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To all #UPSC aspirants

The last 50 days should be a sprint.

What does it mean?

1. Basic subjects: Revising all the basic subjects at least for 3 times. If this has to happen, then stop allocating more than 5 days for any subject. Be aware of 2 traps here

Trap 1: I am a fresher so I need more days to finish a subject. Irrespective of you being a fresher or not, by now you would’ve read the subject at least twice. So stop making excuses and push.

Trap 2: Wanting to be perfect in the subject. Perfection comes through iteration so don’t sit on one subject for many days. (3/7)

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Agriculture imp. points for UPSC prelims-#UPSC

- Macro, micro
- NBS scheme
- Urea pricing
- Nano urea
- One nation one fertilizer
- PM Kisan Samruddhi kendra( Min of Che & fertili.)
- Bio fertilizer
- Fertigation
- Green manure
- Kharif Crops
- Rabi Crops
- Condition for growth( temp, rainfall, soil)
-Oil seeds
-Fodder crops
- Types of farming and their characteristic features
- Cropping patterns

Technologies in Farming-
- Sys for rice intensification(SRI)
- Sus Sugarcane Initiative
- Hydrogel Agri System
- Mycorrhizal technology
- Zero tillage
- Organic farming
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Disqualification of MPs/MLAs in India😲

- RPA 1951
- 10th schedule
- u/A 102 and 191

Find detailed provisions that you need to know for #UPSC in this🧵

Like❤️this tweet to revise later📚 (1/9)
Disqualification is prescribed in 3 situations:

1. 10th schedule for defection
2. u/A 102(1) for MPs & 191(1) for MLAs
3. u/ Representation of The People Act (RPA) 1951

Let's decode these one by one👇🏼(2/9)
Still not on my Telegram?

I share Free valuable resources for all #UPSC aspirants. Don't miss, join today👇🏼
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A 🧵 to revise where PM inaugurated/laid foundation /Unveil statue/cultural event/infrastructure project in recent time

So it becomes impt for #UPSC #Prelims2023

To get pdf of thread ,read till last one in thread u get to knw how to get

let's see them in 🧵
PM Modi unveils 108-ft bronze statue of Bengaluru founder *Nadaprabhu Kempegowda *Statue of Prosperity
He was chieftain of the Vijayanagara empire,
credited for laying the foundation of what is today known as Bengaluru city in 1537.

Belongs to Vokkaliga community

Constructed around 1,000 lakes in the city to cater to drinking and agricultural need.

He abolished the practice Bandi Devaru ,In which fingers of the left hand of an unmarried woman cut during the custom
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To all #UPSC aspirants

Many students complain that, when they are reading the books the second time, they feel like they have forgotten everything what they had studied the first time.

Read this thread to find out the reason and how to eliminate that feeling. (1/5)

The reason why you feel this way is because of your expectation to be perfect.

You are expecting to know every line just by reading the book once or twice. This expectation is itself wrong.

Then how to go about it. (2/5)

Firstly, ur clarity of concepts comes thru several iterations of reading the same sources. So expecting to get clarity on all concepts in the first or second round itself is being unfair to oneself.
As u read the same source many times, ur grip over the subject strengthens.(3/5)
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🚀EPIC 5 Day Strategy to REVISE/LEARN Art and Culture

✅ Strategy is made by extensive research of last 2 Decades #UPSC Prelims PYQs

✅Each day study the following Topics for 6-8 Hours 🟰 Complete in 5 Days

💎The Strategy 🔽🔽 Image
🚀Day 1:
✅Jainism Buddhism

✅Sangam Literature

🚀Day 2:
✅Bhakti-Sufi Movements

✅6 schools of philosophy

✅Classical Dance and language
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🧵 for Some Rock Cut Caves asked in Pyq importantfor #upsc #prelims2023
*Ajanta Caves
This cave is located in Aurangabad on Waghora river,district of Maharashtra,have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site,Buddhist cave monument total 29 caves, some caves are Double story Image
*Fa Hien and Hieun Tsang mntnd abt them in their acnts
*Famous fresco paintings of Ajanta are dying princesses, flying apsara and preaching Buddha etc
*Absence of blue colour in paintings
*Patronaged by Satavahanas, Vakatakas and Chalukyas
*Ellora Cave its UNESCO World Heritage Site
It is locally known as ‘Verul Leni’
It is located in Sahyadri range of Maharashtra,belongs to Buddhism, Jainism & Hinduism total 34 caves,some caves are even 3 stories Image
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PM Given Traditional Gifts to G20 members. So all these Gifts become Important for #Upsc #prelims #ArtandCulture .
"So Dekhlo Ek bar fir Bolege Art nd Culture k question kaha se aate h 😆😆 "
Let's look at them 👇 n revise them
A 🧵
To US 🖼
KNGRA MINIATURE PAINTING portray ‘Shringar Rasa’ and depict love story from Himachal Pradesh using natural colours.The art originated in a small hill state ‘Guler’ in the first half of 18th century
When family of Kashmiri painters -- trained in Mughal Style of painting -- sought shelter at the court of Raja Dalip Singh of Guler
Othr fms kinng linked with it Maharaja Sansar Chand Katoch
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🧵Important battles for #upsc #prelims Medieval history
⚔️First battle of Waihind Mohammad Ghazni against Jaipala 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣1️⃣,Jaipala defeated
⚔️Second battle of Waihind Ghazni defeated Anandpala 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣8️⃣
⚔️First battle of Tarain 1️⃣1️⃣9️⃣1️⃣ Prithi Chauhan defeated Mohammed Ghori

