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@spdbt ihr habt echt den Knall nicht gehört. Ihr setzt ECHT BREYMEYER dahin?
Bin mir jetzt ziemlich sicher das ihr nicht, weil es KOA Zwang war, gegen das Selbstbestimmungsgesetzt gestimmt, sondern aus Überzeugung.
Die Personalie zeigt mit sehr deutlich das alles jetzt dafür tut das es eine Selbstbestimmung nicht geben wird.
Ihr habt und also angelogen!
#TransRightsAreHumanRights #tsgabschaffen
@SPDqueer könnt ihr was dazu sagen?
Ich bin grade schockiert eine SWERF und TERF an so eine Position zu setzen. Ich bin maßlos enttäuscht grade und wütend. Eine antiqueer Menschen in queerpolitische Verantwortung zu Hiefen. Einfach nur noch WOW!
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What am I thinking? Controversy. Controversy draws attention. It gets reactions and polarizes into agreement or disagreement. It calls attention and grows followers. It is marketing, advertising, sales, telemetry, and analysis. Isn't that what Cambridge Analytica did?
It's how we get Militant Vegans. It's why I hate PETA and humane society advertising campaigns. I don't want to see abused, starving, tortured, injured animals, and I'm vegan. It is also how we get gay minority nazis as pop-culture icons.
What could I tweet that I believe in and support that would be incendiary to another group? Black Lives Matter. #BLM #FuckTerfs #TransRightsAreHumanRights Some hashtag that is anti-gun violence.
However, these are not "new" incendiary terms or themes.
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In Case I Don’t Make it…a thread in two parts (part 2.)…
I am mad. I am mad for a lot of reasons but this, this is too much. Too many fathers, mothers, grandparents and children have lost their lives to Covid. 26/33 #Covid_19
How many more is acceptable when we have a vaccine that - if enough people get it - could help to curb the spread of this pandemic? If I don’t make it, I send you all my love and strength for the fight ahead. 27/33 #Accountability
To my doctors I thank you from the bottom of my heart for you care. To the doctors, nurses, and first responders putting their lives at risk to care for Covid patients. Thank you. 28/33 #Covid_19
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A lot of why I run this account, with as much honesty as I can muster, is because I truly believe that by being openly and passionately myself, I can help humanize trans people against the literal armies of those who want to dehumanize us.
I make myself vulnerable, often to those exact people who want to dehumanize and villify me, in order to show you that trans people are real. We aren't a hashtag, or a wedge issue, or a fetish. We're living, breathing human beings, with hopes and fears and lives we live.
I try to keep this account positive. I try to showcase trans joy, and success, and how much love trans people have to give.
But I'm afraid.
We're all so, so afraid.
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“Trans women are women” doesn’t mean “trans women are cis women,” it means cis women aren’t the only women.
Trans women aren’t erasing any women, on the contrary we add to. Transphobes are the only folks denying reality. Trans people are well aware of what organs we’ve had or have and what they do. We’re saying those parts don’t define people, and that is the reality.
Imagine if we (women) all worked together to defeat the things that hold us all back 🥰 that’s the future I dream of.
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The Green Party has taken bold action today in disaffiliating the Georgia Green Party from the Green Party of the United States federation of state parties for a pattern of undemocratic actions that violate the Key value of Grassroots Democracy,…
as well as exhibiting bigoted, anti-transgender positions that violate the Key Value of Social Justice and Equal Opportunity. In an overwhelming national committee vote of 119 Yes, 17 No, 6 Abstain, the Georgia Green Party has been found to be in violation of GPUS affiliation
requirements specified in our Bylaws & the values called for in our 10 Key Values.

On Dec. 15, 2019, the Georgia Coordinating Council made a decision to endorse Declaration of Womens Sex-Based Rights, which seeks to restrict full legal & political rights of transgender people,
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Breaking down "Biological Sex"

Tweeting this rather than replying so I can make a proper chain. Credit to @RileyJayDennis for helping me frame my understanding -

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #TranswomenAreWomen #transmenaremen #trans #TransIsBeautiful
Biological Sex is a human-created classification system for sorting organisms based on their reproductive abilities. The stuff that ‘biological sex’ describes is objective, but the system isn’t.

