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Much of the info in this 2013 @GreatGameIndia report maybe dated but nonetheless very relevant keeping in mind the way things have turned out. To be noted is that most of the concerns raised for #RaghuramRajan's sacking finds its origin in this report.…
What we do know is irrespective of who the Governor of RBI is, they pay a dutiful visit every year to Switzerland to attend a secret global meeting, the particulars of which are not disclosed to the people of India. Why? For what? #RaghuramRajan…
The Group of 30 is a mouthpiece for international financial operatives who created the speculative bubble which exploded in 2008. #RaghuramRajan was part of this elite group which planned the reorganization of world monetary system that is unfolding now.…
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#FinanceMinister has today unleashed the best shot so far in #Modinomics!

This is a Yug-parivartan move. Endless dimensions on which #NewIndia will be rocketing up now! 1/n
The battle on Black-money waged by @narendramodi Ji will now find a long term leash! No one was born to be a thief. High taxes motivated people to be. That motivation is diluted big time today! An honest, compliant, economic powerhouse of a #NewIndia is now enabled. 2/n
Everyone getting amazed that this Govt. is ready to earn less and spend more is totally wrong. #Modinomics magic is not yet understood. Laffer Curve clearly stands proven over 100s of years. Convexity of Tax-collection to Tax-rate is well know. 3/n
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#PaidPidis are trolling @nsitharaman for her statement on #OlaUber being responsible for #autosectorslowdown

That was just 1 reason she gave, not the only one

As mother is 2 #Millennials, I agree with her - consumer tastes are changing

Today #Millennials prefer to take an AC #OlaUber instead of-

- buying car

- paying EMIs

- legalities- insurances, papers, etc

- buying parking space (which in Mumbai is costlier than price of car)

- finding parking space in busy streets or paying steep parking charges
Many #Millennials aren’t in love with the idea of #buyingHouse either

Today, the concept of #LifelongJob has gone out of the window & people are on the #move in the #job market

Hence #renting & changing homes make more sense than investing in a house, a very #illiquid asset
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@nsitharaman @cbic_india @IncomeTaxIndia Why not talk to job creators?

Do you realize in #NewIndia you cannot close a company?

1. Company is required to have no business or accounts for 2 years to close it.

2. While having no business, it is supposed to send photos of office.

Madness. It takes a day to close in US.
@nsitharaman @cbic_india @IncomeTaxIndia Why not have a regular consultative forum with small business? Actually listen to business people and have high-level officials there to collate suggestions. Not a one time event but a regular one.

Term govt from mai baap sarkar to a service organization.
@nsitharaman @cbic_india @IncomeTaxIndia In US there was a "Paperwork Reduction Act." For every document the bureaucracy requires ask why they want it. You keep needing to file Article of Incorporation. One department wants copies of filings made to another department. Why? Get it yourself. Is this #EaseOfBusiness?
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A short thread, courtesy, a friend.

A bhakt asked me to project the positive side of economy. He says "we all know that economy is down in the gutter but we should spread positive news so that people don't store money but spend".
Here are 10 positives about our economy
1. Job losses are good for the economy. They will promote entreprenuership (Piyush Goyal)

2. Fall in car sales is creating employment for taxi operators like Ola ( BJP Spokesperson) and is also good for environment.
3. Fall in truck sales is leading to highest ever discounting making trucks cheaper for all families to buy.

4. Raising fiscal deficit is good as it creates inflation and increases demand.
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Why do the Bajaj's always have to say the most blunt and unpopular of things?🤔
Why can't they be blind cheerleaders for #NewIndia like the rest of them? 😠
This is the boss of a $20 Billion @LTI_Global conglomerate speaking.
Just listen for a few seconds-
- we will be 'lucky' even if we maintain 6.5% growth
- one has to make their own judgement about the statistical information being released by Govt.🤦🏼‍♂️
Just making a thread of those in positions of influence...yet finally finding the courage to admit the truth of economic slowdown.
Basically hope will play a major role from here on.....…
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A "clean chit" after BJP tortured a decorated officer for years

My father, Suhas Gokhale, was arrested by Modi govt on the eve of his retirement. He had finished his work on the last day of his 30-year-service and was looking forward to his retirement parade the next day (1/18)
It was an especially poignant moment for my father who served 14 of his 30 years in uniform in a state of partial paralysis after being injured in the line of duty. Allegedly on orders from the PM & Mah. CM, they arrested him at midnight - the night before his retirement (2/18)
When his fellow officers were at the retirement parade in the morning, he was thrown into jail. He kept pleading that he be allowed to attend his parade at least but they said no. But directions from “saheb” in Delhi were clear - don’t let him have a graceful retirement. (3/18)
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बड़े से लेके बच्चो तक सबको चीज़,बटर, आइसक्रीम,मिल्क शेक से बहुत लगाव है
पर क्या हमे उतना लगाव हमारे देश की गायों से हे जिनकी वजह से हम ये सब खा पाते हे?

