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Rallapalli Anantakrishna Sarma garu is a Praatah-smaraneeya for countless reasons. Here's a memorable one.
He was acquainted with a "revolutionary" Telugu poet who had made a name for himself as a "progressive," etc.
After a few years, this revolutionary poet lost his eyesight and became totally blind.
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Manoj Muntajir's unforgettable logic

#Aadipurush is made with today's modern children in mind.-
This is criminal incompetent hypocrisy, punishable.

Our first duty is to give our new generation correct information about our religious beliefs and great men
Till a few decades ago, children watched "Ramlila" played in the village, apart from that, the elderly at home, affirm religious knowledge and rituals along with entertainment.
Film today is a powerful medium to give to the new generation knowledge.
#BanAdipurush immediately.
Duty of these film maker’s for Religious narrative is not to modernise & distort, but expressing the religious identity in the same form.Our religious narrative, identity is so cultured, organized,limited, beautiful that we proudly show it to the world not spoil the original form Image
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1. Making religious content is not a great idea in India as people do not like religious content more than non-religious content


(That doesn't mean religious content doesn't sell. This I will explain later.)

2. People, however, dislike religious content from
other religions (out-group).

Above is based on our research conducted in 2012 in the context of advertisements containing religious contents.

That's why when people use religion to sell things, say #Adipurush, I'm quite skeptical of its success.
However, when they otherise and polarize against other religions, the chances of success significantly increase.
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Vaanaras are monkey or rather langur like creatures, of another world, which has entry point at two places in Universe - one at the base of Himalayas, and other in Kishkindha region in Karnataka.

These are Godforms, a higher species than humans and can shape shift.
All ardent Devotees, those who pray to Lord Hanuman, go to this Vaanar loka, becoming the Vaanar.

In the same way as the serpents of this Maya loka are an abomination vs the intelligent Nagas who created this Universe, monkeys which we see in this Loka are a joke as compared
to highly mighty, intelligent, Siddha and Godforms of Vaanar Loka.

There are deficiencies across in this Maya Loka to enter other Lokas, knows only to Nagas, or those having Siddhi on Nagas.

In order to obtain connection with the Vaanaras, Lord Narayana, when he took
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The #Adipursh Defense League by big time Raita Influencers. Yeh woh log hai jo paise ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hai.

Dharm Rakshak nahi yeh to Dharma ke Dalaal hai. ImageImageImageImage
Ek aur #Adipursh Defense League wala member. Vaise yeh chomu ,yeh Raita Gang ka sande Ghatiya wala hai. Image
Another #Adipursh defence league member. Image
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Reading disclaimer Om wants to show this film with his own style..

Do not believe any negative reviews here, toxic twitter is all about hatred towards actors (all fandoms including PB fans) Image
Coming to movie..
Naku ekkada inch kuda bore kottaledu.
Movie is all about explaining great epic Ramayana..
1st half is excellent and second half is all about War sequences..
War sequences ni lag ani ruddithe inka nenem cheylenu..
Prati daniki explanation untundi ImageImageImage
Prabhas fits too good for this Masculine warrior side of lord Ram🏹
Except that 10 sec white dress with odd hairstyle and 1 sec 'PORADATAARA' dialogue clip.. every scene he's looking damn good..
Still avve pattukuni troll chestam ante kuda mi conscience ke vadilestunna. ImageImageImageImage
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Hindu Sena National President files PIL in #DelhiHighCourt seeking removal of alleged “objectionable scenes” in #Adipurush film relating to “Ravana, Lord Ram, Mata Sita and Hanuman.”

Scenes are contrary to depictions of religious characters as found in Ramayana, the plea states. Image
The Hindus have a particular view of the image of Lord Ram, Sita, & Hanuman and any change / tampering of their divine image by the film producers, directors and actors would be a violation of their fundamental rights, plea argues.

#Adipirush #DelhiHighCourt
The plea states that the scenes show the religious characters in a bad taste and are an absolute insult to Hindu civilization, Hindu religious figures, idols, etc.

