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Nightly #CampNaNoWriMo (on my own cuz, that's all, just cuz) word count tweet for draft 2: 36,733 out of 50,000 words = 73% done as of June 22. WIP: The Way to Gethsemane.

#amwriting ✍🏻 #CatholicFiction #ChristianFiction #CatholicTwitter
Working on developing the story this time is blowing my mind. Never tried working this way before, thinking of crafty things, contrasts between characters, settings, maybe some symbolism, still pondering that. #amwriting ✍🏻
Have quite a bit of research to do, that list keeps getting longer. The more I learn about Judaism, especially 1st century Judaism, the more I am amazed that I wrote a rough draft before doing any of this that I'm doing now. I really should delete it from the blog. #amwriting ✍🏻
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I just had a conversation with a writing student about the perpetual making-time-to-write conundrum, and I have some insights I want to share about the problem with the advice writers receive and the approaches to writing and productivity that get celebrated. A thread!
Think about the narratives about writing and productivity you've been taught:

I tried to remember times I had learned about writing process in high school, and the only time I remember talking about how the books we read were written was Thoreau. Life in the woods!
I know most writers live in ordinary places and have day jobs or teach writing or do school visits to supplement their book income.

But it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the writing of someone in the woods, fully immersed in writing, is somehow deeper or truer.
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Nightly #CampNaNoWriMo (on my own cuz I yam what I yam) word count tweet for draft number 2 of the novel: 26,148 out of 50,000 words = 49% done as of June 15, 11pm Current working title: The Way to Gethsemane.

#amwriting #CatholicFiction #ChristianFiction #CatholicTwitter
Unlike the awful draft on my blog, this time I am delving into the mind of my MC. Fascinating. Exploring his character in order to then develop it instead of just making him jump through hoops. Letting him reveal himself as a human person, not a cardboard cutout. #amwriting
Taking the Biblical account, brief as it is, and taking it apart to see what's what & what it shows about my MC. Also "stumbled" a couple of passages that jumped out at me & showed me the key to the story. Altogether a fascinating experience. #amwriting
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#WritingCommunity #books #amwriting

I arrived in the Big Apple, New York City from the hills of Natal, South Africa to glamour-shock. The big city lights intimidated me in so many ways. It’s safe to say I was not prepared for the life that awaited me in the Big Apple
In the absence of my mother, community, and the priest I had no one to guide me. As such, I had to rely solely on what they taught me.
It remained to be seen if that would keep me on the straight and narrow.
Truth is one is never prepared for the charms of the big Apple.
Natal didn’t present a lot of challenges to my character and tests to my spirituality.
The immediate struggle I faced in the concrete jungle of #NewYorkCity was to fit in. I had to fit in if I were to properly integrate and function in that environment.
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A comment made me want to do a quick follow up on this: there is also overwriting that is meant to flex your prose, but used in not-the-best moments. Example: 1/🧵
"I sipped the tea from the rose-painted cup, the silver rim as smooth as silk if petrified and then infused to the fine porcelain. The fragrance of the tea tickled my nostrils - roses here, too, and perhaps lillies, over a firm base of black leaves."
Ok, it's pretty. But is this the moment for it? Bc if the other character in the room just said "I want a divorce" you probably should just skip this and put the tea down. UNLESS...
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Can't sleep so here's a #writetip #querytip
Something that often slows me down in reading is a tendency to overwrite movement, blow-by-blow. It may feel monotonous/flat in the writing itself.
Example + a potential fix (imagine a character wakes up after night out drinking):
Less dynamic:
My head pounded as I opened my eyes and dragged myself up. A sweating water bottle on the table glimmered in the sunlight coming through the window. My mouth tasted horrible, so I reached for the bottle,twisted off the cap,and brought it to my lips. I drank deeply.
It is accurate, but is it all necessary? Does it read impactful? Gripping?
Instead of a very even, linear description, you can try a blend of immediate response/emotion/voice and impactful linear movement through the scene, varying the rhythm&word choice as the emotion dictates.
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Finally hit 20k on this Christmas Carol sequel WIP. Took way too long but there's been more research to do than on any of the Sci-fi I've ever written and things are finally starting to move of their own accord. Excited and pressing ahead. #amwriting
ICYMI, I'm writing a Dickinson period piece where a grown Tiny Tim goes on a bloody rampage through the 1863 London underworld searching for Ebenezer Scrooge's killer. David Copperfield and Oliver Twist get dragged along at some point, too.
"Please, sir!" [Brains a guy with a soup bowl] "You want some more!?"
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This is important. Find the 3, 6, 9.…
811 is the national call-before-you-dig phone number. 🤔…
I just needed to check in with myself. I was getting too scattered. My stuff is my job here. 💖🦄 ImageImageImage
"And this is the secret of the spindle- you must prick your finger and bleed out the words in order to spin the straw into gold."