हमारे देश में 17 करोड़ लीटर दूध बनता हे और रोज 70 करोड़ लीटर दूध पिया जाता है तो बाकी का दूध आता कहा से है?
गोरे & इस्लाम के आक्रमण से पहले
भारत में जितने लोग थे उनसे दुगनी से ज्यादा गायों कि संख्या थी
शादी में पिता 4 दान देते थे सोना,चांदी,गाय, पुत्री
हर स्त्री अपने ससुराल एक गाय तो अवश्य लाती और फिर पति पत्नी मिलके उसकी सेवा करते
पर आज कन्या गाय नहीं मूर्ति लाती है ☹️
गाय को माता मानेने वाले देश में आज मुश्किल से गाय दिखती हे
देश की इतनी गाय कहा गई?
अंग्रेजो और मुसलमानो के पेट में
Beef बढ़ता जाएगा तो Milk घटता जाएगा सीधा हिसाब हे
फिर भी 17 करोड़ लीटर उत्पादन वाला देश 70 करोड़ लीटर दूध कैसे बेच रहा है?
@ArunbajpaiRajan @Sjp1007
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Munchira madom Swamiyar is a traditional Acharya if Shankaracharya's descent. Insulting him shall invite papam for generations. Then what'd be the effect of throwing him out onto the streets ?
The Swamiyars of Munchira and Naduvil Madoms perform the ‘pushpanjali’ ritual in the Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple
Adi Sankaracharyar established 4 mutts in Trissur district - Vadakke Madom, Naduvil Madom, Idayil Madom, Tekke Madom. He assigned his disciples, Thotaka, Sureswara, Padmapada and Hastamalaka as the incharge of the mutts.
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Though #Budget2019 claimed to be a #bahikhata , it is more of a vision, not revenue & expenditure projection,which a bahikhata as the name suggests, is supposed to be !/1
Till 1991, budget wud consist of only figures.
Vision appeared for the first time in1991,
#NewIndia of Modi govt gives only vision (no figures), a #new trend for a positive approach & a feel good attitude/2
According to World Bank figures, in 1964 India was at rank 7th with 56 billion dollar economy (total world fig stood at 1.8 trillion dollars)
In 2019 when total world fig has reached 87 trillion, India's GDP is 2.6 trillion dollars ../3
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Swatantra #VeerSavarkar - one of the greatest patriots of India, father of revolutionary movement, classical libertarian, Hindu hriday samrat, champion of oppressed, warrior of social justice - my pranams 🙏

#NewIndia will undo injustice that history has done to you!

Here are a few facts that Congress sponsored Historians will conveniently forget but young India must reverentially remember about #VeerSavarkar

He was the first political leader to daringly set Absolute Political Independence as India's goal (1900)
#VeerSavarkar was the first Indian political leader to daringly perform a bonfire of foreign (English) clothes (1905).

He was the first Indian to organize a revolutionary movement for India's Independence on an international level (1906).
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OMG OMG!!! I can't believe this.
PM of world's largest democracy & President of largest political party have reposed faith in a 28 yr old guy to represent them in a constituency as prestigious as B'lore South. This can happen only in my BJP. Only in #NewIndia of @narendramodi
I am humbled. Grateful. Overwhelmed. I thank PM @narendramodi for giving me this opportunity. I can't thank you enough, Modi Ji. I promise you that I shall work ceaselessly for our motherland till my last breath. That is the only way I can repay this debt of gratitude. THANK YOU!
My hands are trembling as I type this. Last year, I had opportunity to talk to our Hon'ble President @AmitShah Ji. The one hour conversation with him left me so motivated that I couldn't sleep for a week. His determination, conviction to ideology is infectious. Thank you!
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This Thread is dedicated to 5 year #SabseTez Development and accomplishments which PM @narendramodi represented at #ModiAtConclave19 I will request you to Read and RT max. Watch this space out.
Fastest Opening of Bank Accounts,Got an Guinness Award. Bharat opened 55% of total bank account opened in world. More than 34 crores AC opened now having sum of approx 1 lakh crore. 100% Indian Family is now within Banking Coverage #ModiAtConclave19 #ModiHainToMumkinHai
18,452 Unelectrified Villages electrified. 100% Villages Electrified.
Under Saubhagya 2.5 crore Household gets free electricity and each and every state is Electrified 100% except Chattisgarh where 19000 Household remains. #ModiAtConclave19 #ModiHaiTohMumkinHai
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Open Letter to @Twitter

