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TV shows are a fun way to learn and take a break from the books.📺

Here are 6 TV shows you can watch to strengthen your #UPSC Prep.

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1. Pradhanmantri on ABP

- Narrates post-Independence history (1947-2014).
- Keeps PM tenures in mind to share Indian stories.
- Teaches you about social, economic and political events of the country.

Watch here👇🏻
2. Bharat Ek Khoj on DD

- Based on JLN's Discovery of India.
- Explores rich, diverse and cultural Indian heritage in modern times.

Watch here👇🏻
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Now that #UPSCPrelims2023 is done & dusted, it’s time to head back into the preparation mode with renewed vigour & determination.

Irrespective of the results, if you’re giving this or the next #UPSC attempt, it’s time to prepare for Mains. How to ace the mains?

A thread 🧵:
1. Read the #UPSC notification.

Didn’t expect that, did you? They clearly mention the demand of the exam. “The main exam is intended to assess the overall intellectual traits and depth of understanding of candidates rather than merely the range of their information and memory.”
2. Approach to Study?

“The questions are likely to test the candidate’s basic understanding of all relevant issues, and ability to analyse.”
Focus on understanding an issue in all its facets, the context behind it, & know how to interlink & analyse it from multiple dimensions.
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✨ Economics Basics 101:

"Off - Budget borrowings of the state"

- loans obtained by government entities such as PSUs or special purpose vehicles, behalf of government finance its expenditure.

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Some more details🧵
1. CAG's observations:

- These borrowings are not included while computing the debt and fiscal deficit of the state government.
2. There is no mention of it in the budget documents.
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✨ Reserve Bank of India - "functions"

* The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the central bank of India.

* It was established in 1935 under a special act of the parliament.

* It is responsible for determining the country's monetary policy.

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#UPSC Image
- The main role of the RBI is to maintain financial stability and to ensure adequate liquidity in the economy.
- The following are the main functions that the RBI performs dutifully:
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⭐️ A major event Happening at World Stage,

“ India” is once again showcasing it’s soft power in a very profound manner🤩.

- PM Modi is set to lead the “International Yoga Day Celebrations”at United Nations.

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#UPSC Image
International Yoga Day

- celebrated every year on 21st june.

- theme for 2023 : “Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam”
PM modi will also visit Egypt.

Place in news: Cairo

Look at this map and note down important places. Image
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⭐️ Inflation aka “Mehgai” control is one of the most major task for any country’s economic policy.

This task is a collective action of fiscal as well as monetary policy.

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#UPSC Image
RBI through its Monetary Policy measures tries to control inflation.
And at the same time,

Government also takes several measures to control inflation.

One such control measures has been highlighted in above article.
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“CoWin Data Leak issue”

- In this article several things were discussed.

1. CERT- in
2. Right to Privacy
3.RTI (Right to info) Act.

Lets have a look at all of them :

Follow for more such daily important news analysis.


Thread🧵: Image
1. CERT- in

- national nodal agency for responding to computer security incidents as and when they occur.

- CERT-In was established in 2004 as a functional organization of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.
2. Right to Privacy

- Right to privacy is protected as an intrinsic part of the right to life and personal liberty under Article 21.

- Supreme Court in its landmark judgement of K.S. Puttaswamy case 2017 ,
Upheld Right to Privacy as a fundamental and inalienable right.
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#UPSC a Constitutional Body being turned into an RSS machinery.
Here's how...
1st Manoj Soni gets appointed as UPSC Chairman, a staunch hardcore Sanghi also known as Chotta Modi.
Dr. Manoj Soni was appointed as Chairman of UPSC on 16th May, 2023.

2nd UPSC brings out the toughest prelims question paper for both GS 1 & CSAT for the 1st time in its History. Everyone is saying the same thing.
3rd here's another proof of how, Gujarat Model is being implemented in UPSC to turn it into an RSS machinery, even after such tough paper that most of the qualifying students are from Gujarat. Just type Bhai in the search box of the result PDF.
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It's a thread for those who couldn't clear #Prelims even after ≥2nd GOOD attempt.


