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Today’s walk was designed to avoid the BH crowds, and it paid off.

It was worth picking our way along a muddy track and crossing a stony dry stream bed.

We didn’t see anyone until we nearly got home.



The last time we walked up into these woods there was still ice on the ground.

Today the sun was winning against a cool breeze and the trees were coming into leaf.


The silver birches shimmered in the sunshine.

The breeze made the treetops rustle and rattle.


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Friday’s walk, with more than a hint of green on the wheat field.

I got caught off guard by a phone call from my GP half way round the top field, so this didn’t get posted.

The trees will be bursting into leaf soon. Oh joy!


We ventured a little way into the woods and found a fallen moss covered branch that would make a lovely bench to sit on.


We had a good look at this moss-covered trunk and got a bit tangled up in the process.

I’m glad I now know that the squeaky-wheel bird is a Great Tit.

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I lost another ferrule off my hiking stick up on the hills today, but it was worth it!
The snow is still really thick and powdery and the sun was bright.


I wondered why Izzy was lagging behind instead of pushing on in front like she normally does.

Then I realised it was the depth of the snow. She was doing the sensible thing and following in my footsteps!


Once the snow got less deep Izzy was back out in front again with a waggy tail.

There’s no doubt about it, Izzy loves going on walks!


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Challenge the lie that HS2 will destroy 108 woodlands. To support 500,000 UK jobs and deliver a low carbon, high capacity, better connected transformation of our railways, there are some upfront limited impacts. But let’s look at how limited they are:
England has 52,000 ancient woodland sites. 43 are affected by HS2 between London and Crewe, of which over 80% will remain intact.
If an ancient woodland is described as affected, in many cases this means a small section of it is affected. On Phase One, 32 are described as affected. Through careful design and environmental consideration less than 0.29 square kilometres of them will be lost.
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To achieve our ambition of a 2% increase in #tree canopy cover across #Cambridge, we need businesses & residents to plant #trees on privately owned land to accompany the 2,000 trees being planted on @camcitco public land.

Here's a thread of how to plant, the Cambridge way:
Step 1 of 12: (If planting in grass) Cut away turf using spade
Step 2 of 12: Dig a pit to accommodate your new #tree, ensuring it is wide and deep enough for the bare roots or root ball of your tree
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THREAD: (1/10) There are a range of ambitious recommendations in @theCCCuk Sixth Carbon Budget to deliver 78% reduction in UK territorial emissions between 1990 and 2035 #PlantheWorldWeNeed Some thoughts from the RTPI in this thread...…
2/10 Recovery: The RTPI's #PlantheWorldWeNeed campaign demonstrates how planning will play a key role in supporting @theCCCuk recommendations, ensuring a sustainable, inclusive and green recovery from the pandemic…
3/10 Investment: @theCCCuk recommends additional investment of £50bn annually. The RTPI proposes Green Growth Boards to guide investment needed for zero carbon at a strategic scale…
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Took a wet walk through some first class WOOD PASTURE on the shore of #ullswater this morning. Here's a thread to explain why it's such a fantastic habitat, and why we need more of it. Image
On the face of it, wood pasture is just a field with trees in it, but it's so much more than this. When well managed, with the right level of grazing, wood pasture is one of the richest habitats we have. In fact, it's more than just one, it's a habitat mosaic. Image
One of the most prominent features of a wood pasture, is big, old #trees. This one has lots of oak, ash, birch, holly, sycamore, hawthorn and alder, many with abundant rot holes, perfect for pied flycatchers, restarts and other hole nesting #bird species. Image
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Our article is now online @nresearchnews Read more on our work on using #AI to count trees 🤖🤓🌳🌴 in #africa to understand soil degradation & #ClimateChange Thanks to all collaborator @unibremen @uni_copenhagen #GSFC @NASA @WWU_Muenster @KU_Leuven @CNRS
1/8 Our paper in a #nutshell 🌰The prevailing view is that dryland areas like the Sahara or Sahel are largely free of trees and shrubs 🌴🌳. However, we find that’s not the case!😯🤓🤖the relatively high density of isolated trees challenges prevailing narratives #desertification
2/8 Although the overall canopy cover is low, the relatively high density of isolated trees challenges prevailing narratives about dryland desertification (see photo below) 🌴👉
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Here it is!

#Inktober2020 day 1 in my #PathogenPortraits series. After years of studying this in cow bums, it had to be #EcoliO157

It causes bloody diarrhoea & if that wasn't bad enough, sometimes kidney failure & death. More info @…
#sciart #microbiology Inktober2020 E. coli O157 c...
#Inktober2020 day 2 in my #PathogenPortraits series. 'The Clap' (Neisseria gonorrhoeae) b/c who doesn't 💚 green purulent discharge?

It's sexually transmitted but also from mother->newborn during birth to cause blindness.
More info:…

#sciart #microbiology Image
#Inktober2020 day 3 in my #PathogenPortraits series. The very 💛golden💛 #MRSA.

Minds it's own business on your skin, but if it gets inside, methicillin won't do a thing to stop it.

