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1/7 📉 The late 90s and 2000s were characterized by low interest rates and tax cuts.

While these policies were intended to stimulate the economy, they’ve also had significant implications for wealth inequality in the United States. #economics #inequality
2/7 💵 Low interest rates make borrowing cheaper.

This can benefit wealthy individuals and corporations who have access to credit, enabling them to invest in businesses, real estate, and other assets that can generate wealth. #interestrates #wealthgap
3/7 🏦 For ordinary Americans, however, low interest rates can mean reduced returns on savings.

With little to no growth on their savings, it becomes harder for the middle class to build wealth. #savings #middleclass
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The actual cost of delaying an #investmentdecision is often unknown until one notices a shortfall in their corpus.

This often prevents one from achieving your goals on time.

Let's explore the cost of delay with an example. (1/n)

#financialplanning #financialgoals
Let's say you are 15 years away from retirement.

After retirement, you require ₹60,000 per month in expenses (in today's value) to live comfortably. (2/n)

#retirement #financialplanning #savings #investing
The final total goal amount that you require to sustain yourselves through retirement is ₹3 Crores. (3/n)

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"Find me & #mycompany in #Massachusettsspecializinginexpense reduction services for small, medium, & large businesses near Boston & Marlboro:

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If you ever wondered...

"Do I need a Financial Advisor?"

...this thread can help you decide!

Read on! (1/n)

#financialadvisor #financialplanning #financialgoals #personalfinance #thread
Before we begin, reflect on these two questions...

When choosing between two similar investment options, have you ever wondered which one you should pick?

Ever wondered if an #insurance policy could protect your family or if it was just bells and whistles? (2/n)

These are the exact situations in which a Financial Advisor can help do away with uncertainty and help you make the right choices for YOU!

Here are 4 ways how a Financial Advisor can help: (3/n)

#financialadvisor #financialplanning #personalfinance
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"In Marlborough, #Near #independent small business cost reduction services company "Brian Plain at Schooley Mitchell", 01752 is in #demand (and picking up quickly), based on #homeprices, #inventory and days on the #market: #housing"
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"Learn more #about local small business cost reduction & #savings #opportunities, #online at:

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How can you best utilise a #promotion or #salary hike? We have come up with a quick #guide on how to make that raise work for you instead of watching it disappear! (1/11)
Before you make any decisions, first check with your HR to understand the complete breakdown of your new salary, including #tax implications. This will help you assess the actual increase in your #takehome pay. (2/11)
Remember about #inflation. The price of everyday items will also increase too. Revisit your household #budget to understand the impact of rising #expenses on your #savings, real #income and #spending power. (3/11)
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According to a survey - 57% of all Indians (around 80.7 crores) have less than ₹5,000 in their savings account or emergency fund 🤯

This is an alarming statistic that highlights the lack of a savings culture in India ⚠️
One of the reasons for this could be the widespread adoption of digital payments in the country 📲 💳

While digital payments have made transactions easier and more convenient, they have also made it easier for people to spend money without realizing it 💸
With digital payments, people are no longer limited by the amount of cash they have in their wallets.

They can simply use their phone or card to make purchases 🛍️, often without even thinking about the money they are spending 🤔
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1/4 We love ♥️developments that, through their simplicity, can solve a problem with astonishing ease.

🙋🙋‍♀️How many of us end up holding small amounts of various tokens in our wallets that never seem to grow?

#xDustconverter has long since offered us an interesting solution. Image
2/4 Something as simple as:

✅ going to
✅connecting your wallet
✅selecting the coins you want to convert to eGLD
✅and clicking "convert small amounts"

will allow you to make a profit from those small amounts you store.

#crypto #conversion #savings
3/4 And the incredible thing is that it's an open-source tool! How awesome is that?!" 🎉🙌

You can view the code of the #xDustConverter smart contract using the new SC validation feature on the explorer at…
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1. Many can benefit from these fixed return saving instruments

1. Senior citizen saving scheme: 8.2% interest
2. Sukanya Samriddhi yojana: 8% interest
3. Mahila Samman Saving certificate: 7.5% interest
4. Public provident fund: 7.1% interest
#FixedIncome #savings #investments
2. Senior citizen savings scheme

*For people aged >60 yrs
*Can invest from Rs 1000 to 30 lakhs
*Duration for 5 years (extendable by 3 years)
*Interest is paid quarterly on the 1st day of April, July, October and January
3. Sukanya Samriddhi yojana
*Account can be opened in the name of girl child below age 10
*Payment: Rs 250 to 1.5 lakhs per year for 15 years
*Maturity after 21 years
*Can be availed for maximum of two daughters per family
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Did you #know at "Schooley Mitchell in MA" you can find our company's cost-cutting services #NEAR you in Massachusetts?

Learn more, #online with MA Business Cost-Savings Expert, "Brian Plain":…

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508-266-5814… We can "help your Boxb...We can "help your Boxb...
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Here are some key takeaways that can help you better understand your relationship with #money from "The Psychology of Money" by Morgan Housel @morganhousel #RichQUACK $QUACK #Psychologyofmoney

THREAD 🧵👇 Image
1. Wealth is what you don’t see: Wealth is the assets you accumulate that nobody else can see. It’s the cars not purchased, the clothes not bought, and the vacations not taken. #ThePsychologyofMoney #Wealth #Savings $QUACK
2. Compounding is the most powerful force in finance: Time and patience are the most important ingredients of compound interest. Understanding the power of compound interest is essential for building long-term wealth. #CompoundInterest #WealthBuilding $QUACK
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Here are some tips on how you can pay your rent like a pro. The Ladda app helps you with automating your savings.

Download the Ladda app today and start saving towards your financial goals.💚
PS: Not only are you saving peacefully for your rent. You are also EARNING INTEREST OF 10%

If you need help on getting started pls drop a message

#moneyafricacommunity #financialliteracy #financialgoals #savings #investments #ladda
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Are you tired of watching your #savings lose value over time? Here's why you might be losing #money by keeping it in the #bank, and what you can do to beat #inflation and make your money work harder for you $QUACK. #RichQUACK

THREAD 🧵👇 Image
1/ If you're keeping your money in a savings account, you may not be earning enough interest to keep up with inflation. In fact, the average interest rate for savings accounts is only about 0.05%, which is well below the current inflation rate. $QUACK
2/ This means that your money is actually losing value over time, as the cost of goods and services increases faster than the interest you're earning. So, what can you do to beat inflation and make your money work harder for you? $QUACK
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Almost every millennial aspires to retire early. But most of the time, this goal seems almost impossible to achieve.

Well, let us tell you... it's NOT impossible! Welcome to the world of FIRE! (1/n)

#financialplanning #financialgoals #retireearly #thread
So, what is FIRE?

FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early and it's all about achieving financial freedom so that you can retire early and live life on your own terms. (2/n)

#financialindependence #financialfreedom #retirementplanning
Can you achieve FIRE in India?

Yes, you can!

Firstly, you need to focus on your Savings Rate (SR). This means cutting back on unnecessary expenses and living below your means.

A high SR is key to achieving financial independence. (3/n)

#saving #investing #FinancialFreedom
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