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#LGBTQIA friends affected by Anti-Trans legislation in red states - NY is not a perfect state, but head to #Buffalo. We have a thriving LGBTQIA community. Housing is midrange, w lots of options for older adults & those w special needs. Arts, culture, music, food, sports.
We aren't perfect. There are a lot of MAGA here, but there is also a lot of diversity & progressives trying to mend fences. If you want info about Buffalo, post below. I will do my best to answer. We can be your refuge. ❤️🫂🏳️‍⚧️ #TransRightsAreHumanRights
#Jobs in #Buffalo - Mostly education (union), manufacturing (union/midpay), restaurants (low pay) & a large medical corridor. If you work in any medical field - the best-paying option. Unions here, too. #SUNY has some of the best health insurance in the country. #TransRights
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The old lie that trans men are just lesbians really doesn’t work on me.

While I have never ruled out having a woman as a romantic partner, I am very much NOT sexually interested in women.
I originally thought I couldn’t be trans because I was attracted to men. Thought they wouldn’t let me transition. And once upon a time, they wouldn’t have.
Every issue I had with my body has been resolved by transition.

After starting T and all the changes my body went through, I’m not even dysphoric about my vag. Like, I’d prefer to have a dick, and the changes on T made strides towards that. It’s not perfect but nobody’s is.
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🗣 Dear @GreenPartyWomen @TheGreenParty members

Just as we can't seperate lesbians from 'lesbianism' or women & girls from 'feminism', we cannot divorce actual living breathing Trans people from the concept of 'transgenderism'

Any organisation calling to "eliminate the..

..practice of transgenderism" is at best attempting to deny real actual (Trans) ppl from equally participating in society free from discrimination, hatred, & prejudice

Any GPEW liberation group or individual party member platforming &/or supporting these organisations is..

..complicit in the wilful attempt to ensure Trans ppl are not only mandated out of society but also denied the opportunity to thrive as they know themselves to be

Any political party that allows these organisations &/or individuals to freely promote this eliminist rhetoric..

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1) Ein Thread 🧵zum Thema Anti-Genderismus und LGBTIQ-feindlichkeit.
Im März 2023 berichtete das Magazin Mannschaft von einem erneuten Angriff auf ein LGBTIQ-Jugendzentrum in Chur.
Seit Jahresbeginn habe der Verein sozialwerk.LGBT+ vier Anzeigen wegen Hatecrime gegen Mitarbeitende oder den Verein erstattet.
3) Angriffe auf trans Personen, insbesondere trans Frauen, auf Homosexuelle, auf queere und/oder nonbinäre Menschen oder auch Dragqueens z.B. geschehen nie in einem Vakuum. Vielmehr sind sie das Ergebnis von Worten, von Hetze und Permanenz.
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¡Hola a todes! Hoy les comparto un resumen del artículo "Las «preocupaciones razonables» y la burocracia contra les trans" de Julianna Neuhouser. Aquí vamos con el 🧵 :
1/7 El artículo de @jneuhouser en @Gatopardocom aborda cómo la idea de "preocupaciones razonables" se utiliza como excusa para restringir los derechos de las personas trans. #TransRightsAreHumanRights 🏳️‍⚧️
2/7 En particular, se enfoca en la reciente polémica generada por un grupo que utiliza esta idea para justificar su oposición a la autodeterminación de género. #NoALaTransfobia 🚫
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Sorry I was so heated in @BlackGuyTv stream. My sis in law (she passed)was trans.I experienced w her the fkn hate ppl have against trans ppl just for existing.Also google "Black trans woman dead",you'll see.

Here's 1 story...…

Before being my SIL she was my friend. Mind you, this was in Puerto Rico and also North Carolina or MA, or KY or PA (places she lived).

More sources:…
Y'all think I'm a mess, cow, u know me, bc I overshare.... u don't really know my whole story/life exp.

