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Geography topic 1 for #UPSCPrelims


I don't have to emphasize how important it is for prelims.

I have prepared a document of rivers (PYQs) and all important points related to it such as cities present near it, NP it is flowing through, etc.

For reference 👇 Image
Could not post all here as document is multi page.

Retweet and follow to get the PDF.

Note: Could only send the pdf after office hours today i.e, after 8 PM.
I have sent the file to most of you.

For people who have not received, please open your DM and then ping me. Will then send you.
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Understanding basic NCERT biology topics could easily fetch you at least 2 marks in #upscprelims. Might take you 2 hours to grasp.

Google following topics or use NCERT to read.

1) B cell and T cell
2) Innate and acquired immunity

2) Humoral and cellular immunity
3) Plant cell and animal cell
4) Prokaryotes and eukaryotes
5) Somatic cell nuclear transfer
6) Types of stem cells
7) Transgenic and genome editing technology
8) Nuclear DNA vs Mitochondrial DNA
9) RNA interference
10) Single cell protein

11) Animal kingdom classification: examples
12) DNA vs RNA

From tomorrow onwards, will post miscellaneous topics such as agri, renewables, minerals, vulnerable sections, etc based on PYQs that is often neglected but could easily fetch marks if done properly.

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Agriculture imp. points for UPSC prelims-#UPSC

- Macro, micro
- NBS scheme
- Urea pricing
- Nano urea
- One nation one fertilizer
- PM Kisan Samruddhi kendra( Min of Che & fertili.)
- Bio fertilizer
- Fertigation
- Green manure
- Kharif Crops
- Rabi Crops
- Condition for growth( temp, rainfall, soil)
-Oil seeds
-Fodder crops
- Types of farming and their characteristic features
- Cropping patterns

Technologies in Farming-
- Sys for rice intensification(SRI)
- Sus Sugarcane Initiative
- Hydrogel Agri System
- Mycorrhizal technology
- Zero tillage
- Organic farming
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Here is part II of places in news (India) of last 1.5 year for #UPSCPrelims2023. For Part I check my previous tweet.

I have not included important rivers, NP, WS, wetlands, mangroves, etc. These will be covered in later tweets.

The list 👇
1) Khangkhui Mangsor limestone cave – Manipur
2) Krem Liat Prah sandstone cave – Meghalaya
3) Puga valley - Ladakh
4) Arritapati & Meenakshipuram villages – TN
5) Nadabet- Guj
6) O’ valley – Gudalur (Nilgiri, TN)
7) Erra matti dibbalu – Vizag

9) Deucha panchami coal block – WB
10) Uranium reserves – Rohil (Sikar, Raj)
11) Yankti kuti valley – Uttarakhand
12) Pochampally – Andhra Pradesh
13) Chisumle – Demchok (Umling La) – Ladakh
14) Lithium reserve - Salal village (Reasi, J&K)

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Here are the important economic topics for #upscprelims which has been included after analyzing last 12 years PYQs, 1 and half year current affairs. Might have missed few topics.

Please be crystal clear about the basic concepts and minute differences.

a) Type of bonds, bond yield, yield curve
b) Relationship between bond & equity & interest rate
c) Angel tax, windfall tax, trends in tax collection
d) GST compensation mechanism
e) PACS, cooperatives, SCBs
f) RBI: Monetary policy tools
g) Money market vs capital market

h) Money market vs debt market instruments
i) Inflation vs unemployment
k) FDI vs FPI
l) Twin deficit
m) Nostro vs Vostro account
n) Appreciation & depreciation of rupee
o) Regulatory bodies
p) India's 🤝 (Bangladesh, Italy, Australia, UAE, USA)
q) WTO and IMF
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What is Silicon Valley bank collapse? How is it relevant for civil services?

In the 🧵 we will see
a) What happened at SVB?
b) Terms and topics related to it important for #upscprelims
c) PYQs related to it

Do re-tweet for far reach 👇 (1/9)
a) What happened at SVB?

Silicon valley bank accepts deposits and lends money to high-risk startups.

Reasons for collapse 👇 (2/9)
1) Due to the pandemic, startups have experienced slower growth and struggled to raise fundings from venture capitalists. This resulted in startups not paying back to SVB hence leading to increase in loan default. (3/9)
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🎯🚀Polity Mastery Strategy

💎A Platinum Strategy Thread

✅On an Average 10+ Questions every year in #upscprelims

🎯Chapters and Important Topics to be covered.

🔽-Most Important Thread-🔽 Image
🚀Features of preamble,
🚀42nd Amendment,
🚀Swaran Singh committee, Berubari Case,
Keshavnanda Bharti Case,
LIC Case.

Basic idea about 12 schedules
3️⃣Constitution of India:
Historical Background,
Drafting committee and the making of the Constitution,
Influence of other constitutions,
Its salient features,
Union and its Territory,
Basic idea about Article 1-4,
State reorganization and different Commissions
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Banking system is an important topic for #upscprelims, especially RBI, schedule commercial banks, credit societies.

