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"My father is my inspiration because he always motivates us and encourages us to move further if we fail," says Aarti Jha, who secured 192nd rank in #NEET and now aims to become a neurologist.

#NEETResults #NEET2023 #Struggle #Inspiration #Students #Agra Image
Hailing from Agra in #UttarPradesh, Aarti chose to drop her preparation for a year while she taught students in a local school. "I used the money to pay for my coaching classes. I began preparing after 2020 & since then, have been working diligently to crack the exam," she says.
"She will be the first doctor in the family, and it is a huge achievement. Despite financial problems, she has managed to crack the exam," says her father, Bishambhar Jha, who has worked as a truck mechanic for the last 40 years.
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“While visiting a temple in Sri Lanka during a work trip, I discovered something strange. I paid my respects and bent down. But when I tried to get back up, I couldn’t.

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#IngeniousIndian #Innovation #Inspiration #TheBetterIndia Image
I had a 50-50 chance of survival, and things were not looking great. I had six months,” notes Hari, adding that by September 2010, radiation, chemotherapies, and surgery followed.
The doctors hoped that the aggressive treatment strategy would be enough”, said Hari Subramaniam, founder of LifeSigns. “There are so many different reports and different doctors.
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"Steering the hardships - Women at the wheel beyond all the odds and naysayers!

Post Courtesy: Devkaran M on #LinkedIn

#Inspiration #Wisdom #DefyingOdds #SingleMother #WomenPower #India Image
I took a bike ride service yesterday and had the fantastic experience (1st of its kind) of meeting this ambitious and dynamic powerhouse of positivity. Ms. Venkata Lakshmi L is in her 40’s and a single mother.
After her husband's death, she had no time to grieve as she had to care for her family. But, being not one of the easy giving-up types, she told me that she invested every penny from her savings into getting the bike and signed up for both services to make ends meet.
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TW: Violence and torture

“My dad was kidnapped. It was traumatic.
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#Education #HeroesofHumanity #Inspiration #TheBetterIndia Image
For seven days, he was tortured, beaten and could only escape when he jumped from the third floor of the building where he was being kept hostage. He ran several kilometers to reach the closest railway station to reach home. This incident had a heavy impact on my brain.”
Though Ananya had grown up hearing incidents of people from local #tribal communities being kidnapped, she only realized the gravity of the situation when her father was abducted one day in 2002.
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"#Odisha is a coastal state and is bound to have cyclones. It is our responsibility to ensure every life is safe.

Read more about the five suggestions for better #DisasterManagement and response in states vulnerable to #cyclones:…

#IAS #Inspiration Image
We adopted a zero-human casualty mission, and it took us 20 years to achieve that,” says IAS officer #PradeepKumarJena, who has seen the state through many interventions that have saved thousands of lives.
Born and raised in Balijhati village of Dhenkanal district, Jena has been in the service since 1989. During his tenure, he has been intrinsic to the state disaster response.
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“Back then, most catering businesses were run by men, and I faced much opposition from my family and society.

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#Inspiration #WomenEntrepreneurs #IndianFood #SeniorCitizens #Odisha #TheBetterIndia Image
Finding a girl for my son was difficult, as nobody was ready to marry their daughters to a family where the lady of the house worked as a caterer. But, I never gave up on my work or my hope,” says 74-year-old Santoshini Mishra, who runs a catering business in Sambalpur, Odisha.
Santoshini's husband used to run a pan shop and was the family's sole breadwinner. But he had to quit his business due to an illness, and the whole responsibility fell on her shoulders.
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"When one can do things on our own, then why to look for help from others," says Suraj Gaywal, a triple amputee #bodybuilder who doesn’t hold any grudges and instead wants to make the most of life.

#Inspiration #DefyingOdds #Fitness #Motivation #Pune Image
In 2016, Suraj lost his legs and arm to an electric shock. "After returning home, I was in a wheelchair, but I accepted whatever had happened and wanted to move on instead of feeling resentful," he says. The Pune-based youth started his fitness journey in 2021.
In just two months, he prepared himself for a district-level bodybuilding competition in Pune and secured a silver medal in the “star category” for individuals with disabilities.
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“My life wouldn’t have been this happy and lively without this cycle. It has kept me away from health issues," says the 74-year-old Jyotsana Kagal, who has proved that age is just a number and that one can pursue their dreams and passions at any stage. Image
Growing up in the Bankikodla village of Gokarna, Jyotsna had always been fascinated by bicycles and watched men and boys riding them with wonder. At 14, she borrowed bikes from her neighbours and taught herself to ride.

When she began working as an Anganwadi worker,
she purchased her first bicycle in 1968, as until then, she had been riding boys’ bicycles. Only after buying her own bike did she ride a ladies’ bicycle. In 1976, Jyotsna even caught a thief by chasing him on her bicycle, which remains her favourite adventure on the gear.
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"This a gentle reminder of something significant you may miss out on. Self Care!
We are so busy running behind the goals that we forget to care about ourselves, and being in the business, you can’t ignore yourself because you are the Backbone.

