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I have an Evernote folder with over 400 ideas for blog posts and tweet threads I’ve not found time to write (and probably never will”. As an experiment I thought I’d feed the poorly written notes into ChatGPT to see what came out. The results are actually rather good.
1/8: In the early days of UberEats, the team had a strong bias towards speed. They believed that fast delivery was key to success, just like their ride share model.
2/8: To test this theory, they loaded cars with only 3 popular items and drove them around town. People could only order those three items, but delivery would be super fast.
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Continuo vedere il #rider investito in pieno davanti a me ieri sera, all’incrocio tra viale Bodio e via Trivulzio, che sfonda il parabrezza dell’auto, rotola sul tetto con una postura surreale e dopo un volo di metri, schiantarsi rotolarsi anche sull’asfalto, per poi restare
immobile, la faccia a terra, il cappuccio della felpa che gli copriva la testa e quasi tutto il volto e la pozza di sangue che si allargava sotto il suo viso.
Una piccola folla accalcata che, dopo aver prontamente chiamato l’ambulanza (che sembra sempre troppo lenta)
comincia a dibattere sulla dinamica dell’incidente, dividendosi tra “viabilisti”, “periti assicurativi” e “soccorritori” preoccupati per le sorti dell’uomo a terra più che per i “danni a cose”.
Il conducente dell’auto ancora incredulo e in stato di shock dice di non averlo visto
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Interesting: #UberEats in #Berlin will work according to the same labour model as Uber taxis here. Instead of paying the riders/drivers for each delivery/taxi ride, Uber pays the fees to sub-contracting firms. These firms handle payment/employment of the riders/drivers (1/3)
This model is an answer to rules in the taxi sector and is now extended to food delivery (even though working directly with self-employed riders would be possible here). A new labour model for platforms to distance themselves from labour conditions and regulatory pressure? (2/3)
In ride-hailing, Uber works with many different subcontractors. According to our interviews with drivers in Berlin, their labour conditions vary but are characterised by low pay, long hours and instability. Working for Uber here is often more precarious than other gig work (3/3)
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.@Zomato's IPO could make the company as valuable as one of its biggest investors – #InfoEdge - by @SanchDash… Image
@Zomato @SanchDash #Zomato had recently got everyone’s attention with its latest funding rounds, and the gaze on the startup doubled as it was known to be a pre-IPO round. It's imminent listing sheds light on another company – its first and one of the biggest investors Info Edge.
@Zomato @SanchDash While #Zomato has a $3.5 billion valuation now, analysts at HSBC peg the valuation to hit $5 billion – which makes Zomato almost as big as its investor – Info Edge. #infoedge owns a 22.71% stake in Zomato and has been one of the earliest backers of the foodtech unicorn.
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INTERESTING READ: Which company is winning the food delivery war? #UberEats #Postmates #Grubhub #FoodDelivery…
Last month, @Uber lost out to the European food-delivery service Just Eat Takeaway in a deal to buy the US-based @Grubhub for $7.3 billion. According to @CNBC, Uber may have pulled out of the deal over antitrust concerns.
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#Zomato is paying roughly $22 for acquiring a new #UberEats customer. Here's a quick and dirty working to determine Zomato's customer acquisition cost (CAC) from the deal...
A. Zomato's current monthly users = 70m
B. Zomato's current monthly orders = 40m

i.e. 57% of Zomato users convert into placing orders...

C. Uber Eats' currently monthly orders = 10m
D. Assuming the same 57% is applied to Uber Eats...that implies = 18m monthly users
E. Zomato says it will "transition 90% of Uber Eats users onto its platform" which equals 90% x D = 90% x 18m = 16m

F. Zomato's consideration for Uber Eats = $350m

Zomato's CAC from the deal = F/E = 350/16 = $22...
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Some analysis / quotes from the @Uber #S1 re: #UberEATS

For starters, while @UberEats fleeces restaurants w/ high take rates, "cumulative payments to Drivers for deliveries historically have exceeded the cumulative delivery fees paid by consumers." /1…
2/ They openly acknowledge directly competing w/ restaurants: "@UberEats offering competes with restaurants, meal kit delivery services, grocery delivery services, and traditional grocers" & "we estimate TAM to be the entire $2.8 trillion consumer spend at retail restaurants."
3/ Restaurants should worry about delivery customer experiences: "With Drivers who are only eligible to make deliveries through @UberEats, our qualification and background check standards are less extensive than the standards for Drivers eligible to provide rides."
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