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Few ways to promote your #startup:

☑ Start a blog, write daily, and publish an article weekly.

Many who try this way succeed - because it's SEO, and SEO does work. But be patient; you'll only see the first results in a year.
☑ Find your audience on social media.

For now, Twitter is great for Saas, especially AI projects. There are also open spaces for small communities gathered around one main topic - forums, platforms for writers, groups on Linkedin…
☑ Try podcast collaborations.

To start, open your podcast app and choose the sphere - after trying them as a listener, you can select a few to become a participant. There are audio chats available for many to join here, on Twitter - called Spaces.
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What are the requirements for becoming a chief technology officer (CTO)? Can anyone join any company as CTO? #startup #scale #chieftechnologyofficer #cto #founder #techleadership #careerintech

You can read the role and responsibilities of a CTO here:…
If you’re keen to become a CTO as soon as possible by applying for job openings, you might like to think about becoming a startup CTO.

Let me share with you Pros and Cons of being a CTO at a startup based on my personal experience:

Less barrier to entry

Coding is still part of day-to-day responsibilities (also a Cons)

Wear multiple hats, and be a part of decision making across many disciplines

Fast pace of change
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If you have unlimited free talent, how would you design your organisation for your tech startup? #startup #scale #chieftechnologyofficer #cto #founder #techleadership #productmanagement
Whether I’ve got unlimited free talent or not, I’d first think about roadmap / goals before designing my org for a tech startup.
Before you say a roadmap is too low-level details, hear me out. The roadmap is the magic that transforms vision to action.

Ask yourself, what kind of work will need to be done in the next six months to eighteen months for the organization.
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Reykjavik Science City, along with these inspiring and leading Icelandic companies, will be taking part in @SlushHQ (Nov 17thth - 18th) in Helsinki!
Come meet these steaming hot, yet ice-cold, quirky and vibrant startups coming from Iceland. ⬇️🧵

#Slush #startup #Helsinki
Business Iceland is a public-private partnership established to improve the competitiveness of Icelandic companies in foreign markets and to stimulate economic growth through increased export
Website ➡️
@2activitystream inspires your customers to spend more. They transform how live entertainment organizations plan and market their experiences and engage their audiences to build long lasting relationships.
Website ➡️
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It’s annual planning time again!

Unfortunately, most annual plans are ignored or discarded almost as soon as they are done.

Why is that?

The process companies use for planning is flawed. By creating plans by committee, you ensure the most uncontroversial, boring plan possible.

No innovation, no ambition.

All of the best ideas don’t even make it into the planning process for fear of being shot down! Those are the ideas you need to win in your market.

There is a better way…

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Canva, Loom, Figma... Some Product-Led companies grow just like they were printing money!

Their secret? They are obsessed with minimizing the Time To Value (TTV).

What exactly is TTV and how can you benefit from it too? 🧵

#productmanagement #startup #GrowthHacking Image
TTV is the time before customers experience the value promised after 'purchasing' the product (e.g., a free trial or a freemium).

Let's take @canva as an example. You can use it immediately. You get sucked in and don't even notice that you've just become their customer! :) Image
You can easily minimize #TTV by using the Bowling Alley Framework. It's like using "bumpers" to guide users to the outcome your product promises.

There are two types of bumpers: Image
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The #1 responsibility of a Founder is to make sure their company doesn’t run out of cash, but raising capital in today’s market is TOUGH.

Here’s a quick framework for determining how challenging it will be for a #startup to raise new #VC capital.

Is your #startup ready? 🧵👇
The first truism that should be internalized is that the playbook for raising capital in 2020 and 2021 won’t work today.

The past few years were anomalies and everyone’s expectations should be reset.

Raising multiple rounds of capital based on team and TAM won’t work anymore.
While there are many VCs, most startups will have a tough time raising capital in this market if they don’t show well on 5 major dimensions:

👉Very Few Leaps of Faith
👉Material POSITIVE Progress
👉Insider Support
👉Capital Efficiency
👉Realistic Expectations
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@Alchemix( $ALCX ) use cases - a thread

Use Case 1 - Ultimate Savings Account
Put in $ and get 50% gains immediately. Wait 1-3 years and take your money out or keep putting it back in and keep taking 50% gains.