#Inspiration #SelfCare #Lifestyle Image
So, here are some tips I follow for self-care:

>> Eat Healthily: I believe 'what you eat is what you become.' I am a diabetic, so eating healthy food is always my top priority. It keeps you light and cheerful.
>> Sleep well: I know being in the business means sleepless nights and a hectic schedule, but less sleep makes you unproductive, while sleeping refreshes and energizes your mind. So it’s worth the time!
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The Power of Hope in Challenging Times

1/4 “For this reason, therefore, I requested to see you and to speak with you, since I am wearing this chain for the sake of the hope of Israel” - Acts 28:20
2/4 Just like the Apostle Paul, who wore chains but held onto hope, we too can find inspiration in challenging times. The presence of oppression doesn’t diminish the power of hope.
3/4 We identify with our country based on its potential for freedom and liberty, even when those ideals are yet to be fully realized. This belief fuels our determination to create positive change and work towards a better future.
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Did you know some skills that are too difficult to learn but will help you throughout your life?

Unless you’re passionate and committed to mastering them, you can't learn them! A twitter thread... #Inspiration #Talents #Business #LifeSkills Image
Communication Skills

When you have excellent communication skills, you can excel at whatever you do in life. You can also expect a quick promotion in your job and a smooth career journey ahead.

#Profession #Lifegoals #Lifehacks #Communication #BodyLanguage
Listening Skills

Someone said it a long time back to never stop listening. Being a good listener can be a great way to make professional friends and enhance your network. As a good listener, you understand what others are saying, which can help you make an informed decision.
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Hello, Connections! Welcome back to my weekly column #ATHCOriginal #AskATHC. Today, I want to discuss a rather controversial topic—#Women.

#UnitedShowbiz #Gender #eqyality #Education #womenempowerment #TedTalk #Inspiration #Movies
Last week, I discussed #ContentWriting, but today's topic is different. Before going further, I want to declare outright that I am not a feminist or atheist. I am just a pragmatic, who sees a glass & water as two distinct things rather than seeing it half-empty or half full.
World has moved forward. Girls have gone to space! But culture, religion, ethics, & social evils continue to haunt girls worldwide. I don't want to talk about India, you've plenty of cases where women face atrocities almost every single day here. #RuralIndia #WomenLifeFreedom
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1/6🚀 My first airplane ride at 24 wasn't just a trip; it was a life-changing journey that shaped my perspective on success and happiness in the tech industry. Here's how it all began... #startup #agile #success
2/6✈️ I won a contest for a trip to Macworld in California, where the iPhone was launched! I had to get my first passport! Growing up poor, I never imagined attending such an event. But this trip exceeded my wildest expectations. #grateful #resilience
3/6🔥 I got fired shortly after my return. But, despite the setback, my newfound sense of possibility propelled me forward. Within a year, I started my first startup. #embracetheunexpected #techfounder
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Confucius was a philosopher, teacher and politician who lived in ancient China over 2,500 years ago. His teachings continue to influence Chinese culture and society to this day. #Confucius #philosophy #China #history

Sound ⬆️

[Note, this is AI-generated content with images……
2/ Confucius emphasized the importance of virtue, education and respect for authority. He believed that rulers should lead by example and cultivate moral character in their subjects.

👉Prompts in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart #history #virtue #education #leadership A detailed environmental po...A detailed environmental po...A detailed environmental po...
3/ Confucian values continue to play a significant role in Chinese society, particularly in areas such as education, family relationships and business etiquette.

👉Prompt in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart #history
#Confucianism #culture #society Blend of comic book art and...Blend of comic book art and...Blend of comic book art and...Blend of comic book art and...
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Michelle Obama was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, the daughter of working-class parents. She is the first African-American First Lady of the United States. #MichelleObama #Inspiration

👉Prompt in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart #history #MichelleObama A detailed environmental po...A detailed environmental po...A portrait of famous First ...
2/ Let's learn about Michelle Obama, her life and her accomplishments in this video.

Sound ⬆️

[Note, this is AI-generated content with images from #midjourney, script by #Bard, #ChatGPT and voiceovers by #11labs]
3/ After law school, Michelle Obama worked as an attorney at the law firm Sidley Austin, where she met her future husband, Barack Obama. #SocialJustice #Education

👉Prompts in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart #history #MichelleObama A detailed environmental po...A detailed environmental po...A detailed environmental po...A detailed environmental po...
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Self evaluation and assessment matters in the journey of a man and his business.

Many people believed that the past is gone and there is no need to think about it.

