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Mesures de présence virale autour de patients infectés



✔️146 échantillons d'air ont été prélevés

✔️101 échantillons à une distance de 1 m du patient

✔️45 échantillons à une distance de 2 m de le patient.

✅Seulement 3 échantillons d'AIR prélevés sur les 146 testés (2%) étaient positifs pour l'ARN du SARS-CoV-2 par PCR

✅Tous appartenant au groupe "à 1 m du patient"

✅ AUCUN n'a donné de virus viable.


✅474 échantillons de surface prélevés

✅durée médiane entre le début de la maladie et date échantillon de surface était de 10 jours

✅125 échantillons de surface (25%) [issus de 42 chambres de patients] ont produit de l'ARN du SARS-CoV-2

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❗️@WHO updates on main mode of SARS-CoV-2 🦠 transmission❗️

2021.04.30 Q&A ⤵️ ‘How does #COVID19 spread between people?’

I cannot overstate how seismic this paradigm shift is, and should be, in guiding a revised Risk Assessment & Controls framework.… Image
The virus 🦠 SARS-CoV-2 can spread from an infected person’s mouth or nose in small liquid particles when they cough, sneeze, speak 🗣, sing 🎤, or breathe🧘🏻‍♀️.

[why mask needs to cover👃& 👄]

These particles range from larger respiratory droplets 💧 to smaller #aerosols 💦. Image
The SARS-CoV-2 virus 🦠 spreads *mainly* between people in close (short-range) contact, typically within 1 meter (3 feet) of each other.

When #aerosols or droplets containing the virus 🦠 are INHALED or come into DIRECT CONTACT with the [mucous membranes of] 👀,👃, or 👄. Image
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#WatchtheState: Our weekly update on patterns of State violence in India.

Here's a quick review of reported instances of State violence. @project_polis

Follow the thread for more:
#AllIndiaRadio Has Downgraded National Languages to Regional Ones: The decision to shut down the central news units of #AIR in several Indian languages in Delhi & shift them to their state capitals is in line with the hegemony of Hindi. @thewire_in…
Following Assault on Muslim Boy Outside UP Temple, Hindutva Groups Harden Communal Rhetoric: Emboldened by Police not opposing bail to prime accused, right-wing groups are using the situation to fuel hatred. @thewire_in…
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#COVID19IsAirborne a #MedEd & community PSA #education 🧵

Let’s talk about #COVID19 🦠➕HOW it’s spread so we ALL know ➕understand WHY #WearAMask

Let’s also ALL understand WHAT TYPE of 😷 or respirators are needed in 🏥➕🏨#Quarantine to protect workers ➕prevent 🦠breaches.
As of Oct 12 Vic @VicGovDHHS @DanielAndrewsMP @VictorianCHO mandated fitted masks 😷only

No more shields, no flimsy face coverings only 2-3 layered fitted 😷
or surgical masks.

This was because our understanding of the #science had changed. Sadly we learned the hard way .....
The change to #WearAMask included a change to #HCW guidelines in #healthcare settings.

Community were now in fitted masks because of recognition of a dominant role of spread of 🦠through the air so now #HCWs also needed greater protection with n95 😷or respirators.
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In 2020, Digital channels of #PrasarBharati across DD and #Akashvani have registered more than 100% growth, clocking over a Billion Digital Views and over 6 Billion Digital Watch Minutes.

@PrakashJavdekar @shashidigital @Mayank23Agrawal @Chatty111Prasad @PIB_India @MIB_India
During 2020, #NewsOnAir App added more than 2.5 million users with the platform registering over 300 million views with Live #Radio streaming featuring over 200 streams being most popular feature.

