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#taekookau #taekook

when jungkook gets harshly rejected by his crush, he tweets to his favorite singer, asking him to prom. he doesnt expect to go viral and for taehyung to say yes.

- JK is 18, TH is 22
- b4 tk meet up, lots of social media but will gradually be more written
- kinda short (prolly long knowing me)
- definitely some nsfw 🔞
- some homophobia but nothing too serious
- don’t reply on thread 🥺
- quote plz
- ghost readers interact plz
"Fuck." Jungkook sighs to himself, dejected with tears streaming down his face as he tries to pull himself together. He’s almost home, biking as fast as he can.

He just wants to curl up in a ball in his bed, blast Winter Bear, and drink some banana milk to lift his spirits.
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taekook au;

Taehyung is the most popular idol in the country, so naturally everyone at the year-end award function has their eyes on him, but he has /his/ eyes on a young man with a video camera that’s there to record the event. Little does he know, Jungkook despises all idols.
“I can’t believe you’re living out my dream, Jungkook. It’s not even fair!” Jimin whined while hitting Jungkook’s arm as they walked to their next class.

Jungkook just rolled his eyes, “Trust me, it’s the last thing I want to do, but my photography advisor says it’s a golden
opportunity or whatever and that if I do well, I’ll be able to get a job right after we graduate next semester.”

“And not to mention, you’ll get to see all the beautiful and talented idols.” Jimin added, a little quieter.

Jungkook stopped in his tracks. His eyebrows furrowed
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taekook au ;

to help pay for graduate school, taehyung decides to take on a part time job as a housekeeper at a mansion on the wealthy side of town; he doesn’t expect to become so attached to its cute owner & single dad, jungkook and his little son

#taekookau #taekook #vkookau
Taehyung double checked the address on his phone before looking up at the mansion in front of him. To say it was large would be an understatement; with its gray & tan stoned driveway and tall, swaying palm trees, this was easily one of the most beautiful houses he had ever seen.
He walked up to the ornate mahogany door, taking in the intricate patterns carved into the wood, marveling at the level of detail that went into it. He rang the doorbell once, twice before turning the doorknob, surprised that it was unlocked.

He looked down at his phone again
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— taekook au

jeongguk finds out his girlfriend was cheating on him
he kicks her out of their shared apartment but not before pressuring her into giving him the number of the guy she cheated on him with and...she does.


#taekookau #taekook #vkook #kookv
[ note ]

- there def will be typos and grammar mistakes that i wont notice because english isn't my first language
- idk how long this is gonna be so...
- i'll try to update daily ! emphasize try-
- hmm crack but also deep (?)
- time stamps = ignore
- quote don't reply !!
[ side ships ]

- sope
- namjinmin
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#taekook au

- my best friend’s lips 💋

Two college boys.
Taehyung’s a love and kissing expert. Jeongguk has never had his first kiss OR been in love.

So when Jeongguk finally lands his first date, Taehyung is more than happy to help.

Purely platonic, of course...right?
anyway so yes i am back with a taekook au and i am for sure writing this right away
so this one’s up to you:

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#taekook au ;

Areum is in awe after her father teaches her how to play Pokémon Go.

Even more so when she finds the most beautiful Pokémon she's ever /seen/. She /has/ to show him to her appa.

When Areum says she's found a 'TaeTae,' Jeongguk looks up—and the rest is history.
🌷 — ! Areum's Adventures ! — 🌷
· f i v e y e a r s o l d ·

« [A Prequel To This Tweet] »
1. Areum is 100% certain Pokémon Go is the most magical game to exist. She finds a Pokémon at every corner in the park, hopping around excitedly, waving her father's phone around to try to find another one.
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#taekook au ;

two years have now passed since taehyung and jeongguk have said their vows. and for their anniversary, jeongguk takes taehyung to italy, glad to shower him in the love he knows his husband deserves.