"लगातार कोशिश करते रहो, सफलता जरूर मिलेगी"

Such lines sound good in Motivational videos, but may be disastrous for the life of many #UPSC aspirants.

(1/n) Image
I know a lot of "erstwhile" aspirants who invested their entire youth (20s & early 30s) in #UPSC preparation, but were left empty-handed after exhausting their age/attempts. Thus, destroying their potentials.

So, realising when to quit this exam is extremely critical.

3 thoughts which prevent aspirants from taking such decision:

💭1. Gambler's Fallacy: "I've invested time & energy for this exam, & have accumulated so much Knowledge. It will all get wasted if I quit. I cannot fail everytime. Better to try once more, probably i will succeed." Image
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दिन खास है क्योंकि आज के ही दिन एक अदने से अश्वेत को एक ट्रेन से धकिया कर प्लेटफार्म पर पटक दिया गया। साफ शब्दों में अश्वेतों को उनकी औकात याद दिलाई गयी।

फिर वही छोटू #दीवार बन गया। शोषितों और शोषकों के बीच, दुनिया की सबसे मजबूत दीवार। आज भी #संघर्ष देख लो, उसके तरीके ही
पूरे दुनिया में कापी पेस्ट हो रहे। आगे अलग अलग देशों के राष्ट्रनायकों से लेकर अल्बर्ट आइन्सटीन तक '#हीरो' मानने लगे, "#मसीहा" बोलने लगे। अरे उसने कब कहा कि उसे ये सब बोलो?

तुम नहीं जानते, मत जानो।
जो तुम नहीं मानते, तो मत मानो।
#बोस ने "#राष्ट्रपिता" बोल दिया।पाप तो नहीं किया कोई पर ये बात दूसरे पक्ष के बर्दाश्त के एकदम बाहर।

तुम्हें पिछले 5-10 सालों में #व्हाटसएप्प और #फेसबुक के माध्यम से अपना राजनीतिक हित साधने के उद्देश्य से ये बताया गया कि वो #बंटवारे का जिम्मेदार है और सारी परेशानियों की जड़ है.
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#UPSC Mains Answer Writing Master 🧵

✅ Understand the Directives
✅Each Directive has different Answer Structures


👇 Image
1️⃣ Comment

🚀Choose your position on the topic/issue. Provide arguments with facts/examples in favour of your opinion

🚀Introduce the topic. In the main body/bullets put down the arguments and the facts. End with conclusion.

🚀Probe deeper into the given topic.

🚀Support your answer with details like causes, implications and the way forward.

🚀Begin with a brief discussion of the various issues on the topic. Provide details and conclude in the same paragraph if possible.
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बहुत ही आम लोगों के लिए लिखा है। अगर आपकी नेताओं, पत्रकारों और अधिकारियों से सेटिंग वगैरह है तो इसे पढ़ने में अपना अमूल्य समय व्यर्थ मत किजिएगा।
#UPSC का परिणाम आया, प्रधानमंत्री से लेकर पत्रकारों तक ने और पत्रकारों से लेकर उन लोगों तक ने अभ्यर्थियों को बधाई, शुभकामनाएं दे डालीं जिनका उनसे दूर दूर तक कोई नाता नहीं है।
नेताओं और पत्रकारों का तो समझ आता है लेकिन भाई तु न तीन में न तेरह में फिर तु किस बात पर खुश हो रहा है? तु किस बात की बधाई दे रहा है?

पास होने वालों ने समाज पर कौन सा उपकार कर दिया? या पद पर बैठने के बाद समाज के लिए करते क्या हैं ये लोग?
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#பார்ப்பனியம் #பார்ப்பன_தந்திரங்கள்

பெட்டிக்கடை வைப்பது அவமானமா என்று நம்மை நோக்கித்தான் கேட்பார்கள். ஆனால் அவர்கள் செய்ய மாட்டார்கள்.

