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10 big difference between Islam and Judaism.


*ISLAM is an Arabic word meaning submission and in the religious context, it means submission to the will of God. Islam is derived from an Arabic word literally meaning Peace.

*JUDAISM can be broken down as Juda & Ism. The English term originates in the Biblical
Hebrew word "Yehuda" meaning "from the kingdom of Judah" or "worshipper of one God".
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One of Ukraine’s chief rabbis endorses siege of US Capitol by Trump supporters.
Moshe Azman (Chabad Lubavitch) - whose claim to title of head rabbi is disputed - compares violent run on heart of US democracy to recent 'Maidan' uprising (jan 2021)…
Moshiach based Israeli Politics
Nethanyahu taking orders from the Chabad Lubavitch Rebbe Schneerson

  #PilgrimageStampede #Israel #NYC
NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani visits the Rebbe - God is on Your Side
New York City Mayor-hopeful Rudy Giuliani visits the Rebbe.

  video JewishMedia
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After this week of death, I feel obligated to discuss and write about the topic of gun violence from a Jewish perspective. Join me, won't you, for this very important #Thread
#gunviolence #gunreform #GunControlNow /1
As a rabbi, I've had the horrible privilege of writing and speaking the countless mass shootings that have occurred in this country. I wrote after Sandy Hook, after Las Vegas, after Orlando. And here I am again, writing because somehow we have not moved an inch as the blood /2
of men, women, and children cry out from the ground.
The problem of gun violence in our country stems from not only white fragility, toxic masculinity, and fundamentalist beliefs of constitutional law, but mostly it stems from the issue of radical individualism in America. /3
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1/8 Hell yeah, let’s redefine #antisemitism in such a way that everything not mentioning explicit #Jews or compares #Israel with the worlds worst atrocities is NOT #antisemitic.

Ripping The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism (JDA) apart.
2/8 -12: Criticizing or opposing Zionism as a form of nationalism. Sure. Where is the bond between #Judaism & #Zionism? Forgotten and completely whipped of the table. I even suspect that the eternal bond between #Jews and #Israel is completely ignored.
3/8 -13: Racial discrimination. Settler-colonialism. Apartheid.
Nice sum-up. This implies that all 3 occur in #Israel and is an open house for the #Jew hating bunch.

Racial discrimination. Any country where it’s not? Hint – black face a worldwide phenomenon. BLM movement?
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Why I say those who demean motherhood are misanthropic, and evil.
Even more evil, are those whose ideology literally defines evil as female, and thus insist that the "redemption" of humanity can only come through erasure of the female. #Judaism
Dot. Dot.

#Think #ffs
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Papal Caesar visits Iraq/Mesopotamia/Babylon
March 5 thru 8, 2021
I will chronicle events here.
First things first!
Bergoglio attending #Masonic Temple Ceremony
March 5th 2021 ImageImageImageImage
Here's the full live feed from arrival to Masonic Temple Ceremony
#PapalCaesar visits Our Lady of Salvation Syro-Catholic Cathedral for #MasonicCeremony - March 5th, 2021
▶️See pictures above for #Masonic and #Kabbalistic symbolism identified during this ceremony.
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Sheldon and Miriam receive a blessing from the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 1991
#Zionism #IsraelFirst
Tanks against assimilation - The story behind Chabads Mitzvah tanks…
(Note: assimilation means “to be absorbed into the cultural tradition of another population or group”)
The secret of #Chabad, #Mossad & #KGB
Clandestine and secret networks in the Soviet Union and how the helped #Judaism to flourish after the Iron Curtain came down 🤓

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On the #Zoroastrian origins of a weekly #Catholic Ritual

پندار نیک، گفتار نیک، کردار نیک

Most people who are Catholic, or were raised in the Roman Catholic rite, will be familiar with the triple crossing ritual during the Mass.

#Iranian #زرتشت #CatholicTwitter ImageImage
In the moment before the Gospel reading, the priest says “a reading from the Gospel according to (X)”, and the congregation replies “glory to you, o Lord”, before performing this gesture.

Using their thumb, they cross their forehead, then their lips, then their heart.
Few if any Catholic knows that this gesture is a modern representation of an ancient philosophy inherited from #Zoroastrianism:

- Blessing the forehead signifies “good thoughts”
- Blessing the lips signifies “good words”
- Blessing the heart signifies “good deeds”
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Below are some of my main threads on
- the elevated Ashkenazi Jewish IQ,
- its distinct composition, &
- (arguably) polygenic origin (resulting from evolutionary selection), &
- how it's led to unrivaled success in domains rewarding high *verbal* IQ.