Dear @jack we understand that you are busy & have priorities

However PSTC IT HD @ianuragthakur is busy too in overlooking policies & wether citizens right are safeguarded by co.s like @Twitter and at no point our citizens right are compromised

India is a fastest growing economy in the world & is one of the best country in the world to invest in

With the vision & policies of @narendramodi our nations ease of doing biz has improved drastically that makes co. like @TwitterIndia work smoothly & generate returns.

We value all our stakeholders and respect their business processes who invest in our motherland and contribute for nurturing the future of our country and our citizen.

Our Policy and our government is dedicated to support business houses who wants to contribute to #NewIndia
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The taste of ashes in Indian palates is finally being expelled after eons of disheartened spills in the sands of time.
The expressed vision of Govt to rebuild India on its Culture & 21st Century digital norms has lit a desire in each citizen.
We were hobbled for centuries by Barbarians from the North and Colonialists from the sea. No more.

In 1947 a tattered nation left deeply divided has rebuilt itself from its bootstraps to its robes.

We are now at the cusp of a $3 Trillion economy, 2019 figures.
It's an acknowledgement internationally that we are a fastest growing economy today. Our Strategic Security firmly in place by Nuclear powered Submarines on Deterrence Patrol with Armed Nuclear Missiles has placed India in the League of Major Powers. We can no longer be ignored.
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Why #ModiOnceMore?

Please Read this Thread.

You will get answer.
Modi Government is Electrifying #NewIndia

👉18,374 Villages Electrified under 'Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Garm Jyoti Yojana'

👉'SAUBHAGYA Yojana' is ensuring Universal household electrification by 31st March 2019.

Thank you @narendramodi 😊

⭐️ Number of LPG connections to Household:

👉 1947-2014: 13 Crore
👉 2014-2018: 12 Crore

⭐️ Household Gas Coverage:

👉 2014: 55%
👉 2018: 90%

Kudos to @narendramodi for transforming the lives of common people.

#TransformingIndia #NewIndia
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Consumer price inflation fell to lowest in 18 months in Dec 2018 on PM Modi’s persistent efforts-GST reductions, pro farmers measures, decline in food prices, reducing petrol & diesel price. Inflation fell all time low to 2.19 % in Dec 18 from 2.3 % in Nov
Army has exterminated 250+ terrorists in 2018, including top commanders,
> 50 have surrendered & some leaders like Omar think that we shouldn’t celebrate! No wonder, some urban naxals are feeling unsafe in this #NewIndia
Another boost for startupIndia! Startups can now list their pdts & services on GeM( Govt e-marketplace). With this, Startups will overcome their greatest hurdle-finding market for their pdts. It will enhance their Ease of doing business!
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Today 'Vikas' and 'Hindutva' are
two sides of the same coin.

Don't forget the ground realities,
" भूखे पेट भजन न होय "

Those who are saying Modi has forgotten Hindutva are the biggest fools you'll find on planet Earth.

You can not achieve Hindutva without Vikas. See how. 👇
Congress specifically kept
Hindu$ busy in Gareebi,
Unemployment, Inflation etc.

Unlike Hindu$, Mu$lims, even
if they are unemployed, living
a life of misery, won't forget to
offer 5 times Namaz!

State sponsored Madrasas
still exist, but do we have
State sponsored Gurukuls ? No.
Max beneficiaries of all the wordone by PM Modi in the last
4.5 years are Hindus, especially
from Rural India. It is a harsh
reality today that max Hindus
won't eat "Ghaas ki Roti" for
the sake of righteousness.

Hindus need Vikas. Only then you can make them focus on Hindutva.
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#Thread on How @narendramodi Government is transforming the lives of every Indian from Children to Senior Citizens.