The most widely used model for determining sex is:
Secondary sex characteristics

These 5 things are measurable facts. But grouping them together under one system is a human invention. A model for understanding and classifying bodies.

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I’m unable to find a news article on this from any source I trust, so let’s talk about Maya Forstater and what today’s news means for trans people. 🧵
Maya Forstater is a British cis woman who filed a lawsuit when she was fired from her job for constant, truly vile anti-trans commentary directed largely at trans women. Her lawsuit was filed against the Center for Global Development.
The basis behind Forstater's lawsuit is that she claims her firing was a violation of free speech laws. This means that this case is much larger than her alone. The outcome of this case determines whether or not anti-trans rhetoric is legally classified as protected speech.
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Deep breath everyone: what *SHOULD* be the headline today: We as trans people are protected by equality law and this decision in the Maya Forstater case does NOT give anyone the right to unlawfully harass, intimidate, abuse or discriminate against us because we are trans. 1/
From the judgment: “This judgment does NOT mean that those with gender-critical beliefs can ‘misgender’ trans persons with impunity…The Claimant, like everyone else, will continue to be subject to the prohibitions on discrimination and harassment under the Equality Act 2010.” 2/
3/ Maya Forstater has NOT been told her conduct was lawful: “Whether or not conduct in a given situation does amount to harassment or discrimination within the meaning of EqA will be for a tribunal to determine in a given case.” [118] 3/
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#Pride month should be about celebrating the #LGBTQ+ community and highlighting the fight for equality & freedom around the world 🌈🌍 Pride flag
But, disappointingly, we’ve seen backlash against those campaigning for the rights of the #Trans community here in the UK, especially at work 🏳️‍⚧️
Data by the @The_TUC shows that 7 in 10 #trans workers say their experience of workplace harassment or discrimination has a negative effect on their mental health

@stonewalluk research found that 1 in 8 trans employees said they had been attacked by a colleague or customer
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This is a map of every US State that has considered anti-trans legislation in 2021. It’s June.
RT this 🧵 and read below how to help #ProtectTransKids.
Many of these laws are PASSING. We MUST ACT NOW. #TransRightsAreHumanRights Image
The amount of people replying or quote tweeting this saying they’re so glad their state is “safe”, have MISSED THE POINT.
Call your reps and TELL THEM to enact trans protections this #Pride
Or this will be in your state next.
As a resident, KNOW what’s going on in your state and WHO to talk to about it. This tool can help.…
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Cisqueers celebrating #Pride like nothing abnormal is happening: trans people see you. We see you abandoning us. We hear your silence. It is suffocating us. We are dying.

Please say something.
Twitter hashtags won’t save us from the trans genocide currently going on in the United States.
Please, please, contact your representatives HERE and TELL THEM that you want protections for trans people in your state. Your inaction costs lives.
More anti-trans legislation has been ENACTED INTO LAW this year in the United States than in the past ten years combined.…
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#BathroomBills are unnecessary, cruel, and stupid: a thread...

The "purpose" of bathroom bills, according to supporters, is to protect children from being assaulted/kidnapped by #transgender people, right?

Sounds like a noble idea, right? Stay with me.

If I, a #cisgender woman, walk into a bathroom and assault/kidnap a child, would that be #illegal? Obviously yes, right?

If my husband, a cisgender man, walks into a bathroom and assaults/kidnaps a child, would that be illegal? Obviously yes, right?

So, now that we've established that it's illegal to assault/kidnap a child (or anyone, for that matter) regardless of your #gender, why do we need extra laws specifically for transgender people?

Why do we need to make it essentially double-illegal for a specific group?

