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#xicheng #WangXian #xuanli

The Twin Jades, Twin Prides & XuanLi all compete in the same season.

JWY & WWX are competitive childhood friends/adopted brothers who swing between worrying about JYL+
+ & pushing their limits to arrive first at each Pit Stop. Their team dynamic of smack-talking each other yet always covering each other's backs have ensured their popularity & status as meme generators, especially with regards to their interactions with the Lan brothers.+
+ LXC & LWJ are a study in contrasts but constantly maintain amazing teamwork & performance, swiftly emerging as strong contenders to win this season's prize. Their ethereal looks & near-faultless conduct have amassed a large, dedicated fanbase of viewers, but it is their+
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modern au where wwx and lwj are new roomates and it's been 3 weeks and the only at home socks lwj wears are variations of these:
And wwx thinks, well he's got to be kidding right? like, playing a cute prank on his new roomate for kicks and giggles, but this /is/ lwj isnt it? and lwj has never played a prank in the 15 years they've known each other.
they've been friends since early childhood, and now they're both in their early 20s, needed a roomate to moveout, and figured, hey, who better than my best buddy!

so here they are, in a two bedroom cozy apartment, together, just lan wangji, wei wuxian...and lwj's bunny socks.
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💋 sugar's kinktober 2020 prompt fills: a thread (¬‿¬)

make sure to bookmark and check in periodically for updates! (~˘▾˘)~
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1/6 🔞 Impulses 7.1
#mdzsff #wangxian

thank you cat for the beta~
-a seaside walk
-a surprise request
-snowballing 😌 ImageImageImageImage
2/6 🔞 Impulses 7.2 ImageImageImageImage
3/6 🔞 Impulses 7.3 ImageImageImageImage
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So my Spotify randomly decided to show me this chinese pop song... 🤣 the chorus is adorable - “You are you are my little apple”. It’s upbeat and #wangxian as hell…
One of the lyrics is “turn myself into a candle and light myself to give you light” askdjdkd
MY MUM SAYS THERES A DANCE??? I need to investigate this
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what my #CQL stan mother thinks of different ships from #TheUntamed - a thread

1st time: "Why do these two keep staring at each other? Do they have a bromance? Why don't they tell each other?"

Now: "It's very hard to even find a really good friend, if you can find a 知己 zhiji (soulmate) like LWJ and WWX, does it matter if they are same gender?"

Insists it's canon and that they're madly in love. Pointed out the hand-touch scene at CR, the "er-ge, die together with me" scene at Guanyin Temple. "A-yao should just be good, don't do evil, elope with his Xichen and be happy"

Final Verdict: "LXC too good for ah yao"
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I have a lot of emotions about my #CQL / #TheUntamed stan mother - a thread
First of all, she's a 60 something, chinese, conservative, boomer lady. Growing up, she was very anti-queer. She still doesn't know about me. I don't tell her. She's a lot like Madam Yu (and unfortunately I turned out somewhat like Jiang Cheng), so you can imagine my childhood.
I remember having an argument about whether being gay was inherent or a choice with her and the shouting match that ensued. She can tolerate them as a broad concept of "these are people who exist elsewhere" but in her own culture, community or family, that would be unacceptable.
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I know it wouldn’t exist in that era but the idea of WWX batting his eyelashes at LWJ and going ‘老公~‘ ‘lao gong~’ (hubby) absolutely tickles me

bonus if LWJ deadpan just turns to him and says ‘老婆lao po要什么‘ (what does wifey want) and WWX just qi deviates on the spot
@3ysz_ suffer with me
Just every time he wants something. If he wants LWJ to buy him something, or feed him something or... something else that they do every day.

