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Dear Investors friends, creating a master #Thread documenting all #Important Links, Sites, Knowledge sources, Stocks currently I'm #Bulish on, etc. (1/n)
#Sharewolves #Educational #TechnicalAnalysis #LearnTechnicals #LearnnEarn #ProTrader #NiftyBullWave
Top websites for Fundamental & Technical Screener:
Best sites for #TechnicalAnalysis Studies:
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A Detailed Thread on Candlesticks you NEED to know 🧵

These candlestick patterns can be a leading factor in a trend change before many know it’s even happening 👇🏼
1. Bullish Inverted Hammer

Strong reversal candle in a downtrend and as you can see above this one led as the market bottom leading up for a 65 point move after.

Always want to find it after a big red candle. Image
2. One of my favorite setups is the Harami, in this case it was a bearish harami. This candle is near the top of the previous large green candle & would be vice versa for the bulls if it was on bottom of a previous large red candle with same sized wicks on both ends. 30+ points Image
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Key points from the first 100 pages of ⚜The Handbook of Technical Analysis⚜ by Mark Andrew Lim
(This is part 1, there are a 1000 pages, so will cover the entire book in 10 sections)

{1} It is not only the mechanical action of buying low and selling high that counts, but also the timing of the action itself that is critical.
{2} Dual function of TA

1 - For identification
2 - For forecasting
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1/8 Some conflicting clues for #Ethereum around the Weekly candle close last night. With the Monthly close flowing into the 4th of July holiday weekend, expecting some extra fireworks.

A 🧵using #TechnicalAnalysis and #TrendPrecognition to analyze #ETH...
2/8 Sunday night in the final hour or so before the Weekly candle close, #ETH price was suppressed < $2 below the 200 WMA. Moments after the W close/open, price reclaimed the 200 WMA. PA has danced above and below the line since.
3/8 Regardless of whether #ETH can close this week above the 200 WMA, the retest has already been invalidated. Will look to next week to see if we can open and close a full candle body above the 200, that is if it doesn't retest the lows first.
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This thread contains all the basic knowledge about charts used in technical analysis

#technicalanalysis #charts
1/ Charts

A stock chart is a central tool for technical analysis which provides a graphical representation of the price movement, either historical or live, of a security over a specific period of time. In a price-time series chart, price is plotted on y-axis and time on x-axis
2/ Practical Efficacy of Chart

There are three premises of the technical approach:

Price discounts everything

Price moves in trends

History repeats itself
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#TimeTechno - A Small Cap Possible Turn-Around Story ...

CMP – 99.80 (22/04/2022)

(Must read 🧵Thread for traders searching for 🚀🚀🚀 )

Technical Inputs by @YTA_School

@rohanshah & @caniravkaria Views Invited.

Time Technoplast Ltd (#TimeTechmo) is a multinational conglomerate and a leading manufacturer of polymer-based products with varied applications.

#TechnoFunda #StockMarket #Trading #Investing

Company's portfolio consists of segments like, Industrial Packaging Solutions, Lifestyle Products, Automotive Components, Healthcare Products, Infrastructure Construction related products, Material Handling Solutions & Composite Cylinders.

#TimeTechno #Investing
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#tjtrades #learning #TradingEducation #stocks #TechnicalAnalysis

A #thread on the most important aspects of #trading learned from experience.

Before proceeding, want to pay my respect to the people I have learned from along the way @nishkumar1977 @KPTheTrader @Mayank_Narula1
1. Have realistic expectations. Trading is not a way of making an easy money. It can't make you rich overnight but if you don't understand this point well, trading can surely make you poor overnight.
2. Following a strict stop loss is one and only paramount condition for survival. You can't win if you can't play.
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10 Proven Trading Strategies every trader must know

A thread(🧵) (1/15)
1. Always keep your trading plan ready: #Trading without a plan is sureshot way of exposing yourself to danger.

Set a Trading plan based on the Market trend👇 (2/15)
2. Approach Trading like a business: As a #trader, your job is to maximize your business potential.

Your job should always be to cut expenses(losses) and enhance #profits👇 (3/15)
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Upcoming webinars for you to master the art of Trading!

💥Get a 20% discount on all using code WEB20💥

Keep Exploring the thread(🧵)...
A Masterclass on Crude Oil by Souradeep Dey (@Trader_souradep):

✅Proiftable, proven #CrudeOil strategies

✅Trade Inventory data released by EIA & API

✅Supply & Demand Dynamics of Crude Oil

✅In-depth #TechnicalAnalysis
Options Strategies for Bearish & Bullish Markets by Deepak Kumar:

✅Basics of #Options in Hindi

✅Trading Options based on the Market

✅Selection of the right strategy of #optionstrading based on your approach
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#CandlestickPatterns - "As simple as it can be."