@PrakashJavdekar @shashidigital @Mayank23Agrawal @Chatty111Prasad @PIB_India
Keeping company with #DDNational and #DDNews, in the top 10 digital channels of #PrasarBharati, are #Marathi News from #DDSahyadri, Kannada programming on #DDChandana, #BanglaNews from #DDBangla, and #Telugu programming on #DDSaptagiri.
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This is a plot of the daily reported #COVID19 (c)ases (light blue), (h)ospitalizations (light orange), and (f)atalities (light red) in #Switzerland. In addition, I plotted the cumulative numbers added up over 14 days for (c) and (f) and over 22 days for (h), corresp. dark colors.
What do we learn from the data? The second #COVID19 wave in #Switzerland has reached levels in all indicators (c,h,f) (somewhat) larger than the first wave. The peak daily reported (c)ases are a factor 8.5 times higher than in the first wave.
The peak reported (f)atalities and (h)ospitalizations per day are 1.5 and 1.25 times higher than in the first wave. Both likely have not reached their maximum yet. Also (h) data comes in with a delay of up to 7 days from the current date, while for (c) and (f) it is ~3 days.
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#Abiy's war is against the people of #Tigray, not against #tplf nor handful #tplf 's higher officials as the pathological liar in #PM office kept telling to westerners! No ifs and buts about this.

Let's start with the renowned #Oromo scholar Prof. Ezekiel's argument 👇👇👇 1/n
Before the invasion:

#SayNoToWarOnTigray #SayNoToWarEthiopia

Systematic retirement of Tigrean Generals and Colonels, non-politicians, from the national army since day one in his office (April 2018).

Moving troops from all parts of Ethiopia to Tigray border for weeks. 2/n
#SayNoToWarOnTigray #SayNoToWarEthiopia

Evacuated troops from Guliso; Western Wellega an area under command post to protect civilians at danger from rebels (Oct-31-2020)...3/n
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#Motto of Supreme Court of India

यतो धर्मस्ततो जयः

Yato Dharmas Tato Jayaḥ

Where there is Dharma, there will be Victory"

~ Mahabharata Image
Bahujana-hitāya bahujana-sukhāya

बहुजनहिताय बहुजन‍सुखाय‌

For the benefit of all, for the comfort of all

~ Rig Veda

#AIR Motto Image
धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः

Dharmo rakshati rakshitah

Dharma protects those who protect Dharma.

~ Manusmriti

RAW Motto Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/12/2020…
Biodiversity scientists must fight the creeping rise of extinction denial | Nature Ecology & Evolution…

#biodiversity #extinction #denial #ecology
COVID vaccine, treatment trials create monkey shortage for science…

#trials #COVID19 #vaccine #monkey #shortage #consequence
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9/gpc Intensity of exposure to Corona virus matters. Which is why all household members get sick if they don't take precautions during home quarantine of one member. It's also why bars, party rooms & public bathrooms are most dangerous.
10/gpc This means we will have to follow the five safety precautions mentioned in first tweet & repeated in 🧵, even after new cases decline(ie for 6-12 months) :
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#Syria: #Airstrikes targeted #Damascus International Airport (31 August) and #T4 #Military Base (2 September).

#ISI #intelligence #IMINT #VISINT #Space #AI #Defence #Iran #IRGC
#Syria, #T4 Airbase: Two accurate #attacks targeted the base on 2 September 2020 and hit the runway and an apron and resulted in a temporary #lockout of the #airport's #operation
#Syria, #Damascus International Airport: The #attack (31 August 2020) hit an area that was previously targeted (February 2020) next restored.
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#DoYouKnow #Pinjar the National Award winning movie is based on a popular Punjabi novel of the same name by #AmritaPritam ki.
Played some of the important characters. @themoviemystic
@BBSRBuzz @FilmHistoryPic
@BombayBasanti @NFAIOfficial
#AmritaPritam had worked with @AkashvaniAIR #AIR in Punjabi divison.
Amrita also worked at ‘Lahore Radio Station’ until partition.
#DoYouKnow #AmritaPritam is the first woman to get Sahitya Akademi Award. She got it for her poem "Sunehade" @sahityaakademi
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1-Today is the #Birth #Anniversary of quite possibly the most interesting #God in the #Sanatana #Pantheon - #Ganehsa!

For #AyurvedicAstrology and #VedicAstrology #Tradition in general – Ganesha is the central #God controlling all the #Planets.
2-The Puja timings at most places today in #India are between 11 and 1 during the day.

