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glancing at my feed, it seems as though somebody somewhere has published yet another ROGD-moral-panic piece. so I am re-upping this essay, feel free to share:… #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #health #psychology #children #gender #ROGD
...there should be a law that, if you decide to write or publish an alarmist #ROGD piece, then this paragraph from the WPATH Standards of Care gets permanently tattooed to your forehead... #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #health #psychology #children #gender
...btw @JennyBoylan just wrote a wonderful response to the aforementioned ROGD piece, in the NY times no less!…
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Dr. Susan Bradley, founder of Toronto's gender identity clinic for children, has decades of clinical experience with gender dysphoric and autistic youth. She knows whereof she speaks. Listen to her interview on "Wrongspeak" here.
Interview with Dr. Bradley touches on #ROGD , Lisa Littman's study, the huge increase in girls presenting to gender clinics, the link between ASD and/or same-sex attraction w/gender dysphoria, & much more.The feeling of "not fitting in" is a key factor for these vulnerable teens.
Susan Bradley has a deep understanding of (in particular) girls who have issues w/social communication and/or "repetitive/obsessive interests," and how this contributes to gender dysphoria. "The dilemma is that we didn't appreciate this was an issue until about 15 years ago."
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Amanda often asserts that her family's experience is the only one possible when it comes to trans identification. But neither she, nor the MTF who wrote the article Amanda is praising, know anything about the families she repeatedly judges. A little humility would go a long way.
For someone who insists the "lived experience" of herself and her family are not to be questioned in any way, she has an odd penchant for invalidating the lived experience of parents, desisters, and detransitioners who have, in fact, been impacted by #ROGD .
Screen cap for those blocked. This is becoming a pattern--using her large platform to go after people impacted by a phenomenon she clearly doesn't understand.
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just wrote a rebuttal to that horribly misinformed @PsychToday piece from last week: "Mass Psychogenic Illness: The Latest Make-Believe Cause of #Transgender Identity" – it's on Medium, so please give it lots of "claps" so that others see it!… #psychology
...also, the piece is not monetized, as I wanted it to be as accessible as possible. if you appreciate that I make essays like this for free, please consider supporting me on Patreon!…
re: two misconceptions about my new essay: 1) I did not address certain claims made in the @PsychToday article (re: "peer clusters", social media influence, etc.) b/c I already addressed these in depth in my #ROGD essay:… #transgender #psychology #LGBTQ
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Thoughtful article calling for compassion & reason on all sides. The problem (& why groups like ours exist in the 1st place) is the refusal by too many activists & clinicians to even consider that a new group of youth are being influenced by social contagion. Why is that so hard?
Instead of engaging/respecting parents & others who ask for more careful handling of gender-dysphoric teens, we get compared to white supremacists, even by leaders in "affirmative" therapy. @samuelveissiere this sort of dismissal is pretty much all we hear
You should also know @samuelveissiere that the trans activists who vilify us the most are adult-transitioning MTFs, whose experiences of gender dysphoria are simply not the same as our (mostly) female teens.
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So, I've waded through the Evangelical Alliance's new pastoral "guidelines" for interacting with trans people (ughh, the things I do to expose #transphobic #ciswits to the world), and let's just say it's time to tear this particular sh*t-bag a new hole.

So, straight off the bat, first page of text, the use of #language is . . . well, yeah, see for yourself:

"It is important to remember that transgender is not simply an issue to be debated;" - p5, #Transformed


When such language gets reinforced by insisting...

