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Bonjour @France2tv , si c'est pour interviewer #BillGates, pourquoi vous n'avez pas passé l'extrait où il parle de diminuer la population mondiale de 10-15%?
C'est vers 1'15" dans un TED Talk de 2010.…
Ou pourquoi vous n'avez pas demandé à Bill #Gates comment il a prédit des #Passeports #Covid pour des gens vaccinés en 2020? Pour empêcher des gens de "voyager dans le monde" avec une preuve digitale d'immunité pour aider à réouvrir globalement... vous en voulez d'autres de Bill?
#Interview #Gates Notez comme #France2 va toujours chercher ceux avec les théories foufou genre 5g & puces dans le vaccin, pour invalider collectivement ceux qui ont des arguments légitimes, scientifiques se basant sur les études publiées sur les traitements ou les injections...
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/21/2022…
Predicting the Next Big Thing: Success as a Signal of Poor Judgment by Jerker Denrell, Christina Fang…
#PredictionAccuracy, #ForecastingAbility, #ManagerialForesight
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[#Podcast] 25/02 > Histoire de la #ScienceFiction francophone, chapitre 1 : les Hypermondes un #LaMethSci à (ré)écouter via @franceculture ! Image
[#Parution] 14/04 > Le ressac de l’espace (réédition de 1962, Rayon Fantastique) par #PhilippeCurval via @EditionsLaVolte #LaMethSci Image
[#Parution] 2012 > La #ScienceFiction en #France : théorie et histoire d'une littérature par #SimonBréan via @PressesSorbonne ; préface #GérardKlein #LaMethSci Image
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🔴What does globally renowned Indian🇮🇳 mystic @SadhguruJV think about his title as a #guru🧘‍♂️?

FRANCE 24's @DelanoDSouza speaks with #Sadhguru in an exclusive #interview, as he rides a motorcycle from Europe to India to raise awareness about soil degradation⤵️ #savesoil
@SadhguruJV @DelanoDSouza 🔴Indian🇮🇳 mystic @SadhguruJV counts #WillSmith among his followers... what does the famous #guru🧘‍♂️ think about the infamous #Oscars🎬 slap, and #nonviolence in general?

FRANCE 24's @DelanoDSouza speaks with #Sadhguru in an exclusive #interview⤵️
@SadhguruJV @DelanoDSouza 🔴📲Watch FRANCE 24's exclusive #interview with @SadhguruJV in full
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🧑‍💻 Many people reach out to understand #interview process at @Atlassian , sharing it here for easy reference later:

🔁 Please retweet for karma.

#️⃣ #jobhunt #fullstack #backend #frontend #jobs #referrals #springboot #react #sre

The Candidate Resources Hub is a great place to understand what to expect.…
Here is the guidebook specifically for Frontend Applications:
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#UPSC IFS #Interview 2016-17

Panel Member Question: Anupam, what drives you in life? Power/Money/Status/Fame

Me: Sir, Achievements.

Member: Plz elaborate.


Me: Sir if I solve a puzzle*, that's an achievement for me. If I teach* someone & because of which her/his life improves, that's also an achievement for me. If I can make my parents proud, that's an achievement for me. If I can make someone smile, that's also achievement for me.
Marks: 222/300 (Highest)

*Solving Puzzles & Teaching were amongst my Hobbies, in DAF.

It wasn't 100% impromptu Answer. I had brainstormed "why?" about every aspect of my DAF & life during Interview prep.

Lesson: Like Pre/Mains, Interview also requires proper Preparation

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🔴 #EXCLUSIVE - "There are a lot of victims".

Deputy PM of #Ukraine 🇺🇦 Olha #Stefanishyna spoke with @FRANCE24's @mperelman in an exclusive #interview about the #Russian attack on a children's hospital in #Mariupol:
@FRANCE24 @mperelman 🔴 #Russian bombing of a children's hospital and maternity ward in #Mariupol: "there's no doubt that this has been a targeted attack".

Deputy Prime Minister of #Ukraine 🇺🇦 Olha #Stefanishyna tells @France24_en's @mperelman in an exclusive interview:
@FRANCE24 @mperelman 🔴 "#Russia has entered a new phase of this war, which is to target civilian population and infrastructure, including bombing hospitals and households."

Watch the Deputy PM of #Ukraine 🇺🇦 Olha #Stefanishyna's exclusive interview with @mperelman:
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Some people seem still to believe that during the 4+2 negociations on #German #reunification in 1990 #Baker promised to #Gorbatchev that #NATO would not expand into Eastern European states (Baker: “NATO will not move one inch further east"),and that this would somehow... 2/5
...justify #Putin's invasion of #Ukraine. This is not true. The final #treaty doesn't mention it. In addition, Gorbatchev himself clarified things in an #interview with "#Russia Beyond" on October 16, 2014:
"The topic of 'NATO expansion' was not discussed at all, and... 3/5 wasn’t brought up in those years. I say this with full responsibility. Not a single #Eastern #European country raised the issue, not even after the #warsawpact ceased to exist in 1991.#Western leaders didn’t bring it up, either. Another issue we brought up was... 4/5
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🎙️La #rencontreesttienne est morte (politiquement) vive le #20h22.
Pour les présidentielles 🇫🇷, @FranceTV reprend à son compte le format de l’interview #Politique sur #Twitch par les viewers (intermédié par des journalistes) initiés par @SamuelEtienne.
Ici le format est dédié aux candidats à l’investiture présidentielle.
Présenté par @SamuelEtienne (journaliste généraliste) et @ABouilhaguet (journaliste politique) ce format est une nouveauté pour les politiques, mais présente l’avantage d’un temps libre pour chacun.
Il n’y pas de limite de temps, c’est le politique qui choisi la longueur sur le moment et pas de pression de décompte du temps de parole sur cette plateforme.
Je me suis longtemps demandé pourquoi pas de décompte #CSA hors TV et Radio, et puis j’ai vu ça :
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"What is being said [on social media] is fearful and can potentially lead to hateful consequences – like we saw in Delhi riots." - Kiran Garimella

