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I put a Paper Trading Sell Limit Order.

Don’t know if market have willingness to go up there and fill the FVG

If it doesn’t do so, there’s a BIIIG willingness to drop down at the Week Opening Gap: down move will be quick and sharp.

If market does so, i will delete this limit. Image
Aggressive Short Entry at -OB. I will not take it. Image
Looking at m1, i had enter just there, where this FVG was filled. SL above previous high. Again, i don’t take it. Image
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I have an Evernote folder with over 400 ideas for blog posts and tweet threads I’ve not found time to write (and probably never will”. As an experiment I thought I’d feed the poorly written notes into ChatGPT to see what came out. The results are actually rather good.
1/8: In the early days of UberEats, the team had a strong bias towards speed. They believed that fast delivery was key to success, just like their ride share model.
2/8: To test this theory, they loaded cars with only 3 popular items and drove them around town. People could only order those three items, but delivery would be super fast.
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#RealInvestmentReport is out!
Despite the expected #surge in #inflation early in the week, #bulls picked themselves up to rally #stocks into Friday. We discuss the potential for a short-term #bounce, why the #Fed will make a #mistake, and #postioning now.…
#LessonLearned - don't anticipate the turn in your #technicalsignals. As noted last week, it "seemed" the signal had turned, but it didn't. The #signal is very #oversold, so set up for a short-term #bounce is likely. Caution is still advised for now.…
If we are #correct in our assessment about the roll-off #effect of #stimulus and #liquidity, we could well see #bonds outperform #stocks in 2022. We are watching very closely as we currently hold minimal duration in our fixed-income #portfolios.…
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1/11 One from my blog archives...

It's weekend & I decided to do something child like . Started building a house out of "THE YOUNG ARCHITECT" blocks which were gifted to me for my 10th birthday! ( Yes , I keep things carefully!!) 😇
+ Image
Filled with excitement akin to a 10 year old , I carefully laid out a blueprint of the desired house in my mind palace ( Sherlock fan 😉)& began with gusto ! But I made the layman error of not paying proper attention to the surface area required for a sturdy construction.
There went my initial efforts in vain as I saw the house crashing like a bowling ball hitting skittles !!! 🙄
I reworked & this time ensured my unwavering attention to the base ,gradually building the house. Basically just going with the flow, enjoying myself immensely.
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In developed #countries, #government policies to restrict private behavior in response to #COVID-19 have had no effect in reducing #deaths at all. Excess all-cause mortality is actually associated, though insignificantly, with increasing restrictiveness.
In developed #countries, #deaths caused by #COVID-19 have had no — zero – correlation with #government policies of increasing restrictiveness such as #lockdowns.
Given the statistical #evidence, it is reasonable to infer, in the absence of contrary statistical evidence, that increasing restrictiveness does not decrease mortality. Any assumption or assertion that it does is not following the #science – and #ScienceMatters.
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It feels like every year we are inundated with "once a player plays in the NFL his college profile no longer matters"

Lets take a quick look at rookie year efficiency over the past couple years and see if the prospect profile mattered

We will use Yards per pass route

First up is 2017 because that is when Playerprofiler started tracking it. (if you know if a site that goes further back I'd love to dig into it so let me know!)

Lets start with the big dogs. All of Godwin, Juju, and Kupp displayed terrific rookie efficiency by exceeding 2.00 Image
All 3 guys were drafted on day 2.

All 3 guys were productive in college.

All 3 guys have gone on to be productive fantasy players.

Good players that succeed early are the players you should be chasing. Image
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The face of a cat who snaffled a spicy Thai sriracha pea from. My snack box when i went to the kitchen for a beer. 😂😂. #lessonlearned.
He's not talking to me now. I did warn him! 😂
for future reference, kitty, it's hard to pretend you're still totally sitting this way just to shun someone, when your head has now dropped and they can hear you snoring.
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Banyak banget yang nanya, ngerjain startup tu asik ya? Gw share dikit ya ilmu gw di per-startup-an selama 13 tahun terakhir. Bakal panjang ya jadi sabar-sabar ngikutinnya
Gw yakin banyak banget di sini yang ngebayangin jadi kaya Mark Zuckerberg gara-gara nonton the social network. Bikin startup tidak seindah itu, apalagi jaman sekarang, PENUH PENDERITAAN. Iya lo ga salah baca. PENUH PENDERITAAN. Tapi bukan berarti ga asik kok sob nanti lo liat
Pengalaman startup pertama gw dimulai tahun 2005. Startup pertama gw adalah sebuat software house. Jaman itu masih ngenes lah. Kenapa ngenes? Itu jamannya masih kalo lo di bidang IT harus bisa jadi superman yang bisa segala macem dan dibayar serendah mungkin
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