No tradition is as rich in #Mythical #Symbolism (that if properly meditated upon – can point to the reality) – as the Vedic Tradition.
3-According to the #Vedic Traditions of #Yoga, #Vastu, #Ayurveda and #Jyotish

..the following are the #Metaphors and #Allegories associated with #Ganesha
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#Covid cycles will recur till Govt, Busniess Orgs, NGOs & Public, understand & rigorously follow/enforce rules: (1) #Hygiene/hand wash, (2) #Mask/face covering, (3) #Distancing, (4) #Ventilation (virus filtr/UV radiation of recirculated air), (5)#TTQ (testing, tracing, quarantine
2/gpe An application of this👆🏼 learning to
3/gpc Proof that ventilation of public toilets/bathrooms or UV-C sterilization of its AC recirculated air, is critical to reducing risk of spread ( also other spaces like kitchens)
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Deciphering the Five Elements
What we know is a drop and what we don’t know is the ocean.Our Vedas are an ocean of knowledge and today I am trying to explain just a drop. As we all know everything is made of five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Image
These elements are not as easy as we think.
#Earth is not a planet
#Water is not that we drink
#Fire is that we use to burn
#Air is not just what we breathe
#Ether is not the sky

With the help of Vedas and Holy Scriptures, I will scientifically try to prove that the real Image
form of five elements and their sequence in creation of the universe is – Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and #Earth.Ether converts into Air, then Air converts into Fire, then Fire converts into Water and lastly water converts into Earth. To explain it further, let me give it to Image
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For a virus that presents "few to no symptoms" for the majority, "U.S. Orders Up to 600 Million Doses of #Pfizer, BioNTech Covid #Vaccine" (Bloomberg).…

So let's take a look at Pfizer.
"Pfizer is a publicly-traded global pharma corp.headquartered in NYC. Its revenues reached $52.5 billion in 2017. #Pfizer makes Advil, Xanax, #DepoProvera, Neosporin, #Lyrica & Dimetapp. Pfizer manufacturers more than 350 different pharmaceuticals & operates in 180 countries.
Pfizer's Lyrica, the new vallium, linked to depression, anxiety & suicide, now top pain medication on PBS. #Pregabalin #Addiction. Addicts of #hydromorphone (#Opioid) (Pfizer) have found a new addiction w/ #Lyrica. Capsules are opened, crushed & snorted.…
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Air Partner #AIR.L may be re-rating rather than bouncing.

They're an aircraft charterer in a rather profitable spot: current air travel restrictions mean they're currently over-earning at quite a rate (understatement) and should continue to benefit even as the industry returns. Image
You'd probably never know otherwise unless you found a line buried on page 10 of 56 in their last report or follow @EricUKinvestor's posts flagging up the company: by their measure of underlying profitability, their first quarter was bigger than any full year previously. Image
It's a simple thesis - the freight division benefits from Covid emergency response needs and the pinch in airline freight capacity as airlines are grounded. As the crisis abates, airlines will only gradually reintroduce routes and frequencies meaning this should decline slowly.
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Un thread toujours dans cette obsession du mode de contamination négligé du #COVID19 et pourtant majeur:la TRANSMISSION ##AIRBORNE .Après les #meatpackingPlants parlons des #chorale #choir. C’est un tel cluster qui m’avait définitivement convaincu...1/x Image
2/x Le premier a eu lieu aux usa. L’épidémie a déjà débuté et la chorale décide de maintenir la répétition mais en faisant les gestes barrières:gel hydroalcoolique avant & espacement des chanteurs:47/60 seront #COVID19 & 2 mourront.C’est pas fini.#airborne…
3/x J’avais cherché d’autres cas dans la littérature scientifique et dans la presse mais rien.Merci à @pleunipennings qui dans un thread a trouvé d’autres cas. Comme cette chorale à la cathédrale de Berlin où 80/100 deviendront #COVID19 #airborne…
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A quick recap of what we tweeted about this week #ICYMI. #PolicyBrief: Associates, @IsalyneGe, and @harshita_a94 analysed the #bmcbudget2020 and made recommendations for unlocking #Mumbai’s land revenues ( (1/3)
#Conversations: check out this conversation on how much of India is actually #urban? ( Another interesting one was on how India will navigate the challenges of a #digital economy ( (2/3)
#ThoughtThreads: Why we need to care about #Air pollution (, What’re the problems with GDP estimates ( and Why we need to be careful about algorithms? ( (3/3)
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Rain Water Harvesting
(Memanen Air Hujan)

Tuhan telah mengajarkan kita melalui tanaman berupa rumput & pepohonan untuk meresapkan air hujan ke dalam tanah.

