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He's young. Full of ideas. Doing great at the workplace. Has a lot to do and a burning desire to achieve more. Loves challenges. Lives life to the full. Weeks soaked in work and weekends soaking fun. He is one of today's #millenials. He enjoys freedom. But needs #financialfreedom
How do #millenials see saving, investing & growing wealth? Most conversations give the feeling ppl think #FinancialFreedom can wait. Why hurry? Giving cliches like power of compounding can even annoy them. They just don't want to think now. But,their big dreams need early action.
#Millenials may seem to be living for the day. But, their dreams are big. They think king-size. Their canvas is wide. Have precise expectations of their future. But, don't show it. Or wear it on their sleeve. They are too cool to do that. If made to feel comfortable, they talk.
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For those who want to learn about #infosec 🔐 here is a #thread that includes all my #infographics.
An easy way to learn new things 📖Feel free to share with your community🌐

Follow @Guillaume_Lpl for more things about #CyberSecurity #startup #ITsecurity #security #technologies
Some good tools useful in Infosec

Follow @Guillaume_Lpl for more things about #infosec #cybersecurity
Some good tools useful for OSINT

Follow @Guillaume_Lpl for more things about #infosec #cybersecurity
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Just finished "Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work"! An awesome new (to me) perspective of a company culture.

This thread is a summary of what I learnt in this book from @jasonfried and @dhh (@basecamp)

#Startup #startupstories
- your company is your most important product
- don't compare
- don't do goal
- you don't need long term planning, short term is enough
- 40 hours per week is enough if you remove the unnecessary stuff (meeting, distraction.. )
- attention and time is our most important resource, use it wisely, remove the unnecessary stuff
- the best hour is 1x60, not 4x15
- don't share agendas, it will reduce the number of meeting
- don't assume people are not working when they are not here
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My 7 years of #Entrepreneurship mistakes. A personal thread 🙏 #startupmistakes #startuplessons
Before you follow your passion make sure you have a savings in your bank account for 2 years
Before you jump like a mad person because it’s cool find what is the Value you are trying to create
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By now many of you across Indian #Startup and #OpenData world would know that Mrutyunjay Mishra, @M2OD is no longer with us. He suffered a cardiac arrest yesterday evening at his hometown Sambalpur, Orissa. Mrutyunjay was, in his own words a Researcher.
Most of us know him as a this enthusiastic, upbeat, full of ideas entrepreneur who loved life to the max. You could always find new and innovative ideas coming from him and once he opened his mouth, he could speak for hours and hours at a stretch. Infectious enthusiasm!!
He was one of the founding members of @Janwaar_Castle along with Ulrike, which brought Skateboarding culture to India improving the lives of numerous kids and families in Panna / Janwaar. Credited for out of the box ideas, he was also the founder of India Open Data Association,
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Thread on the backgound of Diane Culligan, who claimed in May to control a bizarre breakaway club from #MillwallLionesses & husband Anthony, a former shirt sponsor's owner (which recently declared Insolvency at the High Court).

An off-site page of this thread unrolls at its end.
FYI @kelly_noble1 @MichelleYoung90

Anthony David Culligan, b.1963, (husband of @Diane_Culligan) owns 31.73% of SETL Developments Ltd, Co. Number 09704844

Mrs Culligan became Director of #MillwallLionesses, June 2018 & assumed Notifiable Control of @FAWC_ club, Oct.2018

#MillwallLionesses bore the one of the brand logos of Mr Culligan's #TechStartup company, namely as "SETL Blockchain" = @SETL_io


Credit : @MillWallLionesses (the real ones)
& @TheMillwallFans for the £17.5k of life.
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Grosse ambiance de travail aujourd'hui puisque je décide de me lancer parallèlement dans la série à succès Game of Thrones que finalement peu de gens connaissent. Je vous ferai part de mes réactions au fur et à mesure.
Ha ben super tout le monde est découpé en deux, bonne ambiance.
Ned Stark il faudrait qu'il apprenne à faire un peu plus confiance aux gens et à ouvrir son coeur à l'inconnu parce que là à force de couper des têtes, son image va en prendre un coup.
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Startups enjoy ridiculing suits (& bus school profs!) for their focus on strategic planning rather than iterative learning, MVPs, etc... The tension betwn strategic planning and iterative learning has finally been resolved by @joshgans @sstern_mit @wu_jane
The Paradox of Entrepreneurship - ranking alternative viable strategies requires knowledge that can only be gained through experimentation, but experimentation to resolve uncertainty ultimately results in some level of commitment that can foreclose particular strategic options.
Implication for entrepreneurs: "to reject passivity in the process of commercializing their ideas, to recognize the shadow cost of learning by experimentation, and to apply "Test Two, Choose One" to guide their choice process." #startup #strategy #DecisionMaking
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I'm switching my time and effort doing stuff to generate exponential knowledge that cross fertilises domains. Design entrepreneurship for #Socialimpact

I'm done with/ revenue models.

