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#wangxian a/b/o

wei ying can't take his eyes off the man, his fighting style brutal yet elegant

his body was smooth, toned, sculpted. wy tries to get his scent under control as he watches his fluid movements

then he sees his face

what. the. fuck.

how can it be LAN ZHAN?!
wy chokes on his saliva as lz climbs into the ring, wearing the tightest light blue shorts wy has ever seen

wy gulps. he can't tear his eyes off lz's tight, biteable ass

oh, what he would do to be given the chance to worship that
he's distracted from his horny thoughts by the ringing of the bell. wy is thankful he had the foresight of wearing a scent patch this time

lz looks deep in concentration as he tracks him opponent like he's his prey

lz has a raw energy tonight that wy didn't see last time
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#wangxian //sug*r d*dd* lwj // 🔞🔥nsfw (ish)

Where lwj brings wy to a company dinner for the first time. The terms of their agreement is clear and wy is to be sociable and charming. A distraction from the typical stand offish aura lwj thrives in.

He knew wy was only doing this
for help with school and they had agreed to limiting personal details.

So lwj is left slack jawed as wy holds multiple conversations about astrophysics and subtle nuances in chemistry.

He’s absolutely floored. He knew wy was smart. They frequently small talked current events
but this was a whole new level.
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#DarkLanZhan #wangxian

for the past few months, idol wy has been receiving threatening gifts from a 'fan'

"please, lz! you're the only one i trust" he pleads, tears running down his face

"mn. I will move in with you, wy"

little does he know, it is lz who has been sending them
wy sends him a watery grin "thanks, lan zhan! i don't know what I'd do without you"

lz thinks to himself 'you will never need to find out. you are mine now'

lz holds his arms out and wy runs into them, no longer trembling as he breathes in the soothing scent of sandalwood
"let me inform brother" lz phones lxc and informs him that he will be living with wy from now on, to protect him

from himself

once wy has finally calmed down, lz makes a show of carefully packaging up the latest 'gift'
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#wangxian mpreg

"tell baba what is wrong please" lz begs a-yuan. he's been sad for a few days & lz can't bear to see it

his son stares at him, teary eyes breaking his heart "baba"

lz nods encouragingly

"did you and a-die not want me?"

lz sucks in a shocked breath
"a-yuan, of course we wanted you. your a-die and i were so excited when you were growing in his tummy. we couldn't wait to meet you"

his precious boy looks hopeful "really?"

he pulls a-yuan onto his lap, stroking his hair "of course. why would you believe otherwise?"
his little lip trembles "becoz you and a-die said you hope the baby is a girl. but I'm a boy. I thought you didn't want me"

lz blinks rapidly to stop his tears from falling "we always want you. you're our son, our little radish. we love you so much"

then he tries to explain
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#wangxian // some fluff for all the angst I’ve put out// omegaverse// past mpreg implied
Lan Wangji stirred awake at the first cry. He always did. Gently he disentangled himself from his mate. Wei Ying mumbled in his sleep, clutching a pillow and nosing into it.

His mate
was so beautiful. Lan Wangji always felt pride when he watched his omega. Sleeping, awake, taking care of their son, or having a moment alone, Wei Ying was just stunning.

A tiny mewl sounded. Lan Wangji slowly stood from the bed, crossing the room in a few steps to a light blue

Lan Yuan, all of 3 months on this earth, a tiny version of Lan Wangji, and the pride of both of his parents.

He was everything they could have ever hoped for. Right now, he was angry because he is hungry and… Lan Wangji grimaced at the smell.

A diaper change
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#wangxian 💭

“Baba?” Lan Sizhui’s voice was much deeper than he remembered.

His face comes into view and, yes that’s right. His little radish isn’t so little anymore. An adult who always makes him to visit his fathers… father.

“How have you been feeling?”

That was the
golden question wasn’t it?

The sound of tiny feet running in the hallway, then a little girl crashed into his leg. Holding him and smiling like her father had done so long ago. Sizhui was much too big for that now.

Lan Wangji patted her head. “I have some fruit for you in the

The little girl squeaked excitedly, taking Lan Wangji’s hand and leading him as if he didn’t know where to go in his own home.

Life was a cycle. Lan Wangji had known life without Wei Ying. Then with Wei Ying. Then with Lan Yuan. Then… now is the after he supposed.
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#wangxian // vampireji x humanxian
All things considered, Wei Wuxian thought he was taking this vampire thing pretty well.

