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Previous generations of transgender people up to and including mine didn't grow up with the vocabulary to describe what we were. Today's kids do and that's why there's more of them coming out as transgender. There. Saved you a fucking documentary.
The only difference between me aged 17 in 2010 and your kid aged 17 in 2018 is your kid has internet and knows what transgender is but we both had the fucking spark already. This was always coming as information became as common as grapes on a vine.
And this isn't just a freak BOOM. This is the way it is now. The last generation to not have names for what they are is done. That era is finished. Good fucking riddance. Now are you going to move with the rest of us or be a useless relic, destined to be left behind?
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Celine Walker, 36
Phylicia Mitchell, 45
Antash’a English, 38
Christa L Steele-Knudslien, 42
Viccky Gutierrez, 33
Tonya Harvey, 35
Zakaria Fry, 28
Amia Tyrae Berryman, 28
Sasha Wall, 29
Karla Patricia Flores,
Nino Fortson, 36
Gigi Pierce, 28
Diamond Stephens, 39
Keisha Wells, 54
Cathalina C James, 24
Sasha Garden, 27
Dejanay Stanton, 24
Vontashia Bell, 18
Shantee Tucker, 30
Londonn Moore, 20
Nikki Enriquez, 28
Ciara MC Frazier, 31
Roxana Hernández, 33
Jessie Sumlar, 30
Jaylow Mcglory, 29
Brooklyn Stevenson, 31
Brandi Seals, 26
Rhiannon Layendecker, 51
For many trans people, living openly can be its own act of defiance in a society that continues to set rigid cultural norms for gender identity & expression.

Trans & gender-expansive people face stigma surrounding who they are from early age.
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This #TransDayOfRemembrance I want to stress the importance of preserving our memory in death. It's scary to think about, but many trans folk are at risk for being erased post-mortem. Here's a quick resource thread (unfortunately most resources at hand are a bit US-centric).
This post on the @OrderGoodDeath blog is a great place to start, first up, especially regarding the legal side of things to prevent being erased as a trans person postmortem.…
In that same vein, one of the integral parts of making sure you're all set up legally for your death, something that is far more dire as an LGBT person to be when your identity is at risk, is advance directives. Here's a @TheGoodDeath video on those.
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Please take today, #TransDayOfRemembrance, to think of the 22 transgender people killed in the United States this year and keep their loved ones in your thoughts. The following images are courtesy of @TheAdvocateMag:… (thread)
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I don't relish the thought of violence until I see someone is the type of person to go into #TransDayOfRemembrance tweets to quibble about how many of us, exactly, are going to be murdered.
We've been dehumanized so badly that far too many of y'all do not recognise that we are mourning.

You are entering someone's funeral and saying "shucks it's bad they died of cancer but did u kno that type of cancer isn't as common as this study says it is"
With the added insult that you're fucking wrong about the study in question.
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For #TransDayofRemembrance I want to tell you a story.

Last Nov/Dec, I was homeless. @realDonaldTrump had just been elected. I was living in my car. I was cold. I was hungry. The pain from my chronic lower back issues was horribly bad, every moment of every day (1/x)
Sleeping in my car was making it worse. I could barely stand, let alone go grocery shopping or walk longer than about 10 min, w/o being totally wiped out for the next day or 2. I was receiving no medical treatment for being #trans, for my #AtrialFibrillation or my back pain (2/x)
I was unemployed, had no degree, didn't pass, and I was severely depressed.

Only a few ppl know this, but I think it's time to talk about it. I almost died last December. I didn't have much $, but I was doing research on the best methods to kill myself that'd be effective (3/x)
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