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#Telangana An Dalit family was subjected to harassment by the real estate mafia. Mafia attacking the Dalit family to evict them from the house while they are residing & a civil suit is pending. There are 3 criminal cases registered against culprits.
This SC family was defrauded of their house by the real estate Mafia and a govt teacher initially in 2016 in the name of providing a bank loan. Mafia told them they will get a loan on the house by signing papers but they registered the house in their name.
This is the copy of FIR No 692 of 2021 registered by the Per Basheerbad police station on the recent attack on the SC family on 24/06/2022. At least now police should arrest the accused real estate Mafia to prevent further attacks on the SC family
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Respected @KTRTRS would like to bring to your kind notice regarding children who are suffering with Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and looking for life saving medicine Zolgensma @Novartis
In India ZolgenSMA Injection landed cost is 16 Crores plus 6 1//2 crores duties & taxes.
In our country, 800+ children suffering with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and they are looking for Life saving medicine ZolGenSMA.
Sir, recently you extended your help for @FightsSma Ayansh and requested @nsitharaman @FinMinIndia @ianuragthakur for tax exemption of life saving medicine Zolgensma
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₹1800 crores of donation, 39 kilos of gold and 1,753 tonnes of silver for lining the Gopurams & walls in the temple. 😲

Yes u read it correct.. 😇

It's the new (under-construction) Sri Laksmi Narsimha Swamy Temple of Yadagirigutta, #AndhraPradesh

According to legend in Tretayugam, sage Yadarishi, who was son of the great sage Rishyasrunga and Santa Devi and performed penance inside a cave with Anjaneya's blessings. Pleased with his devotion Lord Narasimha reportedly appeared before him in five different forms.
These were namely: Sri Jwala Narasimha , SriGandabherunda, Sri Yogananda, Sri Ugra and Sri Lakshminarasimha which later manifested into finely sculpted forms and hence it is worshiped as Pancha Narasimha Kshetram.
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60 yr old ws g@ng r*ped in front her 6 yr old grandson in WB.

Remember #ColPurohit?
In 2008 he hd warned abt 26/11 attacks
& in 2007 abt #WESTBENGAL.
14yrs ago!

~His rpt said MauIv!s frm Bangladesh wr settling dwn in WB & wr acting as PLACEMENT AGENCIES.
~His report also said that plan of the inimical entities ws "NECKLACING Of Major Indian Cities" with minority community.
~He pointed at 5 REGIONS in India-- that would experience major terrorist activities which included West Bengal & #Assam.
~This ws #lSl's strategy in 2007.
~He warned that these illegal immigrants along with 5th Columnists wld create LAW & ORDER situation by carrying out Rail/ Road blocks in time of need especially when #ArmedForces wr to b mobilized during an EXTERNAL AGGRESSION.
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Over the past two weeks, as part of the #CallYourMP campaign, we have checked accessibility of #Telangana MPs and made a citizen report on constituency-based initiatives.

Here are the results! Do find your MP's poster, tag your MP, tag your friends, share the details!
Citizen report #1

Constituency: Chevella
MP: Dr. Gaddam Ranjith Reddy (@DrRanjithReddy)
Accessibility indicator: High

#CallYourMP #CitizensEngage #MoreThanVote #Democracy
Citizen report #2

Constituency: Medak
MP: Sri Kotha Prabhakar Reddy (@KPRTRS )
Accessibility indicator: low

#CallYourMP #CitizensEngage #Democracy
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Today on #TelanganaFormationDay I'd like to remind us all that the separate statehood demand was not new, and that had its roots in the days that followed after the annexation of the erstwhile state of Hyderabad to India. #Telangana was part of it.
A short thread (1/n).
The erstwhile state of Hyderabad, ruled by its last Nizam Osman Ali Khan (1911-48), comprised 16 districts, of which 8 were I'm Telangana. Basically the state was half Telugu, linguistically.

Much before that, the Mukli rule were set in place, guaranteeing locals govt jobs.
Mukli rules were set in place due to an influx of North Indian Muslims (mostly UP) who were brought in much earlier by Salar Jung-1 to work in the Nizam administration.

