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#MarketAtClose | #Midcaps continue to outperform, Nifty Midcap Index posts record close
#Sensex, #Nifty & #NiftyBank close with minor gains in a range-bound session
Sensex rises 119 points to 62,547 & Nifty 46 points to 18,534
Midcap Index gains 154 points to 33,967 & Nifty Bank…… Image
#MarketAtClose | #Metal stocks rise on improved global prices, #Hindalco up over 3%
#ApolloHospitals gains another 3% on Friday, up 8% for the week
#HeroMoto continues its positive run, less than 2% away from 52-wk high
#Auto stocks rise after strong sales in May, M&M, #Maruti,……
#MarketAtClose | #Pharma stocks see some buying, Dr Reddy’s, Sun, Laurus up over 1% each
New-age cos like #Zomato & #Nykaa see healthy gains on Friday, up 4-8%
4 #Nifty stocks (#BajajAuto, #Britannia, #TaMo, #ApolloHosp) hit 52-week highs today
M&M Fin gains more than 1% to hit……
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Dear @zomato & @Swiggy,

Despite the constant rise in cases of #dogbites across India, both #central & respective #state govts are silent & not bothered.

#Dogattack #Hyderabad #Noida #DelhiNCR #AnimalRights #Safety #DogTerror #deliveryguy #SafetyFirst #BeHumane #Kind #CX PlsRT
Plz don't let your employees go inside buildings or homes where there can be #dogs. Enquire about it before U accept the order. Either reject the #order or ask that customers to come downstairs & take the package. Please #Help & protect your #deliveryguys who work 24*7. #food #RT
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अब Online ₹282/- का Burger 🍔
मिलेगा सिर्फ ₹108 /- में !!

अब से Zomato/Swiggy से Food Order करना बंद

Use ONDC to 🤯 Save 60% on your next food Order. Here is How?

[A Thread] ...

#ondc #zomato #onlinefood #swiggy Image

Zomato Dominates 55% &
Swiggy 45%

of the Indian food delivery Market.

Now ONDC will end the dominance of Indian e-comm players. Here is How
1. What is ONDC ?

ONDC is Open Network for Digital Commerce backed by Govt. a non-profit making organization incorporated under Section 8. Image
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Do you also often see 🟥 Zomato ads when watching 🔴 YouTube videos?

Ever think about why there are so many ads and how they help the company?

A thread 🧵
Company Return on Investment (ROI) Model.

The formula for #ROI is (net profit/total cost) * 100.

So, if Zomato's profit from one ad is 20 rupees, the cost to get that is less than 0.20 rupees.

ROI - 10,000% (just an example)
How does the company cut the total cost?

Zomato uses these marketing tactics:
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News of the day:

1. #AdaniGroup Debt : एक दिन पहले खबर आई थी कि अदाणी ग्रुप ने संभवतः मिडिल ईस्ट के एक सॉवरेन वेल्थ फंड से 3 अरब डॉलर का लोन जुटा लिया है। हालांकि, अभी आधिकारिक बयान का इंतजार है लेकिन ब्लूमबर्ग ने खबर दी है कि कंपनी ने साफ कर दिया है कि कर्ज से जुड़ी यह रिपोर्ट
सही नहीं है 2.जापानी इनवेस्टमेंट फर्म सॉफ्टबैंक (SoftBank) ने एक बल्क डील में लॉजिस्टिक फर्म डेल्हीवेरी (#Delhivery ) के 954 करोड़ रुपये के शेयर बेचे हैं। इन शेयरों को 340 रुपये प्रति शेयर के भाव पर बेचा गया है। #BSE पर मौजूद आंकड़ों से ये जानकारी मिली है। जापानी फंड ने आईपीओ स
े पहले डेल्हीवेरी में करीब 38 करोड़ डॉलर (3,100 करोड़ रुपये) का निवेश किया था

3.फाइनेंशियल सेवाएं देने वाली देश की सबसे प्रमुख कंपनियों में से एक बजाज फिनसर्व (Bajaj Finserv) अब जल्द ही म्यूचुअल फंड (Mutual Fund) बेचते हुए दिख सकती है। सिक्योरिटीज एंड एक्सचेंज बोर्ड ऑफ इंडिया
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Most indian products struggle to build trust with their users. Trust solves your initial traction, repeat purchase behaviour & even basket size.

Here's the framework that everyone from #CRED to #Tinder to #Hubspot & #Zomato use & you can too 🧵
I wrote a deeper article on this in my newsletter But, if you like to consume the summary this is the thread 👇🏻
Framework #1

Solving for trust before the user discovers the product
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@zomato used Adjusted EBITDA word 22 times in Q3 FY23 results ?

Confused right?

Let's take a deep dive.

What is Adjusted EBITDA?

Thread 🧵

#zomato #AdjustedEBITDA
To understand Adjusted EBITDA let's understand EBITDA first...

EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) is a commonly used metric in financial reporting.
The concept behind EBITDA is to measure a company's earnings before accounting for certain expenses such as interest on loans, taxes owed, depreciation of assets, and amortization of intangible assets.
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Idli: Hey Dosa, have you heard about the latest food debate?

Dosa: What's that, Idli?

#idli #dosa #tenali #food #debate #swiggy #zomato
Idli: It's about whether I'm better than you or vice versa. And I have to say, there's no contest. I am clearly the superior dish.

Dosa: Oh, come on now, Idli. Don't be so sure of yourself. I may be thin and crispy, but I am packed with flavor.

#idli #dosa #tenali #food #debate
Idli: Pfft, flavor can be added to anything. It's the texture that really sets me apart. Soft and pillowy, who wouldn't prefer that to a tough and chewy dosa?

Dosa: Tough and chewy? Excuse me, but have you tasted a well-made dosa? We can be perfectly cooked to be crisp and light
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Mama Earth is a popular baby care & skin care company with organic products.

It recently announced its plans for an IPO, seeking a valuation of $3 billin.

There's just one problem.

Let's find out in a 🧵:

#mamaearth #StockMarket #ipoalert #investing Image
The company is backed by celebrity investors like Shilpa Shetty and the big names in the VC world : Sequoia Capital and Fireside Ventures Fund.

It was also valued at $1.2 billion in 2021 making it a unicorn.

Clearly, the company must be making millions in profits?

Not really.
Honasa Consumer Ltd, that owns Mama Earth posted a net profit of just INR 19.8 crore in FY21.

It had incurred a loss of INR 1332.2 crore in FY20.

But what is more interesting is an exceptional clause that was inserted into the shareholders' agreement in FY21. Source: Inc42
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The Public Listing Conundrum
Meanwhile, Flipkart is reportedly looking to raise $2-3 billion at a valuation of more than $40 billion. The report added that the new funding could help Flipkart add storage resources, expand its product range, and challenge competition.
Myntra   reported an operating revenue of Rs 3,501 crore in the year ended 2022, resulting in a loss of Rs 597 crore—a 39.2% year-on-year increase. On a unit level, the company spent Rs 1.2 to earn a rupee of operating revenue during the same period.
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Maharashtra | Pune City Police arrested a food delivery man Raees Shaikh for molesting a girl in Yewalewadi; later released on bail

Girl alleges she ordered on #Zomato, Raees Shaikh came for delivery & asked for water. When she gave him water, he pulled her close & molested her.
No media will cover this nor LeLi Jihadi SM Gang will talk about this, but put a note saying “No Muslim Delivery Man” and the global LeLi & Jihadi network will explode.

As paying customers you have the right to demand service you deserve. Protect yourself & your family.
Will @zomato now tweet?

Molester has No Religion?

In between ‘Food Has Religion’ try serving Non Halal food to a Muslim family and see. 🤡
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Zomato launches ‘Intercity legends’
Enables Food Delivery From Other Cities
Here is A Small Thread 🧵
#zomato #zomatointercity
Zomato is introducing a new inter-city food delivery service called ‘Intercity Legends’.
Customers can now order from other cities, though the service is limited to those living in South Delhi and Gurgaon for now.
The service will let users order the best-known dishes from famous restaurants in other cities, though the delivery will take over a day or so in some cases.
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Series A funding is a level of investment in a start-up that follows seed capital funding.

Essentially, the Series A round is the second stage of startup financing and the first stage of venture capital financing.
Series A funding enables a start-up that has potential but lacks needed cash to expand its operations through hiring, purchasing inventory and equipment, and pursuing other long-term goals.

Series A funding is primarily used to ensure the continued growth of a company.
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So guys chronology samajh lijye #Zomato organises a call to start with

Aiming to get to adjusted Ebitda breakeven for overall Zomato business by Q4 this year. 

Zomato downgrades investment in quick commerce (Blinkit) from $400 to $320 million . $150 MN invested so far.
On these inconsequential statements , an “adjusted EBITDA” and realising that they were throwing away too much good money after bad money in #Blinket downgrade the investment to $320 million #Zomato shares climb 20% + in 2 days.
Enters Bofa ML and launches block deal on behalf of Uber

Block deal for 61 cr sh/7.8% equity

Price range Rs 48-54/sh

Uber stake in Zomato was due to sale of its India Uber Eats biz in 2020

Uber Eats was valued at $200mn, assuming mid price range it will fetch Uber $380-400 mn
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#IDFCFIRSTBank for some EX-Banking fintwit fools who call it one man show and have no analysis on the teams on ground . Ex mckinsey, iit grad leading digital customer excellence team of product managers
Cmo- ex PayPal, Stanc , HSBC
Ex Head of data science #zomato, bajaj finserv
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#Blinkit & #Zomato – Long thread:

Blurred to Opaque to Muddy
How to leverage a listed company to recover losses from failed ventures/adventures?