Long time crush Lan Wangji happened to belong to a race of humanity that was well… no longer human. Honestly, finding out the guy in your 8am bio
chem class has the strength to pull 3 people trying to mug you on the way home without breaking a sweat, it did something.

Unlocked something in Wei Wuxian’s brain he didn’t even know what there.

And sure, there was a possessive nature to Lan Wangji but it left Wei Wuxian
feeling safe. Loved and wanted and chosen for the first time. Maybe that was toxic and if any of his friends told him this exact same thing he would say 🚩 red flag run away!

But this was Lan Zhan. The end of space and time couldn’t keep him away from his vampire. No, he was
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#wangxian // darkwwx // yllz// mcd// canon divert

… fics where wwx takes the hit instead of jyl hurt okay…

Like the chaos yllz snaps worse which is so hard to even fathom but yes he snaps worse than when he died cause this time he can’t
die. There is no release of power so strong that he doesn’t care or think of backlash. A controlled anger. A building pain that ends with the deaths of everyone who led to these events.

The yllz doesn’t mourn. Doesn’t cry. He’s on a war path. A machine of rage and
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#wangxian // nsfw🔥🔞 shenanigans // safe wording

“Okay done. I’ll give you a second and we can try again.”

Wei Wuxian collapsed to the ground, the cold leg post of the coffee table keeping him alert. His chest expanded taking in a full gulps of air. He was covered in a thin
layer of sweat and desperately wanting to come and then shower.

In that order.

“Alright Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan was across from him.
Sitting in the recliner, legs spread, cock hard as iron resting against his stomach. Shiny still from having been down Wei Ying’s throat moments ago.
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"lan zhan IS my husband! tell them, lz! they don't believe me!"

lz had entered the hospital room to find an agitated wy arguing with doctors

he comes to a dead stop. husband?

lz had never even SPOKEN to wy before today, wy had only just woken up from a two year coma
he still remembers the first time he saw wei ying over 18 months ago. looking frail and lifeless. only machines keeping him alive

he had stared at the man's beautiful face, feeling a pang of sadness that in the 6 months he had been at the hospital, no one had visited him once
his doctor sheepishly asked lan zhan if he could visit wy during his volunteering rounds "i know you're busy, lwj. i just hate to see patients who's family don't visit. you know it's good for coma patients, especially when someone reads to them"

lz hadn't hesitated in agreeing
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Omegaverse 💭

Okay please hear me out (tw divorce) #wangxian being like the /coolest/ fucking co parents.

Lan Sizhui having zero hesitation inviting both dads to his school event. WangXian hug, catch up, are cordial. People mistake them and think they are together.
“If only I could be so lucky,” Lan Wangji would reply.

Wei Wuxian’s face would turn beet red. “Lan Zhan please!”

Sizhui doesn’t know the details and he’s never asked. Just that his parents were better apart than they had been together. Maybe because they got together so young.
So much of the world and themselves they needed to discover. Their relationship just didn’t work out but they were the best of friends for is. And Sizhui had to admit he had the most amazing childhood.

As the years pass and he gets older he notices more and more his alpha dad
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#wangxian // alpha4alpha // omegaverse// princeji & war generalxian // blood (mention) sword violence // minor injury // tags to update
“Where is he?” Wei Wuxian’s voice booming in the throne room.

He’s still in full armor, his sword still wet from the enemy. There is a
fire in him that will not settle until he sees the prince.

They had been betrayed. There was no other reason that the defenses around the prince were so thin. Wei Wuxian shouldn’t have even been able to see him.

Surrounded. The prince was to be protected on all sides by
his guard but somehow the formation had changed.

Surrounded. The prince was flanked by enemy forces and a single man against dozens is never a happy sight.

At one moment, Wei Wuxian had glanced up, by chance catching the princes eye.

He mumbled something then was run
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#wangxian // nsfw 🔥🔞 // crimeboss hgj
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Wei Wuxian bit his lip hard, fighting against the moan that threatened to escape. He couldn’t, /he wouldn’t/ give this man the satisfaction.

Lesson learned - don’t steal from the mob. In Wei Wuxian’s
defense, the firewall used by GusuLan for their ‘security’ system was a joke. And why would billionaires care about $10k going missing?

Honestly, Wei Wuxian had done it just to prove he could. He didn’t expect the fucking goons who had been sent to his apartment nor coming face
to face with the most feared man in the underground crime world.

