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Apparently, according to a letter just received from @govkristinoem, I am part of a radical left wing cabal, am despicable, a mob, & the stock I own is ending this country & I won’t stop till the Consitituition lies in tatters.
(My W River team won the state Bicentennial of the Constitution Competition & got flown to DC while Kristi was a cheerleader bouncing up & down & waving pompoms at sporting events.) Oh, & she takes a stab at teachers unions. My folks taught in South Dakota for decades.
They also ranched, raised two kids to love their neighbors, & my dad, the fella she just sent her hate mail to -asking him for money- was a genuine champion South Dakota cowboy who died last year. We buried him on the last day of #Sturgis, rodeo buddies unable to come due to
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1/ Did the Sturgis bike rally cause 266,796 new cases of COVID-19? Probably not. Lesson- Beware viral studies that confirm your pre-existing beliefs so satisfyingly. (Long) thread:… @FutureTenseNow @EricTopol @slate @govkristinoem @DearPandemic #Sturgis
2/ Like most people working on COVID-19, I am of the strong belief that mass gatherings during a pandemic are a bad idea. When this paper came out, the huge figures immediately hit the "I Told you So!" button in my & many people’s brains.…
3/ The first red flag is the huge number itself-it doesn't pass the sniff test.
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Sturgis was both predicted and predictable: Here's what I said one month ago (Aug 1) on Day 1 of #sturgis2020 #Sturgis #SturgisMotorcycleRally #SturgisRally
On either this or another segment, I remember saying (sarcastically) “What? Bring 250,000 bikers from parts of the nation where #COVID19 is raging, and have them pile into bars, with no masks out of defiance? What could go wrong?”
Aug 7 on Day 1
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15 COVID cases in MN linked to Sturgis, one is in hospital. MDH puts out call today during briefing to ask attendees to self-quarantine but more cases likely.
Another plea to "lay low" for students heading back to college, K-12. Evidence so far (looking at you, St. Olaf students) suggests the problem isn't before going back to college, but when the students are on campus.
More on MN COVID cases linked to Sturgis: 1 was employee at temporary bar and the remaining were attendees. Doesn't appear that there are commonalities at this point, such as eating at the same restaurant or staying at same campground. Those who became ill were in many locations.
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1/ Re-reading this article was actually haunting.

It was the interview Donald McNeil Jr did w/ Bruce Aylward (led WHO team to examine China’s #covid19 response) in March.

We knew what we needed to do. We didn’t do it. Over 160,000 Americans died.…
2/ I remember in March I had tweeted a thread about this article. I think a number of my followers read it then as it had been widely shared.

It was a few weeks before New York City got absolutely destroyed by this epidemic; Massachusetts followed soon after.
2.5/ I distinctly remember the feeling of despair in March knowing that we weren’t going to be able to mount the response that Wuhan did, partly bc we actually didn’t have the capability to do so, but even more bc our leadership was largely in denial that we would need to.
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Maybe you can’t stop them from coming, #SouthDakota — but would you please keep them there?…
TBF to the bikers, #Sturgis has benefited mightily for decades from this event, financially and reputationally. Bikers are bikers, they see themselves as outlaws, Sturgis citizens know that.
Complaining about biker irresponsibility now, #Sturgis, is kinda like a wife complaining her husband is sleeping with her sister, when she knew he was shtupping her cousin when she married him. Yo, Calvin was a jerk when you took the ring.
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Wanted to share this thread! Apparently #Sturgis is still happening this year?? It is the largest motorcycle event in the country and attracts hundreds of thousands of people. It is already dangerous with bikes, booze, & assaults. Now, on the 80th anniversary, add #COVID19.
This is a really valid point! They come from EVERY state to the rally. My dad and his buddies went back in the day when he had his giant touring bike. #stopsturgis

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⚡️With America locked in a global face-off w Iran, @PaulRieckhoff breaks down the latest w his trademark independence, experience, & humor. In Ep41, we approach the enormous stress of this precarious time in history w light, not heat. & @mazdackrassi:🎙⚡️ Image
⚡️Episode41 goes deep into the human side of the Iran/US relationship with one of the most successful Iran-American business and cultural leaders in America. @kanyewest called him “a visionary”. Meet @MazdackRassi:🇺🇸 🇮🇷🎙⚡️ Image
“@mazdackrassi, what makes you angry?” The powerful, fun and inspiring conversation with @PaulRieckhoff is at now. If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. #IYNAYNPA
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