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Can you imagine a World Cup whose schedule and venues are not published even 4 months before it starts? Jay Shah zindabad!
Sanghis are Incompetent even by fascist standards.
I'm still pissed that the final is at Ahmedabad. Should've been Bangalore or Madras. Legit their turn.
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Occam's razor.

There's no way babus who cleared UPSC didn't think of this very basic question themselves before issuing this order.

The confusion is by design. To keep everyone occupied in these worries instead of real issues.

Modi govt has weaponized ambiguity in compliance.
It's been nine years of this and a full year remains.

They issue some order that shakes up the equilibrium and puts the populace at work with compliance. That drags on in chaos cos there's too much ambiguity. A dozen or more clarifications. More confusion.

Next election comes.
This is something I read about in a book on late 20th century Latin American politics, which was full of authoritarians who took over in the name of "development" and/or national security.

"Keep your population standing in lines for some reason and rule forever."
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Today, when Vande Bharat travels from one place to another, the speed of India is visible in it and the progress of India is also visible: PM @narendramodi

@PMOIndia @RailMinIndia

#VandeBharatExpress Image
@narendramodi @PMOIndia @RailMinIndia This is the time of #AmrilKaal, the time to further strengthen the unity of India. The greater the unity, the greater the collective strength of India will reach. These Vande Bharat trains are also a reflection of this spirit: PM @narendramodi

#VandeBharatExpress Image
@narendramodi @PMOIndia @RailMinIndia Today's #NewIndia is not only making its own technology but also swiftly bringing new facilities to every corner of the country. Earlier, technology would be limited to a few big cities: PM @narendramodi

#VandeBharatExpress Image
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With dedicated efforts, #NewIndia's #GoodGovernance is reaching every panchayat.

From digital empowerment to sustainable development, the impact is visible. Want to know more? Take a look at the thread...

@PMOIndia @mopr_goi @MoRD_GoI
#NayeBharatKiPanchayat #SamaaveshiVikaas ImageImage
A significant increase in Central allocation to village local bodies under the 15th finance commission has empowered India’s villages to script their own destiny. #RuralDevelopment

@PMOIndia @mopr_goi @girirajsinghbjp @MoRD_GoI #NayeBharatKiPanchayat #SamaaveshiVikaas ImageImage
The integration of eGramSwaraj & Government eMarketplace (#GeM) on 24th April 2023 will create new avenues for village-level entrepreneurs

@PMOIndia @mopr_goi @MoRD_GoI @GeM_India @GoI_MeitY @AshwiniVaishnaw @Rajeev_GoI @alkesh12sharma
#NayeBharatKiPanchayat #SamaaveshiVikaas ImageImage
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INR-credible news for India's global trade!

RBI's groundbreaking move to allow INR settlements with other countries promises to supercharge economic growth and push the rupee to new heights! Here's a thread explaining the news 🗞️
@PMOIndia @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman
#RBI ImageImage
INR trade settlements with other countries are set to give India's economy a major boost on the world stage
@PMOIndia @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman
#RBI #Finance #NewIndia ImageImage
RBI opens doors for banks from 18 countries to open SVRAs for INR settlements
@PMOIndia @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman
#RBI #Finance #NewIndia ImageImage
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Senator is getting full attention of the Sanghi IT cell. Look at his replies and QTs. Such ridiculous attacks on him too. "You have a Pakistani friend and have been to Pakistan ergo you aren't a friend of India".

Great strategy, sanghis, alienate people who want to be friends.
Exactly! What possibly can the BJP gain from flooding the Twitter account of the sitting senator from Maryland who is on the powerful foreign relations committee, just for him expressing a very understandable opinion?

Just reflective ₹2 tweeting.

Malware Malviya has created this ugly mercenary troll machine that just goes hammer and tongs after anyone and everyone saying anything critical of the BJP. Might work on individual who get sick of the hate. It's not gonna work on a US Senator. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ His staff will notice, is all.
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This! Somehow we have made undergrad education in India even worse and cutthroat and utilitarian and grade chasing and job chasing than ever.

And we have a lot of public thought leaders randomly crapping on college education as a concept, citing Zuck and Jobs and Thiel etc.
Around the world, undergrad college education in this century has evolved towards a more Inclusive broad based learning oriented approach. For example, many top universities have made GRE, GMAT, and recently even SAT optional.

India has gotten even more JEErankish.
Yes! "Brand dilution" it seems.

America has like 100 massive high quality research universities with huge number of engineering and MBA seats. Population 33 crore.

