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I am more and more hooked on the idea of using message-driven finite-state-transducers as a mathematical model to describe #DDDesign Aggregates. This would enable automated determinism proofs, unions, concatenation, projections, and any other operation that is available for FSMs.
A transducer is defined as a sextuple: (finite input alphabet / commands, finite output alphabet / events, initial state, finite set of states, state transition function (state, command) -> state / behaviours, output function (state, command) -> event). #DDDesign
I spent a bit of time implementing a very naive UserRegistration Aggregate based on an also naive generic transducer in #Scala, you can check ou…
It felt very natural to design it that way. Static types can already provide the input, state & output sets.
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Looking around for how finally tagless might be different on #Dotty I found this talk that shows a number of applications of implicit function types.… #Scala3
He has written a post on this too that goes into greater detail "Revisiting Tagless Final Interpreters"…
A nice easy to read overview of Tagless Final in the context of a number of other technologies - ZIO, FreeMonads, ... - by @adamwarski…
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A while back I said something to Adriaan in response to the community build drama that crossed a line. The comment was to the effect that he “seek professional help”. I want to make it clear that this was not okay and that I apologize for this behavior. I was very angry 1/3
and said a thing, and that thing was not a good thing. I hope you all can understand and forgive my behavior in the rest of that thread; it brought back alot of baggage I’d been working on sorting through, and I didn’t handle it well in the moment. 2/3
I’ve since spoken with a few folks at Scalacenter and I think we all universally agree it did not help things. I’m not making an attempt to erase it, just acknowledge it and move on with people having full knowledge that it was a mistake. 3/3

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This year's CFP is closed and the agenda is already published on our website If anyone is interested in submitting a proposal, plz consider JCConf 2020. Or you can DM me your information, I will contact you next year. 😊
If you don't understand Mandarin, don't worry about it. This year we have 10 English sessions too. So don't hesitate to join us. 🥳
This year we have many hot topics which include #Java, @springframework , #Scala, #FP, #Kotlin, @graalvm, @zipkinproject, #k8s, #Microservices, @intellijidea ...etc. There are so many fun topics I can't list all of them. Please join us. 😎…
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We need to figure out ways to overcome divisions in the #Scala community. There are no unsolvable problems except death. As long as humans are alive they can resolve their differences. There are much worse actual problems in the world than the divisions in our small community.
The distributed nature of the community and its interaction though text exacerbates the issues. Also the lack of a historically involved BDFL to resolve disputes by fiat. Absent that, a council of elders is what societies historically use to balance against violent mood swings.
I’ve been long interested in the concentric circles of elders’ councils of the Islamic Republic, of all things, designed to fuse democracy with upholding of (some) ideology. How does it work in reality? @hamidr_ @djpardis can good parts be applied to any community organization?
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Little story about biases in technologies. Before I joined @wavesplatform, I thought that #scala is a very complex, non-obvious and little supported programming language, there is too much magic and you can draw ascii emojis with special characters in your code.
I heard and read a lot about troubles with #scala, and it looked reasonable. But as I dived in it (thanks to @wavesplatform deva and scala courses by @BinaryDistrict), I began to realize that these "troubles" are only my (and people in my bubble) biases.
In fact, scala is like any other popular languages with its own advantages and disadvantages. Same like #Java, #Javascript, #TypeScript, #Python in which I wrote before.
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#Java's death will be due to SEO mess, lack of centralized docs, outdated tutorials & no one-stop-shop place to find it all


This site was supposed to be the answer, but it only raises even more questions. The information here is mostly marketing-related, and has pointers to other online locations, outside

Potential: very high.
Reality: waste of TLD.

The Java source, no doubt. Yet, devs who want to just learn/code Java apps will only find binaries downloads. Nothing else serves the average Java software developer. "Developer's Guide" is for contributors.

Potential: high.
Reality: confusion.
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Having #LambdaWorld withdrawal? We've got you covered with videos of presentations from the event. Let's kick things off with coverage from Lambda World Seattle!
Watch @kmett's opening keynote, There and Back Again from #LambdaWorld Seattle!
Learn how to bring the jewels of the #Python world to #Scala with @ApacheSpark in @holdenkarau's #LambdaWorld Seattle talk. Watch here:
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Some early observations about #Haskell (vs #Scala, my weapon of choice), after 24 hours of building an app with it 🙂 (thread) ...
1/10 The build tools have evolved a lot, “stack” works well. I like SBT much more, but this is only a superficial impression. The concept of a LTS release for the ecosystem is neat, as it guarantees compatibility within that set, something we should do in Scala too...
2/10 The IDE and editors are more immature, but workable. I’m using Emacs with Intero, there are also 2 IntelliJ plugins, not commercial grade though. They should take the plunge and follow the lead of the Cursive IDE (commercial Clojure plug-in)...
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