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One of the underreported stories of 2020 is just how much Black Mayors have fought against #BlackLivesMatter by covering for and covering up police abuse. Chicago voters deserve better…
Police brutality doesn't always result in death. Cops raided the WRONG house and handcuffed a woman naked - then fought for two years to keep the footage of abuse from going public. And mayor #Lightfoot tried to stop local press coverage of the video
Take a look around the country at some of the most brutal crackdowns on #BlackLivesMatter protests, which mayors quietly called on Trump for help supressing protests and which were willing to actually address the issue of police brutality. It's quite revealing
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Grateful to @them for running this story on HRC's deletion of a tweet praising #LoriLightfoot after Black and brown Chicagoans pointed to its hypocrisy.

I also want to challenge some of the analysis here, which comes directly from the her administration:…
From the article:

"In addition to the police beatings of protesters, Lightfoot also drew criticism for nightly shutdowns of transit service through downtown...The nightly road and transit closures, unrelated to protesting, were enacted after looting downtown on August 10."
The looting that occurred downtown and in other parts of the city WAS PART OF THE PROTESTS of policing. #LoriLightfoot's claim that the de facto separating of the predominately Black south side from the predominately white north side had nothing to do with protesting is a lie.
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#Lightfoot has a similar profile to her predecessor #RahmEmanuel in that her national image and her status in the Democratic party matter much more to her than the opinion of local Chicagoans--especially Black, brown, immigrant, poor and working ones. #StopLightfoot #DefundCPD
The platforms these national orgs give #LoriLightfoot don't just shroud the violence she commits locally--they empower it. So long as she is allowed to masquerade as a champion or "racial justice" and "intersectionality" nationally, she is empowered to be the antithesis locally.
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Many folks have shared this thread, and asked what they can do to make up for the grave mistake of supporting #LoriLightfoot and believing she was a progressive. Great question. Here's some ideas:
1. Learn some history. #LoriLightfoot has a record of repression, gentrification, anti-Black violence. Black queer women organizers were the original folks who warned us of this. Supporting Black candidates is meaningless while ignoring Black community.…
2. Think/act more critically around identity politics. The goal of #BlackLivesMatter and other popular movements isn't to get more people with oppressed identities into positions of power, but to uproot oppressive structures on the whole:…
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So I'm intending to do a post/pick a day of art I've bought or commissioned from an artist hopefully along with @chiefy2shoes & @seddonism
Day 1 is #hellboy by the great @duncanfegredo This started a theme of characters eating ice cream, I've not got too many in this theme though Image
Day #2 of sketches/commissions posts of art that I've got over the years. Continuing the theme of characters with #icecream here is #thegoon by the amazing Eric Powell @goonguy done at @ThoughtBubbleUK in Leeds. #ComicCon #commissions #comics #goon @chiefy2shoes @seddonism Image
Day #3 of art/commissions bought over the years. Baroness eating an ice cream by @RachaelAtWork. Think this was my final "character eating an ice cream" so not many in that theme, need to do more @chiefy2shoes @seddonism @Talking_Joe @TheFullForce #GIJoe #Baroness #comicart Image
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The most upsetting thing about this is it reveals the powerful understand abolitionist principles and how to take action on them. They only adopt abolitionist language, however, to further entrench existing inequality, rather than the other way around.…
#Lightfoot understands moving resources from communities who don't need them and redistributing them to those that have been historically denied them. But instead of applying this principle to housing, a living wage, access to education and healthcare, she applies it to policing.
She uses the language of 'addressing need,' but the need she refers to--the need to end inter-community violence--is born from lack of access to basic resources, not lack of access to being policed by the state. (The south and west sides have never lacked this "resource.")
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#Thread 1/ While #Lightfoot was on a brief spring break trip, #Pritzker was pressuring the mayor *behind* the scenes to call off the city’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which the mayor did *after* cutting her vacation short. 🥴 #Covid19 #Vacation…
2/ There was a debate about canceling a PARADE when we knew that #Covid19 was killing ppl? An actual debate abt: “Do we allow for mass death or...not?” WOW. Just wow. #COVID19
3/ #KeepSchoolsOpenMyA$$ When Pritzker closed schools across the state the first time around, he did it hours after Lightfoot vowed to keep Chicago Public Schools open. #MayoralControl #ERSBNOW
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Notice if you search the #HellNoHilco tag you'll also see videos tagged #NoCopAcademy.

This is because the SAME DAY in 2019 City Council approved a $95mil police academy they also approved a $20mil tax break for @HilcoGlobal to demolish the coal plant.…
It's no coincidence these battles were tied in 2019, nor that they're tied under #COVID19. Both corporations and police/prisons are taking advantage of the virus to undermine the health of Black/brown/poor/working communities #HellNoHilco #NoCopAcademy…
It makes NO SENSE for the city to give millions of $$$ to private polluters and the militarized police that protect them while we are in the midst of pandemic, struggling to meet the most basic healthcare needs of poor/working communities #COVID19 #HellNoHilco #NoCopAcademy
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This is what streets in Little Village, Chicago look like right now.

@HilcoGlobal took advantage of #COVID19--a RESPIRATORY virus--to demolish coal plant in an immigrant community already struggling with respiratory health #HellNoHilco #LaVillitaRespira #EnvironmentalRacism Image
When @HilcoGlobal tries to claim that a spike in respiratory issues in the local community are complications from #COVID19 and not due to their reckless and irresponsible demolition, remember this moment #LaVillitaRespira #HellNoHilco #EnvironmentalRacism
"Despite community objections and calls for #Lightfoot to halt the demolition because #COVID19 is impacting the respiratory health of people across the globe, city officials permitted Hilco Redevelopment Partners to topple the smokestack." #HellNoHilco…
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CPS staff who are J1 visa holders received program emails expressing "concern" that picketing might look unfavorable come time for their visa renewals. This is an intimidation tactic.

Call #Lightfoot at 312 744 3300 and tell her #FairContractNow!

#CTUSEIUStrike #SanctuaryNow
From @Anakbayan_Chi member: "Sometimes employers and/or programs get around certain labor laws by arguing that J1 visa holders aren't workers but 'exchange participants' under J1's cultural exchange mission."

#FairContractNow #PutItInWriting #SanctuaryNow
"J1 visa holders rack up debts paying recruitment fees so that they can work here, only to face exploitative working conditions and retaliation when they fight for their rights."

#FairContractNow #PutItInWriting #SanctuaryNow
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There are folks in progressive circles that need to take accountability for their role in endorsing, defending, and lending credibility to the #Lightfoot campaign. We all make mistakes, but taking ownership of our mistakes is crucial. #StopLightfoot
There are folks who need to admit they made a mistake by supporting #LoriLightfoot, and that our city is now paying for that mistake. And while the highest level of accountability should be demanded of #Lightfoot herself… #StopLightfoot
...those who tried to convince us that #Lightfoot was a progressive can redeem themselves by calling the loudest for the reversal of her policies of displacement, austerity, and continued criminalization. #StopLightfoot
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