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Massive freakout by activists/gender clinicians on the Transgender Health (formerly WPATH SOC7) public FB page coz @PsychToday had the audacity to publish on #ROGD. Make no mistake: These ppl want to suppress any evidence that challenges their narrative.…
Gender clinician Laura Jacobs uses thread to urge a continued witchhunt against the one researcher who had the guts to start investigating the #ROGD phenomenon. Trying to suppress initial research and harm the investigator--what kind of person does that? #TransTotalitarians
So @PLOSONE and @HealthyBrown : One hopes you can see that this witchhunt (continuing in the last hour) is driven by ideologues hellbent on denying any evidence they don't like? @jflier
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We see now this is a pattern, not an anomaly w/4thWaveNow's article stealth-edited by censors at In this case, the protected party is Hailey Heartless. @wordpressdotcom replaced Heartless' real name w/ [redacted] , informing the blog owner after the fact.
For those who don't know about our story, it's here:
Who is Hailey Heartless, and why is @wordpressdotcom involved in protecting this person? Meghan Murphy, now banned from Twitter, wrote about the power Heartless has in British Columbia in her piece for @QuilletteM yesterday:…
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#transkidsitstimetotalk #Transgender people experience discrimination and violence and have a shockingly high suicide rate. To protect vulnerable people we must oppose discrimination and promote access to key medical services, as a human rights issue. #TransKidsItsTimeToTalk/2
People needing urgent medical assistance must receive help. The point is, how. Can transgender identity be a phase, #ROGD, a social contagion among teenagers? Some say no, the idea is “transphobic”. Yet many relate personal experience in which it was, in fact, a phase./3
I felt like a boy for many years but transition was impossible. Lucky escape! Now I am happily married to a woman, with two great children. There are also #detransitioners and people expressing #transregret. Do those stories deserve to be told, or must they be suppressed?/4
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@tarahaelle @ MINIMUM, AAP Docs should inform of iatrogenic risks of Affirmation Model, namely that social transition lends itself to persistence, lends itself to medicalization. Yes, all treatments have risks, all the more reason parents should be informed of all of them. /1
@tarahaelle This is not what is happening. Without mental history of patient, w/o weighing of pros/cons, w/o expertise in area of GD, AAP Docs promote affirmation model only, which is a pyschosocial intervention. /2…
@tarahaelle It is one of the hardest decisions a parent can make in navigating care for their #ROGD child and so much depends on the severity of their gender dysphoria, the age of onset, any comorbid diagnoses, and the motivational behaviors behind the reinvention of self. /3
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Right then.

And so, finally, I get to turn my attention to the shambles that is the #FairPlay4Women guidance.


I'll be breaking up the posting times of this, so the whole thing will likely take a couple of hours to come through.

Stay awhile, and listen

But before we dive into the nitty gritty of what’s wrong with it (everything), let’s step back a bit and look at the big picture here. This is a consultation that is set up to look at the issue of making it easier for trans and intersex people to get a GRC to correct...

, or adjust, the initial info recorded on their birth certificate when it was first issued. That would be ALL trans and intersex people(and before you chime in with your usual bullshit, do you know what it is that actual intersex organisations say about trans people...

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a THREAD based on my latest piece: I've heard many complaints over the years about how "born that way" arguments are essentialist or pathologizing, and some #LGBTQ folks will say "why do we even have to explain why we exist?"...… #transgender #queer
...while I sympathize with such sentiments, they overlook the main reason *why* "born that way" arguments have been successful, namely, because they assuage longstanding fears that queerness is somehow contagious.… #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #queer
...another thing I implicitly tried to convey in this piece is that, while I don't believe #trans or #LGBTQ are "contagious," the social stigma projected on us most certainly is - this is what sociologists call "courtesy stigma"...… #transgender #queer
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brand new Medium piece, but of an older spoken word piece (from 2012) about the rather old superstition that #LGBTQ people are somehow "contagious" - that's right, the #ROGD crowd didn't invent that!… #queer #trans #transgender #children #health #psychology
please give it lots of "claps" so that others see it! also, it is not monetized, as I wanted it to be as accessible as possible. if you appreciate that I make essays like this for free, please consider supporting me on Patreon!…
also, if you'd rather not sign up for Patreon, you can also support me by buying my book Outspoken - the Medium piece is an excerpt from one of the chapters of that book (called "Contagious"): #trans #transgender #queer #LGBTQ #feminism
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Dear parents of trans kids,
To those of you who are struggling to understand what is going on, who feel that you've received the news that your child is trans like it came out of left field, to those of you who are searching for answers, I want to give you some advice. 1/19
You may feel like your kid has just sprung this on you out of nowhere, you may feel upset or hurt because they're saying (in your eyes) that they are not the child you have been raising. 2/19
You may be asking what you've done wrong or what you've done to deserve a trans child. You may be feeling embarrassed because your own child is now telling you that you've been referring to them in the wrong way for however long it's taken for them to come out. 3/19
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A REALLY strong sign that your “scientific” article is total hokum:

When folks raise legit questions about your obviously flawed methodology and specious conclusions, you respond by calling them whores and perverts and can’t defend your *actual* work.

