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Want to know more about the Volume Profile?

Grab a cup of coffee or a few minutes to read unhindered and I'll walk you through how we use the information from the Volume Profile
Q) What is the Volume Profile?

A) An advanced version of the MarketProfile .

Q) What is the MarketProfile

A) First read this and then come back here -…
The early MarketProfile traders never had the benefit of Volume

The exchanges introduced Volume to markets only in 1992

To get around they arrived at a simple formula

Price X Time = Volume at Price

Simply put, the more time price spent at a price , the more volume was created
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#BTC #VolumeProfile Aquí hay un uso operativo perfecto del perfil de volumen el cual lo explico brevemente (aunque con más tiempo prepararé un hilo con mayor detalle). Primero vamos con el gráfico:
El precio se debate constantemente entre equilibrios y desequilibrios. Cuando la oferta y la demanda negocian y están en equilibrio construyen un rango lateral (aunque también puede ser lateral alcista o bajista como vimos el ejemplo de #BTC).
Cuando una supera a la otra, se produce el desequilibrio, es decir, si la demanda es más agresiva que la oferta (o la oferta se ha retirada) en efecto, la consecuencia será el inicio de una tendencia alcista:
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Basics of Auction and Profile Distribution - terms like Market Profile and Volume Profile simplified

What is Profile Distribution?

Distribution is the process of trading activity that takes place in the market auction. Some also know it by a consolidation or range.

A Distribution tends to define the fairest area/ price where the current auction has been taking place.
However, during some trading sessions, after the market forms a distribution around a certain fair price/ value, something changes.....

It could be anything - some big money stepping in deeming the price to be auctioning below value, news, event ,etc.. we don't know that and it doesn't matter.. what we are interested in is what happens after....
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The Rabbit Hole is Deep. 🐇

Screenshots from some massive improvements to Market and Volume Profile coming up very soon

1. Customizations on steoirds
2. Auto Pattern Recognition - Poor High / Poor Low etc.

Will start a thread...

#MarketProfile #VolumeProfile ImageImageImage
1. Auto Recognition of Patterns

What is Poor High/Poor Low?

Poor low and Poor High are market profile structure which generally indicates a market that is too long or too short and the shorter timeframe players in the market has low confidence about the current market direction
...and takes control of market to move it in opposite direction. Generally happens when the market is continuing its trend in one direction and the momentum of the trend starts loosing at the peaks which makes the shorter timeframe traders to think that market is toolong/short
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`26s supporting for now... Low Volume Node
#VolumeProfile Image
Coincidentally - VWAP is at `26 as well.
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Is this what you have been made to pay for? Not anymore.....
Presenting fully loaded and FREE Volume Profile Charts in GoCharting platform
#volumeProfile #TA #TechnicalAnalysis #charts #bitcoin #nifty50 Image
@ShowerFourth We are serious about orderflow now. Join us to build the next gen orderflow tools
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