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Simplifying Trend Trading

Based on my experience I have collected some thoughts & prepared this one pager to help you spot a trend, ride, enter, place stop loss & define target. Enjoy!

Zoom the setup image for high resolution!

There is a small correction in the "How to ride the trend" section hence uploading the corrected version of the Trend Trading setup page. Please ignore the previous one & use this one. Thanks!
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As promised I am sharing the commentary of today's #PriceAction on #BankNifty future 15 minutes chart. I trust you will find it useful for learning purpose.

Each bullet point is reference with the candle number for easy understanding.

1. Gap down open, price closed below demand zone with ultra high volume. Long upper wick, signs of selling pressure.
2. Next candle bearish with less vol than prev candle, price closed below 1st candle, small tail. Selling pressure continued
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Make 1 highly liquid stock or Index your primary instrument for trading & NEVER miss a trade in it. Know every move, every level, every behavior of that stock/Index. This sheer focus will yield the results you are craving for all these years.

Mine is #BankNifty. What's yours?
Glad to see so many response. Good that many of you have chosen at least 1 primary stock/index to trade. Every stock behavior is different so u need to develop a unique strategy for each. What works on #ICICIBANK may not work on #TCS or #MARUTI. Find that behavior & have an edge!
Some people asked my fav list of stocks. Here are 15 highly liquid stocks/Index (mainly in Options) which I keep a track on.

Remember, #BANKNIFTY still remains my primary (biwi) & remaining 14 are girl friends to flirt 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Do it at your own risk 😂😂

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You can ride a fresh & strong BO with 15M charts with these 3 things -
1. EMA21
3. Fractals

These 3 provides enough confluence & confidence to ride the trend. Back test this concept to get your own level of comfort.

You can also build your own system on these 3 tools and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed if you use these tools well. Remember, #PRICEACTION still stays the base.

I will share charts to explain this soon but do your weekend homework to build your confidence.
I know lot of people may be hearing fractals for the first time but trust me it can complement your #priceaction trading. Google it to learn the basics and I will explain the magic via charts soon. I will also share some rules to trade with fractals.
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#DHFL broke down on 29th Jan from 4 months of rectangle consolidation & straight gave 60-70 points move. All the selling is "possibly" absorbed on 4th Feb (see the vol).

Above 127 it can shoot up swiftly & can 141/152/161. Watch out!

This view stands invalid below 113/112 range
This trade didnt trigger today. High made 122.75 & post that low made 114.55
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Mujhe aisa kyu lag raha hai ki #TATASTEEL ne aaj tank full kar liya long drive ke liye 🏎️🏎️🏎️

Ok. Here is the 15m chart for your review. Let me know what do you make out of this? I will explain my view later...

Remember, it is bouncing back from its 52W lows & recently faced a lot of supply in 480-482 zone.
Here is my view -
1. After 52W low it bounced back on 30Jan with good vol & bullish candle
2. Next day it closed abv EMA21 but small candle
3. 1st Feb is made a weak Doji (possibly profit booking by people who got stuck from higher levels)
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I trade what I preach & I preach what I have learnt so in simple words if you practice only what I preach, you can fast track your learning curve.

ICICIBANK has bounced from demand zone & 350CE got more than double. I will share the chart in the evening!

Attaching the daily & hourly chart of #ICICIBANK.

#PriceAction cant be learnt simpler than this. Just using demand zone on Daily & knowing the critical levels & checking how price behaves on Hourly can do the trick. Hope it helps you learn demand zone better.

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Based on the last poll results I am sharing 3 methods to exit a trade:

1. Stop Loss: Can be above (for shorts) or below (for longs) the following
b.Trend Lines
c. Channel
d. Supply/demand zones
e. Swing high/low
f. Previous candle
g. Fractals
h. Finally ATR (Popular)
2. Trailing Stop Loss
a. Previous candle high/low
b. Above/below recent HH/HL/LH/LL
c. EMA 5/10/21

3. Targets
a. Previous swing high/low
b. Previous supply/demand zones
c. Channel high/low
d. Fibonacci extension or retracement
Make a note of it & I will keep referencing these terms in my future charts. Let me know if you need to learn anything specific in this & I will explain it via charts.

RT to spread the awareness so that it reaches the larger audience.

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Here is a Telegram channel where you will find most of the trading ebooks in PDF format. I found it very useful hence sharing with you all. It has over 94000 members so make the best use of this. Hope it will help you enhance your trading skills!

Dear friends,

Pls #Retweet to spread the awareness so that larger audience can benefit. Thx in advance.

@thedumbtrader @niftywizard @Amit_Gulecha @chief_vk @sanstocktrader @BissaGauravB @Trendmyfriends @priceinaction @Rayner_Teo @Deishma @SirNumber7 @matrix_trader07
Sharing the link as many are not able to find it. Hope it helps.…
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All you need to know about key candlestick patterns & powerful chart patterns. These are key ingredients of #PriceAction trading so go through these nicely.