#Adipurush #DelhiHighCourt
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🤮🤮Dialogue writer of #Adipurush, Manoj Muntashir 🤮🤮 Image
Hanuman is shown speaking like an illiterate Sanghi.
🤮by dialogue writer of #Adipurush, Manoj Muntashir 🤮 Image
Baman Manoj Shukla changed his name to Manoj Muntashir
and then became a radioactive hate spreader Islamophobe Sanghi

but the bigot is learning it the hard way, that one cannot write good dialogues without using Urdu.
#Adipurush Image
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#ADIPURUSH Releasing Tomorrow

Guys the movie had generated a lot of buzz and excitement among the audience which could potentially increase the revenue of #PVR

I'm excited for #Adipurush but equally I'm excited for Q1 Result of #PVR

Are you going to watch #Adhipurush ? Image
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Why can't we endorse Bhushan Kumar's #Adipurush?
Reason 1:
Will Ram Bhakts fund ISI if it makes a Ramayan? If not, then why Bhushan? Watch this glimpse.

In Yaariyan, Bharat Mata stripdances in Indo-Pak war! After Adipurush, he releases Yaariyan 2!
Reason 2:
Why should we fund career of Saif Ali Khan who justified naming his child after "great Mogul warrior" Taimur because he cannot name his child Ram!

Who believes there was no India before British.

Who joked about Bam Bhole chant. A glimpse:
Reason 3:
Saif Ali Khan had claimed that #Adipurush will present a "humane" Ravan and justify abduction of Sita Mata. Of course, as the nation became sensitive to its dharmik roots, edits were made.

But why Ramayan needs such people!…
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I will certainly watch #Adipurush movie, because Bollywood will then continue making these movies and we will have culturally conquered one place which we had lost to the Ms for decades.

I saw two movies were super hit last year - Bhul Bhulaiya 2& Drishyam2. They were also Image
.... bollywood movies only, yet they crossed 250+ crores. Drishyam2 was released on OTT as well before theatre release, yet earned 350 crores.

But "Rocketry" was a flop, earning just 50 cr. It was fabulous movie, based on true story of what enemies did to our scientist, yet...
So I was appalled... I felt the need to promote right kind of movies, so that they would make more of those. I decided that I'll watch every good movie that Bollywood makes.

We cannot leave every battlefield. We cannot let them rule for eternity. So let's reclaim film art.
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Valmiki Ramayan (86sarga-14Slokha/Ayodhya Kanda)
#prabhas #Adipurush #Salaar

When Bharatha approaching rama to get back him to Ayodhya.
Lakshmana says ! Oh brother Rama alert, Make your Bow, arrows ready & 𝐖𝐞𝐚𝐫 𝐀𝐧 𝐀𝐑𝐌𝐎𝐔𝐑 ☑️
Read this 👇 ImageImage

According to Valmiki Ramayana,

Rama and Lakshmana along with huge Vanara sena wore Armour's during the war with Ravana..

(Sarga 85 - Slokha 25)

#prabhas #Adipurush @rajeshnair06 @omraut 's vision ImageImage
@omraut 's vision and presentation ✅
>>Valmiki Ramayana 86sarga/2slokha <<

|| Let the army of demons hich is seen here, dark as a cloud, be quickly engaged in battle by the monkey using rocks as their weapons 🪨||

#Adipurush #prabhas #RamNavmi ImageImageImage
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मेरे राम 🚩

#Adipurush #RamNavami 1/3 Image
NOT paid promotion. I have met the director & I heard the story of the fiasco of "Mughal" looking costumes. Their idea was to create something to appeal to the youth and create a superhero type look & but the execution went awry and everyone (me too) abused them 😂

Since I was convinced of their objectives, sharing this when I saw this trending. Then realised it will look like paid promotion, hence clarifying.
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Plea before Allahabad High Court seeks stay on release of movie #Adipurush. Direction for suitable action against the producer, director and actors of the movie has also been sought.
#adipurushtrailertussle #Adipursh
The plea states that the trailer of the movie is clumsy and indecent hurting sentiments of Hindus. It claims that the trailer shows the ill intentions of the movie makers.
#Adipurush #Adipurushtrailertussle
It contends that the Board of file Certification is bound to protect the rights of the devotees of Ramayan, Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman and Maa Sita, and to ensure that the film does not offend the sentiments of the public in any manner.
#Adipurush #adipurushtrailertussle
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The Head priest of Ram temple in Ayodhya demands immediate ban on movie 'Adipurush' over alleged wrong portrayal of Lord Ram, Hanuman & Ravan.