#wangxian #everydaymeanseveryday
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1/7 🔞 Impulses Part 6.1
#wangxian #mdzs

⚠️content notes
-offscreen kink negotiation
-D/s elements
-possessiveness kink
-degradation/humiliation fantasy
-spit kink ImageImageImageImage
2/7 🔞 Impulses Part 6.2

⚠️content notes in first tweet of this thread ImageImageImageImage
3/7 🔞 Impulses Part 6.3

⚠️content notes in first tweet of this thread ImageImageImageImage
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🍵a shared plate

🍵#wangxian #mdzs
🍵part 5 of 6, 1.2k words, rated t
🍵post-canon, #wwx centric, pining
🍵lan wangji receives an unexpected letter… ImageImage
a quick n short update before i die during midterms! wei ying PLEASE go home
ehehe Image
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1/5 🔞 Impulses 5.1

#mdzsff #wangxian

⚠️content notes
-no explicit verbal consent on screen
-attempted (unsuccessful) coercion & emotional messiness
-*hands tissue* ImageImageImageImage
2/5 🔞 Impulses 5.2

#mdzsff #wangxian

⚠️content notes
-no explicit verbal consent on screen
-attempted (unsuccessful) coercion & emotional messiness
-*hands tissue* ImageImageImageImage
3/5 🔞 Impulses 5.3

#mdzsff #wangxian

⚠️content notes
-no explicit verbal consent on screen
-attempted (unsuccessful) coercion & emotional messiness
-*hands tissue* ImageImageImageImage
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"You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea."
-Medgar Evers-

Introducing: Nat's Archive of Plot Bunnies & Strings
In which an Elf takes up residence at Lotus Pier, Jiang Cheng gains a trustworthy babysitter/counselor/friend, Jin Ling grows up with 3 uncles & YMJ rejoices at how much happier their Sect Leader is.

[a certain jade notices]

eventual #xicheng

MDZS & FGO crossover-AU-thingy, starring JC as the only Master among the cultivation clans, and how he changed the world accordingly...

[It sounds grander than it actually is :/ ]

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thread of #wangxian and #mdzs classical chinese dance au thoughts: Image
first of all if youve never seen classical chinese dance techniques before watch this video to have ur mind blown
bb wwx would totally get scolded in his early lessons for using lotus fingers (hand style typically used by female dancers bc it looks delicate and pretty, men keep their fingers together to look more masculine)

he’d b like: 😠😠😠 but it looks pretty! i saw jiejie do it!! ImageImage
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lol imagine a #wangxian coffeeshop au where lwj has a crush on cute barista wwx...and everyone else mistakes lwj and jc’s inherent customer vs employee animosity as ❤️ enemies to lovers ❤️sexual tension
jc makes wwx go to the back of the shop whenever lwj is there bc he thinks he’s a stalker

but from wwx’s perspective, his bro and the cute guy from his chemistry class, who suddenly started getting coffee from their shop, are suddenly really hitting it off!! ok that’s fine!!!
so he decides to migrate closer n closer to lwj’s seat during lecture...they start walking out together after class and wwx’s always talking lwj’s ear off abt jc because he thinks they’re sooo bad at flirting! they must need a helping hand!! and wei wuxian has 2 HANDS
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F1 Racing AU where Wei Ying is Lan Zhan's race engineer and together they win the world championship.
"Lan Zhan!" Wei Ying had said, so many years ago on an F3 podium, "Promise me we'll be world champions together! We'll race and live with no regrets!"
#魔道祖师 #mdzs #WangXian
"That's not how it works, idiot," Jiang Cheng, who was in third, groused "You can't be world champions together!"

"We could take turns," Lan Zhan pointed out, and Wei Ying laughed, delighted, as he enveloped Lan Zhan in a sticky champagne hug.

That moment stayed with Lan Zhan.
They advance to F2, Wei Ying somehow always finding him amidst the constant bustle and Lan Zhan finds that there is something more now, every time he gets into his car. There are talks of F1 contracts, and the road ahead is wide and clear.

And then the accident happened.
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#WangXian Modern-AU based on this song -

Where WWX and LWJ meet in college, and lab partners turns into library studying, turns into lunches...

WWX is taking a full course load, working 2 jobs just getting by. He’s fine. Really. Instant ramen is TOO food LWJ, thank you very much.

LWJ must be half asleep when he packs his lunches. He keeps making too much, so WWX has to help him eat it. Can’t just waste it.

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Continuation of LQR adoption AU Part 2.

[Ships that are going to happen #xicheng, #chengxian, #zhancheng, #mingcheng, #wangxian, AllxJC (prob. Maybe more in the future) + YZYxLQRxWRH (#yuqiren (?)]
“Why I was also dragged into this mess?” Nie Mingjue murmured to himself.