I’ve presented at a number major professional conferences in multiple disciplines, and I’m a peer-reviewer for several journals. I can honestly say that I’ve never had someone try to defend work I criticized by calling me a slut. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I’ll be totally honest, the #ROGD “study” is something that I’d probably hand to undergrads that I’m trying to teach how to critique published research. The errors in both method and in analysis are egregious enough that I’d expect a college sophomore to pick them out.
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okay, I just responded to all the questions and accusations here:… #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #children #health #psychology #science
btw, I've spent almost all of my last 10 days writing the original piece & responding to it. neither essays are monetized, as I want them to be as accessible as possible. so if you appreciate all this work, please consider supporting me on Patreon:…
I am exhausted & in dire need of an internet break. but before I go, here are the most pertinent passages of this follow up essay. if you like them, please RT:…
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So since @HealthyBrown and @PLOSONE are considering dropping @LisaLllittman's "ROGD" paper, I wonder if I surveyed "ROGD" kids parents for their thoughts on why their kids are trans if any themes would emerge? /thread #peakterf #ROGD
#YOUTUBETURNSYOURKIDSTRANS Ban it, block it, but really how many kids are watching @ContraPoints !!
#MMORGSTURNEDMYKIDSTRANS Don't let them enjoy online role play for the love of god! But, uh, Quotev is an online story writing website, wait they might end up like JK Rowling AAND TRANS!!
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So I want to discuss the topic of #ROGD that is being mentioned in #ROGDWEEEK2018.

I realized I was trans when I was around 8-10 years old. Until puberty hit, I was able to justify the difference between my body and my brother's body as us just being born different. 1/
But when puberty hit, it was like everything about myself betrayed who I was. I was growing breasts, I started my period, I started looking more feminine.

Up until my first period, I was able to justify and deal with being trans. When it happened, dysphoria hit with it. 2/
I didn't have any of the signs or symptoms listed today for childhood gender dysphoria, so by the thoughts in #ROGD I would have had rapid onset. It didn't matter that I knew I was trans for a year or more before my first period, my GD was "rapid" and started with puberty. 3/
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Ah, the anti-trans crowd are desperately trying to get #ROGD traction and legitimacy by trying to get it trending on Twitter.

So let's break it down.

#ROGD is pseudo-scientific bunkum that has less credibility than the flat earth theory.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

But in all seriousness, #ROGD is nothing more than the #transphobic denial of reality, and an attempt to explain away a phenomenon that has parallels running throughout history and is already well understood.

See, here's the thing. As the results of the UK LGBT Survey...

showed, trans ppl in the UK still face horrific levels of abuse and discrimination in society. And, as with any marginalised group in society that faces that level of threat to their safety and health, anybody who wants to come out as being trans has to make a calculation...
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It is *not* a "total reversal" of his beliefs for *all* #Trans ppl. Your selective reading of the page is very telling and is representative of the mentality & intentions common among Trans "activists/allies." Altho this case and perhaps your own perspective are not nearly the1/x
most egregious, they are still problematic. Anyone reading your tweets would likely believe that Hakeem does not believe in psychotherapy for *any* #Trans ppl, which is clearly not the case. It is like those who ignore that @BlanchardPhD & @profjmb are among the strongest 2/x
advocates of #Trans ppl, including supporting their desire for SRS--in adulthood. In short, you/others frame the narrative in such a self-serving and selective/biased/distorted manner. For instance, 1) there is still *no* evidence that being "Trans" is "normal" in any way, 3/x
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Good to see that individual members of the public overwhelmingly share our concerns about current trends in #NHS Gender Identity Services.…
Also good to see that the public is aware of the number of teenage girls with Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria #ROGD and the cultural pressure on young lesbians and gays to ID as trans. And the call for #NHS to publicise organisations with a more critical perspective.
Well done to everyone who pointed out that current #NHS professional training is provided by lobby groups such as GIRES who have no qualifications, and that training should obviously be provided by clinical professionals.
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