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Our Christian students will be celebrating a #holiday this weekend—not Shavuot but “Pentecost,” which means “50th” in their holy language of Ancient Greek, held on the 50th day after Yom #Easter, which always falls on “Sunday,” the Christian name for Firstday.
The Pope Gregory #calendar (the #religious #calendar used by Christians) ensures that “Pentecost,” commonly referred to as Christian Shavuot, also always falls on a “Sunday” (Firstday). You can learn more about the “Gregorian” calendar at
Although “Pentecost” falls on the 50th day after Yom Easter, and this period is more popularly known as the Third Christian Omer (sometimes called “Eastertide”), Christians do not have a custom of counting the days between these dates, with a bracha or otherwise.
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Ibolya Ginsburg, Pásztó, Hungary, 1944:

"I will tell you exactly: the Germans came in the day after Pesach & we arrived in Auschwitz the first day of #Shavuot, so that was six weeks. In six weeks they came in, they put us in the ghetto & they took us out…"

1/12 Image
"We went out on horse & cart. The station was emptied of all inhabitants. These long cattle wagons were standing next to the platform. They were open & there was nothing in them, on the floor, the corner was partitioned off with blankets & there were buckets for our needs…"
"In another corner they had some buckets with clean water to drink. We had to climb in these wagons, they said around 70 per wagon. You just go up, & carry your luggage. We put it down & we sat around on the floor. I sat opposite the door, we sort of sat in a half circle…"

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Dear Chagall Elementary School Families,

We have exciting plans for our schoolwide end-of-year/holiday celebration!
Sivan break begins on Fifthday this week, so please take a break from your yom tov preparations and join us this evening for some #seasonal family fun at Chagall Elementary.
Our schoolwide celebration this Sivan will feature games, foods, and activity stations. Parents and guardians are encouraged to take a break from yom tov prep and join us on Fourthday evening to make our #holiday #party special!

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99.01/ Week ninety-nine, June 6-10, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 98 below.
99.02/ A good example of living in two worlds, religious and secular, is the coincidence of two sacred days: the 2nd day of #Shavuot on #DDay. Last night, after Yom Tov, only after reading the news a bit did my mind shift from "sacred to my religion" to "sacred to my citizenship"
99.03/ Pedantry Corner: it irks me to read divrei Torah about #Shavuot that enshrine incredibly recent customs as facts to derive universal truths. "This is the reason why Jews stay up all night..." or "why we eat dairy" - nope. Please don't make fads into load-bearing verities.
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Welcome back from #Shavuot! @BDSmovement's Boston chapter is circulating a map with detailed information about local "Zionist" "entities"—like synagogues and public schools with a large Jewish population—framing them as responsible for murdering Palestinians and people of color.
This is detailed, actionable incitement against Jewish kids, not two weeks after a racist rampage shooting in an elementary school.
The Boston chapter of @BDSmovement is promoting detailed, actionable incitement against local "Zionist" synagogues, not six months after an armed hostage-taking at a synagogue in Texas.
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La festividad de #shavuot es una de las más importantes y, paradójicamente, más olvidadas del calendario judío. Tiene pocas leyes pero cuando, como esta año, comienza al terminar shabat, hay varias normas a tener en cuenta. Sale #hilo sobre #shavuot en motzaei shabat.
La festividad de #shavuot conmemora el suceso más trascendente de la tradición judía y responsable de modificar el curso de la historia de la humanidad: la revelación Divina al pueblo judío en el Monte de Sinai acompañado de la entrega de la Torá.
Desde que Hilel fijó el calendario judío, todas las festividades tienen días de la semana en los que pueden caer y días en los que no. La fiesta de la entrega de la Torá puede acontecer exclusivamente en: domingo, lunes, miércoles o viernes.
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98.01/ Week ninety-eight, May 28-June 3, 2022, thread begins here. #YomYerushalayim Sameach!