But more than 6 IIT/IIMs in 140 crore India is brand dilution.

It's gatekeeping!

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Was any payment to Adani delayed by any public sector bank or LIC? Just imagine if it was #Adani instead of ex-servicemen then how quickly this govt would have acted! "Since the petition was instituted, nearly 400000 pensioners have died awaiting to receive their due.
The payments were supposed to be made in 2019 and we are now in 2023, look at the gall of the officer issuing this communication. He arrogated to himself the power to modify the judgment of this court. This is extremely telling,” said Ahmadi, appearing for an
association of ex-servicemen. This is a new kind of nationalism in Modi's #NewIndia. Modi government is 24X7 available at the service of Adani! #OROP
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CNN Report on Delhi Feb 2020 violence 👇
‘Delhi Police Roped Them As Scapegoats, Prosecution Launched In Cavalier Fashion’: Court Discharges Sharjeel Imam, Others In 2019 Jamia Violence Case…
BBC report on Delhi Feb 2020 violence 👇
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#Budget2023 #CAPEX growth of 30% Year over Year is just a game of #Smoke & #Mirrors (the hallmark of #Modinomics) .... if you recall, I mentioned that "Devil Lies in the Detail"
Entire Story in 1 Chart. Combines Central Govt & PSU Capex excluding dirty tricks. Image
@nsitharaman budget numbers for CAPEX includes items below
1) 50yr Loans to the States (much of this is consumption by state & double counted)
2) Loans to Food Corp India (Rations & MSP)
3) Capital Infusion is Loss making PSUs to pay Salaries & O/p Losses (BSNL, Air India) Image
These 3 items are NOT Capex .... so when does an Apples to Apples comparison, these adjustments needs to be made...

In short Central Govt & Off-balance sheet or PSU Capex is ONLY 3.8% of GDP (Lower than pre-covid) vs say 4.5% of GDP in FY10 Image
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#Modinomics and #NewIndia #Intellectuals keep harping that US is against China along with all that Rhetoric but then the DATA says otherwise… Image
And this is the China Trade with Europe despite the Russia China Brotherhood Image
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This is an interesting perspective on the #AdaniSyndrome Don't miss.

#cocacola entered India, taking over 11 other Indian soft drink brands, the rest being taken over by Pepsi!

No objection! No shouting

#AMAZON hasn't left out any city!

No resistance! No shouting!

Courier services like #BlueDart #DHL & #FEDEX came & brought their planes too. Now the whole business is occupied!

No resistance.. No shouting..

#Chinese & #Korean mobiles dominate India.

No resistance, no noise! No shouting..
#Nestlé #Maggi #ITC #HUL #PEPSI etc entered the farm sector!

No resistance, no noise

In the 4-wheeler industry, #SUZUKI #MG #Hyundai etc.
#Honda dominates the two-wheeler industry,

No resistance, no noise, no shouting..
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WOW! This is quite a thorough report!

Question for RSS is how long they keep their wagon hitched to him.

They brought him on par with & then ahead of Ambani. But Ambanis afaik don't do outright fraud, just regular cutthroat crony capitalism. This has political downsides.
If the Indian govt doesn't come out strongly as a neutral regulator and arbiter, and instead acts like Adani sympathizers, it sends a massive signal to the global financial community and WILL hit investments. Cos the stuff in this report is well beyond business as usual.
I know I know the official line from Adanis and many on the Sanghi side stanning him is that this is some biased report, hitjob, same old whataboutery, and sure, that will win you cable news or Whatsapp arguments.

But the financial community will take note. Esp rating agencies.
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One thing about Modi's #NewIndia is how it keeps falling behind the rest of the world in tech, while fooling itself it's at the cutting edge cos Whatsapp says.

Take RFID based tolls. Was cutting edge 20 yrs ago. Now being replaced in the West.

India just getting into it! 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽
Even tho EZpass etc in the US will be around for a while, they are so George Bush era tech!

In US, Europe, East Asia, cutting edge tech is image processing + online payment. Cheaper and easier than be RFID. And more flexible. And just generally smarter in smartphone era.
In many new systems, cameras just photograph and record license plates. Drivers can have tags OR they can pay toll online within a few hours OR a slightly more expensive toll bill comes in the mail.

Much easier than forcing everyone to buy RFID. And cheaper.
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Greetings from Think India Tribal Rights Forum

#KnowTheTribe Trivia

शबरी की कुटिया से...

