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कुछ पढ़े लिखे मूर्ख ये सवाल कर रहे हैं बाबा रामदेव के पास कोनसी डिग्री है, वो तो 8 वी पास है !!

अक्ल के अंधे बनने से अच्छा अपना थोड़ा सा दिमाग लगाते l

स्वामी रामदेव का बचपन का नाम रामकिशन है, वो अपने गाँव के विद्यालय में 8वीं कक्षा तक पढ़े,
बाद में गुरुकुल में शिक्षा ली l

गुरुकुल खानपुर नारनौल के बाद गुरुकुल कालवा में प्रवेश लिया l गुरुकुल कालवा के संचालक पूज्य आचार्य बलदेव जी ने रामकिशन का नाम बदलकर कर दिया रामदेव
अपने गुरुकुल की शिक्षा पूरी की और वो यहीं पर बनें आचार्य रामदेव, आचार्य का मतलब आज आधुनिक युग में जिसको हम Post Graduation कहते हैं l

फिर आचार्य रामदेव ने गुरुकुल किसनगढ़ घासेड़ा में बच्चों को शिक्षा प्रदान की , बाद में वो हिमालय की और बढ़े ।
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FREE !!!! Tebak Skor Final UEFA Champions League
Manchester City vs Chelsea berhadiah 1.000.000

Daftar :

Grup fb :

#prediksiparlay #liga788 #prediksiparlayku #prediksiparlayterbaik #ChampionsLeague #chelsea #mancity #uclfinal
@myThreadReader please read
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Great #Tory housing shame:
Third of ex-council homes owned by rich landlords…
The multi-millionaire son of a #Tory minister who presided over the controversial “right-to -buy” scheme is a buy-to-let landlord owning scores of former #council flats.

A Daily Mirror investigation found a third of ex-council homes sold in the 1980s under Margaret #Thatcher
were now owned by private landlords.
In one #London borough almost half of ex-#council properties are now sub-let to tenants.

Tycoon Charles #Gow and his wife own at least 40 ex-#council flats on one South #London estate.
His father Ian #Gow was one of Mrs #Thatcher’s top aides
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Samuel Maverick was one of the first slave-owners in MA, and it's past time #EastBoston disowned him. I've been proposing for yrs that we re-dedicate the square to a different Maverick: the youngest victim of the Boston Massacre.

Keep the name, lose the legacy

#mapoli #bospoli
Or to this guy, whatever, literally any other Maverick
Samuel Maverick:

-owned all of what is now #EastBoston and #Chelsea

-purchased, tortured, and experimented in crude forced eugenics on humans

-does not deserve to have his name on an entire square, a T station, a street, a court, etc

#mapoli #bospoli
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Es oficial: la Super League ha nacido. 12 clubes se cortaron solos de la UEFA y decidieron crear su propia liga, entre semana, para competirle a la Champions. A la UEFA/FIFA no les gustó nada. Y esto recién comienza...

Para que tengan una especie de índice, el hilo será dividido así:

📍Explicación y formato del torneo
📍 Implicaciones financieras (importante)
📍 Implicaciones deportivas
📍 ¿Se puede parar esto?

Vamos a ello.

La #SuperLeague estará compuesta por:
🇮🇹 #Milan - #Juventus - #Inter
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #ManUtd - #Liverpool - #ManCity - #Chelsea - #Arsenal - #Tottenham
🇪🇸 #Barcelona - #AtléticoMadrid - #RealMadrid

Desde 🇩🇪 y 🇫🇷 se negaron.

(@brfootball) Image
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No ha sido tan movido como un mercado invernal habitual, pero nos ha dejado movimientos muy interesantes. Hoy es el #DeadLineDay, uno de mis días favoritos del año, por lo que voy a hacer un hilo con los fichajes más destacados en este mercado.

Spoiler alert: Es algo largo.
🎯Joakim Maehle. Del Genk a la Atalanta.

Los 11 millones que costó el danés, ya parecen pocos. Su llegada ha sido suficiente para que la Dea finalizase las cesiones de Mojica, Piccini y Depaoli.

Aprovecha cada minuto. Suplente de lujo para Hateboer y Gosens.
Luka Jovic. De Real Madrid al Eintracht.

Sin oportunidades ni la confianza de Zidane, el serbio ha vuelto a casa. Con Hütter sabe que tendrá que ganarse el puesto, pero de momento es un suplente de lujo: 3 goles en 4 partidos saliendo desde el banco. Reviviendo.
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⚽️ Werner's struggles at Chelsea - A thread ⚽️

At @ChelseaFC, Timo #Werner has been primarily used as a winger contrary to his striker position at RB Leipzig.
But the problem is not only Werner's position but also his role at #Chelsea as this thread attempts to unveil.

#CFC Image
Leipzig favour(ed) an attacking style focusing on central areas and occupying space between the lines with interchanges of positions. That allowed #Werner to start his actions from deeper areas instead of staying on the last line. Image
Playing as a winger for #Chelsea, Werner often occupies the last line and stays wider than the opposition FB.
#Werner can only utilise his pace by diagonally running inside from this position or alternatively by getting into 1v1-situations that Chelsea struggled to create lately. Image
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Neymar baru - baru ini memposting wajahnya yang botak Plontos, Berita Selengkapnya Di
Neymar memposting foto kepalanya yang botak, tentu membuat sontak warga Jagat Raya, Tentu berbagai Komentar baik itu dari penggemar berat, ataupun Haters.
Pesepakbola top Brazil Neymar telah mengubah penampilannya dan mencukur kepalanya. Dia memposting foto dirinya dengan kepala botak di situsnya.