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Die @spdde @spdbt hat heute gegen das #Selbstbestimmungsgesetz gestimmt und damit den Schulterschluss zu Menschen mit transfeindlichen Einstellungen von Konservativ bis ganz Rechtsaußen bekräftigt.

Ich will von Euch keine 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ mehr sehen, keine heuchlerischen Beiträge.
Ihr hattet vereinbart das verfassungswidrige TSG zu ersetzen, ihr hattet die Chance dazu, aber Ihr habt Euch von der Union unterbuttern lassen. Ihr hättet es wieder gut machen können heute, aber ihr habt euch für den Schulterschluss mit Transfeinden entschieden. @spdbt @spdde
Es war Eure vollkommen fahrlässige Entscheidung mit dieser Union zu regieren @spdbt @spdde, Ihr habt Euch keine Strategie überlegt wie Ihr mit Leuten umgeht, die gegen jedes Sachargument auf Menschenfeindliche Vorbehalte setzen. Ihr wusstet dass das nicht gut gehen kann!
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I just had to spend my therapy session today explaining the horror and misery of the trans experience to my cis gay therapist. It isn't his fault. It's a cultural misconception.
Cis people, ESPECIALLY cisqueer people -- read this thread. 🧵
Cis people need to kill the idea that you can relate to being trans. In any way. It is a fundamentally unrelatable experience to cis people.
No metaphor, no approximation, can do it justice.
Accept that now.
Every cis person, including cis queer people, is an ALLY at most.
Cis people cannot speak for trans people. Cis queer people cannot speak for trans people. And your continued insistence on doing so is killing us.
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Thread - Indikatoren rechter Rand: 1) Retter-Narrativ: Das Wohl der Schwächeren wird in den Vordergrund gebracht (z.B. Kinder, Alte). 2) Die-Anderen-sind-Schuld-Narrativ: Die jeweils instrumentalisierte Gruppe leide unter den gefährlichen Anderen. #psychology #Servicetweet 1/n
2/n 3) Das Menschen- & Weltbild ist dichotom & wird in Gut versus Böse eingeteilt. 4) Biologischer Determinismus ist die Grundlage des menschlichen Entwicklungsmodells & Zusammenhänge werden in vermeintlich unabänderliche Kategorien gepresst. #transformation löst Unbehagen aus.
3/n 5) Es besteht eine (verständliche) bedeutsame Angst unterlegen zu sein & zu den Verlierern auf der Welt zu gehören bei gleichzeitiger Überzeugung Besseres verdient zu haben als „die Anderen“. 6) Autoritäten wird je nach Angebot faktenunabhängig zu sehr vertraut ODER misstraut
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"Five states have passed laws or implemented executive orders this year limiting the ability of transgender youths to play sports or receive certain medical treatment... but little in the way of tangible repercussions for those states."…
"It’s a striking contrast to the fate of North Carolina a few years ago. When its Legislature passed a bill in March 2016 limiting which public restrooms transgender people could use, there was a swift and powerful backlash. The NBA and NCAA relocated events; some companies...
...scrapped expansion plans. By March 2017, the bill’s bathroom provisions were repealed. So far this year, there’s been nothing comparable. Not even lawsuits, although activists predict some of the measures eventually will be challenged in court."
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In Hyde Park on Saturday, Police officers were punched and kicked by right wing #antilockdown protestors

#BorisJohnson said he'd see #BodiesPiledHigh before we #lockdown again

#VoteLeave riled them up for #Brexit

It won't be the Left that storm No 10 😓
2 arrests were made. Police officers were unprepared, ill-equipped with no back-up

When the #FarRight protests #BorisJohnson and #PritiPatel send in officers in shirtsleeves. When some "woke left vegetarians protest", it's riot gear🤔

8 Police Officers were injured. With only 2 arrests made, neither were in Hyde Park.

That means the people you see punching and kicking Police Officers were allowed to walk away freely.

Couldn't we even arrest the people who injured the Police Officers?…
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Has anyone asked Gavin Newsom why he’s standing in the way of America’s first trans governor?