#UPSC தேர்வுகூட எழுதாமல் அரசு செயலர் ஆவார்கள். மக்கள் மன்றம் செல்லாமல் மந்திரி ஆவார்கள்.

சூத்திர அண்ணாமலையை வேலையை விடச் சொல்லி
முன்னுதாரணம் காட்டுவார்கள். ஆனால் ஒரு பார்ப்பானும் தன் வேலையை விட மாட்டான்.

உங்களைப் பக்கோடாக் கடை போடச் சொல்லுவான். ஆனால் வெளிநாட்டு தூதரகங்கள் முழுக்க அவனே உட்கார்ந்திருப்பான்.

படித்தால் வேலை கிடைக்குமா சுயதொழில் தொடங்குங்கள் என்பார்கள். ஒரு பார்ப்பனர் எவரும் படிப்பதைக்
கைவிடவே மாட்டார்கள்.

தேசபக்தியைப் பற்றிப் பாடம் நடத்துவார்கள். கால்வான் பள்ளத்தாக்கில் நாடகம் போடுவார்கள்.

சமஸ்கிருதம் படிக்கச் சொல்லுவார்கள். ஆனால் அதை வைத்துப் பிழைக்கும் கருவறையை ஒருபோதும் விட்டுத்தர மாட்டார்கள்.

தப்பித்தவறி நீ படித்து முன்னேறினாலும் உன்னைத் தகுதி நீக்கம்
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👑Important Reports for #UPSC Prelims 2023

✅ Global Gender Gap (GGG) Report, 2022: Released by: World Economic Forum

✅ Global Estimates of Modern Slavery, 2021 Report: By International Labour Organization (ILO)
✅State of World Population 2022, report : By United Nations Population Fund

✅ Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals: The Gender Snapshot 2022: By UN Women and

✅ Global Report on Food Crises (GRFC, 2022): Released by: Global Network Against Food Crises
✅ Migration in India 2020-2021’ Report: By Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation

✅ Global Trends: Forced Displacement in 2021: Released by: UNHCR

✅ The State of Inequality in India Report: Released by: The Economic Advisory Council to the Prime
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✅ “Oil Refineries in India”


Barsu oil refinery project;
Villagers continue protest against refinery project in Maharashtra.

Lets look at the locations of Oil Refineries in the country👇

#UPSC #UPSCPrelims2023

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Image credit:mapsofindia Image
Oil refineries output : Fuel and Petrochemicals

Image 👇 Image
Pollutants from Petrochemicals Industry:

- It releases solid,liquid as well as gaseous pollutants.

Examples of pollutants :
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✅ “IPCC 6th Assessment Report”

- One of the most important report with respect to Environment and Ecology,Climate change and Global Warming.

#IPCC #UPSC #UPSCPrelims2023

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IPCC Detailed Thread
🧵: Image
1. Headquarters : WMO headquarters, Geneva Switzerland.

2. Establishment year: 1988.
3. Establishment organisations:

- World Meteorological Organisation (WMO)

- United-Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
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✅ Organisation in News: “International Criminal Court”

- Headquarters: Hague,Netherlands.

- Situation in Ukraine: ICC judges issue arrest warrants against Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova.


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🧵: Image
- It was created under Rome Statute.

- It investigates, and where warranted, tries individuals charged with the gravest crime of concern to the international community

like genocide, war, crimes, crime against humanity, and the crime of aggression.
- United Nations Security Council (UNSC) can also refer cases to ICC.

- ICC judgements are binding, final, and cannot be appealed.
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Kesavananda Bharati vs State of Kerala:The case that shaped the Indian Constitution

50 years ago on April 24, 1973, the Supreme Court delivered a judgment that settled the controversial debate over the Constitution's supremacy.

An important 🧵for #UPSC


•Certain fundamental features of a Constitution can’t be altered by the legislature through amendments.