Last source:

Sadly, 2022 has already seen at least 38 transgender people fatally shot or killed by other violent means.…

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¡Hola a todes! 👋 Hoy les quiero compartir un hilo sobre la importancia de apoyar a las personas trans y de género diverso, especialmente a niños y adolescentes. 🌈🏳️‍⚧️ 🧵
1/10 Portada del artículo que se...
1/10 - En una reciente declaración de política, la AAP hace un llamado a apoyar a las personas trans y de género diverso, reconociendo que la identidad de género es una parte fundamental de la salud de las personas. 💪
2/10 - Es importante recordar que la negación de los derechos y la discriminación hacia las personas trans tiene un impacto grave en su dignidad y bienestar. Debemos trabajar juntos para garantizar que todas las personas tengan acceso a los mismos derechos y oportunidades. 👏
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Why is it important to avoid transphobic comments?

They hurt trans people, 𝗲𝘀𝗽𝗲𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 trans youth.

🔹Data indicate that 𝟴𝟮% of transgender people have considered killing themselves
🔹𝟰𝟬% of trans people have attempted suicide, with suicidality highest among transgender youth

🔹𝟱𝟲% of trans youth reported a previous suicide attempt and 𝟴𝟲% reported suicidality
🔹Interpersonal microaggressions, made a unique, statistically significant contribution to lifetime suicide attempts and emotional neglect by family approached significance

"Interpersonal micro aggressions" = transphobic comments made by schoolmates, family, neighbors, etc.
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I’m at Enoch Burke’s appeal in the Four Courts this morning and am going to be offering an alternative court report because this trial doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.
Enoch is taller lad than I expected tbh. He’s almost hot from the back of the court.
His voice is boring af. I am glad he is no longing teaching young people. No one deserves that.
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#NotiTrans : Fuera de México 🌍🏳️‍🌈
💬 Bienvenides al hilo de Queretrans! Les informamos sobre los temas más relevantes de la comunidad trans en el mundo 🌎
Periodo de información: Del 10 al 13 de febrero de 2023 Fotografía de Emmanuella Adaobi, corista de Nigeria que falFotografía de Emmanuella Adaobi, corista de Nigeria que fal
1/11 🇺🇸 Missouri
•La Fiscal General de Missouri está investigando un centro pediátrico por presuntos daños a infancias trans
•[NBC News] (…)
•[NY Post] (…)
•[Fox News] (…)
2/11 🇺🇸 Dakota del Sur
•En Dakota del Sur se está discutiendo una propuesta de ley para prohibir los cuidados de afirmación de género para personas trans
•[USA Today] (…)
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I kveld sitter det mange unge mennesker, transjenter, transgutter; og ikke minst ikke-binære, og vurderer om livet er verdt å leve. Den behandlingen som de er avhengige av virker milevis unna. Kommer det til å ta et år, eller 5 år før den livsviktige behandlingen er mulig?
Hver eneste dag er en lidelse. Depresjonen kretser rundt uendelige ventetider på Rikshospitalet, og det eneste alternativet som var innen rekkevidde er borte. Det er virkeligheten, det er ikke latteremoji på Facebook, eller definisjonen av kjønn,
det er ikke en teoretisk pro/contra, eller begge sider av debatten. Det er virkelige unge liv, virkelige mennesker, ekte selvmord. Til deg som ønsker at det skal bli enda vanskeligere å få kjønnsbekreftende behandling,
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As a cis female ally who believes #transrightsarehumanrights, I'm tempted to make a thread on trans historical figures to annoy She Who Must Not Be Named & her followers, who are being extra hateful today.
You know what? I think I will. Anyone is free to add to this thread if they want. The more the merrier, because trans folk have always existed, before what bigots call "gender ideology," & they're not going anywhere.
Thomas(ine) Hall (1603-?), AFAB intersex person & indentured servant in colonial Virginia. Mostly presented male, but occasionally wore female clothes. Subjected to legal controversy & physical inspection in 1629, & was ruled in court to be both male & female.
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LGBTQ+ activists have slammed the UK government’s decision to block Scotland’s gender reform bill as a “shameful attack on trans rights."