Maharashtra BJP says it won’t allow the release of film #Adipurush across the state.
"We won’t allow denigration of our Gods & Goddesses in our territory", Party spokesman Ram Kadam

VHP objects to portrayal of Lord Ram, Ravan in ‘Adipurush’, says that it “ridiculed Hindu society”

The orgn also warned that the film will not be allowed to be screened in theatres
Uttar Pradesh Deputy CM's Kesav Prasad Maurya and Brajesh Pathak condemned the teaser and said the disrespect towards the Hindu gods and goddesses would not be tolerated.
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Catch @GChintamani on @CNNnews18 right now :)

They’re taking about #Adipurush 🎥
This is the panel :)
Last screenshot 📺 :)
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Short thread (1/4)

Saif Ali Khan, who worked in the film Tanha ji under the direction of @omraut ji, once he gave a statement that HE doesn’t believes in the concept of India, He thinks that India was established after the arrival of the British.

#Adipurush #BoycottAdipurush 👇
Thread (2/4)

& Still #Adipurush director Om Raut chose The Great Historian Saif Ali Khan for the character of "Asura Raj Ravana" & after the #Adipurushteaser we all know that what result came out because of this G-H@di (SAK)


Whereas Arvind Trivedi, who Beautifully played the character of Ravana in Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan.

Arvind ji was a big devotee of Shiv ji, Maa Sita & Shri Ram!

He was a Gujarati & In his real life, he used to use the word "Sita-Ram" to greet someone instead of Hello & etc.
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Thread (1/12)

🚨 #Adipurush ‘s Blunders

@omraut Wrongly portrayed all characters of Ramayan.

1)Shri Ram Never Wore leather on his body,While he was on Exile(Vanavaas) Period

2) Shri Ram used to coiled his long hair on top of his head in his Exile Period.
aka “jata Mukuta”.
Thread (2/12)

💫 Maa Sita

Exile means giving up all attachment &, most importantly, splendor. During the time of exile, Prabhu Ram, Maa Sita and Lakshman ji used to wear yellow clothes & see how Maa Sita is presented during the exile in #Adipurush
Thread (3/12)

💫 Hanuman ji

When Hanuman ji met Shri Ram & Lakshman ji in his real form, then Prabhu praised the form of Shri Hanuman ji & He told Lakshman ji that He’s (Hanuman ji) shining like gold, with a beautiful waistband, Langot, earrings.. (Con.)
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Alright! I watched the hyped teaser of #Adipurush.
That's right folks, I am gonna rant again. See, if they come at my research material and an epic that I worship, you bet I am gonna chargeback!

1. Why in the world did they make Sri Rama fight against dementors from HP?
Seriously! Ramayana is full of epic battles. Starting from Taatakaa which was a moral dilemma, to battle with Khara, Dushana, Trisheersha which was a battle of timing to final confrontation with Ravana which is a battle of strategy. Yet! Prabhas fights with dementors. 🤦‍♂️
2. So much wrong with the costumes. Now, traditionally we don't talk about Rama's shaving accessories, but almost every school agrees that He had a disheveled look until Sita devi's Agni pareeksha. Also why is Rama wearing pajamas? Seriously! Look at 0:53 and tell me I am wrong.
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I just saw #Adipurush teaser and it’s very disappointing 😒
It doesn’t even look like ramayan.
Very ordinary VFX, mostly copied from Hollywood movies. Saif as Ravan is worst, acting like villains of Spider-Man. Hanuman ji looks like monkey King and Prabhash as shri Ram is 😑 ImageImage
Ravan 🤷🏼‍♂️ ImageImageImage
Hanuman ji 🥲 Image
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