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No offense to anyone But #Telangana Beauty is Very Very Underrated (Except Hyderabad) :

My Thread 🧵 :

1. Bhadrachalam
2. Basara (A Divine Destination)
3. Alampur Jogulamba (Shakthipeetam) 🙏
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Telangana govt believed that education is the key to transform peoples lives. Education breeds confidence, to make education facilities accessible, state witnessed tremendous reforms after 2014. Witness them in below thread 👇

1/n ImageImageImageImage
Govt Junior college, Alladurg, Medak District

2/n ImageImageImage
Government High school, Jogipet, Sangareddy District

3/n Image
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#Agnipath | A mob vandalised a train this morning at the Ballia railway station in #UttarPradesh in protest against the Centre's #AgnipathScheme; police had to later use force to disperse them
#Agnipath | In protest against Centre's #AgnipathScheme, a mob raised slogans and vandalised a train at the Ballia railway station this morning.
#Agnipath | Army aspirants protesting against the Centre's #AgnipathScheme blocked railway tracks and lit tyres on fire at the Dumraon railway station in Bihar's #Buxar.
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THREAD on #Telangana and the history of its formation as a separate state. The States Reorganisation Committee recommended against its merger with the Andhra areas, so why did it happen?

The answer lies in the erstwhile state of Hyderabad that Telangana was part of
Telangana & AP were both part of the Nizam/Asaf Jahi state, but the Andhra areas were eventually ceded to the British in the 19th century.
Hyderabad state was annexed to India in 1948. At the time, it comprised of 16 districts.8 in Telangana, 5 in Maharashtra and 3 in Karnataka.
Population of Hyderabad population: 18.7 million.
Language breakup: 47.8% Telugu, 24.3% Marathi, 11.6% Urdu, 10.5% Kannada and 5.8% others.
In 1947, Hyderabad's last Nizam Osman Ali Khan refused to join India or Pak. He wanted to stay independent. But it wasn't going to work.
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Wherever #Masjid premises are excavated, #Shivlinga's are found. I'm challenging #AsaduddinOwaisi that we'll dig all Masjid in state. If dead bodies recovered, #Muslims claim it. If Shivlinga is found, hand it over to us. Will you accept it?
#Telangana BJP chief #BandiSanjayKumar
"If the #BJP wins power, it will implement #RamRajya in #Telangana, we'll demolish all #Madrasa's, do away with reservations for minorities, & grant more quota for SCs, STs, OBCs, & EBCs. We'll also abolish Urdu as the second official language indefinitely.”
- #BandiSanjayKumar
“Shall we keep quiet if my sisters are trapped and cheated in the name of ‘#LoveJihad’. #Hindu society will not tolerate if the poor are made to change their religion." says #Telangana BJP chief #BandiSanjayKumar.
#Karimnagar #HanumanJayanti #HinduEktaYatra
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भारत का हिन्दू ईशू के चमत्कार को देख कर धर्म परिवर्तन करता है तो आंख खोल कर देख लो कि ईशू अपने सबसे बड़े #धर्म_गुरू की (#गठिया_बाई) नहीं ठीक कर पा रहे हैं तो तुम्हारा कैंसर कैसे ठीक हो जाएगा
धर्म कोई भी बदल लो पर बात सनातन धर्म कीही बात खरी उतरेगी
@assampriya @Sabhapa30724463
👇 Image
।।काहु न कोउ सुख दुःख कर दाता।।
।।निज कृत कर्म भोग फल भ्राता ।।
घुटने में दर्द के कारण पोप व्हील चेयर से चल रहे हैं और भारत के पादरी प्रेयर द्वारा कैंसर बाझपन नपुंसकता का इलाज कर रहे हैं!
साम दाम दंड भेद द्वारा धर्मांतरण पूरे देश की समस्या है इसलिए कालाजादू अंधविश्वास और
धर्मांतरण के खिलाफ IPC में ही एक नई धारा जोड़ना चाहिए!
Dear POPE, @Pontifex
'Please visit #punjab #tamilnadu #Telangana #Jharkhand etcetera. There are many powerful CONVERTERS, they will just touch you and all your "THREE LEGS" will be able to stand". Norbert Elekes
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Hoardings hailing #Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) chief and Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao put up across the state as the party celebrates its 21st anniversary

"Today is the 21st anniversary of TRS party. I want to thank the people of Telangana who have blessed our party and supported us. Our leader K Chandrashekar Rao had this vision that the era of coalition government is going to rule the country": TRS MLC K Kavitha

(ANI) Image
"We had declared to the people of Telangana that the state can only be formed by a political process and also with peaceful people's movement under the constitution. After the formation of Telangana, KCR ji has worked for the people of the state": TRS MLC K Kavitha

