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Como existem muitas dúvidas e muitas fake news sobre o coronavírus, preparamos uma thread sobre o assunto. Siga o fio e veja o que se sabe até agora sobre o 2019-nCoV:
Instituições de saúde se articulam para identificar e combater o #coronavírus no Brasil, onde já circulam variedades semelhantes ao microrganismo chinês, o chamado 2019-nCoV.
O 2019-nCoV causa uma #pneumonia severa, potencialmente fatal em pessoas idosas e com #saúde debilitada. É um quadro clínico similar ao da #Sars e ao da #Mers
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#Thread for #Entrepreneur

Dear entrepreneur always remeber these Roles:
You're product is not the first product ever made
You're business is not the first business ever created
You're not the best first CEO/Manager ever existed
#Onekatweets #Entrepreneurship #founders #Business
The role of your product
-Is to solve a customer problem ina very best different way that what exist in the market at a time and in a way that customer can understand best and easily use it next time .
-Is to help ease pain your customers have been experiencing about the problem.
The role of your business
-Is to always continue to innovate and bring new improved solutions to existing/new problems your target market is facing
-Is to create a very sustainable and profitable business to enable it to keep creating value to shareholders and community at large
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According to my commit log, it's been almost exactly 2 years since I started building @desanahq as we know it today. This is how it went down. A thread 👇

#startup #developers #nodejs #javascript #ios #android #nativeapps #kubernetes
@desanaHQ When we (@michaelcobyburn and @SteveInJeans) started, I was keen to build something which would "scale". I thought "if this does well, it's going to have to cope with the demand". We had no money and we all worked full time doing other things.
As if things weren't challenging enough, I thought I'd also take the opportunity to learn some new things. Enter @nodejs "microservices" on @kubernetesio on @googlecloud. Oh, and we had to launch in time for National Coworking Day (18th May) which gave me less than 5 months...
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What to NOT do in your 1st Year as a #StartUp

1) Sign up a marketing/PR firm - focus on product market fit first
2) Hire people on pay rates as an existing business - do more share options to have everyone invested
3)Debt fund your startup
4)Lose track of your NUMBERS - whatever you do, don’t say you will sort out the accounting later. Good basic accounting, reviewed weekly will show you where you are losing money and who is stealing from you
5)wait for your speed point machines to bank ... these machines during your operating hours and then compare banked slips to what is in your bank account
6)use your bank’s speed points only - compare rates and sign up with cheapest provider - % wise
7)ignore your installed cameras - the installation is not a deterrent
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Practice Misfortune – Ask “What Could Go Wrong?”

Startup founders should be prepared mentally for bad stuff to happen.

It is an exercise to imagine that the shit will hit the fan so eventually when the shit hit the fan how to remain cool.

#startup #pitch #vcs
If the site gets hacked
If the next funding round is delayed
If co-founders split happens
If there is hostile offer to merge
If you don’t meet the sales targets
If you run out of cash
If you have to fire a team member
If IP gets stolen
If landlord send you eviction notice
Insurance (Negative) Visualisation - Premeditation of adversity. Think of it as foresight. Before something happens, you ask ‘What could go wrong?’ ‘What obstacle could pop up?’ ‘Where could I face difficulties?’
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Healstack, the company, is 1 year old. 🍰 🥳
There are plently of lessons we picked up on our #startup journey, but here are key 12 things we learned, one for each month we have kept the lights on to make our vision happen:
Lesson #1:
Not everyone starts a startup to solve a real problem, some do it just to make money through an exit. Decide which type of founder you will be as it will affect your strategy.
Lesson #2:
Great idea & validation is not enough. If you are a woman, POC or if you come from non clout background, your pre-seed chances are EXTREMELY low. Focus on getting money through different venues or make your product easy to sell during ideation process already.
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Anything that grows have lifecycles & so must ur #startup, there are many things that influence growth, in relation to ur startup there are 6 specific stages as you develop, time spent in each stage will be different for every startup, -complete each stage b4 moving to the next
It really matters to know your present start-up stage. “Knowing where you are in your journey will help you manage your time and resources efficiently,” - Rahul Varshneya
Stage 1: Concept and Research - we all have that million dollar idea but you need to write it down and find out more information, maybe your innovative idea has already been implemented or is it even what the market wants? Do you have potential customers? #startupnotes
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#Healthcare #Startup #India

Every month i meet at least one healthcare start up founder (in India). They all have ideas that can make patient care more efficient, quick, reduce harm and offer better monitoring of essential health/disease parameters, etc.
None of these ideas get really anywhere.

Why does this happen?