More info at #sciart #microbiology Methicillin resistant staph...
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I'd rather stare at a tree than...(insert most other activities) Here's a #timelapse of this painting, the first layers are acrylic so the yellow wouldn't muddy the other colors. There was a masking do people ensure a clean masking removal? #process
Materials: Paper Block B5 size, acrylic and gouache paint
Time: 5 hours
Feelings: Pleased that I was painting some trees (and making a gift for my sister)
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#GlobalDealForNature, #NatureNeedsHalf, #VoiceForThePlanet, #30x30, #CampaignForNature (#Wyss, National Geographic),

- all marketing serves elite sought financialization of nature; the corporate capture of the commons.

#WEF #WWF #GDP #NaturalCapital #PES #Privatization
#VoiceForThePlanet is the sister marketing campaign of the #NewDealForNature. At helm of both campaigns are #WWF (atrocities against #Indigenous) working in #lockstep w/ World Economic Forum founded/headed by Klaus Schwab. Founding partners include UN - partnered w/ WEF in 2019.
The National Geographic Society markets the Global Deal for Nature, New Deal For Nature, & the Campaign for Nature w/ the #Wyss Foundation (billionaire Hansjörg Wyss). The Society operates via National Geographic Partners - a joint venture w/ #Disney.

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Let's ease into this new week. Here are your Monday must-reads from the @chitribopinions pages of the @chicagotribune. #trees #dogs #conventions
... local arborist Daniella Pereira of @Openlands points to the recent derecho storm that took out 7,300 Chicago trees and says we need an Urban Forestry Advisory Board.…
... @MarcAyers85 of the Illinois @HumaneSociety calls on the Chicago City Council to pass an ordinance that would shut down local pet stores that sell puppy mill dogs.…
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A THREAD on heat.
A personal view on how cities should react on #ClimateChange and #heatisland effect.
Most important is proportion. The hotter the climate the narrower the streets are. There are reasons why streets around the mediterranean are narrower than they are typically in germany.
There is an unlucky proportion where the buildings are not narrow enough to provide shade but too close together to let the heat radiate away at night. It depends on orientation, latitude, weather at night. Not easy. Historical streets have mostly good proportions by trial.
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Large charismatic birds with disproportionately large beaks and distinctive calls, #hornbills are the #farmers of our #forests. Today’s #WildAboutFacts series focuses on these feathered foresters.

Join us & share your hornbill images!

Rufous-necked Hornbills
📷Sarbajit Ghosh

There are 62 #hornbill species in the world, with 32 in #Asia and 30 in #Africa.

#India is home to 9 of them including the #GreatHornbill, the #MalabarPiedHornbill and the #RufousNeckedHornbill.

Malabar Pied Hornbill
📷 @samyak15

Several #hornbill species have a distinct #casque on their upper mandible. #GreatHornbills have a prominent #yellow and #black casque.

📷 Keya Das
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“Why do companies ask data structure&algorithm questions? It’s not like you’d use this day to day...”

At my past 3 companies - Skype/Microsoft, Skyscanner, Uber - I needed to use them to write some code, and *especially* to understand things. Here’s some examples. A thread.
At Skype, building Skype for Xbox One, the platform was missing a bunch of basic libraries. We built a navigation framework on top of WinJS that needed to keep track, and in some cases, traverse the DOM tree. #Trees, #DFS, #BFS
Also at Skype, one of the devs was obsessed with performance. For the contact list sorting, he built his own algo. I used the O(n) approach to tell him why this was silly. Then built a faster version. Then we benchmarked the built-in sort which was faster #sorting #facepalm
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@MattMcGrathBBC "Planting new forests 'can do more harm than good" is a highly misleading headline by @BBCWorld…
@MattMcGrathBBC @BBCWorld When planned well and implemented well new forests can help
But monoculture isn't ideal. These are the points you made in the article.

But the headline is very misleading about the importance topic. It could give ammunition to those who deny or doubt scientific consensus on climate change
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HS2 is Britain’s biggest environment project, delivering miles of ecological and landscape investments alongside construction. On #WorldEnvironmentDay, find out more about the huge scale of environment work and the benefits #fornature.
HS2’s already created over 60 new #wildlife habitats. Grassland, ponds, and plantings now support reptiles, badgers, birds, and bats. At Finham Brook in #Warks six new ponds benefit great crested newts amid 6,200 new trees. #WorldEnvironmentDay
HS2’s also planting 7 million #trees and shrubs between #London and #Birmingham alone. Over 40 species are being grown by Crowders Nurseries, a family run #SME in #Lincs. We’ve already planted 350,000 of them. #WorldEnvironmentDay
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Michael Moore Presents Planet of the Humans (2020) via @YouTube
#Allah Ta’aala created this world and the entire system in which this tiny planet exists – the entire universe.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/16/2020-2

Technique could enable cheaper fertilizer production…
#production #fertilizer
Four years of calculations lead to new insights into muon anomaly…
#anomaly #insights #calculations #physics
Researchers identify potential pathway to make opioids safer, more effective…
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Debates about tree planting are not new...

Interesting history by Rangan et al., 2010
#trees #climate #myths #frames Image
Rangan, H., Kull, C.A. & Alexander, L. Forest plantations, water availability, and regional climate change: controversies surrounding Acacia mearnsii plantations in the upper Palnis Hills, southern India. Reg Environ Change 10, 103–117 (2010).…
Just like rangelands in East Africa, which later set the myth of "pristine" savannahs for game parks (depriving the same pastoralists maintaining such systems) the British colonial government was instrumental in India in promoting plantation forestry and restricting #access.
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