What use cases can you find?

Not financial advice. DYOR. Risky!
Use Case 2 - No Loss #Startup Funding
Investor likes idea & wants to invest $1 million.
Puts $3 million in @Alchemix.
Takes out $1.5 million
Gives startup $1 million
Stakes $500k. Earns 50-200%
Startup fails - get $1 million back + stake earnings
Startup wins = 5x plus inv back
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1a) Here are some more #systembuster #BigTech techniques I use on twitter to preserve my tweets in case I am censored and shut down again. If you have ever been censored and wish you had a record of your tweets tools like this will save them for you. #ThreadReaderApp is a fav. I use ThreadReaderApp to sa...
1b) I also have about 60 pages open in the background of my chromebook. I'm most of the time performing research and reporting on numerous issues. Right below that and to the right in this picture are "extensions" that i enable in my chrome browers. These all do different things Image
1c) These chrome extensions will mask IP addresses, stop and eliminate some google programs from operating, restrict data mining, allow me to take notes, save to file, save to cloud, etc.
*Flush Sockets that OS use to direct web inquires before, after, and during web use.
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10 فوائد تمتلكها عند إنشاء موقع إلكتروني لنشاطك التجاري

من أكثر أسباب انخفاض أو انكماش نمو كثير من الأنشطة التجارية هو عدم امتلاك موقع إلكتروني وفي هذه السلسلة وضحت أهمية امتلاك موقع إلكتروني :

#startup Image
1- يعطي مصداقية للشريحة المستهدفة

سلوك المستخدم في المنطقة حين يسمع عن شركة في أي مجال يذهب فورًا لمحرك البحث “قوقل” حتى يعرف أكثر عن الشركة والخدمات التي تقدمها، أمّا لو كانت الشركة بدون موقع إلكتروني وتكتفي بحسابات مواقع التواصل تفقد الكثير من مصداقيتها وثقة العملاء بها. Image
2. قابلية الوصول على مدار اليوم

واحدة من أكثر المميزات في بناء موقع إلكتروني هي سهولة الوصول خلال 7 / 24 على مدار العام، كما أنّ العميل لا يبذل الكثير من الجهد عندما يُقرر طلب خدمة أو شراء سلعة عبر موقع إلكتروني. Image
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Founders know that building a successful #startup hinges on being able to adapt quickly.

A master plan can focus and guide a team, but when it stops working it’s important to quickly improvise a “Plan B”.

And do you know who does this extraordinarily well? Jazz musicians. 🧵👇
If startups were a style of music, it’s very clear that they most closely represent Jazz.

Founders will tell you that what happens day-to-day has an element of improvisation and spontaneity that’s a reaction to what they’re experiencing in the moment.
Decisions are typically made with incredible speed and adjustments are made equally fast.

A Founder needs to be hyper-alert to signals and feedback coming from all directions and as a result their plans and teams need to be fluid and malleable.
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Girişimlerin Ücretsiz Kullanabileceği 8 Online Araç🚀

Girişim kurmak maliyetli iş, sermayem yok demeyin. Sıfır maliyet ile giriş sürümlerini kullanabileceğiniz ve işinizi çok kolaylaştıracak online araçları sizin için listeledik.🤩

Problem değil çözüm ürettik!🔏


1⃣ HubSpot (@HubSpot )

Tüm satış ve pazarlama çalışmalarınızı takip edebileceğiniz, yaptığınız pazarlama faaliyetlerinin sonuçlarını takip etmenizi sağlayan HubSpot, işlerinizi çok kolaylaştıracak.

2⃣ AppSumo (@AppSumo)

Ürettiğiniz dijital içerikleri ve yazılımları satışa sunabileceğiniz bir pazaryeri olan AppSumo, ürünlerinize kolayca müşteri bulmanızı ve hızlıca para kazanmaya başlamanızı sağlıyor.