“Let’s go Da-ge! They told us that he would probably be with Love, Princess and Jasmine.” Lan Huan said after the two Lans asked a disciple.
“Who? You know what, it doesn’t matter”, the boy sighed out loud and continued to follow his best friend and the little brother of said friend.

The three kids went on and continued to search for the two Yunmeng Jiang boys.

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#wangxian ау о трудностях развода, наглом таксисте и забытом кошельке.
хочу написать мини снс ау по вансяням и что🗿🗿🗿

#WangXian #wangxianau #TheUntamed #mdzs #mdzsau
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Akhirnya sms dari MatchMaker yang ditunggu2 Wangji nyampe juga! Tapi ternyata dikibulin 🤡
• Ini kagak jelas banget sumpah
• Isinya misuh2 semua if you are not comfortable with this jangan di baca ya 🙏🏻
• Maaci yang udah mampir! 🥺
• Pujaan hati semua orang, namanya sering disebut2 dalam doa, pada berharap jadi soulmate nya si Wangji (KECUALI SU SHE)
• Luarnya kaku banget pendiem aslinya lembek kek ager2 terus bucin
• Sulit berkomunikasi
• Soleh banget tapi jadi dajal kalo udah ketemu Wwx
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Hi! I decided to do this MDZS AU because... why not?
This is the first time I do an AU like this, so please have patience with me. 😅
#SocialMediaAU #MDZ #MDZSAU #TheUntamed #TheUntamedAU #Wangxian
Modern University Social Media AU
Where the Jiang family and the Lan family are neighbors and childhood friends.
-LXC y JYL are best friends since kindergarten.
-LWJ and JC are the same age, WWX is a year older.
-WWX parents died when he was 4.
-WWX was adopted by the Jiangs at the age of 7.
-The two families organize meals and reunions all the time.
-LQR has always been the legal tutor of the Lan brothers.
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✨ ꜰʀᴏᴍ ᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ʏᴏᴜ ✨

WangXian Kimi ni Todoke au wherein stoic and quiet Lan Wangji aspires to become friendly like Wei Wuxian. But it seems like his attempts are futile.

Everything starts to change when Wei Wuxian himself tries to get close to Lan Wangji.
Some notes before we begin:

✨ Please do not mind the timestamps.
✨ Warning: tiny typos here and there from time to time because I don't really proofread anything.
✨ Main ship: WangXian
✨ Side ship: (barely there) XiCheng
✨ Romance
✨ Fluff
✨ Slowburn
✨ Angst (probably?)
✨ High School

❗Implied ostracism
❗Implied mean high school environment
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Fuck it wangxian fic based on "would you love if i was a worm" text #MDZS #WangXian
Disclaimer: im just gonna make this au short and quick so imma skip the intro since im assuming everyone came on here knows all the characters dkshsj
Disclaimer No.2: wwx and lwj havent date yet, lwj hasnt confessed and wwx doesnt know lwj's feeling but he does realize he has a small (ha) crush on him. Cultivation also exists on this universe uwu okay enjoy
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𝑰 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆 𝒀𝒐𝒖 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝑾𝒂𝒚 𝑰 𝑲𝒏𝒐𝒘 𝑯𝒐𝒘

Witness Lan Wangji's journey as he loves Wei Wuxian in the ways he knows how.
Some notes before we begin~✨
more notes before we begin~
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Wei Wuxian is a self made superstar that a lot of people admire because of his hard work while Lan Wangji is a broke, trying to survive in his life bum who fanboys over him. It’s a cliche story of an idol and his fanboy. What else can go wrong?
🌼 #wangxianau
🌼Pls. QRT only and don't reply on the thread.
🌼socmed, narrative writing
🌼updates will be tentative cause you already know, sometimes I update everyday sometimes I don’t
🌼pls don’t be a ghost reader. Knowing that people are still reading what we write makes us
feel inspired to continue it rather than leaving the whole story.
🌼Fluff, Angst, Trigger warning in some and whatever it goes. If you’re down for some rollercoaster of emotion then I won’t stop you from reading.
🌼 just enjoy the ride.
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