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Important crypted message regarding collapsing #Kyiv,
captured from the nearest neighbouring star #ProximaCentauri, 149000 million kms from #Tellus."
#OrsonWelles #Martians ('The War Of The #Ukraine').
#Pentagon releases latest #UFO sightings report
Pentagon said that 366 additional UFO sightings have been investigated since its last report in 2021.
#Stoltenberg admits #Kiev regime is #losing | Feb 14
- After a year of incessant #propaganda about the Kiev regime’s supposed military successes, #NATO leadership seems to have started accepting the #reality and finally relaying it to the public.…
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#ZIO 2 looks really promising as it addresses a number of everyday problems when developing business applications.

All would be great if it wasn't for the layers - I still can't grasp their utility. Don't get me wrong: the env part of ZIO is a great innovation:
(1) for resource scoping, as we have recently seen, and (2) for contextual *business* values (such as an open transaction or security tokens). Much better than alternatives!

However, dependencies are best passed using constructors. You can get the same zio-magic (see macwire).
Plus, dependencies are hidden, instead of being exposed. Why would the user of your code want to know that you do tracing, or that you are using some other service? That's an implementation detail that should be hidden.

Maybe in @zioscala 3? ;)
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My most popular @zioscala blog posts from the last 2 years 🧵

#1 - 5 pitfalls to avoid when starting to work with ZIO…

#Scala #ZIO
my most popular @zioscala blog posts from the last 2 years 🧵

#2 - 5 (more) pitfalls to avoid when starting to work with ZIO…

#Scala #ZIO
my most popular @zioscala blog posts from the last 2 years 🧵

#3 - 5 lessons learned from my continuing awesome journey with ZIO…

#Scala #ZIO
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Finally finished converting a 220k LOC codebase at work to ZIO. It was a ton of work but totally worth it in my opinion. I learned a lot in the process too. Thanks for the awesome library @jdegoes and all the #zio contributors. @adamfraser too for being so helpful on Discord.
@jdegoes @adamfraser Technically you can introduce ZIO gradually into your project, and I have done that successfully before, but I went all-in because I wanted to leverage all of ZIO's capabilities in the project and not just in certain "islands" of code. Removing some 2.12 deps was a plus too.
@jdegoes @adamfraser Some immediate benefits were: async stack traces (much nicer coming from Future). Plus no more ExecutionContext everywhere. This migration exposed some operations that were running on unintended ExecutionContexts.
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As promised - a thread about cool ZStream features in the upcoming version of #ZIO!
Adapting callback-based interfaces (like RabbitMQ) to streams is always awkward and requires running effects unsafely. @dariusrobson generously contributed the implementation of Stream.effectAsync, so you can now create streams elegantly like so:
There are also additional variants, like Stream.effectAsyncInterrupt, which allows the caller to specify how to stop the emission of elements when the stream is cancelled; or Stream.effectAsyncMaybe, if sometimes we can emit the stream’s values synchronously.
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"A Guide to Navigating False Claims & Smears of Antisemitism on Twitter"

1) If they're a writer of best-selling children’s books & calling out antisemitism, they're : Undermining Corbyn / a Zionist shill / a Tory / a tax dodger & should stick to writing about Wizards.
2) If they're a Holocaust Survivor calling out antisemitism, they’ve not learnt their lesson / should know better / are part of an ‘industry’ & probably weren’t there anyway.
3) If they're a successful actor calling out antisemitism, they're backstabbing Jeremy / in the Zionist Lobby / a Tory & should stick to shit like Eastenders.
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