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The most aggressive abortion ban bills are spreading throughout our country. These #abortionbans hurt women, ignore the First Amendment, and willfully erase the line between church-state separation. #stopthebans #NWHW
In the wake of these extreme #abortionbans, we’re joining @ACLU @PPFA @NARAL & others to fight back. Today is the day to show up & speak out against these draconian policies. Abortion is a church-state separation issue. Take action to #Stopthebans #NWHW
@ACLU @PPFA @NARAL Just this year alone, nearly 30 bans on abortion have been introduced, passed, or signed into law in statehouses around the country. Abortion is a church-state separation issue.Take action today! #stopthebans #NWHW
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People blaming @realDonaldTrump for #AlabamaAbortionBan ,
Alabama's new bill banning #abortionists is how laws are made.
#TRUMP has nothing to do with state creating law.
Creating a law ALWAYS goes through the same process.

Sad how ppl are fighting to kill babies
#AlabamaAbortionBill has zero to do with @POTUS
Why are ppl blaming @realDonaldTrump ?
The #President swears an OATH to up carry out the laws.

He could make an executive order to overturn #Alabama new abortion law, but still gets sent to Senate to be approved by 2/3 vote
#Alabama #abortion ban goes much further than #WomansRightsAreHumanRights because although YES a womans body is her own right to do whatever, I don't care.
Abortion is killing another humans right to EVERYTHING.
+ What rights do men get in protecting an baby he also made?
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When I went to end my ability to reproduce, there were no protesters. No 1 tried to talk me out of it, talked about God or murder, or made me get my wife's approval. The surgery took 10 minutes & was covered by insurance. It should be that easy for women.…
To be clear #ReproductiveJustice should cover women, the Trans community, non binary people, anyone with a uterus, and more. Let's make everyone's reproductive healthcare & services as easy, professional, & uneventful as my vasectomy. 😁😳 #AlabamaAbortionBan #ReproductiveRights Doctor cauterizing Kamau'd vas deferens while Kamau lays down.
Fellas, in solidarity w/ #ShoutYourAbortion, #ShoutYourVasectomy.

Hat tip to @smartstatistic @FundMSabortions for the idea! 😎 Kamau getting a vasectomy from Dr. Joel Piser and an unnamed nurse.
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#Alabama, #Ohio, #Missouri, and #Georgia have begun the @GOP's orchestrated attack on women with restrictive abortion laws.

Make NO mistake this is NOT about protecting life. It is a hostile GOP and their #WarOnWomen restricting #WomensReproductiveRights and #WomensHealth.
Highly restrictive abortion laws are not associated with lower abortion rates! Whether legal or prohibited the number of abortions taking place remains relatively unchanged. Highly restrictive abortion laws simply prevent SAFE abortions.
In countries where abortion is completely banned or permitted only to save the woman’s life or preserve her physical health, only 1 in 4 abortions were safe; whereas, in countries where abortion is legal on broader grounds, nearly 9 in 10 abortions were done safely.
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Friday #Medthread—some long overdue physician-related advocacy and reflections especially with the #AlabamaAbortionBan and #GeorgiaAbortionBan.
For the record, and if you couldn’t clearly tell from my twitter feed, I am prochoice. CHOICE. As a woman and a physician... 1/x
Beyond “advocacy as a physician”, what is my experience providing care for women who choose to seek abortions? I’m not an OBgyn, so I can imagine folks saying, “how are you qualified to comment on this as a physician”... 2/x
And brief terminology interlude. Full disclaimer. . I say “women” but this not does ignore the fact that gender identity other than “woman” does exist amongst patients seeking & needing abortions—ex FTM, gender non binary, gender queer...but I will use “women” in this thread 3/x
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Congratulations to the idiots in Alabama's government for essentially begging drug cartels to begin highly-profitable clandestine manufacture and distribution of methotrexate, misoprostol, and mifepristone – two of which have unrelated uses. Y'all are morons. #ReproductiveRights
And to the #AlabamaAbortionBan folks, please explain this: how do you plan to investigate suspected illegal abortions, and how do you plan to differentiate them from incredibly common miscarriages, which are in and of themselves traumatic? What's your plan? #ReproductiveJustice
Is the idea to use the arm of big government to reach in to a doctor-patient relationship and treat it as a crime scene without probable cause? What is the standard for suspicion? Will you invoke 45 CFR 164.512(f)(1)(ii)(A)-(B)?
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0. Redoing earlier thread as after discussion with @AngryBlackLady, @memnosoncos, and others I’ve agreed that while the original hashtag speaks to earlier self-definition, it’s better to use #ExForcedBirth as a clear rejection of the false “pro-life” framing.