Locals protested, hence the Mulki rule. This is one thing that Hyd folks wanted to be implemented post 1948
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JUST IN |An online application system for allotment of #LiposomalAmphotericinB, #Posaconazole and Isavuconazole, is introduced by #Telangana govt @Shiva_THNews
Steps involved---

Application for the #LiposomalAmphotericin B, Posaconazole and Isavuconazole, should be sent in a prescribed proforma to
“The applications will be scrutinized by a committee consisting of Director of Medical Education (DME) @DMETELANGANA, Superintendent of ENT Hospital, and HoD of Department of ENT, Gandhi Medical College,” as per a press note.
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Around 50 #BlackFungus patients at Govt ENT Hosp, and Gandhi Hosp in #Hyderabad. #Telangana Health Officials urged people not to panic over the fungal infection, reports @Shiva_THNews
@Shiva_THNews The @DMETelangana Dr K Ramesh Reddy spoke about some #hospitals are indiscriminately prescribing drugs. Attendants are running around chemists asking for antifungal medicine vials for #BlackFungus. He said some doctors seem not to have clear cut awareness on it. @Shiva_THNews
@Shiva_THNews @DMETELANGANA @DMETELANGANA said a committee would be formed to examine requirement of antifungal meds for #BlackFungus patients admitted at hospitals. @Shiva_THNews
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Officials have cancelled license to treat COVID cases issued to a #private #hospital in #Madhapur. Show cause notice issued to 3 more hospitals in #Hyderabad for surplus #billing or injudicious oxygen usage -#Telangana DPH @drgsrao @Shiva_THNews
@drgsrao @Shiva_THNews @drgsrao said that 26 complaints against private hospitals were lodged through Whatsapp number 9154170960. Grievances regarding medical services, billing, can be lodged.
@drgsrao @Shiva_THNews @drgsrao said that 26 complaints against private hospitals were lodged through Whatsapp number 9154170960. Grievances regarding medical services, billing, can be lodged.
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After time interval between 1st and 2nd dose of #COVISHIELD was increased to 12-16 weeks, currently no one is due for the second dose of COVISHIELD- said #Telangana DPH @drgsrao @Shiva_THNews
@drgsrao @Shiva_THNews Nearly 3 lakh people waiting for #Covaxin but only 50000 doses available. Central govt gave indications that some more doses will be issued in coming 15 days. After receiving it, people due for second dose of Covaxin will be given-#Telangana DPH @drgsrao @Shiva_THNews
@drgsrao @Shiva_THNews @drgsrao said that #COVID19Vaccination, allocation of doses, is according to guidelines issued by central govt. He said that allocation of doses for people above 45 years, or for 18-44 years is decided by central govt. @Shiva_THNews
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It just took 12 hours for a family's life to go haywire. This is a #COVID19 horror story from #Hyderabad that left me gutted. This is something which all #CovidWarriors go through behind the scenes of SOS calls.
Father was ex-employee in #Telangana secretariat, mom a housewife, son & daughter in college. All diagnosed with #COVID19 around the same time & were in home quarantine. Last Saturday, mom developed breathing problems. After using references got admitted to a hosp in Kukatpally.
Dad develops complications in a few hours but doesn't get bed in the same hospital. Contacts worked out to get him a bed by night in a hospital in Banjara Hills.
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Director of Public Health of Telangana says- Presently there are 28k patients in hospitals in Telangana, of which 45% are from other states. Since morning we gave 5 permits for patients from other states to come for treatment in #Telangana
The order is stayed and DPH offered this explanation prior to the HC order. However, 28k patients and 45% from other states is just very shocking statistics. Nationally there is acute shortage of beds and the pandemic is out of every state government's hand clearly
Whatever transpired- moral of the story is- Center must give Telangana more O2, drugs and infrastructure for beds.

Only that way can the state help its own and others..
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#Telangana- #lockdown - Cinema halls, Clubs, Gyms, Sports Stadiums, Amusement parks, swimming pools WILL BE COMPLETELY SHUT. * Ration shops will be open from 6 am to 10 am ** Metro, RTC, Public transport will function - 6 to 10 am. (Contd..) #lockdowntelangana
*#lockdowntelangana - Checkposts will be set up at all interstate borders. ** Govt offices will function with 33 percent of staff ** Banks, ATMs will be open (like previous lockdown) ** National Highways will be open as usual. #Telangana #Hyderabad #CovidIndia (contd..)
#lockdowntelangana - ** All activities/businesses related to Agriculture ARE ALLOWED. ** All businesses/activities related to Pharmaceutical/Medical industry ALLOWED. #Hyderabad #COVID19India
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#Covid19India Another 10% decline in nationwide new-cases. This is good but I am skeptical as testing is curtailed in many states so this decline may be artificial. Hope I am wrong.

Karnataka now #1 state in new-cases, displacing Maharashtra, although both <40k in new-cases!
Just read this on #Maharashtra .. There is 'Testless Lockdown".

Same is true for #Delhi and many other states too!

