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*voegt 'wendbaarheid' toe aan het lijstje:
- dashboard
- gereedschapskist
- hamer
- escalatieladder
- vizier
- bijschakelen
- wendbaarheid

#coronadebat #clusterfuck
"Het probleem was dat het vaccin sneller goedgekeurd werd dan we verwachtten én dat het een ander vaccin was dan wij dachten." @minpres

#coronadebat #clusterfuck
"Want wij hebben in november niet gezegd tegen de GGD: Bereid je voor op het alternatief dat het andere vaccin goedgekeurd wordt." @minpres

O-M-F-G #coronadebat #clusterfuck²
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a #jikook au wherein model park jimin owns a stan account for soloist jungkook but one day— ImageImageImage
should i....?
— might be slow on updates :(
— dont reply! please qrt only :)
— please dont be a silent reader, i'd appreciate it if u share ur thoughts <3
— english is not my first language so there may be grammatical errors
— time stamps, outfits, hair colors do not matter
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From a 2018 post till today
*Red pill ans receipts gang*

Feinstein husband = Richard Blum
Richard Blum = usps(United States Postal Service)
Richard Blum = Avid Technologies
Avid Technologies = Voting machines
Dominion = Clinton Global initiative
#Pilluminati Image
Diane Feinstein hubby Richard Blum ties to the USPS(United States postal service) Image
*post from August its simple math*

Remember all the money that the dems were throwing around at the USPS through the stimulus relief package fund👀👀 think they were just being nice???
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Don‘t we all love watching two hour long, incredibly well done, advertising shows 🤡
Is Siri good now? I gave up on it a few years ago.
Hm. Consensus seems that Siri still sucks. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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Ama be busy for next hour or so.
The entire thing is here
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GOP and DNC both out with new ads today accusing the other guys of inciting violence and fanning the flames of division. Wonder if the dystopian hellscape aesthetic will remain through the end of this election? #mood
(ads in thread)
Here's the Democratic National Committee ad, "Trump's America," which includes footage of Kyle Rittenhouse
Republican National Committee ad calls to "extinguish the fire," features comments from Ayanna Pressley, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi
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Late every night -- as I finish sorting my photos at #Flickr -- a darkness comes over me. Often it comes without subject. This mood is impossible to visualize in a photograph because outsiders expect a cause for every #depression. There is none.
"Cautious" is the title I gave to the last photo. It's the proper state of mind for the times. We need to be cautious. I have been inside since the 7th of July due to #COVID19, avoiding my fellow human beings who walk around without masks, merrily spreading infection.
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In case you doubt the connection btw scholarship and the antiquities market, check out these screenshots from a sales announcement I just got, highlighting the artifacts that have been translated, published, or given a scholarly report. BARF. ImageImageImageImage
Now let's take a look at some lots from this auction, starting with the "Translated Egyptian Limestone Offering Stele Fragment" carved in the famed "doodling in the margins of your math textbook" style. ImageImageImageImage
Also maybe try to not make the back reveal that you deliberately carved a fragment (and then got too worried about breaking it with your mediocre carving skills to finish thinning/finishing the reverse). ImageImage
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Tip for anyone teaching now or preparing to in September: online or in a classroom, teaching is still teaching, learning is learning, & it’s still “in person” & personal. Dress accordingly. @AnneLouiseAvery is of the finest resources for sartorial #Inspiration (and/or foxiness).
I’ve tried teaching in colour (like you’re supposed to as per advice on How To Look “Good” On Video), and it’s just not comfortable. Sorry. Back to black for me, for work with focus.
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「 wallpaper 」 — #yeonbinau

in which choi yeonjun, a popular student in school, is supposed to do a presentation, but he forgot to change his wallpaper- a picture of his shy classmate, choi soobin, making everyone and the class teacher shock. ImageImage
starting this tomorrow 🥰

yeonjun : dance major ace, third year, has the fattest crush on soobin, most teachers' favourite, school's heartthrob

beomgyu : dance major, second year, yeonjun's best friend since middle school, is also school's heartthrob (but was placed second) ImageImage
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My very first #ExerciseIsMedicine #Tweetorial is here: Breaking “it makes me feel good” into pieces🧠😀🏃‍♀️🏊‍♂️🚴#Thread ⬇️⬇️
#TwitterPoll at the END
1/ Are you exercising🏃‍♀️to boost your mental well-being during the pandemic🦠? People exercise because it makes them feel good🙃, but what exactly happens in our body? Keep reading to satisfy your curiosity & learn about the #mechanisms behind aerobic exercise & #mentalhealth
2/ Anxiety and depression are common mental health conditions. The prevalence in cardiac patients is ~20-30% & 2x higher in ♀️ vs ♂️. Social roles (e.g. caregiver role), cultural norms (e.g. societal sexism) and more pronounced hormonal shifts in ♀️ influence this sex-difference
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Madras university Christian studies conference, in july.

Papers to be presented and discussed.

1.Tell Us Your Name and Do as We Say!': Concealing and Revealing in the Making of Family Gods in Tamil Nadu"
2.Divine Deception or Priestly Artifice: Its Rationale and Justification in Śrī Svasthānīvrata"

3.“When Spirit Possession is Deception: Reassessing Religious Tradition as Modern Industry”

4.“Dissimulation in Early American Yoga”.

