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Give me 50 days over scrapped notes, punish me (anywhere) if problems persist: Modi…

99.3% notes returned-RBI…

support me, after 30 DEC, I promise to deliver the India that you wished for-Modi

50 Lakh People Have Lost Their Jobs Since the Demonetisation Exercise, Says Report…

More Than Rs 3 Lakh Crore Were Brought Back to Economy Post Note Ban: Narendra Modi

99.3% notes returned-RBI…


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The 1st Emperor of unified China,Qin Shi Huang(221–210 BC),sought to prevent critical comparison with pr. rulers by removing all historical & philosophical texts from private hands & placing them in the imperial library,where only officially approved scholars had access to them/1
/2-Source:"The Secret World:A History of Intelligence" by C.Andrew
Provides an indication why Nazis burnt books and took control of Universities. Also a pointer why the present #BJP Govt. is obsessed about infiltrating Universities,controlling discourse via lakhs of WhatsApp grps
/3 ...having an extremely well oiled Propaganda machine across the Media & Fourt Estate that extolls the 'virtues' of the present totalitarian regime and cast aspersions on all regimes of the past primarily Nehru's-Nehru gets attacked more than Jinnah or Yahya Khan-as we become..
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The unthinkable is happening thanks to @narendramodi govt. Several economists and analysts say they're moving to use alternative data sources or at least official data of a different kind because they think India's official GDP stats now a joke.…
Because Indian GDP stats a joke, a private firm has developed an alternative index: Indian Activity Index.They found "stable" growth 2014-17 rather than rapid acceleration suggested by official Indian data. India more or less in Argentina territory now.…
Cc: @AmartyaLahiri @vdehejia .What we discussed a few months ago is happening now.
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PM's Economic Advisory Council member @EmergingRoy says India heading for structural economic crisis and we're seeing the early warning signs. Is this the #AccheDin @narendramodi promised? Is this why he keeps invoking Indian history not his 5 year record?…
The 5 year economic record of @narendramodi that he's desperately trying to deflect from,shifting your attention to the late RajivGandhi:
Failed demonetisation
Botched GST
Largest commercial airline going bust on his watch
Scamsters on the lam
Unresolved NPA crisis
Jobs crisis
...contd..The 5 year economic record of @narendramodi that he's desperately trying to deflect from, shifting your attention to the late RajivGandhi:
Burgeoning fiscal deficit
Rural agrarian crisis
Tax revenue shortfall
India's official stats going into disrepute
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In this thread, I will put out facts that show that

1. Goa's desi tourists arrivals boom from 2014 to 2017

It shows rising disposable incomes and robust job creation

(That is if we understand job as a livelihood source and not limited to salaried jobs.)

2. This kind of massive poverty reduction not possible without robust job creation

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చిన్న వ్యాపారులను వడ్డీ వ్యాపారుల నుండి విముక్తి చేయడానికి, కేంద్రం ప్రారంభించిన మరో పథకం ముద్రా యోజన. ఇది ఆర్థిక స్వావలంబనకు, అందరినీ ఆర్థిక వ్యవస్థలో భాగస్వాములను చేయడం సఫలీకృతం అయింది. నేటి వరకు 1,46,18,009 లోన్స్ ఇవ్వడం జరిగింది. #TelanganaWithBJP #TelanganaElections2018
ఆగస్టులో ప్రారంభమైన ప్రధానమంత్రి జన ఆరోగ్య యోజన కింద అక్టోబర్ 31 వరకు దాదాపు రెండు లక్షలకు పైగా ఉచితంగా చికిత్సనందించడం జరిగింది. తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రంలో ఆరోగ్యశ్రీ పథకం సరిగా అమలు జరగడం లేదు. దానికి తోడు కేంద్ర ప్రభుత్వ పథకం కూడా ఈ సంకోచిత ప్రభుత్వం అమలు జరపడంలేదు. #TelanganaWithBJP
KCR government stopped commemorating "Hyderabad Mukti Din" (liberation of Hyderabad) to pander to Muslim vote bank. BJP govt will start celebrating “Hyderabad Mukti Din” again on 17th September each year when it comes to power #TelanganaWithBJP #Telugu #Telangana #India
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#AccheDin for salaried/middle-class
Illustration 1: Self-employed living in rented accomodation
Illustration 2: Self-employed buying own home with home loan
Illustration 3
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