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#Lightfoot has a similar profile to her predecessor #RahmEmanuel in that her national image and her status in the Democratic party matter much more to her than the opinion of local Chicagoans--especially Black, brown, immigrant, poor and working ones. #StopLightfoot #DefundCPD
The platforms these national orgs give #LoriLightfoot don't just shroud the violence she commits locally--they empower it. So long as she is allowed to masquerade as a champion or "racial justice" and "intersectionality" nationally, she is empowered to be the antithesis locally.
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Deeply disappointed in @cta, Dept. of Streets and Sanitation, and other bodies for colluding with both police and #LoriLightfoot to protect property, segregate the city, and aid in the brutalizing of protesters. #StopLightfoot #DefundCPD #BlackLivesMatter…
Transit and city workers in other parts of the country have refused to transport/cooperate with police while they are inflicting racist violence. Why do y'all keep enabling them to beat and pepper spray kids? @cta #StopLightfoot #DefundCPD #BlackLivesMatter
Why do y'all keep helping #LoriLightfoot shutdown and re-segregate our city on behalf of the wealthy and at the expense of the poor, of other workers like yourselves? @cta #StopLightfoot #DefundCPD #BlackLivesMatter
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Notice if you search the #HellNoHilco tag you'll also see videos tagged #NoCopAcademy.

This is because the SAME DAY in 2019 City Council approved a $95mil police academy they also approved a $20mil tax break for @HilcoGlobal to demolish the coal plant.…
It's no coincidence these battles were tied in 2019, nor that they're tied under #COVID19. Both corporations and police/prisons are taking advantage of the virus to undermine the health of Black/brown/poor/working communities #HellNoHilco #NoCopAcademy…
It makes NO SENSE for the city to give millions of $$$ to private polluters and the militarized police that protect them while we are in the midst of pandemic, struggling to meet the most basic healthcare needs of poor/working communities #COVID19 #HellNoHilco #NoCopAcademy
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This is exactly what abolitionists mean when we say breaking our reliance on police/prisons is a public health and environmental issue. When 40% of local/federal budgets go to police/military, those are the only resources available in moments of crisis #Covid19 #AbolitionNow
This is how we get martial law instead of testing, lockdown instead of healthcare. Free access to housing, education, basic income, healthcare--all things we are currently scrambling to provide--are what protect against catastrophe, not police and prisons #Covid19 #AbolitionNow
Case in point, our mayor's solution to the #Covid19 crisis is to punish those with symptoms who are not obeying quarantine with a fine, "...even though it’s not known precisely how they will be identified." #AbolitionNow #StopLightfoot…
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There are folks in progressive circles that need to take accountability for their role in endorsing, defending, and lending credibility to the #Lightfoot campaign. We all make mistakes, but taking ownership of our mistakes is crucial. #StopLightfoot
There are folks who need to admit they made a mistake by supporting #LoriLightfoot, and that our city is now paying for that mistake. And while the highest level of accountability should be demanded of #Lightfoot herself… #StopLightfoot
...those who tried to convince us that #Lightfoot was a progressive can redeem themselves by calling the loudest for the reversal of her policies of displacement, austerity, and continued criminalization. #StopLightfoot
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As the #LoriLightfoot transition begins, namely with "flooding the zone" where a recent murder was committed by CPD with hundreds more cops, I want us to be vigilant against our own anti-Blackness as we call out the bullshit. #StopLightfoot
Folks like Lightfoot and Eddie Johnson are hellbent on privatizing, displacing, and militarizing our communities, and their harmful actions need to be vocally rejected at every turn--by every community and organization possible. #StopLightfoot
That being said, it's easy for the memes, taunts, and hashtags to slip into old racist and homophobic tropes, especially when being put forward by non-Black and non-queer ppl. #StopLightfoot
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