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He then asked me how many bank accounts I had and how much money I had. Have I received any big amount lately? Have you been contacted by anyone to open a bank account? etc He then assured me the case would be closed in 20-30 minutes if I cooperate. (12/n)
The Police in Charge PRAKASH KUMAR GUNTU was made to sound like he is an important guy and is really busy. He also said the same thing: cooperate, and this will be resolved in 20-30 minutes. Almost 150 people are under investigation for this case. (13/n)
He said there are bank employees, corporate employees, desperate people etc all sorts of folks involved. Some are doing it willingly, and some got scammed like you. The only way to resolve this is by 'cooperating' and letting us into your bank accounts. (red fag 6) (14/n)
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JANHIT MEIN JAARI - HOW I ALMOST GOT SCAMMED - #Jamtara Real Life Incident. #threadstory

Today morning at around 09:45 AM, I got a call from 964675397 'FedEx' customer care saying a package attached to my Aadhar ID had been flagged because it contained illegal items. (1/n)
I allegedly sent the package on December 13, 2022, from Mumbai to Taiwan and it contains 3 Kg of textiles, 5 Credit Cards, 11 Passports, 2 pairs of shoes and...wait for it... 800 gm of weed. I haven't sent any such parcel through FedEx, and I don't live in Bombay. (2/n)
I panicked at hearing that the police needed to get involved because it included illegal items. The customer care executive patiently gave me details about the parcel & 'patched' the call to Mumbai Police Cyber Cell. Red flag 1: Why are police on the hot dial with FedEx? (3/n)
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GRRRRRRREAT. Especially given the current domestic terrorism threat level. This has the domestic insurgency licking it’s chops. Or counting it’s grenades. Watch this space, people. #OurEnemiesAreCelebrating #StayVigilant
“The Marine Corps demolition specialist was worried — about America, and about the civil war he feared would follow the presidential election. And so, block by block, he stole 13 pounds (6 kilograms) of C4 plastic explosives...”…
“The Air Force provided a chart that reported about 50 pounds (23 kilograms) of C4, more than 800 feet (244 meters) of detonating cord and several dozen 40 mm armor-piercing grenades had vanished without being recovered.”
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Some clarification about this. TL/DR: It's not shocking at all. We expected it. Take-away: Vaccination doesn't give you the right to stop distancing (until everyone is vaccinated and/or the threat of community transmission relents).