Week 97 thread below.
98.02/ Valuable thread about the gun industry and I learned from him an excellent term I will now incorporate into my social theory: Agnotology = "the cultural production of ignorance."
98.03/ Wow: "The science is abundantly clear: More guns do not stop crime. Guns kill more children each year than auto accidents. More children die by gunfire in a year than on-duty police officers and active military members." (Scientific American)…
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Es uno de los superhéroes más populares y queridos. ¿Puede ser que esté íntimamente relacionado con el judaísmo? ¿Y si está asociado a un pasaje extremadamente curioso y poco conocido de la Torá? Conozcamos esta historia. Sale #hilo.
El enmascarado vió la luz el 30 de marzo de 1939 y, como la gran mayoría de los héroes de ficción, surgió de la creatividad de artistas judíos. Para el caso se trató de Bob Kane (originalmente Robert Kahn) y Milton "Bill" Finger.
A diferencia de #Superman que es es un ser supernatural con superpoderes (como la gran mayoría de superhéroes), #Batman es un ser humano sin ningun poder especial. Un hombre de carne y hueso que utiliza su fuerza e inteligencia para defender a los inocentes.
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Happy #Shavuot, 1 of 3 Jewish pilgrimage festivals in the Temple in Jerusalem.
The day commemorates receiving the Torah on Mt Sinai & the wheat harvest which concluded 7 wks after Passover.
Here's pic of a wheat harvest, probably taken in 1898 in Mikve Yisrael. Note the rabbi. 1/ ImageImage
Why the rabbi? Wasn't the wheat kosher?
He was probably making sure no water came in contact with the wheat which would disqualify that grain for making matza for Passover. 2/ Image
The Book of Ruth (the Moabite) is read on #Shavuot. Much of the story takes place in wheat fields of Bethlehem. She, too, accepted the Torah & faith of Israel. She was rewarded to be great grandmother of King David.
The photographers of the American Colony recreated her story. /3 ImageImage
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(1/4) In partnership with @SefariaProject, please find three shiurim that you can print off to learn tonight as part of a Tikkun Leil #Shavuot "at home". Wishing you all a chag Shavuot sameach. Stay safe and be well. Image
(2/4) The first shiur is entitled "The Redemptive Power of Chessed" and looks at what Shavuot can teach us about our current situation in terms of the coronavirus pandemic ->
(3/4) The second shiur is entitled "The Torah of Truth and Kindness" and looks at one tiny detail of the Rabbinical understanding of Z’man Matan Torahteinu, the actual event of the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai ->
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#Shavuot Saturday night. You know how Purim has the book of Esther? Shavuot has the book of Ruth. She accepted Judaism, her story took place during wheat harvest, & King David's G-Grandmother.
100 y.a. photographers recreated her story w dozens of pics. In Library of Congress.
2/ The Pics were taken in Bethlehem fields by American Colony Film Dept, some as early as 1898.

Pic 1. Ruth refuses to leave Naomi.
2. Boaz in his fields.
3. Boaz asks his worker "Who is she?"
4. Boaz tells Ruth "Glean here, no need to go elsewhere."
Pic 1. Boaz invites her to join him & workers for meal.
2. He tells workers "pretend to forget bundles for her."
3. Ruth brings her gleanings to Naomi.
4. After harvesting, comes threshing. Boaz to Ruth: "Ready the shawl you're wearing & hold it" for 6 measures of barley."
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#Shavuot begins this Saturday night and celebrates the moment when the #Jewish people received the #Torah at Mt #Sinai. Today #God might have only had a 280-character Tweet, but thankfully we have threads! So here is an extended thought on the "Ten Commandments"...
What the Israelites heard at Sinai has become known as the “Ten Commandments.” But this description raises obvious problems.
First, neither the Torah nor Jewish tradition calls them the Ten Commandments. The Torah calls them aseret hadevarim (Ex. 34:28), and tradition terms them aseret hadibrot, meaning “the ten utterances.”
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