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As the Prelims exam of #UPSC is approaching....
A small thread on useful NCERTs..
Remember, there are 30-40 NCERTs,but only few of them are important.

History -
Our Past- I,II III,
Themes on Indian History, Part 1,2, Part 3 .
Read old NCERT for Ancient India( RS Sharma
You can quickly read Our Past series.
Also go through recent papers of CAPF AC, CDS, and IES, where questions are Directly from New NCERTs for example,They asked - What is Azamgarh Declaration (Themes part 3)..

Society- No need to read anything for prelims.
You can rely on Latest current affairs on social issues.

Geography -
XI class Physical geography
India Physical environment,(must)

XII - India people and economy- Minig related part, agriculture part.

Indian Constitution at work...XI class
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Very often, I come across people who are not able to do well in #competitiveexams and end up thinking,
Let's talk about that in this thread
When you have put a lot of efforts and sacrifice behind something you almost start 'expecting' the results 'should' come! This works quite well in theory exams of your school or college where your efforts translate into your marks!
The thing that separates normal exam from competitive exam is that even though you might have done your best someone else might have done slightly better and your ranking will suffer.
Here the eventual result is a rank which is not directly a reflection of your efforts alone! 3/n
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Before you welcome the new day, attempt a question from one of newspaper editorials.

Solve more questions at

#UPSC2023 #UPSC #Editorial #DrishtiIASEditorial #UPSCAspirants #Aspirants #Quiz #CurrentAffairs #DrishtiIAS #DrishtiIASEnglish
The Correct answer is (D)
(1/4)The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) is India’s apex statutory body for disaster management.
The NDMA was formally constituted on 27th September 2006, by the Disaster Management Act, 2005.
(2/4)The Prime Minister is its chairperson, and it has nine other members. One of the nine members is designated as Vice-Chairperson. Hence, statement 1 is correct.
The primary responsibility for the management of disaster rests with the State Government concerned.
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Before you welcome the new day, attempt a question from one of newspaper #Editorials.

Solve more questions at

#MidnightRevisionWithDrishtiIAS #UPSC2023 #UPSC #DrishtiIASEditorial #UPSCAspirants #Quiz #CurrentAffairs #DrishtiIAS #DrishtiIASEnglish Image
The Correct answer is (D)
(1/5)Land subsidence is the sinking or settling of land, often caused by the extraction of underground water or oil, compaction of soil, or the collapse of underground mines or underground cavities. But it is not caused by increased rainfall & flood risk
(2/5)However, increased rainfall and flood risk can be a consequence of land subsidence, as the sinking or settling of land can increase the risk of flooding in certain areas.
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"I want to give a message to married women that if anything wrong happens to them at their in-laws' house, they should not be afraid. Show them that you can stand on your own feet.

#Inspiration #upscresult #upscaspirants #upscmotivation #chaseyourdream Image
Women can do anything they want. If you study well and work hard, you can become an IAS," Shivangi told India Today, while recalling her harrowing experience and how she overcame it.
A mother to her 7-year-old daughter, Shivangi returned to live with her parents after facing domestic abuse at the hands of her in-laws.
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The Correct answer is (D)
(1/6)National Food Security Act (NFSA) Ranking 2022:
In 2022, the first edition of the State Ranking Index for National Food Security Act (NFSA), 2013 was released.
(2/6)The index seeks to document the status and progress of the implementation of NFSA across the country and various reform initiatives after consultation with the states. Hence, statement 1 is correct.
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Before you welcome the new day, attempt a question from one of newspaper editorials.

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#MidnightRevisionWithDrishtiIAS #UPSC2022 #UPSC #Editorial #DrishtiIASEditorial #UPSCAspirants #Aspirants #DrishtiIAS #DrishtiIASEnglish Image
(1/4)The correct answer of Editorial Quiz is option (c)

Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) is a four-star General/Officer who acts as the Principal Military Advisor to the Defence Minister on all tri-services (Army, Navy and Indian Air Force) matters.
(2/4)CDS acts as the permanent Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee which will also have three service chiefs as members.
He also heads the newly created Department of Military Affairs (DMA) in the Ministry of Defence. Hence, statement 1 is correct.
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अबतक कहानियां तो बहुत मिली लेकिन ऐसी नहीं।

ये किशोरी लाल जी हैं।दलित समाज से आते हैं। अपनी पत्नी, दो बेटी और एक बेटे के साथ दिल्ली के अशोक नगर में रहते हैं।किशोरी जी बचपन से क्रिकेट के शौक़ीन थे।अच्छे प्लेयर हुआ करते थे।अपना प्राइवेट क्लब भी शुरू किया था।
पहले डिस्ट्रिक्ट बाद में स्टेट लेवल पर क्रिकेट खेला।लगातार 20 साल तक। भारत का शायद ही कोई ऐसा राज्य हो जहाँ इन्होने क्रिकेट टूर्नामेंट ना खेला हो।बहुत तगड़ी टीम थी इनकी। मॉडर्न स्कूल बाराखंभा रोड में कपिल देव और यशपाल शर्मा के अगेंस्ट में क्रिकेट खेला।
लोग कहते थे-किशोरी क्रिकेट खेलना शानदार सिखाता है।किशोरी जी ने क्रिकेट की कोचिंग देनी शुरू कर दी।250 के करीब बच्चें आते थे।इनके द्वारा ट्रेन्ड किए हुए लड़के स्पोर्ट्स कोटे से कई सरकारी नौकरियों में गए।कुछ PTI टीचर बने। दिल्ली पुलिस में गए।वकील बने।कुछ की नौकरी DDA में हुई
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Supreme Court to consider a petition filed by civil service aspirants seeking an extra attempt in the UPSC exams for those candidates who gave the last attempt in the latest exam held in 2020. @DoPTGoI
has stated no extra chance would be given

#SupremeCourt had told Centre that earlier too such extra attempt opportunities was granted by the government and that it should be seen if an exception could be carved out for the #UPSCaspirants
ASG Raju: 3,300 candidates will be appearing if extra attempt is granted. If age is concerned , 2,236 candidates is there.

Justice Khanwilkar: we will not go into age
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