A Candlestick is a style to represent the price movement of a stock or a derivative or a currency.

+Thread [1/24]

#Thread #TechnicalAnalysis #StockMarket
It is a must for every trader to hold some basic knowledge about candlesticks up his quiver in his journey which helps in understanding the #priceaction in a better dimension.

A Candle is formed based on the buying and selling pressures in a particular time frame.

There are 2 types of #candlesticks
1.A Bullish Candlestick
2.A Bearish Candlestick [3/24] Image
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After #Kitex Now comes #VishalFabrics ...

A Small-cap stock that can become 2X in medium term.

CMP – 107.40 (11/1/2022)

Sectoral Tailwinds, Promoters Buying, Breakout ...

(Must read 🧵Thread for Investors !)

@saditya10p Views Invited 🙏

#TechnoFunda #ShareMarket Image

A flagship company of the Chiripal Group, #VishalFabrics Limited is a leading denim manufacturer.

Company has been promoted by Shri Brijmohan Chiripal who has nearly three decades of experience in the fabric and yarn business and marketing of knitted apparels.


Chiripal Group, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Textile and BOPP Film products in India with a group turnover of more than Rs. 6,000+ crore.

Other Listed companies of the group - #NandanDenim Ltd. and CIL Nova Petrochemicals Ltd.

#TechnoFunda #Investing #Trading
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Owing to her experience of over 35 years in the #Stockmarket, Jyoti Budhia's (@jyotibudhia) webinars are a delight to watch! 🪄

We're giving a 40% discount for all her webinars using code JB40

Scroll down(🧵)...
1. Learn to trade #Futures and #Options using Data Reading to find directional trades🗞️
2. Ever wondered why the #Candlesticks follow certain patterns?📈

Get a 360-degree insight into the psychology that goes on inside #traders when they're trading! 🪄
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Presenting: SuperSix. A 2-Day Webinar Marathon by 6 Indian #Stockmarket Superstars! ✨🪄

Here's the lineup(🧵)..... Image
1. Premal Parekh (@premalparekh), the master of #RelativeStrength is back with a blockbuster!🔥

Learn how to gain the First Mover Advantage by identifying the strongest stocks across Sectors using CRS, Spread Charts! 📈
2. The mastermind behind OI Pulse- Sivakumar Jayachandran (@Justsiva123) is focusing on an Open & High Strategy for #Futures & #Options!

Generate significant ROI through hands-on experience!
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Thread 🧵explaining #MarketCycle

(Accumulation - Advancing - Distribution & Decline Phase)

Basics of #TechnicalAnalysis

(Must read for #TA learners)

🙏Like & RT to spread learning with all 🙏

@rohanshah619 / @PAlearner / @Puretechnicals9

#TechnicalAnalysis #StockMarket

✅Market Cycle refers to period between two latest highs or lows in case of any security (stock, bonds, commodity, currency, etc).

✅It refers to the phases in which price of any security moves.

#MarketCycle #StagesofMarket #TechnoFunda #StockMarket

Understanding stages of market & how price moves during these stages helps a trader to identify new trading opportunities & lower their trading risk.

Market cycles goes through 4 stages -


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💡 Today in the news, charts & everything stock market-related.

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$ZS Canaccord Genuity Maintains Buy on Zscaler, Raises Price Target to $400

$CRM Salesforce Q3 Adj. EPS $1.27 Beats $0.92 Estimate, Sales $6.86B Beat $6.80B Estimate

$AMBA Craig-Hallum Maintains Buy on Ambarella, Raises Price Target to $250
$MU $UMC Micron, United Microelectronics Report Expansion Of Relationship to Strengthen Customer Supply Chains

$LUV MKM Partners Maintains Buy on Southwest Airlines, Lowers Price Target to $56
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💡 Today in the news, charts & everything stock market-related.

🔔 Make sure to like this post & hit the notification bell to get real-time updates.

🔍 Never miss a breaking news or trade idea again!

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$COIN Coinbase To Acquire Cryptographic Security Company Unbound Security; Says Will Establish A Tech Center In Israel; Terms Not Disclosed
$RKT Morgan Stanley Maintains Equal-Weight on Rocket Companies, Lowers Price Target to $15
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Here are just few Examples of why i use ONLY #Fibonacci levels and candle stick patterns Without any other indicator


#trading #stocks #technicalanalysis
#CHARTS #Candlestick #patterns
Here an example about SPY 60 min chart from September
Check time each picture stamped
No indicators ... just following candle stick pattern ImageImageImage
2. $SPY 60 min chart
Bull flag & target price identified in advanced
check time stamped pictures
Again ... Just by knowing candle stick patterns & Fibonacci levels ImageImage
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When Elearnmarkets was born, our goal was simple: educate and groom better Stock Market participants. It's the same, even today.