1. When you grow up evangelical, you have the message that “abortion is murder” and “a literal holocaust” pounded into your head from early childhood. For many in the #Exvangelical community, men and women, these extremist lies can be very hard to shake.

#ExForcedBirth #Resist
2. Even the brilliant @rachelheldevans, who recently died far too young, could only bring herself to argue against single-issue voting on abortion and that it was hardly pro-life to support so many inhumane policies while being anti-choice…

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When I was younger I was pro-choice. Not for myself. I could never end a baby's life. I felt the govt shouldn't interfere.
Now, I'm pro-life. Liberals have gone too far with this "it's not a baby" nonsense but, also it's a precious life.
I've seen a baby born at 25 weeks. He was so wanted and loved. Why was he considered a baby just because his parents wanted him and other babies are not just because their mothers don't?
#AbortionIsMurder #AbortionIsNotHealthcare
How can you say #AlabamaHatesWomen when half the babies they're trying to save are future women?
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Everyone, please, stop using adoptees and foster youth in your arguments for or against abortion access rights in Georgia, Alabama, and Ohio. #AlabamaAbortionBan
It’s #FosterCareAwarenessMonth. Please take a moment to learn how foster care in the U.S. works and the many different reasons children end up getting removed from their homes and placed in the temporary care of other families.
Let’s start with the most recent data available from @HHSGov. Only 1% of children are in foster care because their parents actually relinquished them to state care.…
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1. Besides sending us Dems into a tizzy, the #AlabamaAbortionBill may do one thing almost for certain: Reelect @DougJones to the Senate. This time to a six-year term. IMO the Dems' only seat in 2020 danger Alabama bill is simply a PR stunt we can make backfire.
2. It's in @theDemocrats' best interest to let GOP electorate think Roberts Court will uphold the ban. It'll depress GOP turnout. I remain convinced Trump's impenetrable 37% is 25% pro-life Catholics who sell their souls to enable Trump's bigotry for pro-life cause. Trump needs
3. to continually energize that part of his base. Alabama leg and gov did their part and now the liberal media is doing the rest by amplifying it. Best to focus response.

Nothing in state legislatures or cable news folks can do will impact how #SCOTUS eventually rules.
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Every life is precious
EXCEPT for rape victims like myself,
EXCEPT for victims of incest, EXCEPT for any woman who can't be pregnant and needs an abortion.

@GovernorKayIvey is 74.
She will never have worry about getting pregnant when her birth control fails.
#Alabama ranks as the 2nd worst state.
#Alabama ranks 50th in education.
#Alabama ranks 3rd in poverty.
#Alabama has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the country.

If you don't think these things are connected, you would be wrong.

#Alabama has the 4th largest #deathrow population in the US.
I look forward to @GovernorKayIvey commuting all those sentences--182-- in light of her newly codified in law POV that "every life is precious."
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if you ever wonder why i got politically 'radicalized' it's because i grew up in alabama as an athiest child of two biochemistry professors; at 17 i graduated and moved away forever. reminder: Alabama came within 1.7% of sending a known pedo to the senate~
any '13th dimensional chess' tweets about how the AL leg composed this abortion ban to provoke a court fight has never met an actual neoconfederate

