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A great piece explaining the history behind

“The Menace of Political Correctness”…
The problem is, despite a detailed history, the article

from @ClaremontInst fails to call it what it is....

Worse, @ClaremontInst FAILS to provide any solution.

We are left with:

“What is to be done? Probably not much. One can only hope that political correctness will go so far as to make evident its absurdity, as @AOC Green New Deal has made alarmist environmentalism seem absurd...”
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Makes you wonder how damning Michael Cohen's evidence must be, if the President's errand boy @mattgaetz is trying to intimidate him before he even testifies 🤔
Republican DOJ isn't going to prosecute

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#Intelligence is a response to a new situation, not out of your past memories but from your present awareness, this very moment.

Intelligence is a spontaneous #responsibility. It has been misunderstood. It has become almost equivalent to #duty. The #reality is different.
There has been a perennial conflict between #intelligence and #intellect.

The man of intellect thinks that he is #intelligent because he knows so much. He has accumulated a great heritage of #knowledge, he is burdened with all kinds of #information.
The man of #intelligence is innocent; he functions moment to moment, his functioning has a freshness and a beauty. But to find intelligence one has to go beyond the mind. #Meditation is the way.
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OK what just happened to me at the local Whataburger...perfect example of why I don't discuss wild hairy assed conspiracy theories. Let's go into it.

The human condition is not Machiavellian cleverness. It's obtuse incompetence.
People who live rich fantasy lives sit on social media and spin intricate conspiracy theories to each other about global Jewish conspiracies, the Illuminati, the CIA, the Men In Black, etc. etc.

Each posits a group run by super ultra-competent plotters they are 'exposing'.
There are very few people that are able to plan out a complicated intelligence operation & pull it off with multiple moving parts and dozens of people participating in it. MOST of these kind of ops fail. For various reasons. Very few are successful.
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1/7 This is a really good and thoughtful article. It is also 100% wrong. The fact that tribalism protected vulnerable peoples and cultures in the past isn't a feature that should cause us to defend tribalism today - it should make us skeptical.…
2/7 The whole reason the language and narrative of "us against them" is so effective and innately attractive to us is OBVIOUSLY because it has some real survival benefit. It is a marvelously well-adapted trait!
3/7 The problem lies in the conflation of what are largely inconsequential - and more importantly, non-stationary - ideological cultural differences with past attempts at genocide, imperialism and conquest.
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