Daun2 di pohon/rumput memecah rintik hujan menjadi lebih kecil, air yg terpercik ke tanah ditahan oleh akar dll.

#Air 1
Biar info sy ini smakin tersebar luas sampai luar angkasa & planet Namec maka dgn berat hati saya CC org2 hebat berfollower Milliaran berikut ini:
- @ayah_9Garislucu (tua renta)
- @Sigid_C (bakul WC)
- @CintaNegeri_ID

Yg ini sy ikhlas 🙏🙏
- @Nouna_jessica94 (org keren)

#Air 2
Air hujan jadi mudah & banyak meresap ke dalam tanah sebelum akhirnya ke saluran air lalu ke sungai lalu ke laut.

Air yg meresap ke tanah akan disaring oleh akar, bebatuan, dll di dalam tanah sehingga jadi air bermineral.

Air itu akan menjadi Mata Air.

Fungsi lain?

#Air 3
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Dihalaman saya Ramai “DEMO” yang meminta Gubernur DKI mundur dari Jabatan, saya tidak Fokus kepada jumlah pendemo dan mengapa mereka ikut berdemo. Saya hanya ingin memberi tahu bahwa Jabatan Gubernur itu bukan Jabatan Pembantu seperti Jabatan Menteri #hening @as_boediono
Gubernur merupakan Jabatan Politis yang didapat dari hasil Election, Jabatan Gubernur merupakan hasil dari Pilkada sementara Jabatan Menteri merupakan bentuk Partisipasi dan bertanggung jawab langsung kepada Presiden posisinya sebagai Pembantu ( Beda ) @as_boediono #hening
Itu alasannya mengapa banyak orang menginginkan Jabatan Gubernur dan tentunya berlatar Wewenang Pemegang Kuasa Anggaran dalam Pengambilan Keputusan, sementara Menteri harus melewati Persetujuan Presiden yang ditetapkan dalam APBN dan Rapat Paripurna @as_boediono #hening
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Cohen has signed a "proffer agreement" with SDNY, agreeing to cooperate in their inv’n of the Trump Org re whether they falsified business records.

Hannity’s HRC obsession

During Trump’s presidency, Hannity has mentioned HRC on 86% of his episodes


Judge sentences 3 Blackwater guards to prison for 2007 Iraqi attack

Trump tried to ease Iran Sanctions, Prompting Bolton Pushback

Sanctions move aimed at securing Rouhani meeting this month

In foreign policy, Trump gets points for creativity. Results, not so much

Trump’s trade war has killed 300,000 jobs

Former Mattis Aide at Center of Dispute Over Pentagon Transparency

Some contend that the department’s delay in approving his memoir was due to longstanding protocol, not ill will
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About climbing my 1st 14er, campaigning for @PeteButtigieg at 14,000ft, finding community with strangers, an electrifying moment, and the biggest surprise of my life!
We arrived at the #MtEvans trailhead around 7:30am, the peak was lost in fast moving clouds. #14er
Mt Evans magnets & shirts don't lie, the GOATS! So awesome.
We had goats greet us at the trailhead, we kept our distance &
ogled them with delight. #14ers
#TeamPete, I brought my @playmobil #minime & a #Pete2020 banner for some inspiring photos exploring #AmericatheBeautiful.
#SummitLake parking lot, with another 2,00-odd ft to ascend to the peak of #MtEvans, a #14er that I can see from my house, SE of Denver!
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13. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey,Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria

#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstChildren #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria 😉👇🏼
2. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria 😉👇🏼
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