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Spike Protein from Virus or Vaxx is a toxin in the body and can "wake up" other latent viruses and bacteria and cause them to show symptoms, like swollen testicles or inflammation of the skin
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My Sugar Walls

Most of the current SC2 treatments and vaccines have focused on the ACE2 recognition step of virus invasion, but an alternative strategy is to target the structural change that allows the virus to fuse w/ the human host cell...But probing these>
intermediate, TRANSIENT STRUCTURES experimentally is extremely difficult, and so we used a computer simulation sufficiently simplified to investigate this large system but that maintains sufficient physical details to capture the dynamics of the S2 SUBUNIT AS IT TRANSITIONS >
between pre-fusion and post fusion shapes."
The simulations revealed that GLYCANS FORM a 'CAGE' that TRAPS the 'HEAD' of the S2 SUBUNIT causing it to pause in an INTERMEDIATE FORM between when it detaches from the S1 subunit and when the viral and cell membranes are fused.>
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I Can Do Bad All By Myself

Researchers...have found that the SPIKE PROTEIN binds to cells called PERICYTES which line the small vessels of the HEART. This binding triggers a cascade of changes which DISRUPT NORMAL CELL FUNCTION, and lead to the release of chemicals that cause>
Researchers took small vessel cells from the heart and exposed them to the SPIKE. They found that the SPIKE PROTEIN ALONE was enough to disrupt normal cell function...They then blocked the>
CD147 receptor and found that this prevented the spike protein from causing some of the changes to the cells. However, THE INFLAMMATION CONTINUED... previous evidence suggests that the spike protein CAN REMAIN IN THE BLOOD stream AFTER the virus has gone and TRAVEL FAR from the>
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Lots of questions going around about whether it is too late to pass federal redistricting reforms for this decade with redistricting data coming out tomorrow. Short answer: It is not. Longer answer in this thread 🧵 #fairmaps #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 1/
Longer answer: It’s not too late, *but* states are going to start drawing and passing maps in a matter of weeks and to have optimal effect reforms would be in place before that happens. So the clock is ticking. #fairmaps #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 2/
The longer Congress waits, the less robust reforms risk being. For example, right now, the bill has strong transparency & public participation requirements and mandates that states release an analysis of maps before they are voted on. #fairmaps #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 3/
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With another cycle of redistricting just a couple of weeks away, no voting reform is more urgent or time sensitive than fixing the broken redistricting process. My op-ed 👇#fairmaps #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople…
In short, you can’t “out organize” gerrymandering. In 2012 in PA, Democrats got 51% of the congressional vote but won just 5 of 18 seats. The map was so gerrymandered that even if Ds won 56% of the vote, they would have won only 6 of 18 seats. #fairmaps 2/
Contrast that to the pre-2011 map. Then Democrats won 11 of 19 seats with 56% of the statewide vote. (Or put another way, 58% of seats for 56% of the vote compared with 33% of seats for the same 56% of the vote under the gerrymandered 2011 map). #fairmaps 3/
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I've Got You Under My Skin
It's Been A Long Long Time

Here, we report the discovery of persistent SARS-CoV-2 protein in CD14lo, CD16+ MONOCYTES out to 15 MONTHS in some individuals and discuss the implications for the pathogenesis of Post Acute Sequelae of Covid>
The clinical relevance of monocyte activation in COVID patients and the SIGNIFICANCE of these cells as VIRAL PROTEIN RESERVOIR in PASC is supported by our data reporting the PRESENCE OF S1 protein WITHIN nonclassical MONOCYTES....CD14+CD16+ monocytes express intermediate levels>
of ACE-2 receptors and could as well serve as an infectious target of SC2 as it has been proved to be an infectious target of HIV-1 and HCV. Nonclassical monocytes have been proposed to ACT AS CUSTODIANS of VASCULATURE by PATROLLING ENDOTHELIAL cell integrity>
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After we launch a season of nonviolent moral direct action in DC on #MoralMonday July 12, I’m accepting an invitation to join @Texas_PPC, @MsLaToshaBrown, @fhunscripted, @betoorourke & others fighting voter suppression on the ground in Texas.
Mr. President & Madam Vice President, come to these states. Meet w/ poor & low-wealth Black, white, brown, native, Asian people in the streets & hear from them, activists, & moral leaders. We will work w/ you to pull that meeting together.
The people directly impacted by extremism are the heartbeat of the resistance & moral courage. These struggles are our Selma!
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Bad Blood