But what does this mean for trans people and what does this mean for the union of the United Kingdom? Read on to find out more
On Monday (16 Jan) Scottish secretary Alister Jack confirmed he will enact Section 35 to block Scotland’s Gender Recognition Reform bill from becoming law. Jack said he had concerns the legislation would have an “adverse impact on Great Britain-wide equalities legislation”
The Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) bill was passed on 22 December by Holyrood to make it simpler and fairer for trans people to update the sex marker on their birth certificates.

Westminster's subsequent actions to block it are unprecedented.
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I'll be heading to London tomorrow to protest the Tory Government's latest attack on Trans Rights by their Section 35 Order. London, Downing Street, 13:00. Open Invite. Come if you can. Let's make some noise.
#TransRightsAreHumanRights Image
(If there has already been a formal march/protest organised I'll join that if people tell me who/where - but I'm not going to do nothing. This will still happen even if it is just me - but the more the better)
Signs* - but songs and chants welcome. Clearly seething rage is not good for writing posters. Also if anybody is coming if they can bring a mic/megaphone as I have none
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Derzeit erhalte ich viele berechtigte Nachfragen zum aktuellen Stand beim geplanten #Selbstbestimmungsgesetz der Ampelkoalition.

Die Ungeduld kann ich sehr gut verstehen. Die Arbeit an dem Gesetzentwurf dauert wegen Klärung einiger Fachfragen etwas länger als geplant.

🧵 (1/4)
Das ist bedauerlich, denn es gibt zu Recht eine große Erwartung an Bundesregierung und Bundestag, das diskriminierende Transsexuellengesetz schnell zu überwinden und würdevolle Verfahren für trans*, inter* und nicht-binäre Menschen beim Geschlechtseintrag zu ermöglichen.

Die federführenden Bundesministerien für Familie und Justiz sind sich dieser Verantwortung bewusst und arbeiten mit Hochdruck an den letzten Details.

Ich bin zuversichtlich, dass der Gesetzentwurf Anfang kommenden Jahres an die Verbände zur Beratung geschickt werden kann.

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Anarchafeminists in Miami dropped a banner in defense of trans kids

Fascists across the country are preventing trans kids from accessing healthcare. Often, transitioning before puberty is critical to reducing trans suicide rates

#TheseQueersBashBack #Transtifa #ProtectTransKids
In August, DeSatan commanded the Board of Medicine to ignore best medical practices and begin to make HRT unaffordable/illegal

Anarchists protesting the first meeting were blocked from entering, removed, and illegally arrested from the meeting:… The original anarchist flag flies behind the pride flag, out
DeSatan’s sycophants on Miami-Dade School Board blocked LGBTQ History Month in Sept. Proud Boys were well organized for their genocidal agenda

Anarchists secured entrance for activists even as fascists, building security, and police took selfies together… Anarchafeminists secure entrance for activists
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For all you liberal idiots this is how the "Respect Marriage Act Works"