What #amwriting means on a blog, with an example of how you can benefit from this
#pinkyblog… ImageImage
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Writing Tip 17: Querying an agent
This isn't really a writing tip, it's more of a process tip. I'm not an agent, so bear that in mind, but I'll outline my process and how it worked for me. My successful cover letter is used throughout the thread.
#amquerying #amwriting
First of all:
Write an amazing book. Your book doesn't just have to be a good book; it needs to be an amazing book, in the top 0.1% an agent will read of 1000's. The opening chapters need to be extraordinary. If you don't feel it's the best book you've read, keep revising.
If you don't LOVE your book, and believe in it, then why would anyone else?
Your goal is to persuade a professional agent that your book will make them money. The number of passion projects they can spend their working hours on are limited.
Think business.
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Fantasy Writing Tip 16: Location, location, location. And activities.
This tip isn't about world building exactly, it's more about writing individual scenes, and how to get the best out of them so that they're memorable and really pop.
Sometimes when I'm writing a scene I find that I'm not that interested in it. I know that the protagonist (and the reader) needs the information that the scene will give. But when I'm not interested in it, I know the reader won't be either.
The solution: Set it on fire.
I work by the maxim that if the characters wouldn't still be having the conversation while the room was on fire around them, or if they were hanging from a cliff, then I need to check whether the scene needs to be there at all. How important can it be?
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Hey Twitter! It's been a while. I used to write here all the time hanging out with #scifichat, #comicschat, #litchat, talking about #science, #tech, #autism and a dozen other topics which broadened my horizons and let me share my diverse interests in almost everything.
Then my life got incredibly busy. My son went to high school and coupled with his #autism, our lives became super-complex. I lost my job and my car gave up the ghost after four years of @Uber. Then the unthinkable, my wife experienced #renalfailure.
4 years ago, she underwent an operation for #peritoneal #dialysis. This form of at-home dialysis would let her take care of her renal needs at home avoiding the need for external #hemodialysis centers. In hindsight, this may have saved her life.…
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Coffee tweet ahoy: Yesterday I started using my old French Press after having used a Melitta pourover for many years. It elevated these mediocre coffee beans I had to buy from a meh brew to pretty acceptable. Amazing what the brewing method can do
And I *had to* buy mediocre coffee beans because I was completely out, didn't have the opportunity to go anywhere that sold reasonable beans, and happened to be in BJs of an evening. So I got 2 pounds of their store brand beans.
I didn't expect much from these beans, and my expectations were correct: Making a pourover from them resulted in a flat, slightly bitter brew.
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A publishing contract I’m reviewing comes with a helpful ms style guide, which I think is genius. An author recently had a horrible experience with the publisher-hired copy editor who didn’t even know these basic terms. Highlights 👇
✔️Do not hyphenate Asian American, African American, Indian American.

✔️ When possible, specify the Native American tribe instead of using just Native American or Indigenous.
✔️Capitalize Black when referring to people of the African diaspora; Lowercase brown and white because they do not refer to a shared race, ethnicity, or culture.

✔️For unspecified singular pronouns, they/their/them is preferred over he/she.
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Feel free to ask questions or chime in with your own #worldbuilding if it reminds you of something here.


#amwritingfantasy #amwriting #SFFWritersCommunity
I talked about Morenzal a few weeks ago and had to glaze over their caste system because it was too long for that topic. I wanted to do this in full, though! The Morenzi have some sexual practices and rituals, so this topic may be triggering to some and features #nsfw discussion.
As a reminder, Morenzal is an isolated society on the Quarantined Plane. The Morenzi are humanoid, silver-haired, light-skinned people. They are all Mind elementals and worship Lucognidus with utmost fervor. They perform worship ceremonies a minimum of four times per day, though
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A thread on #ClimateCrisis:
Melting Boundaries
Nature Knows No Nation and No Nation Knows Nature
In the global fora, the issue of #climate change has been a game of ‘passing the parcel’ where the parcel is global in all proportions – global threat, global impact, global mitigation.
#Climate is the varying weather conditions experienced annually aggregated over a long period of time. Unfortunately, politically, climate change has had much less traction than the climate itself in the last 30 years. Efforts have been debated, litigated and even acted upon.
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As someone who researches #disability & life writing (past & present), I find the proliferating/emergent/shifting first-person academic genre of "my reflections on writing in/through the pandemic" so fascinating. #PandemicLife #amwriting
Some of the academics publishing these things come are trained in Disability Studies, which informs their approach. But some are not & don't ever name "disability" as such; disability is everywhere & nowhere. Don't know what to make of any of it yet #PandemicLife #amwriting
I'm trying to get my head around concurrent scales/trajectories/waves of time. One interesting thing about this Hellsite is seeing how convos can adapt & transform "in real time" & you can also track slower extended convos shifting as conditions change. #PandemicLife #amwriting
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#FlashFiction by Thaddeus Howze

Every seven days they evolved, passing through us, a liminal fire.