•The “basic structure” of the Constitution is inviolable

•It’s a North Star which guides interpretation of Constitution: CJI DY Chandrachud
From CONSERVATIVE to PROGRESSIVE: The events which led to the formation of the Basic Structure doctrine

1. Shankari Prasad Case (1951)

•Zamindars challenged the 1st Amendment, which inserted two provisions to insulate land reform legislation from judicial scrutiny.
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Environmental Glossary
👉acidification: An increasing concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) in soil or water.
👉aerobic: Refers to an environment in which oxygen (O2) is readily available. Compare with anaerobic.
👉algal bloom: An event of high phytoplankton biomass.
👉anthropogenic: Occurring as a result of a human influence.
👉aquifer: Groundwater resources in some defined area.
👉atmosphere: The gaseous envelope surrounding the Earth, held in place by gravity.
👉autotroph: An organism that synthesizes its biochemical constituents using simple inorganic compounds and an external source of energy to drive the process.
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8 Disputed Island of the World.
1-Falkland Islands Claims by United Kingdom and Argentina.
Location- south-west Atlantic Ocean Image
2-Chagos Islands
Claims by the United Kingdom and Mauritius.
Location- Indian Ocean Image
3-Kuril Islands
Claims by Japan and Russia Image
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✅Term in news: “Bluebugging”

Every year UPSC asks 1 question regarding ‘Keywords in News’,in previous years they asked about greenwashing,ever-greening.

Follow👉🏻 @avijeet_writes

Here is new keyword for you;

- form of hacking that lets attackers access a device through its Bluetooth connection.
- once the device is blue bugged, a hacker can listen to calls, read and send messages , and steal and modify contacts.
- It can happen whenever a Bluetooth enabled device is within 10 m radius of the hacker.
(Short range hacking).
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✅Virus In News : “Marburg Virus”🦠🦠.

- Natural hosts : Egyptian fruit bats.
- The rare,often fatal haemorrhagic disease.

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#UPSC #MarburgVirus #UPSC2023

“Marburg Virus 🦠”
✅Region of influence:
- Recent outbreak in Tanzania and Guinea.
- For the first time, it was detected in Germany and Serbia in 1967.
- Current cases revolves around countries of Africa like, DR Congo, Kenya, South Africa, Angola, Guinea.
✅ Transmission Route:
- Human to Human transmission is possible.
- Direct contact with blood,secretions, and bodily fluids.
- also can be transmitted via contaminated items like sheets and clothes.
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✅”Defence Exports of India” has touched all-time high of ₹15,920 crores in FY 2022-2023.
- India is now exporting defence products to 85 countries.

#UPSC #defenceexport #UPSCPrelims2023

Defence Exports 🧵: ImageImage
✅ Items exported ;
- Brahmos missiles
- Akash surface to air missile
- Radars, Simulators, Mine protected vehicles, Armoured vehicles, Pinaka rocket launch system, Immunisations, thermal imagers, body armours.
- Dornier - 228
- 155 mm Advanced Towed Artillery Guns. Image
✅ Major defence items in demand Worldwide:
-light combat aircraft- Tejas
- Light combat helicopters
- Aircraft carrier,, maintenance, repair and overhaul activities. Image
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BREAKING NEWS: SC, ST, OBC Candidates Get Lower Marks in Interviews Despite Performing Well in Written: #Caste Discrimination in University of Hyderabad's PhD Admissions Revealed by RTI Filed by @asahcu @dpradhanbjp @EduMinOfIndia @ugc_india @NCSC_GoI @ahir_hansraj

Thread 🧵⬇️
The Ambedkar Students' Association collated data from multiple RTI applications and found that students belonging to reserved categories are marked much lower in interviews than those in the general category despite similar marks in the entrance exam.
Some faculties have marked SC, ST, OBC candidates with zero marks, and in extreme cases, seven out of eight interview panelists awarded zero marks for an SC student.
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