In budget, this year gov announced 2516 cr for computerization of PACS and multi state cooperative societies bill was introduced in loksabha in Dec 2022.

Hence, credit societies become very important.

In this 🧵we will see following things.

1) What are PACS?
2) Types of cooperative credit structure?
3) How are PACS helpful to farmers?
4) Need of reforms?

1) What are PACS?

Primary agriculture credit societies are village level cooperative credit societies that serve as the last link in the 3 tier cooperative credit structure.

As per RBI, there are 1.02 lakh PACS of them only 47297 were profitable.

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Smart work is optimizing your time by giving minimum input and extracting maximum output.

Any aspirant who follows this will be immensely benefited.

I will be telling, how to cover polity for #upscprelims smartly, with the help of data.

A powerful thread 🧵👇
Before moving ahead, let me tell you that all the data has been collected by analyzing last 12 years polity questions of #upscprelims.

Just trust me because numbers don't lie.

Let's start.👇
As per my calculation in last 12 years, 173 questions has been asked in polity in #UPSCPrelims. Which accounts to 14-15 questions on average per year. So, polity constitutes almost 1/6th of prelims paper.

Now if this is clear then let's move ahead.

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Representation of people's act is as important for prelims as it is for mains. But lately #UPSC has shifted it's focus on mains rather than prelims for this topic.

Questions for #UPSCPrelims as well as mains is attached below but before that let us see what is RPA.

Parliament passed RPA 1950, RPA 1951 and Delimitation act 2002 to provide legal framework for election in India.

RPA 1950 provides for
-Allocation of seats
-Qualification of voters
-Preparation of electoral rolls
-Delimitation of constituencies

RPA 1951 provides for
-Conduct of elections
-Registration of political parties
-Disputes arising out of elections
-Qualification and disqualification
-Curb corrupt practices and offences
-Administrative machinery for conducting elections

Questions 👇
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Each and every line of President chapter is important. You can not choose to ignore it as most of the questions are easy.

In last 12 years, 9 times question related to president has appeared in #UPSCPrelims.

2012, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 (2), 2020, 2022 (2)

Questions links 👇
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Question related to governor has not been asked in last 3 years in #UPSCPrelims. But because of the current developments I feel this year we can see a question related to governor.

In last 12 years, questions were asked in 2014, 2018 and 2019.

Let us see important points 👇
1) No criminal proceedings but only civil proceedings can be taken against him
2) As per constitution, tenure 5 years
3) As per constitution, no grounds for removal
4) No money bill, no demand for grant without his recommendation
5) Ordinary bill reserved for president, must be taken up by state legislature within 6 months
6) Money bill reserved for president, can not be returned even by president to state
7) Ordinance making power is not discretionary
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It is the first time in the history of India that the post of deputy speaker is vacant for 3 years and 7 months. Hence, topic becomes important

In last 12 years, at 4 instances (2012, 2017, 2018, 2022) questions has been asked about speaker and Dy speaker in #UPSCPrelims

a) 1919 act: President and deputy president
b) 1935 act: Name changed to speaker and deputy speaker

Art 93: The house shall, as soon as may be choose the two members one after other.
Hence, election is mandatory but no time limit prescribed.
-President fixes date of election of speaker
-Speaker fixes date of election of Dy speaker
-Speaker elected by simple majority
-Any member can propose the name of any other through a motion for Dy speaker
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In polity, anti-defection has been asked twice (2014 & 2022) in last 12 years in #UPSCPrelims.

This year as well there has been a lot of news regarding disqualification of legislators.

So let us understand what is disqualification and articles related to it.

A thread 🧵 👇
Art 102 - Disqualification in parliament
Art 191 - Disqualification in state legislature

Disqualification can happen in 3 scenarios
1) As per constitution
2) As per RPA act, 1951
3) As per anti-defection law, 1985

Let us look at each scenario 👇
1) As per constitution, disqualification can happen if
a) occupies office of profit
b) is of unsound mind
c) is undischarged insolvent
d) ceases to be a citizen
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Afraid of #UPSCPrelims CSAT?

If yes, then do the following. I scored 131 last year with the same method without any extraordinary effort.

A thread 🧵 👇
1) Search for syllogism, number system, sequence & series, time & distance, percentage system tricks on Youtube.
2) Note down the tricks and then solve 5 to 10 question from each.
3) Do not miss calendar and clocks as these are low hanging fruits if practiced properly.
4) Then solve last 4 years PYQs.
5) For reading comprehension, no need of extra effort just read properly and use common sense.

I personally feel there is no need of wasting money on coaching mocks.

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#UPSC Aspirants writing the FREE STEP-UP Test Series for #UPSCPrelims 2023 at our #Delhi branch.

Register here to write them in the online mode:
Aspirants writing the test at our #Bengaluru branch
Aspirants writing the test at our Hyderabad branch
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On an average 20% of the #UPSC prelims GS 1 consists of environment questions.