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#Ministerivastuu #demarit
@anttirinneexpj - Maksatko Antti, osamaksulla +korot, vai mitataanko omaisuus.
€8 miljardia mahtuu tiukkaan pakattuina satasina, kahdeksaan rekka-autoon.
@anttirinneexpj #IS kävi läpi #hallitus­ -neuvotteluiden ennätysmäiset kulut – irtokarkeilla ja suklaalla herkuteltiin
yli 3000 euron edestä | 31.10.2019
- #Loppulasku oli 595396 euroa, kun eduskunta oli budjetoinut hallitusneuvotteluihin 180000 euroa.…
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Ok, let's try something different. Useful technical/business thread for #web #makers from me.

🔌 How to build @atlassian Jira App (in #React) and business around it and why you should actually think of it!

Thread: 🧵
@Atlassian 2/12 We started @testomatio (test management system for #qa) as a classical #SaaS app but at some point, we built a Jira plugin as a complimentary interface.

The feedback from clients surprised us. Some clients preferred to use @testomatio only via Jira plugin

Why? 👇
3/12 Jira is still the source of truth for many companies in the world. And if you want to win small & big you should adjust to business needs. And business works primarily on Jira.

One unobvious conclusion:

Business doesn't want to have another app or even leave Jira
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Million-dollar statup, the darling of Venture Capital, every startup entrepreneur's deepest dream (hmm…
there are controversies).

Follow the Thread 👇 (1/9)

#nocode #saas #startup #vc #microstartup #microsaas #empreendedorismo

For those who at some point have thought about starting a startup, I bet you have dreamed with the idea of ​ the millionaire investments of Venture Capitals

After all, this is practically synonymous of success in the startup world.

But that's not the only truth...

The micro-startup economy has been gaining strength in recent years, due to a few main factors:

1. With the "success" of VC's comes infinite "consequences"
2. Increasingly powerful and agile No-Code tools
3. Rise of marketplaces like @microacquire
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You should NEVER pitch as a pair or a team. When fundraising, you've got to pitch.

Always have only ONE person doing this.

It's (barely) OK if multiple people fundraise, especially in the very early days. But you should always let 1 person lead any given relationship.
Don’t co-pitch.

Once the company is off the blocks, one person should then lead ALL fundraising activities.

Two people (or more) pitching means more possibilities for a fuckup.

All an investor needs is a bad feeling about 1 of the co-founders and it’s over.
If you talk over each other, it's also over.

Worse: team pitching makes the whole pitch less clear and precise. The more people in a call, the less time you'll have to make an impression in those precious 15 to 30 minutes you get.
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मिलिए भारत के #JeffBezos से- 2006 में 21 साल के इस गबरू जवान ने Green Acres Resorts के तहत 200 तरह के अलग अलग- प्लास्टिक,हीरा,गोल्ड,बिल्डर,इक्स्पॉर्ट,इंपोर्ट,दारू से चड्डी तक का धंधा करने वाला #StartUp शुरू किया।गिनीज बुक ऑफ़ वर्ल्ड रेकर्ड से विनती है कि उनका नाम रेकर्ड में डालें
गबरू जवान का Business Model:- Maharashtra state co-op bank को 2007 se 2012 तक 1000 Cr का घाटा हुआ।इसी बैंक ने एक शुगर मिल को करोड़ों का लोन दिया। शुगर मिल ने पैसे दबा दिए तो 2012 में शुगर मिल को ऑक्शन किया और गबरू जवान की Baramati Agro ने कार्टेल बना कर सिर्फ़ 50Cr में ख़रीद लिया
इसी शुगर फ़ैक्टरी ने फिर 150 crore का लोन ले लिया।

HDIL - PMC Bank - Patra Wala Chawl की कितनी शक्कर खायी है गबरू जवान ने यह भी जल्द पता चले गा !

ग़ज़ब का business model है भाई इस गबरू जवान का !
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Sanitary pads take 250-800 years to decompose, which is pushing young Indians to opt for greener alternatives


By @karunasharmaa
Every year, around 12.3 billion used sanitary pads are dumped in landfills in India, said a report by the environmental group Toxics Link. Each of these non-organic sanitary pads is equivalent to four plastic bags, and it takes 250-800 years to decompose.