5.“Celebrity, Scandal and the Modern Godmen"
6.“Beware the Charlatan: Sant and Asant in Niṣkuḷānanda Svāmī’s Cosaṭh Padī”

7.“Shadows of Inauthenticity: History and Hagiography in Vīraśaiva/Liṅgāyat Origin Stories”.

8. “Arts of Artifice: Transformations of the Hindu Divine”.
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Here's a little message to anyone who buys unprovenanced, probably looted pre-Columbian antiquities (my animation is based on a set of unprovenanced Peruvian gold ornaments to be auctioned off my @ChristiesInc in June, ex. coll. Alsdorf:
These are so lovely, and so very probably ripped from a grave. ImageImage
This sale -… - contains many antiquities without pre-1970* provenance. Here's a thread of some of them. (*although, given history of looting in the region, I don't consider even pre-1970 provenance as meaning you're in the clear, ethics-wise).
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#Mood: Piers Secunda's "A Decade of Rejected Works, Re-configured as a One Metre Cube" (2012) Image
In full accordance with my brain fog, I forgot to tag @pierssecunda
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This bird arrived over the past 72 hours. Like a divine companion through sleepless efforts to realize justice in a land faraway. Other times, a metaphor for #mood. What can I do to help this beautiful winged creature? I’m getting the ladder now...
DIY remedies up. Easter window decals and a dupatta, billowing in the wind of May in the DC area. So far, so good. He lands on a branch it seems, inspects and flies away. You can hear the song of the divine.
From the outside, the window does look like a magnificent tree upon which to land. Image
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Christie's is auctioning off antiquities from the collection of James and Marilynn Alsdorf (…). Here are some of the more " bought that?" lots, starting with...this. Image
We are informed that this is a Roman bronze panther. Funny, I would have said a camel with constipation of unprovable origin but maybe that's just me.… Image
Here's a supposed Roman table leg, "based on" Lysippus' sculpture of Silenus cradling the infant Bacchus, preserved in a Roman marble copy in the Louvre.… Image
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1/ Is the stock market response to COVID-19 a once-in-a-generation mispricing? Has the pandemic really reduced the fundamental value of the US stock market on the order of 30%?

#coronavirus #covid19 #investing #stockmarket #behavioralfinance #socialecon #socialfinance
2/ I don’t know the answer, but there’s reason for suspicion. Suppose that rapidly-increasing social distancing policies and behaviors continue, along with increased testing and research on treatments.
3/ Some hard-hit countries are already getting the upper hand on their epidemics, which raises the hope that the US will also gain enough control in the coming months to start to limit the tragic consequences.
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What happens if you believe "if Los Angeles is to achieve its destiny as the metropolis of the 21st Century, it must have art from the 3rd and 2nd millennia B.C."? Welp, you found a museum in Beverly Hills and commit tax fraud! A thread about the California Museum of Ancient Art. Image
The California Museum of Ancient Art (CMAA) was established in 1983 "to gather the first significant collection of ancient art from Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Holy Land in the western United States."…
CMAA: "The collection will be a focus for people in Southern California, giving them access for the first time to the roots of Western Civilization."

People in Southern California: "'For the first time'?!?"
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As we close this year and think about the decade ahead, nothing has impacted us more than technology. Arguably, social media platforms have become the central nervous system of our communication worldwide.
It’s so important that we understand how these platforms that were created to connect us are being weaponized against us. We need to understand how our data is being monetized, how micro-targeting for political ads works, who has our information and how they are using it.
We’re coming into 2020 with tons of new information to keep the conversation going. Thank you to everyone who has watched the film and created awareness in your communities.
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When you’ve made it to the Louvre and it doesn’t close for another ten hours HELL YES Image
Wait, how did the Louvre purchase these objects in 1929 as only maybe from the royal tombs of Ur? ImageImageImage
Napoleon in funerary Snuggie. Image
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I'm told this means that all #WMATA weekend trackwork is canceled. Awaiting the agency's official announcement...
(So, what will the #WMATA commemorative SmarTrip card look like?)
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Good lord, every insecure man on the internet has found their way to my Twitter feed this weekend.
Mom has been reading my tweets...
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☑️ Rijden over de snelweg
☑️ Rijden over de vluchtstrook
☑️ Onnodig geluid produceren
☑️ Openlijk geweld
☑️ Vandalisme
Het telt aardig op zo, qua boetes, overtredingen en strafbare feiten. #boerenprotesten
🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🔊🔊🔊 🎆🎇🚀

We tellen gewoon door:
☑️ Vuurwerk afsteken.

We tellen door:
☑️Rijden over de snelweg
☑️Rijden over de vluchtstrook
☑️Onnodig geluid produceren
☑️Openlijk geweld
☑️Vuurwerk afsteken.
☑️Verbod negeren / afspraken met @Politie schenden… #boerenprotest
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Cara menyamarkan/mengecilkan pori-pori
(Kemana aja sih aku kok bisa baru tau masker ini?😭)

A thread? Hmm...
Pengen bikin tritnya tapi takut gada yg baca wkwk
Atau malah sebenernya udah banyak yg tau masker ini🤣
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