My take -
1. All healthcare in India is driven by doctors. They are gatekeepers for almost everything.
2. Unlike developed countries, regulatory changes and insurance co driven changes don't work in India.
3. Sadly, all start ups face insurmountable hurdle in India - Doctors!
4. Unless doctor benefits directly or gets more patients due to use of this start up's idea, he/she is not going to make any effort to make that change.
5. To convince individual doctors, you need an army
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How a timely help lead to a formation of multi billion dollar company #PAYTM Here’s the story
It was the year 2004. Vijay was struggling with his company One97 Communications,it was difficult for him to pay salaries for his employees and cost of business operations was also high
So some days he would do training or consultancy work to make money. He would go to companies and teach their employees about the InternetHe was paid Rs.1000 for a day of training. For some of the companies, he would setup a website & email while his team ran the One97 operations
The money Vijay earned this way kept One97 going. While on the training-consultancy circuit, Vijay ran into Piuyush Agrawal, whose Polar software needed help with its technology. Vijay’s work took Agrawal’s company from no profits to handsome profits.
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A detailed #thread on the important #schemes launched by Sri #NarendraModi led #BJP Govt.

Sri @narendramodi ji has launched many #welfare schemes. These #schemes varies from welfare of #Farmers, #housewives, #labourers, #students to small #shopkeepers etc.
@PMOIndia @BJP4India
1. PM-KISAN: This scheme promises to pay all poor #farmers (small and marginal farmers having lands up to 2 hectares) Rs 6,000 each every year in 3 installments through Direct #Bank Transfer. It would reportedly benefit around 14.5 crore farmers all over #India.
2. Pradhan Mantri #Kisan Pension Yojana: To address the problems of farm sector distress, the Modi 2.0 Cabinet has approved a proposal to provide small and marginal #farmers with a minimum Rs 3,000 per #month fixed #pension, costing Rs 10,774.5 crore per annum to the exchequer.
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Okay, before I got to bed, I am going to throw out some words garnered from the book I am reading at the moment... and no not Hugh Johnson's Pocket Book of Wine 2019. The one that is about making #money via a #sidehustle by @chrisguillebeau
1. Everyone should have a #sidehustle. It is a way to make some extra money and can be useful as insurance in case you lose that ever important day job. Your side hustle doesn't have to be a main gig and should be started with a specific goal in mind.
For instance, perhaps you have a vacation coming up and you want to make some extra money to pay for it. Maybe you want to pay off those #studentloans and you can use a side hustle to do it. or maybe you are bored out of your mind and want something to occupy your time.
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"What pain / worry / fear / concern is your #startup solving or removing"?

This is a great coaching question and how well #founders answer it is a strong indication of whether they are likely to be successful with their current model.

So why is this such a hard question?
For some reason - we seem to be programmed that for our ideas to be accepted, they must offer some 'better' or a more 'positive' future.

Yet, we are designed to be twice as likely to want to avoid a loss as to seek a gain - as shown by loss aversion...…
Partly caused by coming out of corporate or institutional work, we are conditioned to seek small low risk incremental gains.

This won't work for startups that seek to scale, because with limited resource, no distribution & little money, our new business needs instant impact.
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A thread about how #startups and #founder approaches to the startup phase profoundly impact their ultimate success and whether #coaches or #mentors help or hinder👇👇👇
Like ageing philosophers, new #founders often seek coaches and mentors because they want certainty.

Yet uncertainty is often the best friend of a #startup and tapping successful yet 'old ways' of (say) marketing, holds you back from discovering your own success metrics...
In seeking certainty, #entrepreneurs are looking for tried & trusted formulas so therefore they don't build the muscle to test & experiment their way to success.

As a coach I sometimes hear this as 'can't you just tell me!'

Which translates as; 'I just want the silver bullet'
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Here at #SunriseNorthIsland. The energy in the room is palpable, crackling with excitement.

Kudos to @blackbirdvc for bringing everyone together.

How do we turn all this enthusiasm into thriving global businesses?

2. #SunriseNorthIsland
3. #SunriseNorthIsland
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🔥 MYTH: Standard term sheets give founders the rights they need to lead their companies.


