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AFRICA Herbs to the WORLD: This beautiful and detailed #map shows every #herb that grows native in #Africa and gives an idea of the countries and #regions where the herb is most common: Birthplace of Man-(and Woman)-Kind! The second largest continent on #Earth, Over 11 MILLION Image
square miles and over 1.4 BILLION people!

#Africa has such a huge variety of #geography, #flora, #fauna and #people that make it one of the most fascinating mix of #cultures and #traditions stretching back over 150, 000 years of #evolution.

With the culture of folk medicine,
cooking and the incredible array of native #plants Africa is truly a jewel of wealth when it comes to herbs.

#Thyme, a hardy #drought resistant plant, grows in the dry landscapes of #WesternSahara.

The #DemocraticRepublicofCongo with 80 Inches of rain a year, the highest
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The inquiry into the street tree conflict in Sheffield is out, & as epic as the subject deserves. The account of the saga is fair & comprehensive - vindicating the tree protectors - but this para from the overview shows the seed from which it all grew. Image
To those tuned into the #trees around us, it is unthinkable to entertain the idea that trees lose value with age and that a fragile sapling replacing a veteran #streettree is equivalent to replacing a rusted lamppost with a shiny new one.
Much has happened in the last decade to make this mistake feel impossible to repeat anywhere in the UK. I’d love to think that the #TreeCharter has been a part of the change, though I feel the actions & words of the protestors in #Sheffield themselves are the biggest influence.
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A new paper shows that mature trees and woodlands are crucial in locking away carbon. Cutting edge laser scanning suggests previous estimates of carbon storage in woodlands could be significantly underestimated. (1/4) #CarbonCapture #Forests
Forests with older, larger trees appear to be especially effective at storing carbon. Scientists warn that "The value you have in large mature trees is almost incalculable, and so you should avoid losing that at any cost." (2/4) #ClimateChange #Trees
Politicians support the 'One Trillion Trees' campaign and advocate large scale planting programmes. However, new planting initiatives are of limited use in comparison to protecting existing forests. Monoculture planting can negatively impact biodiversity. (3/4) #SustainableForest
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1/Thinking of #trees #peat #carbon and #nature and #fires. When are Victorians (without hysterics @theage ) to be made fully aware of the State #auslaws over fines in State Parks for picking up a rock, walking off track and so on. @DanielAndrewsMP/2
2/As it is now there are hundreds of shooting licensed people walking off track. Hundreds of thousands of feral deer, xrabbits,x pigs (latter two a food, anti #poverty source that cannot be culled by shooters) already damaging #native wildlife.Protecting #Indigenous locations/3
3/ @DanielAndrewsMP is key but to lock up (by fines) large areas is #segregation and discrimination. To lock up but then ok if you pay — is a cynical misuse of power. It would be good to hear from #Indigenous Victoria as we already know the value of the birthing trees was/4
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(1) I love forests for their beauty, the peace and calm I feel when I walk on forest trails, and their role in preserving biodiversity and the climate.

Today, I was reminded twice how diverse other people's attitudes toward natural forests may be.

Start of a thread 🧵

(2) First, according to a BBC Panorama investigation, I learned that a firm that has received six billion pounds in green energy subsidies from UK taxpayers is cutting down forests that are essential to the Canadian ecology.

🧵 #forests #nature…

(3) Reporters concluded that millions of tons of imported wood pellets, classified as renewable energy, are burned at Drax's largest power plant in Britain. However, part of the wood came from Canada's old-growth forests, which took thousands of years to develop.

🧵 #trees
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🌳(1/6) We’ve joined the @forestryclimate partnership to work towards a future where the UK’s new and existing #woodlands are resilient to #ClimateChange and can provide for people and #wildlife.

Learn more about how we are playing our part in helping woods adapt below⬇️
🌳(2/6) When it comes to climate change, it’s clear that native #woods and #trees are critical to tackling the climate crisis.

They lock up carbon, reduce pollution and flooding, and support people and wildlife.

Learn more here:… Hackfall Woods in spring, with woodland floor of bluebells a
🌱(3/6) However, there is an urgent need to improve the resilience of both newly created and existing #woodlands to climate change.

According to our #StateOfWoodsAndTrees report, just 7% of Britain's native woodlands are in good ecological condition:…
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New research predicts that there could be 2,000,000 ancient, veteran and notable trees across the whole of England!🌳🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #LivingLegends…
The #AncientTreeInventory maps the distribution and condition of ancient and #VeteranTrees across the UK.

So far it holds more than 180,000 records, yet this may account for less than 10% of the nation's oldest trees.
With our support, Dr Victoria Nolan predicted the distribution of ancient and other noteworthy trees across the UK, in a 4-year PhD study at @UniofNottingham. Her research produced three key findings⬇️
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🧵Today is #CleanAirDay.