After analyzing last 12 years question, one thing is sure that many questions can be solved just by having thorough understanding of PYQs.
Themes such as environmental pollution, nutrient cycle, species, national parks, environmental laws, international bodies, environmental terms repeat on yearly basis in #upscprelims
If one wants to see the compilation of last 12 years PYQs of #upscprelims in easy to use format then they can check this link, its free of cost.…
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Economy is very important for #upscprelims and in last 12 years approx 150 questions has been asked and lately each year 15 to 20 questions are asked.

Here are 14 topics & themes that has repeated maximum times and will most probably repeat in #prelims2023 as well.
Master the following topics to ace #UPSC2023

Topic Repetitions
1) Banks+RBI: 41 times
2) Inflation: 13 times
3) Tax: 10 times
4) Budget related terms: 8 times
5) Bonds: 9 times
6) Expenditure: 8 times
7) Current account & capital account: 6 times
8) GDP: 6 times
9) SEBI & equity related terms: 6 times
10) Relation with international countries and org: 6
11) Export & import: 5 times
12) IMF: 4 times

#upscprelims #UPSC2023
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So the #UPSC Civil Services 2023 notification is out...

Things to be prioritised now...

1. At whatever stage of mains you are,now stop there and start prelims preparation.(Seniors can manage it in two months too)
Remember, without passing prelims, there is no entry for mains.
2. Around 120 days you have got for the prelims.
Manage them in such a way as to get atleast two revisions.
I gave around 50 days for first basic reading of the syllabus.
Then 30 days for first revision,
Then 25 days for second revision.
Last 15 days for rapid 3rd revision
You can adjust your days for any possible combinations based on preparation.

3.while completing your first reading, it is advisable that you also go through sectional tests.
If I am reading modern India,then I will simultaneously solve Test on Modern India, like 50 qstn
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As the Prelims exam of #UPSC is approaching....
A small thread on useful NCERTs..
Remember, there are 30-40 NCERTs,but only few of them are important.

History -
Our Past- I,II III,
Themes on Indian History, Part 1,2, Part 3 .
Read old NCERT for Ancient India( RS Sharma
You can quickly read Our Past series.
Also go through recent papers of CAPF AC, CDS, and IES, where questions are Directly from New NCERTs for example,They asked - What is Azamgarh Declaration (Themes part 3)..

Society- No need to read anything for prelims.
You can rely on Latest current affairs on social issues.

Geography -
XI class Physical geography
India Physical environment,(must)

XII - India people and economy- Minig related part, agriculture part.

Indian Constitution at work...XI class
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“India's dream of 'TECHADE' will be fulfilled by innovators,their patents”: PM @narendramodi

“We have to make #India the most advanced laboratory of modern science in the ‘Amrit Kaal’.”

Here’s a thread🧵 on valuable snippets from the PM’s speeches on S&T:

#UPSC #upscprelims
Scientific efforts can turn into great achievements when:

•they hit the GROUND from the LAB

•impact is from GLOBAL to GRASSROOTS

•they expand from JOURNALS to REALITY

•the innovations from RESEARCH reflect in REAL LIFE

•progress from EXPERIMENTS to EXPERIENCES of people
What is a TECHADE?

•It’s used to describe the decade being dominated by technologies.

•DATA & DEMOGRAPHIC DIVIDEND combined with India’s proven TECH prowess presents massive opportunity for the country.

•This decade will be ‘INDIA’s TECHADE’.
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“Basic Structure Doctrine a North Star which guides interpretation of Constitution”: CJI DY Chandrachud

Explore the rich legacy of the Indian Constitution with profound quotes from judgements from the #SupremeCourtofIndia & others.

#UPSC #upscprelims

“It’s not a mere legal document,but a Magna Carta of our liberties."
K.T. Moopil Nair v State of Kerala (1961)

•"It’s the supreme law of the land & any law/action in contravention of the Constitution is void."
Kesavananda Bharati v State of Kerala(1973)
•"It guarantees to all citizens of India justice,liberty & equality."
Minerva Mills Ltd v UOI(1980)

•"The Constitution of India is a document that protects the rights of the marginalized & the vulnerable sections of society." Olga Tellis v. Bombay Municipal Corporation (1985)
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Here are a few important pointers about the Basic Structure Doctrine, which will be helpful in the #UPSC Exam, especially in GS-2!

Save them to your notes 📝!

A thread 🧵:

#BasicStructureDoctrine #UPSC2023 #upscprelims
The doctrine was enunciated in Kesavananda Bharati v. State of Kerala(1973)

•The 13-judge bench concluded with a 7-6 majority that the Constitution’s ‘basic structure’ is inviolable and cannot be altered by the Parliament.

“The amending power of the parliament is wide, but LIMITED. Parliament has no power to abrogate or emasculate the basic elements or the fundamental features of the constitution.”

•It’s a safety valve against majoritarian authoritarianism

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The Correct answer is (C)
(1/6)Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) is celebrated on 9th January to mark the contribution of the Overseas Indian community to the development of India.
(2/6)The Prime Minister inaugurated the 17th three-day Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Convention in Indore, Madhya Pradesh & a digital exhibition on the contribution of the diaspora in the freedom struggle. He also released a commemorative stamp, ‘Surakshit Jaayen, Prashikshit Jaayen’.
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