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #StopTransHate #Transphobia
Gavin Newsom and anyone who votes for him over Caitlyn Jenner are transphobic bigots

Gavin 👏 Newsom 👏 stop 👏 being 👏 a 👏 transphobic 👏 bigot 👏
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Ok here we go.

Yesterday while advancing a disgusting and blatant attack on trans children in Missouri, #HB53 Rep. Justin Hill employed several racist and misogynist attacks. And we’re going to break them down. (🧵)
Hill’s outburst: “Maybe if (Dems) spent some of that effort ‘fighting for the voiceless’ waiting to see the sex of the unborn maybe we wouldnt kill so many bab- people in this state." What is insurrectionist Hill talking about here? (And sidebar: why hasn’t he been arrested yet?)
Hill argued Dem leaders should spend their time, not fighting for children, but advocating for “the unborn people”— showing us that Republicans are more obsessed with controlling pregnant people’s bodies than they care at all for actual children living in our state. #LetKidsPlay
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TW: Sexual abuse

Today #AshleyDiamond, a Black trans woman, celebrates her birthday from a men's prison where she has been sexually assaulted at least 16 times since Oct '19.

We've helped her request an emergency order for protection.

The motion filed asks that the #Georgia Dept of Corrections take immediate steps to:

🔴Protect Ashley from physical & sexual violence.
🔴Transfer her to a women’s facility.
🔴Provide medically necessary treatment for gender dysphoria.
🔴Protect her & witnesses from retaliation.
After a historic legal settlement over abusive conditions facing incarcerated trans people in GDC prisons 6 years ago, Ashley is once again trying to survive brutal, unrelenting abuse as a trans woman in GDC men's prisons.

Read more in Ashley's case…
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1- I am not a transgender,
I could never, no matter how emphatic I think I am, ever understand what a transgender person goes through, the same goes for homosexuals or any other type of gender or sexual orientation that is not mine.
2- That being said, I’ve seen, heard, and read stories about those topics and as has been pointed countless times, people start developing or manifesting those feelings as children, before puberty, some even as young as toddlers.
3- Am I to believe that children are choosing to be different? To be something that society rejects? That causes them emotional trauma? Drives them into depression? Causes them to be ostracized. Have people lost all sense of perspective?
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Warum sollten trans*geschlechtliche Menschen, die gleichen Rechte haben, wie allen anderen auch?

Stell dir vor DU willst einen Personalausweis haben - mit deinem Namen und dem Geschlecht, wo du vollkommen selbstverständlich sagst - JO, DAS BIN ICH!

Klingt einfach ABER [Thread]
Für einen Perso in Deutschland braucht man eigentlich:
gültiges Identitätsdokument (alter Personalausweis wenn vorhanden, ansonsten der Reisepass, Kinderausweis, Kinderreisepass) + aktuelles biometrisches Lichtbild - Kosten 23-37 EUR - es sei denn...
du bist trans*geschlechtlich - obgleich die WHO uns als "Krankheit" von der Liste offiziell gestrichen hat, müssen wir aktuell noch mind. 2 psychiatrische Gutachten in Auftrag geben und selbst bezahlen zu den 23-37EUR hinzu. Kosten 3000 EUR. Je nach gutachtenden Person.
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1/this taken an article I wrote for @womensjusticem1 @davtw2 which the media didn't pick up, but sharing as it's important. The fact #justicelerve thought #rianrosstoyer deserved a noncustodial sentence for manslaughter is part of a bigger issue-…
2/violent men are using "consensual rough sex" as a defence and are avoiding scrutiny and punishment. This devalues the life of the woman, particularly transgender women. What was the value of Mhelody's life? #TransRightsAreHumanRights
3/We may consent to rough sex, but no-one consents to serious injury or death. No-one. Like the UK, Australia must move to remove this as an option. @Wecantconsentto #TransRightsAreHumanRights #coercivecontrol
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