#AirPollution not only impacts human health but also the health of our woods and trees. Addressing air pollution is vital to protect and restore our ecosystems🌳

#Nitrogen air pollution is a significant issue for UK woods. According to the #StateOfWoodsAndTrees report 100% of woodlands in England exceed the nitrogen critical load – all will have deteriorated as a result.…
Bushy grey beard #lichens were once far more abundant, but are sensitive to #AirQuality. They act as miniature forests on trunks and branches, where invertebrates live and birds forage. They’ve also been found to have anti-growth effects on human cancer cells!
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#Deforestation: "#Consumption patterns of G7 countries drive an average loss of 3.9 #trees per person per year. Some of the hotspots of deforestation embodied in international trade are also #biodiversity hotspots"… #BiodiversityCrisis #WorldSystem
"#USA, #Japan, #Germany, #France, the #UK, and Italy, and several developing countries, such as #China and #India, have obtained net domestic forest gains. The net forest gains made in these countries were partially offset by importing embodied deforestation from elsewhere"
"Our analysis addresses two main questions: (i) Which #deforestation hotspots are driven by which consumer countries? and (ii) Which forest ecosystems, tropical rain forests or other forest types are the top targets of global supply chains?"
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We added a couple of articles on #machinelearning.
Content based #recommender using #python:…
Collaborative #filtering approach to #recommender based suggestions, again using #python and #matrixfactorization:…
a few useful links for website categorization:…
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$114 billion is added to the US economy by trees annually. This hidden value of carbon, pollution, timber & crop tree ecosystem services is threatened by climate change, pests & fire🌳💰(1/5)…
#ecology #climatechange #CleanAirNow #planttrees #CleanEnergy
We calculated total net annual ecosystem service values provided by contiguous US trees and potential threats across the tree of life 🧬🌲🌳🌴(2/5)

#HumanRights #pollution #forestfire #ecosystemservices #savetheplanet #evolution #ecology #phylogeny #trees
The top 10 most valuable tree genera to the US economy are under extreme threat. Pine is declining from invasive mountain pine beetles and forest fires. Oaks and maples are declining for new home construction. Ash is in severe decline from invasive emerald ash borers (3/5)🔥🪲
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The Christmas tree is one of the central elements in the whole story because it’s adorned with baubles that grant access to the free spins feature. First, Magic Baubles appear on the reels to activate up to three decorations on the #trees , and when their number… reaches at least eight, the party can begin. Up to 13 free spins can be awarded but the best part is that starting from 10 baubles, punters also get a multiplier of 2x for 10 and 11 spins and 3x for 12 and 13 spins.… In its turn, Rudie the Reindeer is in charge of creating better chances of triggering free spins because its appearance brings between 2 and 4 extra wilds, up to 3 positions on the Christmas tree, and a re-spin without losing the latter.
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Thread/ #Wetlands may seem off-topic for an organisation based in #Africa's #drylands, but the protection & restoration of river ecosystems makes up a big part of our programmes at Tree Aid

Learn more this #WorldWetlandsDay 👇
2/When it does rain in the #Sahel, it often pours, leading to destructive flash floods, riverbank damage & #soilerosion. #Siltation is a major problem in the Sahel too, making rivers dry up quicker in the dry season, and flood faster in the rainy season too

3/ Our riverine projects work with local communities to restore & protect existing #trees along river banks, and adapt #farming methods to reduce siltation

Rivers & streams are a lifeline for these areas, and provide vital many services - read on to learn what we've been doing👇
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🌳¡FELIZ AÑO NUEVO… De los árboles!🌳
Sí, sí. ¿#SabiasQue en el Judaísmo, se celebran varios años nuevos? Uno de ellos, es el de los árboles, que empieza este 16 de enero.

Si quieres saber más… Abro 🧵
#tubishvat #arboles #jewish #trees #judaismo #Judaism
El día 15 del mes Shvat (que este año empieza en la tarde del día 16 de enero) es el día que se celebra el cumpleaños de los árboles. Es un día importante, no sólo por motivos bíblicos como ahora veremos, sino porque también nos recuerda el respeto a la naturaleza.
A este día se le llama ט״ו בשבט (tu bishvat), ya que el número 15 en hebreo se escribe con las letras tav (ט) (nuestra t) y vav (ו) que en este caso diremos que es una “u” (aunque no siempre. Eso para otro día). Shvat (o Shevat) es el nombre del mes judío en el que estamos.
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I love my garden 🪴. (1/25 😂)
( Thread 🧵) ImageImageImageImage
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Today's #PhotoRetrospective2021 is for the month of March. March brought an abundance of #flowers to South #Georgia.

March also brought some really interesting tree textures to my lens.

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"Gathered from an aged tree in the garden at Shandy Hall . . . 26 July 1845" Amazing relic from the sweet chestnut killed by lightning in 1911, but still here. Pressed by Rev. William Nichols in a copy of Sterne's works 1783. Thanks Edward Bayntun-Coward @YorksArboretum #trees
The tree is now covered by a Clematis montana.
A joke about a hot chestnut figures in Vol. 4 of Tristram Shandy, as you may recall.
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