Interview by @karishma__m__

Excerpt from the interview⬇️…
@karishma__m__ #Interview | @gvrkiran and three others conducted the largest analysis ever of content in public WhatsApp groups made of BJP supporters.…

In conversation with @karishma__m__ , he talks about their findings
"The other [finding of our research] is the prevalence. If you look at messages that mention Muslims, one-fifth have a fear-based narrative," @gvrkiran tells @karishma__m__ in an interview… Image
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[How I aced my #UPSC]🧵

On the day of my #IAS interview - I was sleep-deprived, overburdened with my office work, and was clearly underprepared

To make matters worse, a week ago -my then-girlfriend had broken up with me. And there were a million emotions running through my mind Image
Unlike my friends who had prepared full time for #UPSC, I had prepared along with a full-time job, and therefore, could take only 2 days off of my work to prepare for the interview. Long behold, my interview scores were amongst the highest in India that year.
What worked for me?
1. Confidence: I am thoroughly convinced that confidence always supersedes the content. No matter how well versed you are with the subject, if you can not confidently articulate it - you are doomed to perform poorly in an #interview.
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👉 Además de alojar la mayoría de proyectos #OpenSource, @github es un buen lugar para descubrir contenido interesante.

🏅 Aquí te dejo 10 repositorios para #devs que deberías conocer. Cada uno de ellos te aportará algo.

#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie

¡Dentro hilo! 🧵⬇️ Cartel: 10 repositorios de github para developers que deberi
1. Free Programming Books…

⭐️ Este repo tiene que ser el primero. De los repositorios con más estrellas de #Github. No solo encontrarás libros de programación en múltiples idiomas, también otros recursos y videos.
2. Developer Roadmap…

Otro de mis favoritos. ¿Quieres saber por dónde empezar tu camino #desarrollo web? Aquí tienes hojas de ruta con las tencnologías y conceptos que debes saber para dominar un “camino”.
Por ejemplo #frontend, #backend, #DevOps...
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Looking for the best #Career related videos in November? Look no further, we have already selected them for you!🥳…

#programming #tech
🔥First up: Dive into matters with @HelenJoScott , who tells you all the things you need to know besides how to write code well. Find out how you can be an extraordinary #developer wanted by many headhunters.…

Jump into #accessibility and let @RobPreciousA11Y elaborate on the triggers that start accessibility work at a company. @Techyrey continues by making it easier for you to stand out.🔝…

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In my live CTV #interview today, I said that #migrants crisis on #Belarus #polandborder is escalation of crisis between the EU, in particular #Poland, & Belarus. Lukashenko uses migrants from Middle East to retaliate for EU support of Belarus opposition & previous #sanctions.
In my CTV #interview today, I also said that in spite of a threat by #Lukashenko to shutdown a transit #gas #pipeline, this is unlikely because it would affect not only the EU but also #Russia which own this pipeline, supplies the gas & is an ally of #Belarus
I said that new EU sanctions against #Belarus won’t be effective because previous #sanctions for falsification of presidential elections & forced landing of passenger plane were ineffective & because Belarus relies on economic, financial, political & military support from #Russia
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In my live @CTVNews #interview last evening, I said that the current migrant crisis on the #BelarusBorder with #Poland is important because it involves Poland, which is a EU members, and Belarus, which is allied with #Russia, and it is near #Ukraine, which has an armed conflict.
In my CTV News interview, I also said that UN Security Council meeting concerning migrant crisis on #BelarusBorder with #Poland is likely to produce divide between #Russia that supports #Belarusian government & Western countries, such as US, UK, and France.
I stated in my @CTVNews interview that EU #sanctions against #Belarus won’t resolve the #Migrant crisis on #Belarus #Poland border, because sanctions were proven to be ineffective after last #Belarusian presidential elections & after diversion of passenger plane by Belarus.
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2018 > #Écotopia : bienvenue dans le futur désirable via @USBEKetRICA #LaMethSci
2008 > Utopies et dystopies écologiques via @Cairninfo #LaMethSci
13/09 > #Dune, un roman écologique précurseur ? via @futurasciences #LaMethSci
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Having a social media presence for your podcast is necessary (and can even be fun).

But PLEASE know that it most likely won't bring you large-scale conversions from scrollers to listeners.

Here's what social media DOES do:

✅Reminds your already-existing listeners that you have a new episode

✅Shows potential listeners that you're active on social, which is an indicator that your podcast is active

✅Gives a glimpse into the aesthetic of the show, visually, which is often an indicator of quality
✅If a potential listener stumbles upon your page and is served a well-placed link in your bio, it makes it easy for them to check out your show

✅Social is a big networking opportunity. Especially Twitter for podcasters.
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ReactJS Interview (QnA) Thread 🧵

👉 Part - 70

#reactjs #interview
1. Is it ref argument available for all functions or class components?

Regular function or class components don’t receive the ref argument, and ref is not available in props either. The second ref argument only exists when you define a component with React.forwardRef call.
2. Why do you need additional care for component libraries while using forward refs?

When you start using forwardRef in a component library, you should treat it as a breaking change and release a new major version of your library.
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