(ANI) Image
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As only 145 days left to celebrate 75th anniversary of Indian Independence and I am starting an an initiative of #Dekhoapnadesh with #philately on the ocassion of #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav
"Rashtrapati Bhawan,New Delhi- Official Residence of President of India #indianstamps Image
#DekhoApnaDesh (see the India) with #philately to celebrate #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav
Day 2 : Kayang - A folk dance from Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh,India #indianstamps #indianphilately Image
Day 3 :Darjeeling Himalayan Railway or"Toy train" runs between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling in West Bengal which is one of the iconic mountain railways of India and in 1999,it was declared as UNESCO world heritage site
#DekhoApnaDesh with #philately #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav Image
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Fact file of #Telangana

District wise GPs, Mandals, Revenue Divisions 👇
Assembly Constituencies in TS 👇
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Tracking sequences with both #omicron and #delta signatures

Flagged by @GISAID as "ML" sequence under investigation (#Recombinant or #Contamination ?)

Sequences are under investigation: 4511

Tracker: Image
#USA has 2423 sequences under investigation from multiple laboratories.

They contain signatures from both #Delta and #omicron #variants

ML sequence #hotspots: #California, #Texas, #NewYork, #Arkansas and #Minnesota

#deltamicron or #deltacron or #contamination? ImageImageImage
#India has 568 sequences under investigation from multiple laboratories.

They contain signatures from both #Delta and #omicron #variants

ML sequence #hotspots: #Karnataka, #TamilNadu, #Maharashtra, #Gujarat, #WestBengal, #NewDelhi

#deltamicron/#deltacron or #contamination? ImageImageImage
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USA: BA2 Anteil hat sich verdoppelt
Neue @CDCgov Daten zeigen, dass sich #BA2 von 11,6 % letzte Woche auf 23,1 % verdoppelt hat. Nach unserem Varianten-Modell wird BA2 die Dominanz in den #USA in 2 1/2 Wochen erreichen… Image
#USA: BA2121 Anteil steigt über 17% Marke
Follower kennen bereits die Bedeutung der 17% Marke im AITask Varianten-Modell: #BA2121 ist in den #USA auf dem Weg zur Dominanz - trotz #BA2 - und das in neuer Rekordzeit🔴🚑🏥 Image
#USA: Variante BA5 wird dominat
BA5 steht in den USA kurz vor der Dominanz. Wie zuvor modelliert wird #BA5 die Variante #BA2121 ablösen. Die Grafik enthält den Trend der #Modellierung aus 05/2022 und die neusten #Varianten-Daten aus den USA:🦠🌊🚑🏥… Image
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A Thread on ownership of public lands in Secunderabad Cantonment - in the context of recent statements by @TelanganaCMO and Minister MAUD @KTRTRS on Cantonment issues.
Speaking in State Assembly, #Telangana Min MAUD K T Rama Rao @KTRTRS strongly criticised hurdles being placed in developing nalas in military areas of the twin cities.

He also criticised road closures by the Army in Secunderabad Cantonment.…
The next day Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao @TelanganaCMO claimed in the Assembly that public lands in the cantonment and military areas are owned by Telangana State.

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అధునాతన పరికరాలు.. మెరుగైన సేవలు.

వేములవాడ ప్రాంతీయ ఆసుపత్రిలో అధునాతన వైద్య పరికరాలు సమకూరడం తో ప్రజలకు మెరుగైన వైద్య సేవలు అందుబాటులోకి వచ్చాయి.


#trs2023 ImageImage
ఉస్మానియాకు రూ. 10 కోట్లు మంజూరు చేసిన తెలంగాణ ప్రభుత్వం.

ఉస్మానియా ఆసుపత్రికి వచ్చే పేద రోగులకు మరింత మెరుగైన వైద్య సేవలందించేందుకు గాను రాష్ట్ర ప్రభుత్వం రూ. 10.14 కోట్లు మంజూరు చేసింది.


#Trs2023 Image
గజ్వేల్ ప్రభుత్వ జిల్లా ఆసుపత్రిలో ఒక కోటి 60 లక్షల రూపాయలతో తెలంగాణ ప్రభుత్వం అభివృద్ధి చేసిన 40 పడకల పిల్లల ప్రత్యేక ఐసీయూ యూనిట్.


#Trs2023 ImageImage
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Job notifications in various District courts across #Telangana:

A Thread 🧵:
Total vacancies: 591 posts
Last date for applications: 4th April

Break-up vacancies:
1) Stenographers - 64 posts

a) Eligibility - Graduation + English Typewriting + Short hand
b) Age - 18 to 34
c) Written test (100 marks) + Skill test (30) + Interview (20)
2) Junior Assistants - 173 posts

a) Eligibility - Graduation + Computer knowledge
b) Age - 18 to 34
c) Written test (80 marks) + Interview (20)
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#Telangana govt won case in Supreme Court over 1,654 acres of Manikonda Jagir lands of Dargah Hazrat Hussain Shah Vali worth 50,000 crores of rupees.

