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Aug 2018: Bloomberg article -
Does #China Have What It Takes to Be a #Superpower?…
Dec 2019: In the #UN, #China uses threats and cajolery to promote its worldview…
Apr 2020: #China is handed a position on #UN #HumanRights Council despite long-record of human rights abuses and wide-spread suspicions they have lied over #coronavirus
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In 2017 the mumps outbreak at Syracuse University had affected more than 100 students.…

"All students who have contracted the mumps have been properly vaccinated."

Vaccine-induced herd immunity is a myth.
24 cases of the #Mumps confirmed at the University of #Florida. All 24 had been VACCINATED.…

Vaccine herd immunity is a myth. The vaccinated herd is NOT an immune herd & never will be.

#WakeUpAmerica #InformedConsent #MMR
#Mumps Outbreak in #Harvard: 50 Confirmed Cases…

"Almost all of the infected individuals were fully immunized against the mumps prior to contracting the disease."

#Vaccine-induced herd immunity is a myth.

#WakeUp #InformedConsent
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THREAD: Last fall, @thecrimson learned that three world-renowned professors in #Harvard Anthropology face accusations that they sexually harassed women, including students.

We spent eight months investigating: why this department? 1/…
The accused three professors are Theodore L. Bestor, Gary Urton, and John L. Comaroff. Bestor and Urton are former department chairs; all three are major names in the anthropology field, and hold lifelong appointments to one of its most prestigious departments. 2/
Through interviews with 72 people connected to the department, I learned that that prestige — especially in tight knit field where advisors can determine career prospects through a single phone call — gives faculty in Harvard Anthro tremendous power over their students. 3/
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#COVID19 IS not a "#China not China" thing.
#BillGates & #FAUCI #BIRX #CDC #NIH FUNDED #Wuhan's #WHO accredited BSL4 Lab to do this work, AND planted staff 1 of who is now #Fakebook #Science Director banning ppl for mentioning Wuhan made or even Vitamin C.
China complicit
At the same time the above CORRUPT cabal was doing this virus work, #BillGates ALSO held the event 201 just before military games in #Wuhan outlining pandemic. #CDC hired Pandemic officers all over the country beginning Nov 15th in advance preparation for the grandstanding.
#China at same time was stealing Virus tech from #Canada, #Harvard, #France & other locations, FOR YEARS including Crisper tech. They ALSO Bought off #CharlesLieber to teach them & Set up the Lab with Crisper, MicroChip tech, Virus Engineering, etc. Vials stolen fr #Harvard
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Hi world - I’ve had enough and have too much to say to stay silent any longer.

I’m a practicing #physician and #publichealth expert on the frontlines. Trained at #Harvard, treated patients at one of the worlds best hospitals, the #MayoClinic. I’m not dumb...
I’m a #WALKAWAY dem. Im eternally grateful, from the bottom of my heart, for people like @BrandonStraka and @ScottPresler for helping to articulate some of my views and opinions. You gave a voice to millions, #THANKYOU

I voted for Obama. Twice... (I’m sorry!)

Then I watched as he dropped more bombs than any other president in history.
And signed the #TPP with some of the worst human rights abusers on the planet.
And presided over decimation of marginalized communities, mostly those of color
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#Harvard report on the Jeffrey #Epstein connections to the university…
#Harvard research shows #Epstein held the title of “Visiting Fellow” at the prestigious university.. despite not being qualified for the position.. and not actually doing the work
#Epstein gave #Harvard more than $9 million.. the bulk of which founded the mysterious ‘PED’.. the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics
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On April 23, 2020, @Harvard_Press tweeted the below racist and evocative picture about #Hinduism and #Hindus to promote a talk by @ajanthasub with @tmkrishna @BIC_Blr.
Picture shows a #Hindu religious figure grinding a mill stone, conjuring up a devilish figure and crushing black figurines or throwing them into fire (one figure is even seen holding the religious figure's foot).
@Harvard_Press failed to to review the contents of the link. Interestingly, the picture is not even from the book and was used specifically to promote the book and the lecture.
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Join me tonight at 7pm est for #DiggingDeeper on @PatriotsSoapbox with @BWDeadcat and @PinataDrunk

Tonight's Show Prep:

Updates in the #Flynn Case, #Harvard & #SiliconValley calling for "China Model" #Censorship, Barrick #Gold Mines & More #WWG1WGA
Lots of New Qs! Get in here!