My life, your money. #VC #startup idea. #nanotechnology #AI #PMxD

cc: @YCstartups @Rokk3rFuel
The idea is to create knowledge skills and making capabilities, with emerging Exponential technologies intersecting smart devices, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, nanotechnology, robotics to create products and services that leverage the democratic power of tech. 2/
It's experimentation all the way. Research is okay, but experimentation and prototyping go much farther in understanding problems better and better. That's the design way. Exploring alternatives over picking from existing solutions. We're trying to impact a billion. #PMxD 3/
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1/ Okay perfect time to do a little tweetstorm on my reactions to this slideshare from @randfish.

The data here is isn’t surprising if you examining your own consumer surprising if you market the opposite of your actual customers.…
2/ I still get clients who have facebook in the marketing strategy. It’s toug if you aren’t in a highly engaged Facebook group of your ideal customers.

It’s pretty much been pay to play for about 8-16mos and it won’t be going backwards.
3/ As @garyvee says, “marketers ruin everything”.

As a correction to the influx of bad/annoying actors, Facebook has been coming down strong on making tusers feeds less spammy (otherwise they won’t come to Facebook and make them ad revenue).
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#StartUp era has truly dawned in India . #Startups boom
India's fintech #startups soared 3X during 2015-18; second highest globally, says report… … … '
Over 1,300 startups (close to 3-fold growth) to the existing base of 737 startups in the fintech space taking the total count to around 2,050,
India is the 5th most #startup friendly country in the world
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Tanti entusiasti annunci risorse per investimenti Venture Capital ieri ad #OGR Torino. Pochi a ricordare che ecosistema imprenditoriale non è fatto di sola finanza e che nessun elemento da solo è sufficiente anche se necessario (1/8)…
Per sviluppo di un vero ecosistema delle #startup occorre lavorare con le imprese e per le imprese perché l'Italia evolva in direzione di maggiore capitalizzazione, maggiore dimensione e maggiore professionalizzazione delle imprese. Competitività, produttività, professionalità.
Perchè le #startup diventino imprese (o siano acquisite con multipli investimento iniziale) servono condizioni per cui le imprese possano competere liberamente, servono liberalizzazioni e tutela concorrenza, serve velocità, serve ambiente favorevole a creare DOMANDA innovazione
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Good morning! Woke up to the fresh smell of policing scholar expression and Blackness when there are far more pressing matters in education.

(I can’t work on my waves + my grades? 🤷🏽‍♀️)…
We’re not going to sit here and pretend that a lot of these policies, although at many schools (or anywhere really / re: white tees + sneakers @ the club), aren’t cracked down on (or created for) children of color. Let me cover all my bases. *cracks knuckles*
“What we’re not gonna do is groom at school...”

Ha! Keep pretending like regular rags and silkies are not grooming items + fashion statements. (Word to @JoelakaMaG + God)

Let’s talk bandanas and hair handkerchiefs! Dionne could only rock that b/c she went to a white school.
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Definition of #Startups has been widened. An entity shall be considered a Startup upto 10 years from its date of incorporation/registration instead of the existing period of 7 years.
#AngelTax @DIPPGOI
An entity shall be considered a Startup if its turnover for any of the financial years since its incorporation/registration hasn’t exceeded Rs 100 Crore instead of existing INR 25 Crore. #Startup #AngelTax
Considerations of shares received by eligible Startups for shares issued or proposed to be issued by all investors shall be exempt up to an aggregate limit of Rs 25 crore. #AngelTax #Startup
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Yeni mezun iş arayan arkadaşlara, Türkiye için net ücret, brüt ücret ve işveren maliyeti kavramlarını (görülen lüzum üzerine) açıklamakta fayda var. İşin üzücü yanı "deneyimli" olan çalışanlar bile bu konuda bilgisiz kalabiliyor. Ben kendi alanım olan IT'deki durumu anlatacağım.
Buradaki rakamlar, anlatılar, çarpanlar vs. herhangi bir vergi avantajı olmayan işletmeler içindir. Yani teknokent / teknopark yerleşkesinde olmayan normal bir yazılım şirketinin mali tabloları dikkate alınmıştır diyebiliriz.
Bilgiler #startup kurup milyarder olma hayalindeki arkadaşlara, kendi şirket maliyetlerini hesaplarken de yardımcı olabilir. İşkembe-i kübradan atıp da 6 ay sonra borç batağına batmamak için dikkate almakta fayda var.
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How to Innovate 101 🤓

1. Talk to people to find their most painful problem
2. Create a unique solution to solve that problem
3. Make sure people love the solution and recommend it to others
4. Get your solution in the hands of more people with the problem

Don’t skip any steps.
Conversations with potential customers: The only way to find people’s most painful problems

Start with your strongest muscle 💪🏽

Like to talk? Do sales before product
Like to write? Start marketing
Like to build? Build something fast

Find your fastest path to conversations!
“Build something people love to use.” Is tossed around as a mantra in #startup land.

We’re talking about product/market fit.