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One of the BIGGEST advantages of having studied in the US, specially at an Ivy League school in a city like Philadelphia is the exposure I received to 2 ethnicities:

Judaism and African Americans.
The FIRST thing I was educated on by my friends at Penn Dental was what NOT to say to and about them. And I wish to share that here as I saw a tweet recently break one of the rules.

Judaism: Any one who has studied history knows who Hitler, also known as "The Fuhrer" was.
He basically is responsible for massacre for millions of people purely because they belonged to the Jewish faith.

What he has done, rather had done, is TERRIBLE and almost nothing can come close to it in terms of cruelty, insensitivity, racial bias and inhumanity.
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Amsterdam’s #Jewish museum wades into Dutch blackface controversy
#zwartepiet #KOZP
(Note: it's always interesting to read about jewish plantations, black slavery, jewish involvement in racial tensions disguised as "human rights", etc. 😉)…
Suriname en de vestiging van joodse inwoners vanaf het jaar 1632…

De kolonisatie van de Portugeesch Joodsche natie in Suriname en de geschiedenis van de Joden Savanne - 1927 Periode 1639-1926
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#Judaism #Israel #TikkunOlam
Tikkun Olam: Illuminating the Darkness = Eliminating the Gentiles

"In the depths of the 2nd world war...New Jerusalem they wanted to build..."

(Boris Johnson speech)
Rabbis explain the #NoahideLaws - every Christian must understand!

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1️⃣ #Erdogan implied that #Jerusalem belongs to #Turkey, referring to the #OttomanEmpire’s control over the city for much of the modern era. “In this city, we had to leave in tears during the #FirstWorldWar, it is still possible to come across traces of the #Ottoman resistance.
2️⃣ So #Jerusalem is our city, a city from us,”. “Our first #qibla [direction of prayer in #Islam] #alAqsa and the #Dome of the #Rock in Jerusalem are the symbolic #mosques of our faith. In addition, this city is home to the holy places of #Christianity and #Judaism.”
3️⃣ #Jerusalem has been the capital of #Israel since the country’s founding, and the #Jewish people have thousands of years of history in the city, backed up by extensive archaeological finds.
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Here’s how the Russian mob used cash from a multi-billion dollar gas scam to get their hooks into #Trump
“For roughly a decade, thousands of #Russian #Jews like him had been pouring into Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.…
Mafia/Mob Boss-Michael Franzese
Michael Franzese, a Mafia boss who left the Columbo crime family (New York), who shares his story, his experiences and how and why he left the Mob.

(minute 17 (((Russian))) mob 😉)
John Stockwell, of the C.I.A. 'In search of Enemies' America and Russia are not enemies but loyal allies pursuing the same objective: A One-World Socialist-Communist Dictatorship.…

#mobsters 🕎 😊
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Rabbi @yaakovshapiro for an upcoming episode of the Miko Peled Podcast referred to #Jewish #Zionists as “idol worshipers.”
“They did not get these values, of loving their guns and stealing #Palestinian land, from #Judaism,” he said.
By: @mikopeled
He explained that Jewish people throughout history have kept to themselves, avoided #Violence and war, and, in fact, are prohibited by heavenly decree from sovereignty over the Holy Land.
By: @mikopeled
#HolyThursday #coronavirus #LevelOfConcern #Jews…
There are, however, Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Jews, that live in the Holy Land and reject #Zionism and the State of #Israel altogether. “I am with them,” said Rabbi Shapiro.
By: @mikopeled
#IsraeliCrimes #Zionism…
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Who should we kill?

A meditation on #MargaretSanger's mal mot, "The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it."

[From M. Sanger, Women and the New Race (1920).]
Oddly, I grew up thinking that mercy granted life, extended life, ameliorated pain or difficulty, removed unjustly imposed restrictions on liberty.

You know what I mean. You've granted mercies to others.

They arrived late after you labored to prepare a meal.
They failed to take care and caused damage to property, knocking over a lamp or running into your rear bumper.