Review of recent Q posts, Flynn Case, Harvard and Silicon Valley pushing "china model" of censorship...

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Goldman Sachs has their tentacles in everything. #BillClinton even created a special advisory position in the White House to accommodate them...
#Harvard and #Yale play a big role in how, just like the U.S. Intelligence Community, bankers recruit the next generation of bloodsuckers from them, and how the wealthy buy their children's way in...
Would you look at that.

#LarrySummers gives part of the game away here...
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@smc429 @kaitlancollins @realDonaldTrump 1/ The other side also sold stock. Ask @SpeakerPelosi what her husband did in the same time frame. And @SenFeinstein did also. The media conveniently leaves out the fact that both sides have crooks. We need people of integrity.
@smc429 @kaitlancollins @realDonaldTrump @SpeakerPelosi @SenFeinstein 2/ since when giving “tide over” money stealing our money? I would say it is just the opposite. @BarackObama never gave us any help. His policies kept us in recession for 8 years!
@smc429 @kaitlancollins @realDonaldTrump @SpeakerPelosi @SenFeinstein @BarackObama 3/ Also, the @DNC was the group that passed #ObamaCare which effectively killed health care for self employed. A $10,000 Deductible and $1500 a month, means you spend $28,000/year before healthcare kicks in. Unless you are on welfare. Then it’s free.
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BOOM: 🇺🇸 "#Harvard's going to pay back the money," says @realDonaldTrump.

Harvard endowment is 40 billion dollars that's more than the GDP of the bottom hundred countries in the entire world!

#Harvard reportedly faced criticism for taking nearly $9 million from the #coronavirus aid package.

Who else has given #Harvard GOBS of money? #Epstein

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BOOM: Exposing #Harvard's Chinese Agent's #CharlesLieber "Virus Transmitters"…
According to court documents I accessed, #CharlesLieber asked to leave MA, the day after the state called a state of emergency. A supposed criminal, he was given access.

Where is he today? #covid19
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It’s time to ask Q’s about #Harvard Chemistry chair who was arrested along with 2 of his Chinese students.One student was caught w/ 21 lab vials headed for Wuhan in December after the outbreak.Lieber secretly was getting $50k/mo from China.…
2 Unbeknownst to Harvard University beginning in 2011, Lieber became a “Strategic Scientist” at Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) in China and was a contractual participant in China’s Thousand Talents Plan from in or about 2012 to 2017.
3. China’s Thousand Talents Plan is one of the most prominent Chinese Talent recruit plans that are designed to attract, recruit, and cultivate high-level scientific talent in furtherance of China’s scientific development, economic prosperity and national security.
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Extravagant success of Ashkenazi #Jews in wide range of intellectual domains serves as solid refutation to already exhausted #woke narrative of oppression, victimhood, & intersectionality. Why?/1

#IQ #psychology #intelligenceresearch #groupdifferences
"In the first half of the 20th century, despite pervasive and continuing social discrimination against Jews throughout the Western world, despite the retraction of legal rights, and despite the Holocaust, Jews won 14 % of Nobel Prizes in literature, chemistry, physics..."/2
"..., and medicine/physiology. In the second half of the 20th century, when Nobel Prizes began to be awarded to people from all over the world, that figure rose to 29 %. So far, in the 21st century, it has been 32 %. Jews constitute ~0.2 % of the world’s population."/3
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AT&T has patented the ability to address your brain / body / cells on the Internet. AT&T describes the ability to use a persons brain / thoughts to control aspects of another person over the Internet (i.e. thoughts, motor movements and control)… Image
AT&T has patented the ability to address your brain / body / cells on the Internet. AT&T describes the ability to use a persons brain / thoughts to control aspects of another person over the Internet (i.e. thoughts, motor movements and control)… Image
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Part 9

Thread to Document “Coronavirus”

“Charles Lieber, 60, Arrested by federal agents...Could this be connected to new @DeptofDefense Microsoft contract, Gates Foundation funding & efforts to mandate vaccines, Coronavirus & Chinese Espionage?