#TaekookArt #TaekookWeek2019 @taekookweek
« sea salt on your lips (sea mist on your skin) »
© perfectaenist

ceo jeongguk x assistant taehyung
— ☆ 3.9k
— ☆ married taekook!
— ☆ nsfw ♡
— ☆ the way taekook are still in the honeymoon phase even after two years are we surprised
— 🌊

It’s the little things Jeongguk does that make Taehyung’s heart flutter—even after all this time. Like sending him a smile from the other side of his office; like casually starting a game of footsie under the table during a meeting,
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#taekook au Taehyung and Jeongguk break ties after Jeongguk refuses to have kids. Years later, Taehyung meets him again when Jeongguk comes to drop off his daughter at the kindergarten he works at.<repost>
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#taekookau Autocorrect NSFW Au 🔞or Jeongguk, the top crime boss, lording over all other gang leaders to warn them touching Tae means war. (mention of death threats and blood. idek, i can’t sleep. just a drabble) 🐯🐰
The message tone of Jeongguk’s phone cut off Park Bogum’s presentation and the head of the Hongkong group looked back in annoyance as Jeon fished his phone from his pocket and took a sip from his scotch without care. He was surprised as well as offended at Jeon’s lack of respect.
It was an annual meeting attended by top gang leaders in Asia. Bogum knew that Jeon would usually never answer his phone during a meeting and put it on silent mode. He had heard it buzz in his pocket before too but it was always ignored until the end of the meetings.

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#taekook au

Runaway prince jungkook finds himself jumping in through a random window to escape the royal guards that are chasing him.

He’s met w/ the sight of a startled teenage boy w/ ice-cream stains on his T-shirt who screams momentarily before hitting him with a frying pan.
➳ it’ll be ; written + social media attachments!

➳ age swap ✨

➳ pretty long with hopefully regular updates ✨

➳ please don’t comment under the tweet ✨

➳ ghosts interact ✨
Jungkook is nudged awake w/ something metallic hitting his cheek. His eyes flutter open & he immediately winces at the throbbing pain in his head.

When he finally manages to regain his focus, he sees the boy that had previously hit him w/ his frying pan sitting in front of him.
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#taekook au
— in which jeongguk’s new roommate never lets him sleep at night. until one day, he hears something through the thin walls.
❥ nsfw content!
❥ please quote, don’t reply
❥ likes, quotes and interactions motivate me to keep updating
❥ i’ll update whenever i have time
❥ 1
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[ KookV au lokal x Celeb Bros ]

Ikutan Celeb Bros yang kedua kalinya salah gak sih?

Tunggu aja lah keputusan dua cowok ini 💜
Sooo??? 👉👈
👉 BTS Member
👉 BxB | Kook x Tae
👉 Lokal abis
👉 Santai aja ya ceritanya
👉 Sweet dong yang pasti

Happy reading 💜
Menerima support, kritik, saran 💜
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#taekook nsfw au ;

guess the kisser. simple game, really; a person will be blindfolded, and someone will volunteer to kiss them. the one receiving the kiss must then guess who it is.

it’s jeongguk’s turn, and when plush lips press against his own, he knows exactly who it is.
— short! (hopefully)
— college/university au
— crushes!taekook
— quote; don’t reply! ♡
— will have an nsfw 🔞 scene
— top guk; bottom tae

hope you enjoy<3
they’re all scattered around in one of the rooms the apartment contains, music pulsing even through the walls from the party. a little over ten people loiter around the room, some on the bed, others leaning on the wall or sitting on the floor.
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//taejinkook au//

Living with his brother for protection, jin, a rare baby fox with two soulmate marks, never thought he'd find the reasoning for his hiding.

His two mates.

Especially not on nsfw twitter.

#taejinkook #jinkook #kookjin #taejin #vjin #vkook #hiddenhybridau
☆side ships: namseok, yoonmin

☆ignore time stamps/hair colour

☆will contain nsfw...duh uwu

☆please quote only!

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'Baby's Brother'

Si Taehyung yang di ikutin trus sama anak kecil di taman dan ga mau berhenti, dan si Jungkook yang hampir nangis karena adeknya hilang.

Ternyata adeknya lagi sama mantannya Jungkook waktu SMP.
ini au taekook pertama jadi maklumin kalo berantakan 😥

Gasuka gausa baca ya 😚
[1] Mama Jeon 😚
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[Taekook AU]

Jungkook, a known crackhead of Stan Twitter, decides to live-tweet the new mobile game of his idol boyfriend Kim Taehyung.