Please read this #Thread:

#TransformingIndia #NewIndia
What @narendramodi has done for Poor people?

👉 LPG connections released under Ujjwala Yojana: 5,85,55,611

👉 Houses completed under PM awas Yojana: 1,25,00,000

👉 No. of free treatments under Ayushman Bharat: 5,00,000

👉 Beneficiaries under Jan Dhan Yojana: 33,46,00,000
What @narendramodi has done for Youth?

👉 Loans Sanctioned under Mudra Yojana: 15,08,21,378

👉 Total Number of Start-ups recognised: 14,634

Now, The mindset of our Youth of is changing from Job Seeker yo Job Creator.
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India in Numbers

This #RightFactsThread will give u an great Insight about #RecentHappening in India, and relate it to #Facts, #Data & #NewIndia vision of @narendramodi

👉India's Size = 32.87 lakh sq km

👉India's GDP is now > 2.8trillion dollars!

#MSME sector:
👉It account for 30% of India's GDP,
👉45% of manufacturing output
👉40% of exports

Thus @narendramodi govt. Is giving special focus announced
✓Ministry opened
✓All PSU need to procure 25% frm MSMEs
✓1 cr loan in 59 min
✓2% interest subvention scheme

👉15.6% of our GDP
👉68.8% rural population depends on Agriculture (34.6% directly& rest indirectly)

Still Over 1/5th of farmers' households are #BelowPovertyLine😢😢

Thus #DoubleTheFarmers by 2022 of @narendramodi is Top Priority

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@manu1154 @kaltimevel @IamAlok_INC @GenZinfrenzy @Mayavi101 @The_veenaD @ANI @vxtandon1 @INCIndia @RahulGandhi @e_postmortem “The Hindu–German Conspiracy “ was a series of plans between 1914 and 1917 by Indian nationalist groups to attempt Pan-Indian rebellion against the British Raj during World War One 🤔

If you have not read about it in school- RT
Google to know about it 🙏🏽...,+
@manu1154 @kaltimevel @IamAlok_INC @GenZinfrenzy @Mayavi101 @The_veenaD @ANI @vxtandon1 @INCIndia @RahulGandhi @e_postmortem +...and the outcome was British planted MKG in 1915 to sabotage & delay agressive freedom struggle by Bal Pal Lal,by projecting him to be the best Hindu in India who was non violent,as well.
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Since late 80s issue of corruption has been discussed in every living room, in trains amongst co passengers, in schools,colleges, as a fav topic of debate, discussion; Is Corruption a bigger menace than terrorism or Is corruption making the country hollow!
We discussed every form of corruption endlessly, quoting examples, as if it was all pervading ; as to how money is being hoarded under beds, almirahs, how traders are avoiding sales tax, how inter state borders where excise people collect taxes are a big source of corruption.
How hardly 2% population is paying taxes and rest generating black money, how builders are minting money and flouting rules, diverting money from one project to another and fooling the customers, how some having black money are buying BENAMI properties.
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4 years ago, income tax on taxable income between 2 L and 5 L was 10%, now 5%.

4 years ago,tax on restaurant bills was 13% to 28%, now 5%.

4 years ago,interest on home loans was 10.3%, now 8.65%.
4 years ago, sky high prices of medicine and stents, now they are several notches less.

4 years ago, inflation in double digits, now under 5%. Prices of pulses and vegetables fall.

4 years ago, 17 different indirect taxes, now just GST.
4 years our economy was in fragile 5 group now it's in BAA3 .

4 years ago in ease of doing business we were at 160 rank now one of the top performer it's 99.

4 years ago, Real Estate builders had Manmani, now they are bound to deliver project before deadline under RERA.
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Now that casino economic policies have taken its toll on every facet of Indian society, Raghuram Rajan is again being resurrected in Indian political discourse. Here we report these Pied Pipers of #NewIndia envisioned without any farmers nor agriculture.…
Would Raghuram Rajan have gone along with Demonetisation or not we may never know. What we do know, however, are the policies that he implemented directed by a select group, which ironically is also the partner in Demonetisation.…
This report was published by @GreatGameIndia in 2013. Much of the info maybe dated but nonetheless very relevant keeping in mind the way things have turned out. To be noted is that most of the concerns raised for his sacking finds its origin in this report…
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