“Virus-Sized Transistors”
“Coronavirus,China’s Secret Plan to Weaponize Viruses:

“In secret speech given to high-level Communist Party cadres nearly 2 decades ago, Chinese Defense Minister, Gen. Chi Haotian, explained a long-range plan for ensuring Chinese national renaissance”
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My most recent article on not-so-good doctor... #CharlesLieber

What was he *really* doing in China? And did #Harvard know more than they are saying?

"Did the Obama Administration use Lieber to help China create a biological first strike weapon?"
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#wellhellzbellz #harvard #lieber #nanoelectronics

Buried but important: Lieber published research on injectable nanoelectronics…

AS IN vaccines w/scary shit!

Triple Corona whammy!
►Crash economy to hurt Trump
►Pretext for draconian control
►Vaccines to track, harm
#Q3896 Q drop on indicted Professor Lieber, employed by Wuhan University and Harvard.
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TODAY's #US Numbers as of 10:58 AM
CASES 50,212 DEATHS 606..
#Recovered 333 (see Importance below)
By Rick Noack, Lateshia Beachum, Kim Bellware,
Marisa Iati, Siobhán O'Grady, Adam Taylor and
John Wagner
10:51 a.m. PDT
MAR24 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 2: Here from my AM MD Threadlet.. SOMETHING POSITIVE about it all..
The Importance of our #RECOVERED .. with #Immunologic data from @NAChristakis .. LINK in my TWEET 1.
Please read esp #Medicals who will understand. @maddow @CNN
MAR 24 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 3: Here is link to Yesterdays's MAR 23 ...36 TWEET THREAD..
AND ICYMI: Last WED. March 18 #US NUMBERS...
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There is no justification for this response. I understand banning all international travel, but shutting the states down over a flustrain is grossly illegal. This isn’t #Ebola & the stats don’t justify it. Only justification is if they got tipped off of a WORSE bioweapon deployed
Does anybody think it's odd the national guard is deployed in all 50 states & military troops moving to borders across the world over a flu strain? Shutting down the world economy basically? This isn't Ebola. Something big is going on and the troop movement & confusion is proof.
I wouldn't be surprised if President Trump and the military got tipped off of a WORSE bioweapon that was going to be deployed by China. That's my new favorite theory. That they have foreknowledge of something more sinister.
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Kegagapan Pemerintah Merespon Pandemi COVID-19 dan Apa Saja yang Harus Segera Diperbaiki

- sebuah utas -

Diulas oleh @gadingaurizki (Tim Pengembangan SDM Strategis PP KAMMI, Mahasiswa MSc Advanced Leadership for Professional Practice, The University of Manchester, Inggris
1. Indonesia #daruratcorona! Untuk mengawali, mari kita kirimkan apresiasi sebesar2nya kpd para tenaga kesehatan yg telah berjuang di garda terdepan utk merawat pasien #covid19. Kita doakan mereka agar diberi keteguhan dlm menjalankan tugas. You're all the #realheroes!
2. Trima kasih kpd warga Indonesia dmna pun brada yg telah menjaga diri dan orang di sekitar dg melakukan #socialdistancing & #workfromhome, serta melakukan langkah2 pencegahan lain. Jga kpd pemerintah & para ahli yg telah berusaha sekuat tenaga mencegah & menangani #covid19 ini
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No os perdáis este vídeo grabado a finales del año pasado, antes de la crisis del #CoronaVid19. #coronavirus


(1) En él, se ve a una serie de representantes de empresas e instituciones debatiendo sobre las consecuencias (económicas) de una pandemia global en una simulación de un caso semejante al actual. La solución que plantean: más globalismo.
(2) El evento tuvo lugar en octubre de 2019, el vídeo se subió en noviembre y el primer caso de #Wuhan es de diciembre 2019. ¿Coincidencia?
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