Thousands of small acts of thoughtlessness or lack of self-awareness intrude on our peace, our contentment.
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Battles for Syria | March 3rd, 2020 | Russian Military Police enters Saraqib
Weird situation in Syria! Turkish observation posts in Syria while Turks bombarding SAA, Russia 'helping' SAA while Israel keeps bombarding Syria🤔
For the last time, Putin is not stopping Israel's plans in Syria. The goal was never regime change, it was always to destabilize Syria. Putin did not try to stop that. Why the hell would he, considering weapon sales are a major part of Russia's economy.
Rabbi Explains Shocking History of #Putin, #KGB, #Chabad, & #Mossad
The rabbi talks as if #Judaism was not a religion but a crime organization, hmm🤔
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Here is an idea from this week's commentary essay on #Yitro: 🇬🇧 / 🇮🇱 / 🇪🇸 / 🇫🇷 / 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Family Edition / Listen #ShabbatShalom Image
Why does #Judaism distinguish between the universality of God and the particularity of our relationship with Him? Answer: because this helps us solve the single greatest problem humanity has faced since earliest times. How can I recognise the dignity and integrity of the ‘other’?
History and biology have written into the human mind a capacity for altruism toward the people like us, and aggression toward the people not like us. We are good, they are bad.
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What's "straight-up NOT #Christianity" is #Antisemitism.

#Jesus was a Jew who led a Jewish movement. People called him "rabbi": "Then an expounder of the Law stood up to test Him with a question. 'Rabbi,' he asked, "what shall I do to inherit the Life of the Ages?" (Lk 10.25).
The #Jesus Movement was a #Jewish movement. When Rome arrested Jesus for treason, he named his brother James & his best friend Peter as its new leaders. Paul never met Jesus, & he had a very different take on Jesus's teachings than the people who'd known & followed him.
Paul visited Jesus Movement leaders in Jerusalem. It didn't go well. Paul hit the road, taking a Jewish movement far outside the bounds of Judea.

Q 1: Will you become a Jew like Jesus?
Ans 1: You want me to cut off the tip of my what?
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Here is a short thread as we light the candles for the eighth and final night of #Chanukah 🕎 called 'To light another light'. Chanukah sameach! 🥳 Image
There’s a fascinating argument in the Talmud. Can you take one Chanukah light to light another? Usually, of course, we take an extra light, the shamash, and use it to light all the candles.
But suppose we don’t have one. Can we light the first candle and then use it to light the others?
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Here is a short thread as we light the candles for the second night of #Chanukah 🕎 called 'The light of the spirit never dies'. Chanukah sameach! 🥳 Image
There’s an interesting question the commentators ask about Chanukah. For eight days we light lights, and each night we make the blessing over miracles: she-asah nissim la-avotenu.
But what was the miracle of the first night? The light that should have lasted one day lasted eight. But that means there was something miraculous about days 2 to 8; but nothing miraculous about the first day.
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#History #Judaisem #Germany

On December 12, 1944, Regina Jonas is murdered in #Auschwitz. To date, the #world's #first #woman who worked as a #rabbi. Regina Jonas was in her early 40s when she was #murdered in #Auschwitz. She belongs to the "#Masorti" movement,
the traditional but not #orthodox current in #Judaism. She was born in August 1902 as the daughter of an #Orthodox #Jewish peddlers in Berlin's barn district. Jonas is deported to #ghetto #Theresienstadt north of #Prague on November 1942.
During the #Shoah, Jonas in #Theresienstadt encourages her fellow prisoners. On December 12, 1944, she is murdered in the #exterminationcamp #Auschwitz. The knowledge of the fate of Regina Jonas is due to a Protestant theologian, the German Katharina von Kellenbach.
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#THREAD: Trump plans on signing an #ExecutiveOrder that redefines #Judaism as a nationality - thus transforming a religious status to a national one equivalent to #Israel- in order to crush student protest and knowledge production at the university level. A few thoughts...
1. This may make some claims against university activism actionable under the 1964 CRA by defining Judaism as a “national origin” but note that similar claims have already been actionable under Title VI and those have been dismissed not because Judaism defined as religion.
but because there has been a significant lack of evidence to demonstrate a hostile environment. The change is in the USG’s willingness to prioritize these claims under the leadership of Betsy DeVos and Kenneth Marcus- a move we already witnessed in the scrutiny of Duke and UNC.
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American Jews are AMERICANS.

No one gets to define my nationality or my identity or my religion.

There’s a special place in hell for antisemites like Trump.
To further continue: the executive order basically equates antisemitism with any criticism of the state of Israel. Anti-Zionism and antisemitism are two different things. You can be Jewish & still think that the treatment of the Palestinian people is deplorable, for instance. 2/
Furthermore, by defining Judaism as a nationality it essentially places its people into the category of “other”. This has antisemitic ramifications in the future, as potential laws can build on this definition and curtail rights. All of this is alarming. 3/
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