And what did that man do? Decided that Wei Wuxian should work off his debt personally
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#wangxian // nsfw 🔥🔞

Wei Ying’s thighs trembled as he tried to breathe.

Lan Zhan’s hands lightly brushed against his stomach. Wei Ying tried to move but Lan Zhan grabbed his hips, pinning him still in his lap.

“Lan Zhan, please!” He shuttered, legs closing and

Lan Zhan gripped Wei Ying’s knees, forcing his legs apart.

It was just them in the room but Wei Ying felt so exposed. On display simply for his boyfriend’s amusement.

“If you want to come today, I suggestion you keep your legs open like the slut you are.”
Wei Ying whimpered but nodded all the same.

A game between the two of them, the freedom to explore each other in every way.

“Who do you belong to?” Lan Zhan whispered in his ear, a hand /finally/ wrapped around Wei Ying’s cock.

“Yours,” he groaned as Lan Zhan stroked him.
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#wangxian // angst & comfort // divorce // mention lwj others (assumed-nothing happens)
The door slams and Lan Wangji felt it to his core. The sound of a car revving in the driveway and he knows it’s Wei Ying’s car leaving.
Because he said he was done.

Because his husband decided that he wasn’t good for Lan Wangji
anymore and that it would be best if he left. If they divorced.

If he wasn’t Lan Wangji’s husband anymore.

What was the appropriate reaction here? Lan Wangji felt as if the oxygen in the room had been sucked out. Like he was a shell of himself, frozen unable to move,
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#wangxian //issues with pinning // nsfw (ish)🔥🔞
“Stop assuming! Let him get his dick wet and get your hole wrecked! Fucking hell!”

Okay. I know what you’re thinking because Lan Wangji thought the same thing. Surely, that was someone else’s voice but no… that was Wei Ying.
Lan Wangji was in his room, Wei Ying down the hall in his own room. He wanted to ask Wei Ying… what he meant but he didn’t know what Wei Ying had yelled at.

A book. A movie. Porn.

What if Lan Wangji knocked on the door and Wei Ying was jacking off and just got carried away.
{Okay… that sounds like your own wishful thinking}.

The odds of having the same roommate all 4 years of university (without submitting a request) is damn near impossible.

{Leave it to Wei Ying to attempt the impossible.}

And on top of the universe/obviously/ pushing them
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#wangxian // domestic family
“Pssst! Lan Zhan, meet me in the living room.” Wei Ying whispered from the hallway.

Lan Wangji carefully maneuvered their sons head onto his pillow. At 3 years old, A-Yuan has no trouble sleeping through the night but it’s the getting to
sleep (and waking up) that is the hardest.

Tonight he wanted Lan Wangji to read to him and the man is putty in the kids hand.

Since adopting and bringing their son home, both him and his husband have learned something - kids cartoons are funny as hell for adults.
There are tiny innuendoes or jokes made that would go over a child’s head completely but it left Wei Ying (and equally Lan Wangji) laughing until there was tears in their eyes.

The newest one that got them was sesem* stre*t. Lan Wangji had seen it in passing but never watched
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#wangxian // dom sub elements // 🔥🔞nsfw (ish)
Wei Ying was on his knees on the floor. His eyes glazed over, completely unfocused. Lan Wangji would have to correct that.


A slight tilt of his head and finally Wei Ying looks at him.
“Once I do this, there is no going back.”

Wei Ying nodded. They had talked about it briefly before they began but well… Lan Wangji got distracted. His boyfriend wanting a cotton tail and bunny ears, how could Lan Wangji refuse?

“You have to use your words sweetheart. Tell me.”
Wei Ying swallowed. “I want it Lan Zhan.”

Lan Wangji smiled. He held out a hand for Wei Ying. “Alright, come closer.”

Wei Ying shuffled forward, still kneeling but now he was between Lan Wangji’s thighs. His hands came to rest and Lan Wangji felt the heat in Wei Ying’s touch.
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#wangxian // nsfw 🔞🔥// omegaverse //implied mpreg// breeding kink// horny gremlins wangxian
It felt like he was walking through fire. His heat wasn’t close by any means but Wei Wuxian /ached/.

At this point, he wanted to present himself and beg Lan Wangji to breed him.
He wasn’t usually this turned on. Especially not in public but he couldn’t help it.