You can get married in another state should the current state you live in refuse to recognize same-sex marriages.
That's great I mean assuming anyone living in a red state can afford 1/4
2/4 picking up and going to another state for marriage. But that isn't the case. So the only thing this act would help is the socialites and elites that have the money to do so. What do you think happens when Obergefell v. Hodges overturns a federal ruling by SCOTUS?
3/4 I'll tell you what will happen. 35 yes you heard correctly 35 anti-gay marriage laws laying dormant get passed. Most likely in all the very Red states. And guess what? Only rich people go back to being able to be married to whoever they please.
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1/ Today was the much-anticipated Trudeau Must Go rally at Vancouver Art Gallery. Our Freedumb Fighter regulars made an appearance and participated in a march. The march was led by an individual in blackface chanting "Hang Trudeau." The crowd joined in enthusiastically.
2/ The march leader used their boa to mime someone hanging in a noose.
3/ This was probably the most violent Freedumb event in Vancouver to date. Instead of the usual "I love you!" love-bombing, counter-protesters were called slurs like "fa----t" and "c-nt" and sat through unhinged transphobic rants.
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Today, I want to tell you all a story. I tell a lot of stories, but this one is much more important. This story hasn't had the end written yet. And depending on how we act, right now, we could change and save lives.
If you care about Black trans women, please read and RT. 🧵
The fight for trans liberation is often seen as a purely western phenomenon, but this view does a massive disservice to those who are fighting to exist and thrive all over the world. These people matter, and their stories matter.
I want to introduce you to Richard. An illustration of Richard,...
I had the incredible privilege of speaking to Richard personally, and I was absolutely blown away by her courage, her resilience, and her tenacious optimism. She inspires me and humbles me.
She is a trans woman living in rural Uganda and she is a defender of human rights.
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I think one of the greatest barriers to getting cis people to care about and invest in trans liberation is that many cis people perceive trans issues as "boutique" issues, issues that can only be addressed after "more serious" issues have been addressed. I think this is an error.
Perceiving trans issues and trans people as unserious is the effects of a transphobic society that portrays trans people as weak, frivolous, and demanding special treatment. This is propaganda.
The things that would improve trans people's material conditions, ie medical care access, freedom of expression, access to housing, gendered freedom, protections against discrimination in employment, etc all benefit cis people, especially marginalized cis people.
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If you read one thread today, I hope it’s this one. These are facts not feelings. Trans people experience violence at 2.5% of cisgenders. transgender people account for 0.11% of the population 16 and older, but are the victims of 0.27% of all violent victimizations reported.
Lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) individuals experience violent victimization at rates far higher than their straight counterparts. Lesbian and gay people experienced 44 victimizations per 1,000 people, which was more than twice the victimization rate of straight people (19/1000)
Bisexual people experienced victimization at almost seven times the rate of straight people and almost three times the rate of lesbian and gay people.
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NEW: Noisy Philly Counter-Demo Challenges 'TERFs' at Independence Hall [article + video]…
Unicorn Riot interviewed nearly a dozen hoarse but spirited attendees.
Full video premiering now: Philly Noise Demo Confronts 'TERFs' at Independence Hall [4K] (29min)
On Sunday, November 13, a hundred-plus counter-demonstrators tried to drown out about 30 protesters who were demonstrating against transgender people's access to medical transitions #TransAwarenessWeek
29min video premiering now:
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If this bill passes, "any trans person performing" in Texas means no minors can enter the room when we are:
▫️on a panel at a con
▫️in a cosplay contest
▫️performing karaoke/lip sync
▫️basically doing ANYTHING on stage in public

This is FUCKED. UP.
#TransRightsAreHumanRights 🏳️‍⚧️
And this is my #TransAwarenessWeek post for today.

Please RT, share, and help me fuck back against these shitty algorithms.
The people saying THIS WILL ONLY APPLY TO NIGHT CLUBS really have absolutely ZERO fucking idea how systematic genocide starts, do they?

For the love of gods, please open your mind for five minutes and realize this is designed to be BROADLY INTERPRETED as widely as possible.
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It's no coincidence that transphobia is in force during #TransAwarenessWeek; it's strategic. That it's also vicious, malignant and dehumanising is hard to watch, but they're the tools many deploy when they're on the wrong side of history.

I have two charities that I'd like to suggest you donate to, as @GaikMasis points out, it will do good, but also might piss off some of these people.
#DignityProject is The Centre for Global Indigenous Futures mapping strategy to make a better future for older queer Indigenous people. Donate to 'Indigenous Scholarship'. Named by my late brother, Dr David Hardy and continuing his work. @IndigFutures…
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