#amwriting #VirusBedTimeStories #SciFiFri
By the time we understood, they drank us, a thousand lives a month, nonstop; by the time they achieved perfection at their apotheosis, we died in the millions.

The recombinations continued. New keys into newer locks.

(Art by Nathan Wyburn)
We could do nothing but watch. We had the knowledge. The Apple had given us everything. What we lacked was time.

We weren't ready.

We had been warned. We ignored the legends, the visceral loathing built into our very genome. We feared them, intuitively.
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"Did the silent god speak, in that stillness?
I strained to listen, but he wasn't there."

On growing up in the shadow of war and a distant god, reclaiming lost things, and the memory of a forest. "Forest Full of Mines" is up: #amwriting #exvangelical
Now up as public post with photos. Thanks again to @C_Stroop for inspiring me to start finding the words to talk about these things in earnest, and to my friends Cora and Vera for listening last night as I finished writing this.

Support my continued work:
@KarlieChronicle, this might be of interest to you.
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I can't keep up with my 91 year old Da Tom
Every time I call over he's out
We're in an ongoing battle over the @Wrangler jeans I bought him for his 91st
I've cut the tags off, burnt the receipt & draped them over his armchair
now we wait
I presume this is me, drawn after a row 😏
These are not the @Wrangler s
He found them in the hot press during lock down
God only knows when they were bought
Born in 1930 he wore a shirt & tie and a suit every day for his entire life.
#Jeans at 91
Tracked him to the mountain.
He changed his car last week.
I don't know the make, model or reg but it's red.
And smaller than the gigantic thing he bought when he was 90.
He only has Sid in the back anyway.
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52 words written is a win?

52 words written is a win.
You did not hear this from me, but make that 262 words!
I'm going to bed with 529 words written and really excited to continue writing this memo, where I'm citing @AdrienneStrong @BeckyGMartinez @g_capurro @BeatriAnthro (I'm pretty sure you can imagine what I'm writing about).

To note: it is EXTREMELY RARE that I write at night.
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+JMJ+ Welcome to our Live Rosary Thread. Tonight we’re praying to cultivate a culture of love and life, and to end the culture of death. Please do join in. Help save lives and souls.

#CatholicTwitter #RosaryProject
Prayers offered in the opening & closing of our Live Rosary are optional, including the novena prayers. Use as many or as few as you like.
The Rosary Thread links are archived on the blog at…

And there’s a Rosary you can pray on the blog, too.
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How to find literary agents to query (a string):
I was just talking about this in my writing group and thought I'd share with the #writingcommunity #amquerying #amwriting #amediting crowd:
1. Search Twitter for #mswl + (something in your book/comp)
ex: #mswl ya soulmates
2. Search for facets of your book, but also comps, including movies, TV shows, and bestsellers you would comp your book to if they weren't so famous (your query comps should be recent, but use the others to find agents!)
3. Get a PublishersMarketplace ($25/m) subscription, then:
-go to the top dealmakers in your genre (agents & agencies) & check out their sites to see if they're a good fit
-If you find an editor who might be a good fit (on MSWL), look up who's selling to that editor.
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Gather round, word scientists, for today I am gonna share the Secret Formula for writing characters your audience will love.

#gamewriting #narrativedesign #amwriting
Have you ever noticed how certain fandoms seem to revolve entirely around characters-focused content?

Google FE3H memes and you'll find countless charts like this, or people posting memes saying "ahaha character X would TOTALLY do that".
This kind of fan content naturally emerges when you are writing characters who are easy to *get*.
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Loss of Friendship
(thread written by my husband)

#loss #friends #amwriting #writing #movingon
Friendships are built on the trust, loyalty, & humility of one’s character. Friendship, to me, is a sacred bond that individuals learn how to build, & during this process pain is acquired as you seek the relationships that are healthy & will propel you in moments of adversity.
In friendships, we yearn & look for transparency so the friendship can germinate & grow.
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