His boyfriend was just standing talking with some of their family. A water bottle in one hand, the other trying to shade his eyes from the sun.

Lan Wangji. Newly taken, alpha. Voted number
2 most desired mate since he was 20 years old. Successful, sophisticated, and easily every omegas wet dream.

What could possibly take all those attributes and kick him up 20 notches in sex appeal?

The same Lan Wangji with a tiny baby held to his chest.
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Genderbend #wangxian // rule 63 // nsfw(ish) 🔥🔞

Wei Ying tapped her pencil against her notebook. This lecture always seemed to drag on and on. Professor Lans voice so monotone.

That and his niece sat right next to Wei Ying. She couldn’t even sleep during the lecture.
The first time she tried Lan Zhan /raised her hand/ to say Wei Ying had fallen asleep.

Who does that?!

{a literal teachers pet that’s who 🙄}

She was pretty but Lan Zhan didn’t seem to have any friends. Didn’t open up. Her replies just hums that Wei Ying tried very hard not
to take personally.

Okay it was more than just her looks. Lan Zhan was pretty yes but she was so smart and witty. The few times Wei Ying had caught her talking to someone in the hallways (usually trying to be left alone) Wei Ying would find herself nearly cackling.

The best
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#mdzs fic headcanon I try to always push:

- lwj horny gremlin😈
- nhs being the other person who calls lwj a-zhan and lives
- jzx & lwj being friends
- jc & wwx onsight beef with jzx
- nmj = sexual awakening
- breeding kink #wangxian
- nhs being the youngest and therefore bby
- lxc is a slut
- pettyji agenda🔥
- everyone has long hair…
- lwj with tattoos
- single dadji
- wwx seducing his husband at inappropriate times
- lqr adores wwx more than own nephews
- lan brother bonding & shenanigans
- drunk lans
- teenji cries and that’s okay
- rabbit dads
- lwj being really good at gardening… wwx not so much
- wwx is like super smart/creative an artist, a researcher, an engineer idc
- jl loves everyone more than jzx
- jl obsessed with his jiujiu but won’t openly admit it
- jl who has like slack jaw hero worship for hgj 🤭😅
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#nielan side #wangxian #sangcheng // sexual awakenings // dilf energy// thirsty for best friends brother
// nsfw(ish)🔞🔥
“You did NOT just say that!” Huaisang’s voice is loud and it carries throughout the house.

Nie Mingjue would be concerned but his little brother did
have friends over and they did tend to get rowdy. A senior sleepover? Or whatever Huaisang called it. One last time to hang out with his friends before they went their separate ways for university.

“I’m being very serious.” Wei Wuxian said with a laugh.

“You too A-Zhan?!”
Okay it was one thing for his brother to yell about Wei Wuxian or Jiang Cheng doing something but Lan Wangji was roped into this?

His boyfriends younger brother is as always so quiet though Mingjue knew from experience the kid saw and heard everything.

“Mm. It was the same for
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#wangxian // teenji is bby // coming out // modern AU // tags to update
“Lan Zhan, how did you know that you were gay?”

Lan Wangji spun around from his computer desk to face his bed. Wei Ying, sitting crossed legged, each elbow on his knees, staring at Lan Wangji intently.
“I just knew.”

Wei Ying exhaled. “No like… like how did you come out?”

That’s the thing, Lan Wangji didn’t. From the horror stories online, he knows his family is among the outliers and few that are accepting of a person’s sexuality.

Lan Wangji never had a moment to question
or think, he just was. The sky was blue and Lan Wangji was gay.

If he ever thought about who he truly wanted to be with, marriage, that person, as far back as he could remember, had always been another man.

His uncle had made off handed comments before that Lan Wangji should
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#MDZS #WangXian

SO imagine teen!wangxian stuck in an elevator meeting for the first time
wwx insists they can leave by the emergency exit on the roof

and lwj reluctantly hoists him up but they can’t unlock it and clumsily wwx tips over and they end up on top of each other..
with wwx’s lips pressed onto half of lwj’s - a kiss but not quite

lwj is flustered because he avoids touch in general and this is a stranger!! wwx obviously laughs it off and loosely apologises while going off on a tangent
“ahh i’m sorry!! you looked fitter that’s why i got you to do the hoisting” wwx pushed himself off lwj, “i hope that wasn’t your first kiss!!”

it is but lwj has other things to worry about

like how soft wwx’s body was against him and said teen thought that he had good physique
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