To reduce their carbon footprint on Earth, young #millennials and #GenZ are switching to greener options like menstrual cups, reusable pads, period discs, tampons, period panties, etc. Not only are these alternatives greener but some of them are also cheaper.

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#EXCLUSIVE | Meet India’s Real Gully Boy: Vidit Aatrey of Meesho is taking the entrepreneurial dream deep inside Bharat

@Meesho_Official @viditaatrey…

By @malinibhupta
Shaan Ansari is a 19-year old entrepreneur who lives in the historic city of Panipat, 100 kms north of Delhi, and he may never qualify for any list celebrating under-20 #entrepreneurs, but his story is no less inspiring than #RanveerSingh’s character in Gully Boy.
The pandemic put his father out of work and Ansari out of school. He went scouting for opportunities online that would require zero #investment and found it in Meesho.

Today he manufactures mats from a rented factory, employs 50 people and clocks revenues of ₹30 lakh a month.
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The #startup ecosystem has been turbocharged in recent years due to massive capital inflows.

A downside is that the playbook has been lost around how to build a healthy business.

Being able to make money with a single product at low levels of scale needs to be re-learned! 🧵👇
Many Founders exist solely to will into existence their product/service offering. They get up in the morning ready to tackle the challenges presented by their ecosystem and obsess about delivering a superior option to their target customers.

Sounds good? Only kind-of-sort-of….
GREAT Founders exist to build DURABLE and PROFITABLE businesses. They know that the best way to build a great business is to solve a profound problem with a product/service that a set of target customers is willing to pay more for than the solution costs to manufacture.
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Series A funding is a level of investment in a start-up that follows seed capital funding.

Essentially, the Series A round is the second stage of startup financing and the first stage of venture capital financing.
Series A funding enables a start-up that has potential but lacks needed cash to expand its operations through hiring, purchasing inventory and equipment, and pursuing other long-term goals.

Series A funding is primarily used to ensure the continued growth of a company.
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A Thread For Top 30 Kdramas to watch - Final Part

#TopTen2blue #Kdrama

21. #MoveToHeaven
Emotional roller coaster
22. #WeightliftingFairyKimBokJoo
Highschool romance🎉
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الفكرة : بناء شركة ناشئة startups تجمع مقدمي الخدمات في مجال ما

المعضلة : نقص في سيولة المشروع

الحل : الاستعانة بمبرمج بدلا من شركة راح مسوي المنصة بالوردبريس نظرا لانعدام خبرته بباقي التكنولوجي

النتيجة : عمل برمجي ردئ ضياع السيولة الصغيرة ووقت وحماس صاحب الفكرة

لا تتعجب من تشابه الأحداث حتى إذا لم تعمل معي استشاره
الأمر مع كل أسف متكرر

ولذلك اختيار التكنولوجي المناسب لكل فكرة يحتاج خبرة عالية من الجهة التقنية المنفذه
من أكثر النصائح المفيدة في الشركات الناشئة المعتمدة على التقنية هو اختيار تكنولوجي قد سبق أثبتت قوتها في مشاريع (مماثلة لفكرتك )+ وجود لها مجتمع تقني كبير
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1) Yakından takip ettiğim ve aylık olarak yayımlanan @capitalMagazin dergisinin #Haziran sayısına ilişkin notlarım için kısa bir akış hazırladım.✍️🏻

Almanca olan derginin bu sayısında tehdit altında olan #RefahSeviyesi yer alıyor. Kapak resminde her şeyin yarısı gitmiş durumda.🙄 Image
2) Bunun dışında; #GelişmekteOlanÜlkeler (#EMs), küresel #petrol piyasası, değerli isimlerle röportajlar ve #StartUp konusu aklımda kalan başlıklar oldu. Elbette #WarrenBuffett ve 2022 yılı etkinliği de okumaya değer konular.

Bunlardan bazılarına değineyim:
3) Covid-19'da yaşamın değeri birçok kişi için ciddi bir hatırlatma olmuştu. #Enflasyon, düşen alım gücü, #enerji krizi ve son gelişmeler bu kez "Mal canın yongasıdır" düşüncesini gündeme getirdi. Özellikle sabit gelirli kesimin hayat pahalılığı karşısında durumu zor. Image
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