❤️ who make the 🌎 go round. Here are 17 of those stories I did w/@SBM_Steve, 1 of the best photographers ever!
Thread. 1/18
A Mass. mom joined a group of parents at her son’s #daycare in #Medford, MA to raise enough money to prevent it from shutting down due to #COVID.

Parents Help Save Medford Daycare From Closing Due to Pandemic

Full story:…
This Boston woman walked around the city handing out food to people in need until she raised enough money to open a free outdoor refrigerator/food pantry to feed more people. A Boston restaurant is stepping up to provide free electricity for the fridge.

Full story. 👇🏽👇🏽
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1. From my morning quiet time with God: [Jesus said:] "For my Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day...
2. "...No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them,and I will raise them up at the last day..." (John 6:40, 44)

These are comforting words, originally spoken to a disbelieving crowd who wanted Jesus to be a king who did their bidding, like modern-day...
3. ...political candidates pandering for votes. But Jesus wasn't out to win a popularity contest. He was offering all of us more than "a chicken in every pot and a Maserati in every garage."
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Years have fallen
Swept away
From her eyes

Creases #bear
Pain of tears
Never wailed

Tides of green
Have tsunami of
Stories veiled

Dreams stacked
As secrets in lashes
In a blink

Of life revealed
In ebb of her eyes
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#crazy Useless #patient

Middle-aged man, loves his #family, #farming, drives a cab, #happy. Son & wife at #home. Father-son relationship strong as rock. One #morning, son finds father mumbling to self. Mother says he hardly slept
Mumbling becomes angry ramblings. #Clinical LAENNEC WAS TAUGHT THE IMPO...
Has very little #breakfast. Walks excessively. Goes and lies down, only to get up and walk again. Family interactions little. Sleeps well for 2 hours from 12 to 2PM. Lunchtime. Groggy #father gets on the lunch table and defecates near plates and food. Son and mother aghast.
Father has gone mad. Calls the friendly neighbor, brings his car, rushes to #Medical specialty #clinic nearby. Father disoriented. Son gets the Fword from his own father multiple times, he is shocked! Then comes hurling of abuses after which they restrain him in the car.
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#Ayurvedic treatment of fatty #liver – real world evidence: A #Thread
Overweight woman, early 40’s. Routine liver tests, mild enzyme abnormalities. Advised #ultrasound liver, showed grade 2 #fattyliver. GP advised vitaminE and #weightloss, review in 3mo
Patient and husband doubtful. Hears fatty liver disease can lead to #cirrhosis. Seeks advice from #Ayurvedic practitioner nearby #home since #Herbal #DRUGS = safe. Assures complete #cure through #Ayurveda. Prescribes multiple #medicines, advises almost all foods restriction.
Lets look at medicines. #tablet APFIL. Packet mentions ‘for liver #diseases’. Which liver disease? There is #alcohol related, #hepatitis B/C, #NAFLD, primary biliary #cholangitis and more causes. Nine #herbs extract combo - clinical #evidence on safety and benefit ❌
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I started playing #guitar in college. Some of my friends back home played, so I thought I'd learn. It's been years since I kept up with it. With no job and an empty house, I had time. Plus, I could crank up my amp. Ava would have hated it. All the more reason to do it.
Strumming a few chords or playing a riff through a loud amp usually makes me feel better. It's more of a distraction this time. My amp is a little old. Even a #ragpicker might pass on it. "If you're not going to play it, sell it," Ava nagged. Life always got in the way.
Or I got in the way. Not even ten years ago I kept getting sick all the time. Painful stomach cramps would radiate weakness throughout my body. I learned how to wash it away like healing #rainwater. That's when I really started to figure out who I was and what I could do.
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Ok #Patriots let’s think about this..numbers for #Covid_19 are low in our #Hospitals . What would we #Quarantine and clear out hospitals for ? Especially in a #shutdown ? If all “legit” business operations will get #stimulus then what happens to the “non-legit”?...
...well they are in suspense! Running low on drugs and money. #mercy and #comfort are what would be needed to help #withdrawal victims. Right ? Why else send them to the largest #drug areas in the #USA ? Where else would the most unfortunate section of humanity...
...go? What if all drugs (illegal) run out ? Because the plan is to hold out on them. Then not stimulate anything that can’t be verified through the #Fed ? #TrustThePlan #Q has told us #WWG1WGA . #Addicts are part of us all and we know they have been sunk into darkness...
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