this is what they want 100%, it's a white supremacist aristo fertility cult and all the moves make sense when understood that way
source: i have been to an unironic country club debutante ball in dear old mountain brook and folks have no idea how much intergenerational wealth transfer has carried over from the days of slavery in that society's upper class
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I'm gonna take flack for this and that is ok. You are free to disagree. I am #ProLife. I think abortion is murder. I also think #AlabamaAbortionBan is a mistake for the long game. /1
I know from my own children and their friends we are winning the culture war on late-term abortion. I think if they had banned late-term we might even win that at the supreme court level. /2
I think leaving out an exemption for rape or incest is also a plank that the liberals will beat us over the head with. Rape/Incest is less than 1% of all abortion and technically it could be considered health fo the mother issue. / 3
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Just like women have done for millennia-we HAVE to learn the basics of our reproductive health.

1. Learn to do a cervical exam w/an exam kit here… and here…
2. Learn a pelvic exam and menstrual extraction (allows you to remove the uterine lining & have your period over in 20mins) in a group setting. This takes practice. Learn more here…
And here…
3.Know there are legitimate online sources for abortion pills if you are < 12wks in any state.Find tested/reviewed sources here
4. Be safe out there.Rapists are being emboldened by these laws &the night is dark/full of terrors✌️
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"From ISIS to the Abortion Wars, America - We Need to Talk" | #AlabamaAbortionBan |…
It makes me physically ill that this article becomes more relevant as time goes on. #AlabamaAbortionBan #Georgia
I think you misunderstood the article.

Accusing me of spreading child pornography is a bit much - but at least it’s a new hot take perspective on my work that no one has yet offered.

A+ for originality.
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I've seen loads of people discussing the #Alabama #AbortionRights issue this morning, shocked that this could happen. As an anthropologist and (former) six-year resident of "lower Alabama" (FL panhandle), let me give you a bit of history.

I lived in Pensacola, FL, for six years, as a tenure-track (and then tenured) professor at the University of West Florida. I got a job offer there in summer of 2012.

As I started looking into the place that would be the new home for me, my husband, and our then-3-year-old daughter, this was the top news item:…

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Alabama Senate passes nation’s most restrictive abortion law, which makes no exceptions for victims of rape and incest. Brett ""I LIKE BEER" Kavanaugh is on SCOTUS so why not?!
Governor signs Alabama abortion ban, which has galvanized support on both sides, setting up a lengthy fight
What is with the #AlabamaSenate and their support of rape and incest? Bc that's what this is. If you want to have a baby with a woman in #Alabama you can just rape her and be out of jail in a few years (if that) and enjoy joint custody of the child. Its disgusting #BoycottAlabama
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A note on #abortions

The woman's right to choose whether or not to terminate her pregnancy is a fundamental substantive due process right drawn from the Bill of Rights that protects the privacy & autonomy of the woman. Any assault on that by special interests or States is a
violation against the Constitution of the United States. #RoeVWade has long been virtually obsolete in the sense that in that case the woman's right to choose was plenary. Meaning, she could have an abortion whenever she wanted during the pregnancy. The Supreme Court has since
created significant boundaries around this right by saying that a woman's right to choose is plenary up until the fetus becomes viable. By viable SCOTUS meant the fetus could be kept alive outside the mother's womb through medical technology. Once the fetus reaches that point,
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Thread: Late Abortions | 3rd Trimester Abortions. Please take a moment to educate yourself.

#ProLife #ProChoice #AbortionRights #TruthMatters #TrumpLiesEveryTimeHeSpeaks #TheResistance #ImpeachDonaldTrump #R #QAnon #MAGA #KAG #POTUS #WWG1WGA
Pretendent Drumpf revived on Sat. night what is fast becoming a standard, and inaccurate, refrain about doctors 𝑒𝑥𝑒𝑐𝑢𝑡𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑏𝑎𝑏𝑖𝑒𝑠 during an hour long speech at a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

#ProLife #ProChoice #AbortionRights #TrumpLies #R #QAnon #MAGA #POTUS
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