Retweet to spread the word

Dear friends,

Pls RT to spread the awareness so that larger audience can benefit. I found these pics very useful.

@thedumbtrader @niftywizard @Amit_Gulecha @chief_vk @sanstocktrader @BissaGauravB @Trendmyfriends @priceinaction @Rayner_Teo @Deishma @SirNumber7 @matrix_trader07
Managed to get another version of high resolution picture for candlestick patterns. Hope it helps.
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#MARUTI is taking support in 7161-7170 zone & a close below (or 1-2 hours trade below) 7154 can trigger the entry towards 7025/6940/6776. View invalid above 7384

Hope you enjoyed #MARUTI shorts today. Power of simple #PriceAction

#MARUTI all targets met. Over exceeded the expectations. This call is closed. Hope you enjoyed!


@niftywizard @Trendmyfriends @BissaGauravB @Deishma @chief_vk @thedumbtrader @Amit_Gulecha
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#Quiz: After distribution & mark down, which stock is waking up NOW after a long 10 years of accumulation?

Note: This is NOT at all a recommendation to buy. Just for learning purpose I need you to spot it.

#PRAJIND is the right answer given by @AshishJha1996

Attaching the monthly chart for your review. Check the volume on down move & volume on up move.

There is a heavy sell-off this week. Dont rush to buy until ur setup says or the price reversal is seen only daily /hourly chart
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#PriceActionQuiz 2:

Answer all 3 questions in the same format to maintain uniformity. No deviations please -
1) Where would you enter short?
2) What would be your SL?
3) For what target would you play?


Retweet to expand learning to larger audience!
Thank you friends for sharing your responses on this quiz. Many people have answered well. I will now share my view against each question & I hope that it will help you learn something new. 1) Where would you enter short?
1) Where would you enter short?
Here are the possible entries -
a) Enter at next candle open becoz it closed below the recent low (Blue candle with long wick) from where bulls pulled the price up.
b) Wait for price to pull back to EMA21 55.65 & see if it falls again.
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Today someone asked me how to measure the strength of a trend. There are 2 ways to measure in my opinion -
1) When Price is above EMA10, EMA21 & MA50
2) Momentum (Length of candles) & closing of candles

Strong Trend - If price is rising & doesn't touch or close below EMA10
Healthy Trend - If price is rising but taking support at EMA21 & bouncing back up
Moderate trend - If price is rising & often penetrating EMA10 & 21 & taking support at MA50
Length of candles also defines the strength of trend. Longer the candle, higher the momentum thus strong trend. Shorter the candle, lesser the momentum thus trend not so powerful & may fade soon. Its like after consuming Creatine, you can have more reps in Gym.
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Today there were few intraday opportunities to long and short in #BankNifty. Did you catch any? Plenty to learn from the charts today to catch both side moves. Analyze and let me know and I will help clarify your doubts.

Sharing my analysis for 9th Jan #BNF possible trades on #PriceAction:
1) Day started with a weak candle closing near the lows so 1st short was below the low of it. Target EMA21.
2) Price took little support & bounced back. You can scalp for quick profits here as well.
3) After that price couldnt sustain the upmove & closes below EMA21. Exit longs but no shorts yet until the recent low breaks convincingly.
4) It tried to break the low but not convincingly & we see a Doji shows weak selling & good buying pressure. Watch for next 1-2 candles.
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Be careful in #BNF shorts now.
27410 is 1st TGT for #BNF. SL below DL
Over and out in this quick trade.. Bought #BNF at 27345 & exited at 27430.15

Done for the day!

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On any TF chart when you see a long bearish candle closing near the lows with high volume, especially after the BO of previous highs, what would you do? Simple query so please give one liner simple answer.

Here are your 4 Options:
1) Go short if the low breaks on next candle or go long if high breaks on next candle
2) Short immediately with SL abv the weak candle high
3) Wait for next few candles until things are clear & then take a trade
4) Do nothing

#TradewithPAL #LearnwithPAL
Attached BNF explains what I was referring to. It is always good to understand the context (look left) & wait for the confirmation before you take a trade. Ideally if price BO then a follow through buying should come but if it doesnt then time to be cautious.

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#PriceAction learning quiz:

This stock is in strong Uptrend. If you have to take a fresh position what will you do? Answer all 4.

1) Will you go Long/short?
2) Share the reason for your decision
3) At what price will you go long/short?
3) What would be your SL?

Please explain your answer in 1 single post & answer all 4 questions together. Dont split your answers in multiple posts. I wont be able to respond to split posts. This applies to all future quiz posts from me. Let's go organized please.
Great to see active participation. Questions to ask yourself -
1) Will U short now or will wait for price confirmation?
2) At what point will U call that it failed to make HH?
3) Do U C signs of distributions?
4) Did it close below EMA21 with higher momentum yet?

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