M/s @drharshvardhan @narendramodi Any thoughts?
Here is how states are reducing #Covid19 testing .. #Delhi #Maharashtra #Telangana #Kerala are top-states who have slowed-down testing considerably!

Wonder if @drharshvardhan @narendramodi speak-up on this unethical #Covid19Management, or its okayed by Centre?😎
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Big relief- #Telangana to prioritize giving 2nd dose of Covid-19.
It will require tweaking in Cowin, so the government is mulling how to prioritize those awaiting the second dose!
- Director of Public Health Dr GS Rao
State of Telangana is left with just 3L doses, whereas people wanting the second dose is much higher - nearly 19 Lakhs!
Not more than 100 allowed in weddings- Wedding season is beginning so need to be cautious and wear DOUBLE Mask outside and a Single mask at home
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The #Telangana Govt, either has no understanding of ground reality or just doesn't care for its citizens. I have tested positive for #Covid19 about 3 days back. NO ONE FROM THE STATE HEALTH DEPARTMENT HAS CALLED TO ASK IF I REQUIRE ASSISTANCE OR AM I ISOLATING PROPERLY. (1/n)
I live alone. I am quarantined and isolated at Home. But I can apparently roam around wherever I want to with COVID because no one is keeping track from the @ts_health Department.

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Friends, calling up your MPs and MLA's and getting them to help might be a good option. Here's the list of MLA's for UP and on clicking on the constituency, you can find their contact details as well:…
Trying to do this for other states too.
This for Maharashtra:… trying to find a better link for this.
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In light of the ongoing #COVID19 crisis in India, Watch the State @project_polis is putting out a thread of reported instances of #StateViolence in relation to the #COVIDSecondWave.

India is running out of oxygen, #Covid19 patients are dying–because the govt wasted time: It took 8 months to invite bids for over 150 #oxygen generation plants. 6 months later, most still aren’t up & running. @psychia90 & @VijaytaL report for @scroll_in.…
Bharuch General Hospital is the largest govt-run COVID-19 center in #Gujarat’s Bharuch district. On 16 April, there was only 1 doctor & 5 nurses. The hospital had 72 patients almost all of whom had severe #COVID19 symptoms. @chahat_rana1 @thecaravanindia…
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Please refer to the link below on information on COVID RESOURCES:

Click on MEDIA BULLETIN to check the availability of hospitals beds in all the cities in Telangana (upto date info)
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#Thread #DidYouKnow
#Chilkur Balaji Temple, popularly known as "Visa Balaji Temple'', is an ancient #temple of Bhagwan #Balaji located at 25 km from #Hyderabad off the #Vikarabad road & on the banks of #Osmansagar is the #picturesque village of #Chilkur with its @LostTemple7
hoary temple dedicated to Sri Balaji #Venkateshwara. It is one of the oldest temples in #Telangana built during time of Madanna & Akkanna, uncles of #Bhakta_Ramadas (fame of #Bhadrachalam). From the style, #architecture appearance, it can be inferred that the @desi_thug1
#temple was built half a millennium ago. Set in sylvan surroundings, temple attracts lakhs of pilgrims every year & is an ideal place for sequestered retreat & #meditation . It enjoyed in the past, great days of pomp & glory. According to #Sattology (truth), a devotee who
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@pabsgill #COVID19Vaccines are in short supply making them ‘invaluable commodities’, according to India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. But, the wastage of vaccines is a growing concern in five Indian states — Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, UP, Karnataka and Jammu and Kashmir.
@pabsgill All of these states have recorded vaccine wastage higher than the overall Indian average of 6.5%. The situation is especially critical in the states of #Telangana and #AndhraPradesh where #VaccineWastage is double digits.
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Meet 6yr old Saraswathi. She travels 5kms everyday to attend online classes- as there is no cell phone tower in her tribal hamlet in Morriguda of Mancherial district of #Telangana. Once she reaches signal area,she sits under a tree at a culvert to study ❤️❤️❤️ #OnlineClass #Covid
She has been doing this everyday since regular classes were suspended. We have seen stories of how education got disrupted. But this tribal family is determined to keep the education going. Kudos to Saraswathi and her family 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #OnlineClasses #EducationMatters #Telangana
I edited the video just to show how much effort is required for the education to continue in tribal villages where basic infra is still non existent.
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#Google says it has removed several loan apps in India after #RBI takes steps to curb fraud in digital lending…

By @SanchDash
@SanchDash #Google has reviewed hundreds of loan apps in India and has also removed many of them, which have violated user safety guidelines.

@SanchDash #Google’s crackdown on lending apps in India comes after the Reserve Bank of India announced that it was forming a working group to regulate digital lending.

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