Dia bermain untuk klub Prancis PSG dan mengecat rambutnya menjadi merah muda pada 1 Januari.
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🚨 Declan Rice update:

* A thread on news confirmed by what I’ve been told/sources very close to this.

* Not about good/bad news, it’s about providing clarity/truth.

* Hopefully provides transparency on a lot of whispers on here.

* Save the “already knew this” for elsewhere.
Firstly -

#Chelsea are very much interested in bringing Declan back to the club. The interest is being driven by Frank’s desire of a true DM and his desire of Rice himself. He is Frank’s #1 target.

The board at #CFC like #Rice & want to back Frank as they have done.
It is obvious to the parties involved that Declan is wanting a move back to #CFC. This isn’t a secret.

NEVERTHELESS, Declan is limited to what he can say/do, due to the legality of it all.

Declan CANNOT “push” for a move/force #WHU into anything until an official move is made.
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11 interesting things you didn’t know about tears

1) Tears are secreted by a gland known as lacrimal gland. So instead of saying, #Chelsea fans are crying, you can say, “They are lacrimating”.
2) Goats and rabbits are the only mammals without lacrimal gland.

Help RT
3)There are three types of tears
•Basal tears: this tear plays a role in lubricating the eyes and keeping it moist. Problem with this will usually result in dry and itchy eyes.
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What am I?

Some people say that I am edible and consumable because I provide food for them.

Some say I'm like a mother hen, opening her wings to provide shelter for her chicks because i provide homes for them.

#Agricbusiness #RealEstate #Homes #shelter
Some say I am like the sun, giving warmth to the flowers of their lives while some others say I'm like the moon giving light at night because I provide them Alternative power supply.

#renewableenergy #solarpanels #greenener #powerupafrica #TuesdayThoughts #EngineersDay #Chelsea
Some say I'm the signpost directing people to the store because I provide attractions to their content.

What do I say I am?

I say I am SHAWNS, a complete problem solving package providing foods, homes, alternative power supply and packaging.

Happy to serve you, Always.
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This week #LFC manager Jürgen Klopp said “We’re a different kind of club. We cannot just change it overnight and say, ‘So now we want to behave like Chelsea, now we want to behave like them’.” The implication that LFC are a morally superior club. Here’s why that’s bullshit THREAD
1/ When #LFC hierarchy wanted to expand Anfield, they bought houses surrounding the stadium on Lothair Road and Anfield Road before expanding to Hartnup Street, Donaldson Street, Granton Road, Salisbury Road, and St Domingo Vale. They evicted tenants and left the houses to rot...
2/ The vacant houses became targets to arsonists, drug dealers and even one woman was murdered. They engineered the economics of the area, meaning the once thriving community was ruined and they got the remaining houses for a knock down price...
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"It was quite cool and dull after breakfast. I slept all the afternoon. Went over to the Ambulance Station and we had tea. Wrote letters & went to church at Chelsea Old Church." - June S, 8 Sep 1940.
From diary of a #Chelsea volunteer ambulance driver.
#londonhistory 1940 photo of a group of London volunteer ambulance drivers
MS nearly ready. DM my agent (see end of thread)

"Coming back there was a lovely sky and against it coming over the bridge a line of great guns on carriers and lorries, which seemed a sudden reminder and broke into a peaceful interlude.
"Went over to [Belgrave] Square [French Red Cross] to sew and the sirens went. Ann arrived with a girl she had found with no shelter. We drank coffee and talked until I went off at 11 o’clock.
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Labor Day Rally to Stop Racist Rezonings, Chelsea Market, Chelsea, Manhattan, New York City, 3:09 PM, Monday, September 7, 2020
This is a multiple tweet thread
#StopRacistRezonings#LaborDay #ChelseaMarket #Chelsea #Manhattan #NewYorkCity #NewYork #NY #nyc #protest #rally
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This is a a cruel, arbitrary, & entirely intentional move to cut off the last possible route to permanent status for many #TPS recipients before Trump finally ends their status in January, and it will hurt #EastBoston & #Chelsea more than nearly anywhere else in the U.S.
This seemingly small/technical redefinition of a vital #immigrationlaw concept is actually a fairly extreme act of administrative violence (more on which below) & yet another indicator of the creeping fash which has infiltrated DHS at all levels

FYI, immigration "parole" is simply permission to lawfully enter the U.S. (It has nothing to do with the more commonly-used criminal law term, or anything to do w/a crime at all.) It's a fairly simple concept, but has been redefined here explicitly to disadvantage TPS recipients
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Who did this video?
#Chelsea #BBNaija
Now available on Audiomack guys
Go listen, and retweet on Audiomack
#BeByKelvinOssai 🌹🌹… Image
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Urgently Needed!!!

A Credit and Thrift Organisation needs the following services for immediate employment

1)Human Resources Manager (3 to 5 years working experience)- HR Manager who will function as an Admin Manager, with salary of N200,000

#bbnaija #chelsea #bbnaija2020
2)Sales Manager (3 years working experience with Loan and Asset management knowledge)- Sales Managers and their monthly salary is N150,000.

3)Accountant (2 years working experience), and monthly pay of N100,000.
4)Brand Strategist (3 years working experience in Digital Marketing) Negotiable.

5)Direct Sales Agents – Salary - Negotiable.

6)Call Center Agent- salary of N60,000.

Sector: Finance - Credit & Thrift Organisation
Location: Lekki
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