#taekook #vkook #kookv #taekookau
» social media au
» crack and fluff
» a bit nsfw
» side: sope & minjoon
» inspired by the bts world game
» original bts world tweet translations from @/btstranslation7

#taekook #vkook #kookv #taekookau
jeon jungkook

– part-time college student, full-time stan twt superhero
– has been dating taehyung for over 6 years
– friends with everyone but closest to jimin and seokjin
– really loved by taehyung’s fans

#taekook #vkook #kookv #taekookau
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🌠 Short KookV au 🌠

"Kau belum tahu saja aku seperti apa." _Kim Taehyung_

"Kuharap aku bisa tahu." _Jeon Jungkook_
🌈 BxB
🌈 🔞 (Maybe?) 😏
🌈 Jungkook x Taehyung
🌈 Sweet, angst, romance, youth,
fluffy, and sweet again 😏
🌈 Bakal pendek kok
🌈 I love sweet whipped Jungkook
and clingy Taehyung 😏
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Kim Taehyung, the strict CEO of KTH Entertainment, got involved in a scandal when the camera took some pictures of him with a rival entertainment's idol, Jeon Jeongguk. So imagine the stress of people meddling in his personal life and his huge secret.

#taekookau | #taekook
Kim Taehyung
- second son of the Kim Family
- he owns KTH Ent.
- known for being strict especially at work
- he likes to be in control
- kind of intimidating
- but a baby to his baby
- maybe a controlling baby is the right term

#taekookau | #taekook
Jeon Jeongguk
- idol from BigHit Ent.
- a cutie
- also a hottie
- a sap
- golden boy
- has a huge fanbase
- his fandom is called goldens
- a bunny in human form
- has a golden voice
- i think he's so whipped

#taekookau | #taekook
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#taekook #taekookau

Taehyung decided to send the well known fuckboy best friend of his a very risky message, but who knew it would turn out into a maybe good ending? If you mean good ending as in a lot of angst, nsfw and a whole load of fluff in the end then fuck yeh it is
-please don’t comment on this or else it would break the chain
-feedback would be helpful
-may be or may not be smut in this au but who’s know

Taehyung: 20
Jungkook: 22

Top kook
Bottom tae
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When Taehyung is supposed to come of age and summon his companion everyone assumes him to be a common sea or forest witch.
Nobody is prepared for a black dragon named Jeongguk to rise from the ground nor for the mark of a dark witch to burn itself on his skin. #TaekookWeek19
I am so happy ppl seem to like this! I will write this as soon as I can 💜
Updates are coming in like an hour or so! Thank you for being patient with me 💗
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Taekook AU lokal • Really just friend?
! Top; Tae — Bott; kook
- bxb
- Ini murni dari otakku
- Maaf banget kalau ada typo ya.
- Feedback me please, aku butuh feedback kalian💜
- DO NOT repost my au.
- Credit on me if u wanna share my au
Ini tentang taekook penyuka nuna nuna cantik, yang sejak kecil udah sama sama. Bahkan rumah mereka bersebelahan, sejak smp, sma, sampai masuk universitas mereka selalu satu sekolah & universitas.
1.) Prologue
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taekook au #taekook #crack #nsfw

— youtuber jeongguk finds himself at a very boring party, he gets ready to leave until his eyes catch a boy with a nice smile and he swears he’s seen that butt before. little does he know, it’s seoul’s newest model, kim taehyung.
— remember to only quote/retweet, NO replies due to breaking the thread. <3
~ fluff
~ nsfw
~ crack
~ angst
~ hope u enjoy <3
— friend groups:

❥ Taehyung, Jimin, Hyunjin and Hoseok

❥ Jeongguk, Minho, Yoongi, Seokjin and Namjoon.
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#taekook au

Taehyung i Jeongguk to para młodych mężczyzn, pomiedzy którymi na pokładzie "niezatapialnego" transatlantyku Titanic rodzi się namiętne uczucie. Jednak czy płomienny romans malarza i syna plantatora kawy będzie miał szanse przetrwać?

Krótkie info: możliwe, iż widzieliście ostatnio takie au. Wynika to z faktu, iż zaczęłam je pisać na poprzednim koncie, które wczoraj w wyniku pomyłki zostało zablokowane, jednak nadal nie odzyskałam do niego dostępu. Stwierdziłam, że zamiast czekać, aż mi je odblokują +
Przeniosę się na nowe konto, a że spodobało mi się pisanie tego au, to postanowiłam je kontynuować
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