⚔️Second Battle of Tarain 1️⃣1️⃣9️⃣2️⃣ Ghori defeated Prithvi Chauhan

⚔️Battle of Chhandawar 1️⃣1️⃣9️⃣4️⃣ Ghori defeated Jaichand
⚔️First Battle of Panipat 1️⃣5️⃣2️⃣6️⃣ Babur deafeted Ibrahim Lodhi

⚔️Battle of Khanwa 1️⃣5️⃣2️⃣7️⃣ Babur defeated Rana Sanga

⚔️Battle of Chanderi 1️⃣5️⃣2️⃣8️⃣ Babur defeated Medini Rai

⚔️Battle of Ghagra 1️⃣5️⃣2️⃣9️⃣ Babur defeated Sultan Mohamud Lodhi
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2014, 2015, 2017, 2019

In all these year #UPSC asked direct questions on Reports & Publishing Agency in #Prelims

Open this tweet to find imp reports by following agencies in one place

- WB

Like❤️tweet to save🧵to your notes (1/10)
1. World Economic Forum📈

- Global Risk Report
- Energy Transition Index
- Global Info Tech Report
- Global Gender Gap Report
- Inclusive Development Index
- Global Competitiveness Report
- Global Travel & Tourism Report

Solve these PYQ👇🏼 (2/10) Image
2. World Bank🏦

- Ease of Living
- Ease of Doing Business
- India Development Update
- World Development Report
- Global Economic Prospects
- Universal Health Coverage Index

Solve this PYQ👇🏼 (3/10) Image
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5 Important Mission frequently referred by PM in his speeches impt for #upsc #prelims
*Mission LIFE
*Green Hydrogen energy
*Amrit Sarovar Mission
*Mission Shakti
*Semi Conductor
#CAwithModiG Image
Mission LIFE is 'Lifestyle For Environment
LiFE makes us all trustees of the environment
It emboldens the spirit of the P3 model i.e. Pro Planet People
Through concept of 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle' and circular economy
🧵 Image
Green Hydrogen Energy Mission it incentivises production of Green Hydrogen and make India a net exporter of the fuel
*Developing green hydrogen production capacity of at least 5 MMT per annum,alongside adding renewable energy capacity of about 125 GW in India by 2030
🧵 Image
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Kaladan Multi Modal Transit Transport Project is largest & most strategically important Indian investment in Myanmar which aims to connect NE with Kolkata through Sittwe Port of Myanmar via Bay of Bengal that will provide valuable alternate route and considerably cut travel time
When completed, the KMTTT will shorten the current time taken to transport goods from Kolkata to Mizoram by three-four days, and the distance by around 950 km.

This is the reason that KMMTT is called “Future Gateway to South East Asia.
It will also serve as cornerstone of India’s “Look East Policy” aiming to expand India’s economic and political influence in Southeast Asia.

#UPSC #G20Summit #G20
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Achieve Maximum Flow State using these 4 STEPS to Clear #UPSCPrelims2023
-A Master Thread-
What is FLOW State?

✅Flow state is a feeling of being completely absorbed in what you are doing.
✅It's when you are so focused on something that everything else seems to fade away.
How does it help in #UPSC prep?

✅During flow state, the brain produces higher levels of certain neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and anandamide
✅This helps to Skyrocket ur study performance
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6 Super Productivity Lesser Know Hacks to Clear #UPSCPrelims2023
-A Master Thread-

1️⃣Rule of 3
2️⃣Work in Sprints
3️⃣The One Touch Rule
4️⃣The IVY Lee Method
5️⃣Time Boxing 🥊
6️⃣80/20 Rule Image
1️⃣The Rule of Three: At the beginning of each day, identify the three most important tasks to be completed that day.
Ex- CSAT, Current Affairs, Polity Image
2️⃣Work in Sprints: Work for a set amount of time, typically 90 minutes, followed by a short break.

This can help to maintain focus and prevent burnout.

Ex- next 90 minutes do only Modern Indian History Image
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India:'The Runway to a Billion Opportunities'

Air India’s historic deal with Airbus & Boeing to buy 470 aircraft ($70bn) & the theme of #AeroIndia reflect New India of the 21st century

Here’s a 🧵 on India’s Civil aviation sector & #AeroIndia

Save it to your notes 📝


•Before:Aero India was a mere window to 'Sell to India'

•Today: A potential defence partner. Our technology is cost effective as well as credible.

