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I'm exhausted, but then the study must go on. Here's month four of the state of #OpEds in @IndianExpress @htTweets & @the_hindu.

April has been rougher than March.

It's actually been really really awful. In general, and for #OpEds too.

Again, excluded Sundays since they're reserved for the usual columnists.

The quality of #writing has remained the same as the same writers have been writing here since time immemorial.

@IndianExpress had 130 #OpEds, @htTweets 78 & @the_hindu 122. #BringInMoreWomen
Of the 130 in @IndianExpress, women got only 18 bylines. This includes four joint bylines.

Their 'The Editorial Page', gave top billing to women ONLY ONCE. Wow. Aruna Sundararajan wrote on the lockdown dilemma.
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#Editorial Why in the hell did the Trump Team decide to go full cringe college leftist today w/ #BloombergIsRacist?

Only idiotic GOP consultants could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Stop & Frisk saved lives, virtue signaling does not.

Trump was right in 2016.
Trump ran on being the Law & Order Candidate:
Also the guy who posted the Bloomberg video is also calling @realDonaldTrump a “racist.”

Great going...
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Tucker Carlson On CA

"Bloomberg has called CA 'a great example for the rest of this country.' Of course he would say that, CA is turning into a feudal society where a handful of tech billionaires rule millions of poor immigrant serfs. If you're Michael Bloomberg that's paradise"
“For anyone who isn’t an oligarch the collapse of [California], driving the Middle Class to Idaho & Nevada, is not very inspiring.” -@TuckerCarlson
@TuckerCarlson #Editorial As a Californian I can confirm the state is falling apart.

It's sad because I've been told by my parents and grandparents that the state was once paradise.

There is still beauty to be found in California, but every day our moronic rulers find new ways to destroy it.
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#Editorial: The conservative organizations and pundits who work specifically with college students have an extraordinary responsibility to authentically represent the complete conservative ideology. That includes presenting the full suite of America First nationalist positions.
There is nothing more dangerous on a college campus than publicly rejecting the insanity of progressive America Last orthodoxy. The clubs and groups that encourage students to wear the MAGA hat must take some responsibility for their well-being and always stand up for them.
That means, above all else, remaining loyal to the first principles of the movement and being honest with your members, despite the protestations of donors, interest groups and the Left. That includes making your leadership available for corrective criticism from your members.
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“We need workers to come in but they got to come in legally & they got to come in through merit”

How is this any different from Jeb Bush?

America elected @realDonaldTrump to change our immigration laws to put the AMERICAN PPL FIRST, not the Koch Bros.
Mass Legal Immigration will doom the American Working Class…
#Editorial I’m thankful for a lot of what @realDonaldTrump has done, but I’m not going to lie to you and say I’m for this insane pivot on legal immigration.

America First means putting the American workers (THE FORGOTTEN PEOPLE) First!

We don’t need anymore cheap labor. #CPAC
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WAAAAAT the GOP Leadership lied to Trump again?!!!!

Who would have seen that coming?

McConnell told Trump he would support his National Emergency Order if he signed his garbage spending bill.

Now we've got Mitch whining about the Order.

Swamp bullsh*t.…
If you promise to support the President in this move I expect you to support it fully and to shut up with your concerns.

Leave that to the courts.
When is @realDonaldTrump going to learn that the Swamp is lying to him and he needs to surround himself with loyalists?

He relies too much on the word of people who do not want him to be in power.
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#Editorial: Immigration, legal and illegal, is a government program run amok. Starting with Senator Ted "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy's 1965 Immigration Act, Democrats have been using the levers of government to increase their number of voters to flip Republican states. #SOTU 1/
California used to be a Republican middle-class paradise, complete with miles of golden beaches, beautiful young families and cities that were the envy of the world. The state that gave us Reagan became a Democrat bastion in less than 20 years. Why? Immigration. #SOTU 2/
Ted Kennedy's 1965 Immigration Act biased the government program of legal immigration in favor of migrants within walking distance (who were more likely to vote Democrat than the refugees of Communist Eastern Europe) and put the country on the track of mass immigration. #SOTU 3/
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#20Ago #Editorial @miguelhotero A Maduro no le basta el sufrimiento, ni la pobreza que viven los venezolanos dentro del país. Esa batalla diaria buscando alimentos y medicinas para sobrevivir. Ese peregrinaje permanente y doloroso.
#20Ago #Editorial @miguelhotero: Saber que en este siglo, uno de los países más ricos del mundo se ha convertido en un cementerio de niños que mueren por desnutrición y enfermos que fallecen porque no hay las medicinas más elementales. Ese dolor no le basta.
#20Ago #Editorial @miguelhotero: Los venezolanos acaban de recibir los más enloquecidos y destructivos anuncios económicos que se hayan producido a lo largo de su historia republicana, creando en ustedes una inmensa desesperanza y desasosiego. Todos hablan de un viernes negro.
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The Obama Administration is completely responsible for any hacking that happened in the 2016 election.

They placated Russia and failed to deliver on their cyber security promises.

If the MSM was honest they would tell the American people this:…
"Umm but why is Drumpf so friendly with Putin?"

You mean why was Obama so friendly to Putin. Obama's concessions to Putin were unforgivable and put the West in more danger than Trump's "threats" to NATO.
#Editorial Russia no doubt played dirty in 2016. But the Obama Administration failed to intervene at all. They were completely inept and allowed this to happen.

This indictment by Mueller just proves that Obama and the Clintons didn't take cyber security seriously at all.
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#DIRECTO Juicio a Jesús de Nazaret desde el Pretorio. Comenzamos nuestra programación especial. #HiloDelViernesSanto #EvangelioSegúnSanMarcos #HilosDeSemanaSanta #ViernesSanto
Como tenían previsto desde anoche, los ancianos, los escribas y todo el Sanedrín se han reunido al amanecer. Después de haber atado a Jesús, lo han llevado al Pretorio y lo han entregado a Pilato. El carpintero afronta su hora más decisiva.
A esta hora, comienza el interrogatorio del galileo acusado de blasfemia por parte de las autoridades religiosas de Israel.
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