#DisruptSF #FounderFriendlyStandard
1/ To build for the long term, founders need to consider their company's management structure. It's easy to ignore when trying to develop a product, build a team, and raise money, but ignoring governance can come back to haunt you.
2/ It’s easy for founders to be seduced by unicorn dreams and focus on valuations, but it’s critical to stay conscious of shareholder voting rights and what the board of directors will look like and the control the board will have over the #startup.
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It was in Jan 2008 that Uber founder Travis Kalanick and team spent weeks coding on #Varkala #Beach near #Trivandrum. (…)
Now with the advancement in internet connectivity and other facilities, beaches here continue to attract coders and #startup founders from all over the world as we can see foreigners glued on to laptop screens at the food joints near the beaches of Varkala & Kovalam.
Kalanick's story is now a prominent slide in some of the destination marketing decks for Trivandrum & has helped Trivandrum to attract romantic glances from some of the MNCs & global startups (Some of them are already here or are in the process of taking a final call).
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My post on LinkedIn about my interview experience in 1996 @amazon blew up. But a bunch of people asked me why I left after 3 yrs and boomeranged 14 years later. So I thought I’d tell the story here #AWS #amazon #techjobs…
Everyone assumes that if you’re “successful” by some measure they seen you got there through a series of brilliant chess moves or you were an overnight #success. Occasionally that’s true, but far more often it looks like this
My first 3 years at amazon were amazing. We changed the world of #ecommerce, survived competitive threats that were supposed to kill us, invented lots of 😎 #tech that’s now commonplace in websites. But it was also exhausting. I worked 6-7 days a week, every week for 3 years 😓
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Hi, I’ll be live-tweeting today’s Chicago Board of Health public meeting. #ChiDocumenters
@ChiDocumenters #publichealth #chicagopublichealth
@CHIdocumenters Dr. Arwady reviews high-level updates from the dept, including an anti-#syphillis campaign, a research study on Chicago maternal mortality (#maternitymatters) that will be released soon, and a new program that will provide assistance to #newmom s at 3 Chicago hospitals.
Dr. Arwady shares info about the new training video aimed at Chicago employees who work with youth, centers a #traumainformed approach to working with them.
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He's young. Full of ideas. Doing great at the workplace. Has a lot to do and a burning desire to achieve more. Loves challenges. Lives life to the full. Weeks soaked in work and weekends soaking fun. He is one of today's #millenials. He enjoys freedom. But needs #financialfreedom
How do #millenials see saving, investing & growing wealth? Most conversations give the feeling ppl think #FinancialFreedom can wait. Why hurry? Giving cliches like power of compounding can even annoy them. They just don't want to think now. But,their big dreams need early action.
#Millenials may seem to be living for the day. But, their dreams are big. They think king-size. Their canvas is wide. Have precise expectations of their future. But, don't show it. Or wear it on their sleeve. They are too cool to do that. If made to feel comfortable, they talk.
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For those who want to learn about #infosec 🔐 here is a #thread that includes all my #infographics.
An easy way to learn new things 📖Feel free to share with your community🌐

Follow @Guillaume_Lpl for more things about #CyberSecurity #startup #ITsecurity #security #technologies
Some good tools useful in Infosec

Follow @Guillaume_Lpl for more things about #infosec #cybersecurity
Some good tools useful for OSINT

Follow @Guillaume_Lpl for more things about #infosec #cybersecurity
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Just finished "Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work"! An awesome new (to me) perspective of a company culture.

This thread is a summary of what I learnt in this book from @jasonfried and @dhh (@basecamp)

#Startup #startupstories
- your company is your most important product
- don't compare
- don't do goal
- you don't need long term planning, short term is enough
- 40 hours per week is enough if you remove the unnecessary stuff (meeting, distraction.. )
- attention and time is our most important resource, use it wisely, remove the unnecessary stuff
- the best hour is 1x60, not 4x15
- don't share agendas, it will reduce the number of meeting
- don't assume people are not working when they are not here
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By now many of you across Indian #Startup and #OpenData world would know that Mrutyunjay Mishra, @M2OD is no longer with us. He suffered a cardiac arrest yesterday evening at his hometown Sambalpur, Orissa. Mrutyunjay was, in his own words a Researcher.
Most of us know him as a this enthusiastic, upbeat, full of ideas entrepreneur who loved life to the max. You could always find new and innovative ideas coming from him and once he opened his mouth, he could speak for hours and hours at a stretch. Infectious enthusiasm!!
He was one of the founding members of @Janwaar_Castle along with Ulrike, which brought Skateboarding culture to India improving the lives of numerous kids and families in Panna / Janwaar. Credited for out of the box ideas, he was also the founder of India Open Data Association,
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Thread on the backgound of Diane Culligan, who claimed in May to control a bizarre breakaway club from #MillwallLionesses & husband Anthony, a former shirt sponsor's owner (which recently declared Insolvency at the High Court).

An off-site page of this thread unrolls at its end.
FYI @kelly_noble1 @MichelleYoung90

Anthony David Culligan, b.1963, (husband of @Diane_Culligan) owns 31.73% of SETL Developments Ltd, Co. Number 09704844

Mrs Culligan became Director of #MillwallLionesses, June 2018 & assumed Notifiable Control of @FAWC_ club, Oct.2018

#MillwallLionesses bore the one of the brand logos of Mr Culligan's #TechStartup company, namely as "SETL Blockchain" = @SETL_io


Credit : @MillWallLionesses (the real ones)
& @TheMillwallFans for the £17.5k of life.
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Grosse ambiance de travail aujourd'hui puisque je décide de me lancer parallèlement dans la série à succès Game of Thrones que finalement peu de gens connaissent. Je vous ferai part de mes réactions au fur et à mesure.
Ha ben super tout le monde est découpé en deux, bonne ambiance.
Ned Stark il faudrait qu'il apprenne à faire un peu plus confiance aux gens et à ouvrir son coeur à l'inconnu parce que là à force de couper des têtes, son image va en prendre un coup.
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