A short thread.…
First, he was not "diagnosed with COVID". He tested positive for SARS-COV-2 infection. He shows no signs of disease - #COVID19 is the disease. And you can test positive with even just small amounts of virus. Many people test positive even when they are not/no longer contagious.
Vaccines don't keep you from being infected. They let you to mount an immune response much faster and stronger than if you'd never been infected before. This allows you to avoid experiencing disease and, in most cases, clear the pathogen before it can amplify enough to transmit.
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That speech by Marsha Blackburn was one of the most manipulative & dangerous I’ve ever heard. Definitely of this week so far. Our police & military don’t belong to ANY party. They serve (and represent) all Americans. Any other message is total politicization of the highest level.
“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.” Tonight’s #RNC2020 theme is "Land of Heroes." Tonight is likely to be the most dishonest, manipulative and dangerous night. Don’t buy it. Don’t let them do it. They don’t own the flag...
Our military, police and vets don’t belong to Trump. Or Pence. Or the Republicans. Or the Democrats. Our men and women in uniform serve (and represent) all of us. They are Republicans, Democrats, independents and everything else. And they’re not props...
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Here it is. The smoking gun. Trump and @SecWilkie used dying vets as guinea pigs. “For more than two weeks in April, a drug regimen that included hydroxychloroquine was routinely dispensed at the struggling center, often for patients who had not been tested for covid-19”
“Though precise estimates vary, the state Department of Military and Veterans Affairs said about 30 residents received the drug. Several nursing home staff members placed the number higher.”
“The Chester County coroner, who reviewed the medical records for some of those who died, said at least 11 residents who had received the hydroxychloroquine treatment had not been tested for covid-19.”
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⚡️NEW POD⚡️@MarthaRaddatz. Journalism in the Pandemic. Defending the Press. VA Tests #Hydroxychloroquine on More Vets. Moderating Debates w Trump & Biden. Interviewing @SecWilkie. The Death of #GeorgeFloyd. White Wine, Rockets & Chamillionaire.
LISTEN:🇺🇸 Image
⚡️Space exploration is about tenacity. And resilience. And so is America. No matter how low things get, there’s a promise of a brighter future. From #SpaceX to #GeorgeFloyd, I rip into a historically hard week. & talk to @MarthaRaddatz: #LaunchAmerica 🇺🇸
My important, inspiring, iconic guest tomorrow on @angryamericans is one of my favorite public people. A leader with heart, dedication & toughness. Who’s faced down the #coronavirus beast—& been guiding America through the pandemic, the protests, trying times for over a decade... Image
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⚡️With America locked in a global face-off w Iran, @PaulRieckhoff breaks down the latest w his trademark independence, experience, & humor. In Ep41, we approach the enormous stress of this precarious time in history w light, not heat. & @mazdackrassi:🎙⚡️ Image
⚡️Episode41 goes deep into the human side of the Iran/US relationship with one of the most successful Iran-American business and cultural leaders in America. @kanyewest called him “a visionary”. Meet @MazdackRassi:🇺🇸 🇮🇷🎙⚡️ Image
“@mazdackrassi, what makes you angry?” The powerful, fun and inspiring conversation with @PaulRieckhoff is at now. If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. #IYNAYNPA
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#HotTip for all! Be your own fact checker, use link below, think of it as the google of gov docs. You type what you’re looking for into the search bar and dig in, it populates court docs, archives, data and all past press releases from the Hill.
#ProTip 🧠 If you know exactly what you’re looking for, out it in quotes. Some of the info is repetitive but if you’re crafty enough you’ll find gems. Once you’ve done a search use search bar at top of page to look for other info.
Long story that I was going to attempt to thread one day but since we’re here I’ll just explain it. A few years ago McCabe and FISA court sued search engines to NOT populate this data, it was under the guise of National Security of course but pretty sure it had darker intentions.
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#EastLeigh | @DCI_Kenya Detectives last night arrested 5 abductors among them a university student & a soldier, within Eastleigh area & rescued 3 victims. The abductors were demanding for Ksh.5,000 release fee from each victim. The suspects will be arraigned in court today. Image
They are:-

No.95592 Private Mohamed Sharmake Abdi of #KahawaBarracks

Mr. Abdikalif Mohammed Noor

Ahmed Abdullahi Abdi (The driver of the vehicle)

Abdi Hamid Mohamed Abdi~Student at #KeMU &

Salah Abdi

#StayVigilant. Image
The suspects in the Eastleigh abduction: ImageImageImageImage
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#FlyingSquad Detectives yesterday arrested nine suspects among them two @NPSOfficial_KE officers namely No.88882 PC Arthur Murithi of @DCI_Kenya & No.225655 APC(Drv) Felix Korir of @APSKenya; both attached at Molo & Kamara Divisional HQs respectively for the offence of Robbery.
The nine suspects were arrested following a robbery which occurred at Olenguone on 14/09/2018 during which the robbers dropped the magazine of a Jericho pistol with 15 rounds of ammunitions. One of the police officers arrested was found with a Jericho pistol without a magazine.
The other civilian suspects arrested are:-

Mr.Patrick Kimani Ndungu

Mr.Cosmas Kipkurui Koech

Mr.John Muthama Gathecha

Mr.Douglas Kiplangat Kirui

Mr.Samuel Gagiri Nderitu

Mr.Bernard Kipkorir Cheruyiot &

Mr.Geoffrey Cheruyiot Terer

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