People loving your product so much that they can’t live without it and can’t help but tell others is the holy grail of product/market fit.
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#Start2019Up Lets Start year of the most successful year of the Startups and innovations ever! Read, implement, and Learn! #Startups #startupworld #leaninnovation #startup #innovation #beststartupblogs

Best Startup Blogs! (See the thread)
please note, Not listed in any order.
1. Paul Graham - @paulg
2. Startup Lessons Learned by Eric Ries
3. Eric Ries @ericries
4. Startup School @startupschool
5. Lean Startup Co @leanstartup
6. Andrew Chen @andrewchen
7. YC Blogs - @ycombinator @YCstartups @ycombinatornews @newsycombinator
8. First Round Review - @firstround
9. Feld Thoughts - @bfeld
10. Both Sides of the Table - @msuster
11. Mike Troiano Blog - @miketrap
12. Product Hunt Blog - @producthunt
13. Intercom Blog - @intercom
14. Term Sheet by @polina_marinova
15. Femstreet by @SarahNoeckel
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0/ A busy #crypto/#blockchain space to kick off the week! Below, I've covered 16 events that took place over the past 24 hours or so.

Now that should keep you in the know!
1/ 📢 @EthereumCF-, @Zilliqa-backed @SwingbyProtocol, a cross-chain lending protocol for issuing an ERC20 BTC token, shared its MVP and whitepaper!

Creates a 1:1 soft-peg b/w #bitcoin [ $BTC ] and the BTC token *while keeping the custodian decentralized*.…
2/ 🗾 @HelloICONworld [ $ICX ] entered into a strategic partnership with top Japanese #blockchain company, @LayerXcom.

Will co-host hackathons, demo days, and conferences to increase the adoption of SCORE, ICON’s smart contract implementation environment.…
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0/ We're finishing the week with a head of steam!

Keep reading for a 26-part thread covering the latest happenings in the #crypto/#blockchain space from the past day or so.
1/ ⭕️ @Opera has launched its #crypto-enabled Android mobile browser!

Includes a built-in #cryptocurrency wallet, support for #Ethereum/Web3, and interactivity with dApps such as @AxieInfinity and @CryptoKitties. What an achievement!
2/ 🔃 @MakerDAO's $MKR and $DAI are now live on the @Wanchain_org [ $WAN ] mainnet!

The Dai #stablecoin will utilize Wanchain's cross-chain functionality, allowing for #bitcoin [ $BTC ] to be exchanged for Dai in a decentralized manner.
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0/ The stream of #crypto- and #blockchain-related news knows no end!

To help you stay on top of all that's been happening over the past 24 hours, I've put together this 22-part thread.
1/ ☁️ @helloiconworld [ $ICX ] launched 'ICON Development Network' on #Amazon's AWS Marketplace, allowing developers to easily run a private instance of the ICON #blockchain network through @awscloud.

Makes building on #ICON far more convenient.…
2/ ✍️ @_PoetProject [ $POE ] - a decentralized protocol for content ownership, discovery and monetization in media - is now live on the #bitcoin #mainnet!

Partnership announcements and product updates in the coming weeks. Growing strong!…
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1. Los inversores de #venturecapital piden a los founders de la #startup una serie de derechos y protecciones a incluir en el pacto de socios. Hoy empezaremos con un clásico: el liquidation preference (LP) 👇 (hilo):
2. Todos sabemos lo que significa: el derecho que tienen las participaciones preferentes (preferred stock) a cobrar antes que las participaciones ordinarias (common stock), en caso de venta o liquidación de la compañía
3. Normalmente los clasificamos mediante un número seguido de una “x”, que significa el número de veces que las participaciones preferentes recuperan su inversión. 1x = una vez la inversión; 2x = 2 veces la inversión...
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Hi guys! It's a new week and we are super excited to kickstart The Brand Sigma series💃
THE BRAND SIGMA SERIES has been put together to help you understand the essentials it takes to birth a problem solving idea, innovate systemic processes to launch and position strategically to get and retain clients.

#Brand #Business #Strategy #startup #naijabrands #Entrepreneur
Today we start with..... PROBLEM

#brands #business #strategy #naijabrand #entrepreneur
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Advice to a friend dealing with their chaotic startup...

Startups are inherently chaotic. No chaos = no opportunity. Startups exist because there is uncertainty, and new things to learn. (1/7) #startup
During a period of rapid growth, all things (structures, processes, etc.) eventually break. Some chaos is self-inflicted, and too much chaos can cause collapse / chronic harm (2/7) #startup
Agility is solving today’s problem, while not limiting your ability to solve tomorrow’s problem. There’s always a temptation to solve tomorrow’s problems.

There are good ideas everywhere, and opportunities everywhere. So focus is hard (3/7) #startup
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If #ETN #Electroneum @electroneum #ETN242 $ETN was a #startup I will definitely put all my money to them like I made during the #ICO stage:
BCS i see the potential with this hybrid model #fintech & #blockchain #company & like the potential with the GROWTH we have #instantpayment
2/3 We have integration to #WooCommerce & #magento and we are searching more clever people #developers who help us with integration to more #webshops #eshops with other #plugins so if you want to earn money accept as as #payment option like #vendor or check our #hackerone program
3/3 For #developers #PHP experts are there links you can be rewarded if you help us with #security #hacks #problems #fix some #issue GO
2 Plugins needed for #eCommerce #Opencart #WIX #prestashop #omnipay #jigoshop #drupal THX lot…
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