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And so it begins.
Pub in Shaftesbury ceases trading. “Supplier prices have increased to such a point that we are no longer able to pass that cost onto our guests. Our utilities alone have increased by an extra £58,000 alone.”
#CostOfLiving #Dorset
Dorset disabilities charity, @diverseability Diverse Abilities, worried how they will pay the energy bills on School, Respite Home & Adult Activity Centre. They have seen their energy bills increase 200%.
#CostOfLivingCrisis #Dorset
Fish & Chip shop Chez Fred has announced reduced opening hours, closing Sunday & Monday. “In view of the harsh economic climate that we’re all facing, together with huge increases in energy costs, it’s a move that makes sense for us as a business.”
#CostOfLivingCrisis #Dorset
./3 Image
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A little extra background on this particular pipeline project:

It started in 2013 based on the lie that the Northeast needed more gas. It was called the Algonquin Incremental Markets project - a name that should have tipped off regulators that it was being illegally ‘segmented’
The segmentation was done to prevent a full environmental review of the planned project. That review would have required the inclusion of the #Weymouth compressor station. But the company vehemently denied that the gas was destined for Canadian LNG ports & export to Europe.
Communities at both ends of the pipeline raised strong objections. At the Massachusetts end it was due to the route next to an active quarry.

At the New York end it runs about 100 feet from parts of the Indian Point nuclear plant. Just 25 miles north of New York City.

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1. @MassGovernor’s statement below embodies the paradox that is his administration’s climate policy. On the one hand it upholds offshore wind as “one of the most significant changes in environmental policy in a very long time,” which is 💯 true. #mapoli

2. On the other hand, it places its imprimatur on a fossil fuel project with the capacity to move 132.7M cubic feet of natural gas (132,700 dekatherms) through the region *each and every day *. That volume of gas will yield 2,835,000 tons of CO2 annually.
3. To put that in perspective, that amount of CO2 equals ~19% of the annual CO2 emissions produced by all of Mass.’s power plants, or ~8% of all NE power plants (per CO2 totals for 2017 reported in @isonewengland’s most recent emissions report—
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@massdep @EEASecretary @MassEEA
1/Let your moral compass be your guide >>>>deny Weymouth Compressor Station #noweymouthcompressor
2/I'm guessing you're under a lot of political pressure - not surprising given the tens of thousands of campaign donations to Governor Baker>>>>Please do the right thing anyway and deny the permits
3/I know the state regulations technically allow you to ignore baseline air pollution levels >>>>Please do the right thing anyway and deny the permits
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THREAD: Trying to think of the top 5 conflicts/issues/scandals around the #Weymouth compressor station.

Not sure if 5 slots is enough. This thing is a real mess.

But here’s a go at it.

@FRRACS_MA @MothersOutFront @nathanpboston
5/ MA Gov. Charlie Baker has accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from entities tied to and/or pushing Weymouth - lobbyists, corporations, banks, etc.

4/Baker is extremely cozy with Weymouth’s lobbyists & lawyers.

Want to know how cozy? ⬇️⬇️……
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THREAD on my latest story on #Enbridge's compressor station in #Weymouth MA. Comparing the amended lab's (Alpha Analytical) air pollution report the DEP revealed last week, to the original report it produced in August '18 raises, serious new concerns 1/12…
Not only does the report show Alpha originally found at least 12 *newly disclosed* toxins & carcinogens in the Fore River Basin, but another toxin, acetaldehyde, detected in several samples in the early report, curiously disappears in the same samples in the new report 2/12
Here's an example: On the left, from the original report, acetaldehyde is detected as a Tentatively Identified Compound (TIC). On the right, from the amended report, in the same sample acetaldehyde is missing. This discrepancy occurs in several different samples. 3/12
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BREAKING: Private lab withheld from MassDEP data of elevated levels of the carcinogen 1,3-butadiene it found in #Weymouth last year. On the left, lab's original samples from summer '18; on the right, amended report it *suddenly* produced last night, showing 1,3-butadeine.
The amended report's newly discovered data shows 1,3-butadiene levels *above* the state's AAL -- the allowable limit for cancer risk, which is extremely low limit of exposure because 1,3-butadiene is a highly potent compound, consistently associated with leukemia.
Here's another compound the private lab *suddenly* discovered last night, but didn't disclose last summer: Chloromethane. On the left, the original report; on the right, the newly discovered one with chloromethane. EPA classifies chloromethane as a possible carcinogen.
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1/ The Massachusetts DEP is holding a hearing tomorrow on a permit for the Weymouth compressor station - which has faced intense opposition from groups like @MothersOutFront & @FRRACS_MA.

Their efforts to stop the compressor station are gaining momentum.…
2/ MA Gov Charlie Baker can stop the compressor station. And residents have made clear the health concerns around it - not to mention that the larger fracked gas export infrastructure it's part of will lock in new CO2 emissions for decades to come.…
3/ Journalist @itai_vardi has shown that there is undisclosed evidence of carcinogens around the project, too.…
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THREAD on my latest #Enbridge compressor station in #Weymouth story. In testimony, MassDEP's air official Glenn Keith cited my reporting showing DEP conducted *undisclosed* air samplings in the Fore River Basin, which found elevated levels of carcinogens and other pollutants. 1/7
Keith says the results, analyzed by a RI lab, were emailed to a low level DEP staffer on Dec. 26, '18 (left). This directly contradicts DEP's version in April, that they received the results AFTER the HIA was published (i.e. early January '19) (right)… 2/7
Keith then seems to throw the staffer under the bus, saying he personally received the results only on January 4, '19, the day the HIA was published, and did not know the DEP received them ten days earlier. 3/7
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1. Another THREAD on Enbridge's #Weymouth, MA compressor station. Internal MassDEP documents point to other problematic issues with the Health Impacts Assessment (HIA) Massachusetts conducted for the station (which I couldn't fit in my recent article 👇).…
2. Take a look at the following paragraph from the HIA report (page 85). The average reader will reasonably conclude that MassDEP conducted chromatography air monitoring for four pollutants (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene, a.k.a. BTEX) for four months (Aug-Nov)
3. and only Benzene spiked. But take a closer look at the HIA appendix (from page 70): it shows that while benzene was indeed measured during the four month period (Aug-Nov), toluene was measured only during Aug-Oct and ethylbenzene & xylene only during October. So what happened?
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1. THREAD on my latest #Weymouth compressor station revelation. Last year Massachusetts conducted a Health Impacts Assessment (HIA), ordered by @MassGovernor Baker, to evaluate Enbridge's 7,700 HP station's effects on the densely-populated area.…
2. As part of the HIA, @MassDEP conducted air sampling to establish baseline conditions in the Fore River Basin, and sent the sampling canisters to a private lab for analysis. The lab found most chemicals it tested for to be below state limits on air pollution.
3. The HIA thus concluded the station will not affect human health through direct exposure to the station's emissions - and the DEP issued Enbridge an air permit shortly after. But documents I obtained this week through an open records request paints a very troubling picture.
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1/ The @MassDEP yesterday denied charges of conflicts of interest against a specialist hired by @Enbridge to oversee cleanup of a contaminated site for its proposed compressor station in #Weymouth
2/ even though Kelley Race of @TRC_Companies has been working on the project for both @enbridge and Calpine for nearly two years, current conflict of interest rules allow her to also provide cleanup services as a state-certified Licensed Site Professional
3/ Technically, the DEP is correct. According to its current rules, an LSP is not conflicted - unless they work for more than *one* interested party in a cleanup. But the case highlights the inherent, structural conflict of interest in the privatized toxic cleanup program
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