Lanco Hills, Emaar properties, Indian School of Business (ISB), etc were benefitted with the verdict.
TS Waqf Board lost the case.

@TelanganaCMO said that he will initiate CB-CID inquiry into Waqf lands & now the prime property of WB has been eroded in a single judgement.
Hon'ble SC observed that Land dedicated for pious and religious purpose is not immune from its vesting with the State.

But where is the principle, "Once a waqf, always a waqf".
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*⃣Thread on #COVID19 deaths*⃣
Officially reported C19 deaths in India crossed half a million (500087) although many studies estimate the true number to be between 3-4 million.

This chart shows % share of reported deaths & compares it with the % adult population in each state.
Some states stand out on this chart:
#Kerala with only 2.84% of adults has reported 11.3% of all deaths.
#Maharashtra with 9.7% adults reported 28.6% of deaths.
#Uttarpradesh with 15.7% of adults reported only 4.7% of deaths.
#Bihar w/ 7.8% adults reported just 2.5% of deaths.
#Gujarat with 5.2% adults reported only 2.1% deaths.
#Rajasthan with 5.5% adults reported just 1.9% of deaths.
#Telangana with 3% adults reported only 0.8% deaths.
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#India is another country where #SARS_CoV_2 BA.2 is rapidly replacing #Delta & #Omicron BA.1. The pace of sharing sequences by India is very slow, median days from collection to deposition is 69 days according to GISAID. Genome sequencing among the states is not always fair.🧵 ImageImageImage
In the state of #Telangana #India, #Omicron BA.1 in the most recent dates are exclusively from #Hyderabad. Except for a couple cases, BA.2 positive samples were collected outside of Hyderabad. The last sequence from this state is from Jan 6, 2022. Image
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Today marks 4 yrs of #IndiasGlocalLeader. So, here's a thread on how .@ncbn & #NTR's bonhomie grew.
#ChandrababuNaidu was youngest minister in T. Anjaiah’s cabinet in 1980...

#ChandrababuNaidu #AndhraPradesh #Telangana #CBNBiography #JoharNTR #TDP .@JaiTDP #TeluguPolitics
Between 1980 & 1983, Naidu served as a minister with diverse portfolios - archives, cinematography,
technical education, animal husbandry & minor irrigation. A dynamic young man to some and
a leader to others, #ChandrababuNaidu rose rapidly in politics.

#IndiasGlocalLeader #CBN
#ChandrababuNaidu was a huge admirer of Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao’s (NTR) films & adored him as a person. When he was minister for cinematography, Naidu met NTR’s son N. Jaykrishna (noted cinematographer) & sought to set up meeting with his fav actor.

#IndiasGlocalLeader #CBN
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#WatchtheState: Our weekly update on patterns of state violence in #India.

Here's a quick review of reported instances of #stateviolence. @project_polis

Follow the thread for more: 👇
Human rights activist Khurram Parvez sent to 3-week judicial custody, shifted to Tihar jail. #Kashmir…
"In #Kashmir, the draconian #UAPA terror law has become a lethal weapon to silence and intimidate: anyone can be arrested and disappeared indefinitely without any formal records." @suchitrav & @kiccovich:… via @project_polis
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Editorial on bjp fake propaganda .

#Trs2023 Image
Editorial on Attacks on Daliths by Bjp.

#Trs2023 Image
Editorial on Telangana agriculture sector growth .

#Trs2023 Image
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#Telangana CM #KCR announced that #YadadriTemple will be reopened in March 2022 with 'Maha Kumbha Samprokshanam' which includes performing Maha Sudarshana Yagna with 1008 kundas.

#Yadadri temple was redeveloped by KCR led #TRS govt with over ₹ 800 crores.
Sudarshana yagam will be performed by 9,000 brahmanas in presence of gurus & peetadipatis from across India.

#Telangana govt deceided to coat main vimana of #YadadriTemple with gold. It requires 125 kg gold which will be collected from devotees. Already CM #KCR gave 1 kg gold.
CM announced that gold collection is going to be a mass movement across #Telangana involving pujas in all villages.

Temple is redeveloped with govt money so now CM decided to involve public atleast in coating temple vimana with gold.
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#Telangana winter climatology ❄️☃️
A useful thread for all of you

Generally temp starts to drop in Telangana from October last week in every year. Generally temp decreases whenever there will N/NEly winds during winters and warmer nights whenever there will be E/SEly winds

Generally every winter season we see strong winter chill in North, West #Telangana.

North TS will see low temp due to higher LATITUDE whereas West TS will see low temp due to higher ALTITUDE

During Severe cold waves, parts of North, West TS will see temp upto 2-3°C

Districts like #Adilabad, #Nirmal, #Asifabad, #Nizamabad, Kamareddy, Medak, #Sangareddy, Vikarabad, Medchal see below 5°C temp during severe cold waves in Dec, Jan months

East, South TS will see higher min temp due to close proximity to sea, lower latitudes respectively
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