There were 7 major thrombotic or haemorrhagic post-op complications (3 bleeds and 4 venous or arterial allograft thromboses) in 6 recipients... events occurred within 9 days of transplantation... POSSIBLE TRANSMISSION OF PATHOGENIC LYMPHOCYTES PRODUCING ANTI-PF4>
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THREAD: As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s independence, we must bolster our commitment to preserving our democracy. @fairfightaction is continuing to call on our U.S. Senators to pass #S1, the #ForThePeopleAct, to protect voting rights for all eligible Americans. 1/6
It is because of dedicated activists, volunteers and allied organizations we secured Democratic unity on the #ForThePeopleAct. This would not have been possible without the more than *30,000* calls volunteers made to their Senators in the last three weeks alone. 2/6
But our work must continue. We are going to keep turning up the heat on our Senators all #HotCallSummer long. We’ll have more to share soon (stay tuned!), and in the meantime here is what you need to know: 3/6
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Here are a half-dozen ways Congress can shore up U.S. defenses against Chinese malign finance. 🧵
1⃣ There's a provision in #S1 to broaden the definition of an in-kind political contribution to cover dirt on opponents or polling data (think Russia-2016), but it would not cover requests for investigations into opponents or trade targeted toward swing stages (think China-2020).
2⃣ 501c3's should have to disclose foreign funders. China has used proxies to set up friendly think tanks (in Australia) or US-based 501c3's (to facilitate bribery schemes and buy influence for the Belt and Road as far West as Czechia and Africa). See @Lancegooden's bill.
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Terrific new paper on how foreign powers spend money undermining EU democracy, with a dozen citations of #CovertForeignMoney.

As with my two expert testimonies, this work was requested by @EP_Democracy, which is shoring up EU democracy while the US Senate is gridlocked over #S1. Image
Here's Tom Morley and my research report on #CovertForeignMoney, which surveys more than 100 cases of malign finance, buckets the activity into the seven most common legal loopholes, and presents policy solutions we developed with almost 100 top experts.⬇️…
Six of our proposed solutions are covered within #S1, and five are included @Sen_JoeManchin's proposed selection of voting rights protections:

✅ Honest Ads Act
✅ CEOs certify no foreign donations funneled
❌ FEC structural reform
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Watching GOP Senators talk today about federalizing state elections is completely head spinning - because, of course, the federal government has *long* set election rules and standards. #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 1/
The Voting Rights Act of 1965 is an obvious example. But more recently, UOCAVA (1986), National Voter Registration Act (1993), the Help America Vote Act (2002) - the first and last of which were signed into law by Republican presidents. #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 2/
In some cases, these federal laws forced states to change longstanding practices. The Help America Vote Act, for example, required states to have a chief election officer - something many states did not have at the time. #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 3/
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And voting on the motion to proceed to debate on the For the People Act (S.2093, formerly S.1) has begun. #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople
And, as expected, the motion to proceed on the For the People Act fails 50-50 on a party line basis. #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople
Now on to a summer of negotiating, action, pressure. #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople
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There's no guarantee of success, but Senate Ds do have a plan of what comes after GOP blocks #s1 debate, @SenJeffMerkley tells me. They'll quickly negotiate a new voting rights bill, centered on Manchin's plan, that all 50 Ds back, then see if any, much less 10, Rs will sign on
The eventual Dem bill, Merkley says, will include the "four core principles" of S1: "the right to vote, end gerrymandering, stop billionaires from buying elections, and stop the corruption that extends from conflicts of interest. The bill we come out w/will address all of those."
"We will provide the oppty for Sen. Manchin & Sen. Sinema, w/all of us engaged, to get R support for it." Their instinct “that it is far better to have a bipartisan bill is absolutely right so we need to do everything we can to see if we can get a bipartisan group," Merkley says
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