The Tribe that we present today is the Hakkipiki Tribe.

The Hakkipiki are a tribal group in the state of Karnataka.
In Kannada, Hakkipikki means "bird hunters."
They are believed to be related to the renowned Ranapratap Singh.
They are a nomadic tribe of hunter-gatherers who lived in the country's woodlands.
They are divided into four clans: Gujathioa, Kaliwala, Mewara, and Panwara.
They speak a variety of south Indian languages, including kannada, tamil, telegu, and malyalam, as well as vagribooli, which is close to Gujrati.
Hinduism is practised by the Hakkipikki.


Team Think India
Tribal Rights Forum
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CMIE and Ashoka University recently published a report which stated that 1.4 Cr fewer people were employed from Jan 2020 to October 2022.

There is a complete mismatch with the dats published by which has been saying that there is robust growth in hiring
Apparently, this divergence should not occur because of another major factor.

The co-founder of and Ashoka University is same - A businessman named Sanjeev Bikhchandani.
The hiring trend by says that the job index, emerged at 3106 for Nov’22 up from 2455
in Oct’22, recording 27% M-O-M growth and 43% Y-O-Y growth which is remarkable considering that the world is still reeling under Pandemic pressure
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2018: Supreme Court Judgement in #NewIndia

2019: Supreme Court Judgement in #NewIndia

2020: Supreme Court Judgement in #NewIndia

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Pro-tip: The perfect time to post "BJP will lose Gujarat" or "BJP will lose Gujarat" or basically anything that gets khaki chaddi in a twist, is the start of the evening commute time in India. Commutes in #NewIndia are excruciatingly long, thus spent on Social Media.
Everyone is cranky and exhausted at the end of the work day. You throw in some #QTbait and many WILL take it to tell you how you are wrong, instead of just scrolling past. It stays on their mind through dinner. Then in bed, they will continue that topic. You got a trend going.
Hot takes are best posted at the start of the evening commute of your target segment.
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Hiring Boost📈 in Services Sector

🔹73% employers looking to increase resource pool

🔹India’s🇮🇳 intent to hire for Oct-Dec 2022 is at 65%

🔹4% increase from previous quarter

#AmritMahotsav Image
Hiring Boost📈 in Services Sector

➡️Top sectors with high hiring intent👇

🔹Education Services
🔹E-Commerce & Allied Start-ups

#AmritMahotsav Image
Hiring Boost📈 in Services Sector

➡️Top cities with high hiring intent👇

🔹Metro & Tier-1 cities lead hiring spree with highest hiring intent of 95%

🔹Bangalore (97%), Chennai (90%) & Delhi (86%) among the top cities looking to hire

#AmritMahotsav Image
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#Here is #How #Modi #reduced #Corruption in #NewIndia
SUMMARY: Introduce a Law that Dissuades reporting of Corruption.

It’s a long #Thread. so please stay with me.

In July 2018, the Govt passed the Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Bill, 2013.

#AntiCorruption #Corruption #NewIndia work of #Genius

How does this Amendment change things?

(A) Post Amendment, the #Bribe #Giver would also be considered a #criminal or penalizing the bribe giver and bribe taker on equal terms.
#AntiCorruption #Corruption #NewIndia work of #Genius

(B) The Amended Act will facilitate confiscation of the offender’s property

Looking at A & B, who in their right mind will COMPLAIN about being forced to give a bribe?
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LIVE: PM @narendramodi to launch Mission Schools of Excellence at Trimandir, Adalaj

PM @narendramodi addresses at the launch of Mission Schools of Excellence
@narendramodi @EduMinOfIndia 5G will improve access to education. Through virtual reality, the fast speed of the internet, and access to online classes, we will be able to transform education at the grassroots: PM @narendramodi
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LIVE: PM @narendramodi to inaugurate the #DefExpo22 at Gandhinagar

PM @narendramodi addresses #DefExpo22 at Gandhinagar
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Heard from former students about how remarkably easy this is. Very quick. Government functioning the way it should.
Twitter reviews are also unanimous! This is a public benefit application form that is so easy to fill out that ALL of it fits in a single screenshot! It's almost as if that was the goal Klain etc gave them.

This is nicely done, @POTUS @WHCOS! A good case study for others.
The Desi in me is feeling most sentimental and jealous that a government benefit that could get you up to $10,000 dollars takes less than 5 minutes to fill out. 😯😯

#NewIndia makes you jump through multiple OTPs and captchas just to book a train ticket.
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