Danny DeVito famously said in namesake movie – There is only one thing I love more than my money -
"other people’s money"
Zomato announced that it plans to acquire Blinkit for a “consideration” of $ 578 Mn. We will revisit valuation later. Below is the snapshot of financials.

Who pays $578 Mn on unaudited financials of just 2 mths ? Not even even 1 quarter nos are provided.
@SEBI listening?
Is the company really growing topline at 162% as claimed ? This invites some curiosity. Where are the past YoY nos ?
I tried to dig out what I could with public reported info. Here is what the past looks like for #Blinkit .Revenues touched Rs 177 Cr in FY 2020 before covid
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#Zomato has acquired the quick commerce underdog, Blinkit for ₹4447 Cr 💰

Will this finally be a step on the climbing ladder for the Zomato share? 🤔

A thread 🧵
The food giant decided to enter the rocketing quick commerce industry, where delivery of items is done under 30 mins ⏱️

They entered with a bang, acquiring Blinkit in an all-stock deal for ₹4447 Cr 🤑
Pros and Cons?

Blinkit reported 79 lakh orders for May, increased order density may lead to lower cost per delivery! 🛵

Zomato's path to profitability may get extended by at least a year, said analysts, who believe the deal will be a near-term pain and long-term gain 🫤
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Why are @zomato ads so viral ?

You might’ve always seen them right ?

Here are 7 ways in which #ZOMATO cracks the marketing mantra in India.
1. They talk about you
In Zomato ads you will sometimes see that there is no celebrity entity.

Why: because the team Deal is you.

They know that you and your attention is the real deal.
2. One template one message
What @aliladha once said in his thread.

The advertisements are a hit when the ad tells you important points not all points !

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If ever leave Twitter, will be proud of 2 things
1. Contribution during covid in apr'21
2. Continuous rant on overvaluation amplified from Oct'21
Here is master thread on each of those rants. Rarely asked but show some love if it made any +ve difference to your investing. journey
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Q&A Insights: Chirag Shah of @CLSAInsights asked what proportion of incremental customer acquisition is organic. Akshant Goyal CFO replied that more than 50% of new users every quarter are still organic, which means CAC is lower vs. standalone food delivery players.
Q&A Insights: Chirag Shah of @CLSAInsights enquired that as ZOMATO looks for adding adjacencies to its core food delivery business, what are the thoughts on the super app structure. Deepinder Goyal MD answered that ZOMATO haven't seen the super app work in India so far.
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.@CCI_India has reportedly made a change in its interpretation of the ‘relevant market’, leading to several digital platforms facing #antitrust probes.

The development comes at a time when a lot of tech companies are under the antitrust body’s scanner🔍

👉 #Amazon, #Flipkart, #Google, #Zomato, #Swiggy, #Apple and more

@CCI_India @akgupta_cci
🔎@CCI_India 👉 #Google

The CCI is conducting an investigation against Google for alleged abuse of its dominant position in the online news publishing business. ⏬…
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Valentine’s Day’2k22 - A Thread for her 💕
I’m not WhatsApp but your secrets are end to end encrypted with me
I’m not Facebook but I’m free for you and will always be
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Changing dynamics of Indian QSR(Quick Service Restaurants) Industry!!

A🧵 to understand India's QSR Industry which is the largest contributor to Indian Food Service sector!!

Like and retweet for maximum reach
#qsr #dominosindia #Mcdonalds #BurgerKing
Indian food service industry : 4.2 Tr ($58 Bn)
Expected Growth(upto 2025) : 9% 6.5 Tr by Fy25
Organized player growing faster than industry, their expected growth rate : 15%
Contribution of Organised player inc to 38% in fy20 from 29% in fy15.
Expected to go 50% in fy25 Image
In the food sector, QSR and CDR (Casual Dining Restaurants) expected to see highest CAGR of 23% & 19% by fy25.
QSR also expected to see their market share in food industry to reach 54% from existing 47%. Image
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#SalilTripathi, a 38-year-old restaurant manager, who also worked as a @zomato delivery executive to make ends meet for his family, died after a #DelhiPolice constable allegedly rammed his SUV into him. The incident took place in Rohini on Saturday night.
Salil worked as a manager at Ricos in Hudson Lane and had taken on the #Zomato job to earn extra, said his family. Police said the constable, Zile Singh, allegedly rammed his car into Salil’s bike near Baba Saheb Ambedkar hospital before hitting a DTC bus.
Videos from the incident uploaded on social media show locals taking photos of the damaged car. Constable Singh is seen sitting inside in his police uniform and is surrounded by onlookers, who catch hold of him. Locals alleged he was speeding and driving rashly.
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