• 'Best innovation' in India with 'honest intent'

•India is the 3rd largest domestic civil aviation market in the world after China & the US

•Domestic passengers more than doubled from 60 million in 2014 to 143 million in 2020,prior to Covid-19

•International air passengers increased from 23 to 35 million
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100 days to #UPSC #Prelims 2023!🤯

These 5 YouTube videos from Selected Officers will take you closer to your UPSC dream in next 100 days!!

Open this thread Only If you are a Serious UPSC Aspirant. 🤫🧵
1. Kill the Killer: How to prepare CSAT by @SinhaAnna ma'am 🫡

2. How to analyze the #Prelims PYQ by @AnupamSharmaIFS sir 🤔

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Our #UPSC PYQ initiative : #PracticeToProgress. Comment below with your answers or vote in the poll below⬇️. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, that’s how you’ll learn. The solution will be posted at 9 pm.
Vote here
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5.9 MT of Lithium found in India!😮🔋

Is it true? What are implications? What happens to Chenab?🥺

Open this thread to learn all about it for #UPSC🧵(1/5)
Why's it important?🤔

- Li & Co demand to rise 500% by 2050
- India imports 70% of Li-ion cell from China & HK
- China controls 77% of global Li-ion manufacturing (2/5)
Learn directly from serving officers (IAS, IPS, IRS) on my YouTube.

Subscribe now👇🏻
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“People’s human rights do not disappear because their homes do!”
@UN Secretary-General

World Meteorological Organization @WMO recently released a report:
“Global Sea-level Rise & Implications”

Here’s a 🧵 on Sea-Level Rise!
Save it to your notes 📝
“We would witness a mass exodus of entire populations on a biblical scale & we would see ever-fiercer competition for fresh water,land & other resources. The impact of rising seas is already creating new sources of instability & conflict.”

@UN Secretary-General @antonioguterres

•It is an increase in the level of the world’s oceans

•Caused primarily by 2 factors related to global warming:
-The added water from melting ice sheets & glaciers
-The expansion of seawater as it warms

•It is not globally uniform & varies regionally
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“Today’s latest devices are also the future’s E-Waste.”
PM Modi

Here’s a valuable thread on E-Waste, Waste-to-wealth, statistics, case studies & other steps related making India a Global Recycling Hub for E-Waste!

Save them to your notes 📝!

A 🧵:
Global E-waste Monitor 2020

•The world dumped 53.6 million metric tons of e-waste in 2019

•Global e-waste generation to touch 747 LT per year by 2030

•the e-waste generated around the world in 2019 contained raw materials (mainly iron,copper & gold) worth $57 billion
•Only 17. 4% of e-waste was documented as formally collected & recycled in 2019

•Many developed countries have e-waste recycling rates of 50-70%

•Described e-waste as an ‘URBAN MINE’:the critical & non-critical metals in it can be recycled as secondary raw materials.
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Attention #UPSC Aspirants in Delhi!

•We will be offering FREE mentorship at #Delhi to ALL UPSC Aspirants:

⏰:9:30 am-5:30 pm

•We are also providing FREE DEMO Classes of our Foundation Program:OGP

-GEOGRAPHY is going on at our Delhi branch till 20th Feb!
⏰: 10:30 AM- 2:30 PM
🗓️: Monday to Saturday

CSAT Classes will begin on 21st February and they will continue till 9th March
⏰: 10:30 AM- 2:30 PM
🗓️: Monday to Saturday
Please fill this form if you wish to join our Foundation Program: OGP for #UPSC CSE 2024 at our #Delhi branch.…
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#UPSC Aspirants writing the FREE STEP-UP Test Series for #UPSCPrelims 2023 at our #Delhi branch.

Register here to write them in the online mode:
Aspirants writing the test at our #Bengaluru branch
Aspirants writing the test at our Hyderabad branch
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India leads the charge in global energy transition, harnessing new sources of power with a determined spirit of 'VIKSIT BHARAT'.

Here are a few important snippets from the PM’s speech at the India Energy Week. Save them to your 📝

A 🧵:
@IMFNews growth projections for 2023 for #India

-Going to be the fastest growing major economy

-A global bright spot in 2022 despite the pandemic & war

@IEA The International Energy Agency:

-India’s energy demand will be the highest in the world in this decade⬇️

•Today India's share in global oil demand is around 5% but it is expected to reach 11%.

•India's gas demand is expected to increase by 500%.
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3 tips for 2023 aspirants-

While solving PYQs/test papers / mock tests, keep following points in mind 👉

1) You can't read everything. So, learn to prioritise things. Read important things & your notes.
Something you have to skip and that's life. You can't cover everything.
2) Focus on your behaviour while dealing with difficult questions. This exam is about your emotional intelligence. Examiner will play with your emotions. So, be calm and focused.

3) Plan and think as if you are going to write final exam and not class test. Give your best.
All the best👍

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