Here are some blog posts you can go through if you are trading in the Indian Stock Market:
( 1.) 7 common reasons why traders lose money in Intraday Trading:

Intraday trading needs good strategies and not intuition. Learn these factors which might be responsible for your losses.
( 2.) 10 Proven Strategies to Always Stay In Profit:

Booking profits is all about patience and grit. Learn these strategies to stay ahead of everyone.
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#DhampurSugar - Short Term Swing Trading Opportunity !

CMP – 287.85 (11/8/2021)

(Must read Thread Thread for #TA learners)

@rohanshah619 @caniravkaria 👉#TechnoFunda Views Invited.

#DhampurSugar is first & largest producer of refined sulphurless sugar in country.

Company's sugarcane co-generation capacity is one of the largest in the country & it has perhaps highest ethanol manufacturing capacity relative to it’s cane crushing capacity in country.

#DhampurSugar Capacity 👉

Crush 45,500 metric tonnes of cane per day

Refine 1,700 metric tonnes of sugar per day

Generate 209 MWH of renewable power

Export upto 125 MWH of renewable power to the grid

Produce 300,000 liters of alcohol/fuel ethanol per day

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#IOLCP - Short Term Swing Trading Opportunity !

CMP – 644.40 (9/8/2021)

(Must read Thread Thread for #TA learners)

@caniravkaria @Arpit1223 Fundamental Views Invited. Image

#IOLCP manufactures & sells bulk drugs & organic -inorganic chemical compounds in India & internationally.

Company offers APIs such as ibuprofen, metformin hydrochloride, lamotrigine, fenofibrate & clopidogrel bi sulphate.

It also provides specialty industrial chemicals.

After a massive run from March 2020 to December 2020, #IOLCP has gone into consolidation phase.

#TechnicalAnalysis #IOLCP #StockMarket #Trading #SwingTrading
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I will write a couple of points on #VOLUME. It's a #THREAD. I get a lot of questions regarding volume confirmation on chart patterns. Here is my story with volume as a supporting indicator.
I learned #technicalanalysis and charting with the default chart setup of volume at the bottom of each chart. I know how to read volume with price charts.
Around the subprime mortgage crisis and the financial meltdown, I was managing the largest fund in AUM in the UAE and a sizable one in the MENA.
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Thread 🧵explaining #CupHandle Pattern used in #TechnicalAnalysis
(Must read for #TA learners)

🙏Like & RT to spread learning with all🙏

@rohanshah619 @Mitesh_Engr
@PAlearner @Puretechnicals9

Views Welcome

#TechnicalAnalysis #StockMarket

Cup and Handle is a #bullish continuation chart pattern. It is formed by two rounded troughs, the first being deeper and wider than the second.

The first trough is known as #cup while second trough is known as #handle.

#TechnicalAnalysis #ChartPatterns #Charts #StockMarket

The high points of the cup and the handle are aligned on the same horizontal #resistance line known as the #neckline of the cup with handle pattern.

#TechnicalAnalysis #ChartPatterns #Charts #StockMarket
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Case Study 11 : #Dabur - A Stock that doubles every 4 years!

CMP – 590.45 (2/7/2021)

(Must read Thread 🧵for #TA & #FA learners)

Fundamentals Sound & Technically Strong Upmove Candidate!


@rohanshah619 @Vivek_Investor 🙏(Views Invited) 🙏

Dabur India Limited is a leading Indian consumer goods company with interests in Hair Care, Oral Care, Health Care, Skin Care, Home Care and Foods.

#Dabur #TechnoFunda #Trading #Investing #StockMarket

Dabur derives around 60% of its revenue from the consumer care business, 11% from the food business and remaining from the international business unit.

#Dabur #TechnoFunda #Trading #Investing #StockMarket
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Case Study 10 : #HDFCLife - Medium Term Investing Pick !
CMP – 725.55 (27/6/2021)

(Must read Thread 🧵for #TA & #FA learners)

Fundamentals Sound & Technically Strong Upmove 🚀Candidate!


@caniravkaria @dmuthuk @Puretechnicals9 @rohanshah619

🙏(Views) 🙏
1⃣ HDFC Life Insurance Company is a long-term life insurance provider offering individual and group insurance services.

#HDFCLife #TechnoFunda #Trading #Investing #StockMarket

Company's products meet various customer needs such as Protection, Pension, Savings & Investment and Health, along with Children's and Women's Plan.

#HDFCLife #TechnoFunda #Trading #Investing #StockMarket
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