#imacelebrity #selfimprovement #selfassessment Image
I believed that there is need for a man to look into his past and learn from the mistakes of the past that led to his present to determine the direction for his future.
Our actions, decisions and sacrifices of yesterday brought us here today, our dream is tomorrow ImageImage
and we won't get here today without yesterday (YingYang).

Don't give up because you failed yesterday, failing is one of the ingredients for success. The more you failed yesterday, the more you are closer to your success today and tomorrow. Image
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🎉🇺🇸 Today marks the 169th anniversary of the Republican Party of the United States, organized in Ripon, Wisconsin on this day in 1854! Let's take a journey through its early history. #GOP #RepublicanPartyAnniversary
📜 The Republican Party was formed in response to the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which allowed for the possibility of slavery in new territories. Anti-slavery activists and former Whig Party members united to fight for a common cause. #1854 #KansasNebraskaAct
🤝 The party's name was inspired by Thomas Jefferson's Democratic-Republican Party, emphasizing the Republican Party's commitment to the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. #Jefferson #Inspiration
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1/ interessant! Schaut euch an! #Sonntagslektüre
#15MinutenStadt #Inspiration
Ein 8jähriger würde es verstehen...
2/ Mainstream berichtet auch Image
3/ Wo WEF draufsteht ist Tyrannei drin?… Image
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Digital Spies:

In the digital age, privacy is a challenge,
Our personal data is at risk of theft,
Protecting it requires more than a talisman.

Our online lives are a digital talisman,
Hackers and cybercriminals take the plunge,
In the digital age, privacy is a challenge. Image
We are always at risk, a digital malfunction,
Leaves us open to scams and identity theft,
Protecting it requires more than a talisman.

We need to create an environment of caution,
And implement measures that give us a breath,
In the digital age, privacy is a challenge.
We must protect our data, a digital orphan,
And safeguard our personal assets from theft,
Protecting it requires more than a talisman.
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What if I told you that everything you thought you knew about leadership was wrong? 🤯 I stumbled upon a video from @simonsinek that completely shattered my beliefs and opened my eyes to a new way of thinking.
Sinek's video on leadership taught me that great leaders don't just inspire action, they inspire belief. 💡 It's not about what you do, it's about why you do it. "People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it." #leadership #inspiration
As Sinek says, "great leaders are those who trust their gut." 👍🏼 It's about having the confidence to follow your instincts and stay true to your values, even when it's not the popular choice. #integrity #trust #leadership
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A fighter—that is how everyone who knows Radha Yadav.

Her tale is one of overcoming obstacles. Her father migrated from Uttar Pradesh to Mumbai in pursuit of a better. @Radhay_21

#RadhaYadav #WomenCricketTeam #IndianCricketTeam #ChasingDreams #Inspiration #MakingIndiaProud Image
She comes from a lower middle-class household. Their family resided in a small room in Kandivali as he sold milk.
She fell in love with cricket as a child after seeing the men in blue win the coveted ICC Men's World Cup in Mumbai.
But her father, who afterwards worked as a street vendor selling vegetable could not provide her with the money to travel to a practice game.
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"No one supported her. So she went all alone for it. Even my neighbours told me not to send her outside, that it was not good.

#WPL #WPLAuction #ChaseYourDream #WomenInSports #Inspiration
But I was very confident that my daughter would handle everything," says #JasiaAkhtar's father.

Gul Mohammed Wani, works as a daily labourer in #Kashmir's Shopian and earns just enough to support his four-member family.
Playing for the #Rajasthan team for the past two years, Jasia is among the top players in ODI rankings for women's domestic cricket in India with 500 plus runs as well as in T20 rankings with 590 runs.
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When Kerala's Sachin Kumar signed up for an accountancy course in Nilambur, little did he know that he would soon meet the love of his life.⁠

#CoupleGoals #Inspiration #ValentineDay #valentineweek #valentineday2023
Neither had the young man imagined the lengths he would go to—all in the name of love.⁠

“I'd joined the course a month before Bhavya began attending classes. We were friends for about six months before I finally mustered up the courage and told her that I liked her.
She didn't say anything, but I understood that she felt the same way. That's how it all started,” Sachin tells The Better India.⁠

With their bond only growing stronger with time, Sachin and Bhavya decided to get married.
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“Roses have their own language and are a classic choice when it comes to gifting," says Mukund Thakar, a floriculturist #Pune who launched the #PawnaPhulUtpadakSangh that helps farmers diversify their produce and earn in lakhs.

#FarmersFirst #Inspiration #ValentinesWeek #Flora
A progressive farmer and a role model for farmers, Mukund has provided jobs to the local youth, both men and women, and stopped migration.
While #floriculturists worldwide nurse a desire to send their flowers to developed markets, especially to countries like #Holland, the Sangh has been exporting flowers since 2013. Asked how you impress your Valentine.“Go for a 60cm-sized flower bud, one of our best,”says Thakar.
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